Infant Blood for Sale


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Dear Friends – the information below is very disturbing.  I want to give everyone fair warning.  It was originally posted on my blog in 2018 but my blog was deleted shortly thereafter and I had forgotten to repost this entry until just now.

Today a friend sent me a link to a website that is offering “celebrity meat”.

When I looked at this grotesque site, I Immediately understood that the jews are trying once again to normalize cannibalism — this time by making it look chic or cool.  In fact, Jews have been promoting vampirism (even to children in American schools) and cannibalism for decades because they have been involved in blood rituals and cannibalism since the beginning of their existence on this Earth.  They are trying to normalize their satanic way of life and infect the whole of society with their wickedness.  The blood sucking, genital torturing circumcision ritual of metzitzah b’peh is a case in point.





Images from long ago abound showing jews ritually murdering children and slowly draining their blood.



This explains why Jews are the origin of the word “vampire”.


Abortion – which is nothing other than human sacrifice – is one of their favorite cult rituals.

Once we understand the above, we should not be surprised to find that websites like the one below actually exist.  I stumbled on the site  – called – while doing research for one of my books.  Naturally I was horrified by what I found and quickly shared the info.  I also took some screen shots of the website as I had a strong feeling they would try to hide this information if too many people found out about it.  And indeed, they have done exactly that.  If you try to click on the website now, you will find its home page completely hides the purpose of the site, yet they have kept the website name intact.  This means there must me some code or password that will allow blood-drinking jews, satanists and luciferians to access the back end of the site to see the information I am about to share below.

Yes folks, this is really happening and has been happening for a looooong time.  Please share this info so more people will understand the depth of depravity of the satanic jewish “elite” and the boundless evil that has consumed this earth for far too long.  It is time for this to end.  It is time to expel the jews from the Earth.


From the website