A New Judaic Low – 8th Graders Taught about “Blood Play” in Sex Ed Class

Friends – there is no satanic low to which the jews will not go. In an attempt to lure our children into their luciferian way of life, they have infiltrated American schools and placed within them disgusting filth that poses as “sex ed.”  8th grade students in California are now being taught about sodomy, BDSM, and even “blood play”. The fact that there are still parents in America willing to send their children to American schools is a testament to the overwhelming jewish mind-control that has gripped this nation and that threatens to destroy nearly every child in it.

Another expulsion must occur. We cannot co-exist with these depraved creatures.  They have to go.

Below is brilliant commentary from Arch Stanton that is most definitely worth sharing. Please do pass it on.

Below that is the article explaining what 8th grade students are being taught in California.


By Arch Stanton

Blood play? BLOOD PLAY? Jews are the sickest, most perverse race, on the planet and these ghouls feast on blood. Jews are using our wealth, our resources to imbue our children with their sick psychopathic perversions. I am truly stunned that the masses, especially those with children, haven’t joined together to hang a few of these sick perverts in outrage over having them prey on their children. Those who will not stand and protect their own offspring, leave no future for themselves or their progeny. I guess white people have lost not only the will for such ruthless action, but their cultural bearings as well because these sick, twisted, perverse practices foisted upon them are no longer even recognized as being culturally and racially destructive.

We are at a point where even Jesus or Hitler could not turn back the rising tide of Judaism that has swamped western civilization. You have no doubt already read the following, but I repost it to again expose the tap-root of this parasitical, cultural sickness. This is from a script I wrote for a YouTube video I made. When I showed it to a couple of supposedly Jew-aware people, they “freaked out,” so I shelved the project. Of course, it might have been the green monk’s habit and mask I wore that did it.



Blood – It’s all about blood, sacrificial blood, the blood of the lamb, the blood of racial purity, the Bible is steeped in blood. We will begin this study by examining the foundation of the system that produced the authors who wrote the Bible. A few may consider some of the points I cover to be controversial. For those finding themselves perturbed by such controversy I ask them to consider their reaction were these very same references made in relation to Christians or Muslims. The fact is there is no difference; such differences only exist in the minds of those choosing to make exception.

Long before the Temple came the era of the Tabernacle where the sacrifice was ceremonial bloodlust. It was a place where priests butchered animals to atone for sins against their God, Yahweh. The system was based on continual atonement for the original sin from which one could never be fully absolved.

The Torah originally referred to the first five books of the Old Testament. The books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy are Levirate laws forming the basis for ancient Judaism’s sacrificial system. The foundational principal behind the system is found in Leviticus chapter seventeen verse eleven which states: “For the life of the flesh is in the blood and I have given it to you upon the alter to make a atonement for your soul, for it is the blood than maketh atonement for the soul.” This principal is again readily apparent in the description of the original ten commandments being smashed by Moses before being replaced by “god” in the form of the second Decalogue, a set of commandments pertaining to sacrificial minutiae. Like many primitive cultures, ancient Judaism was naturally founded on the sacrifice of blood offerings, in the form of specified animals, and non-blood offerings in the form of specified grains. It is notable that fish, while taxed, were outside the sacrificial system. In the earliest days before the Temple, the Tabernacle was a moving slaughterhouse, a place where priests butchered animals. It is telling that only the best animals, the least “blemished”, could be offered for sacrifice in this circus of slaughter.

The indication as to the true purpose of the sacrificial system lay in the fact that the priests took ten percent of the choicest cuts of meat for themselves while burning only the fat and viscera upon the altar as “sweet savor” to the lord. The remaining meat was then returned to the sinner. Think about this for a moment, God prefers the entrails to the   prime cuts commanded by the priests.

Imagine for a moment, your priest as a butcher. Imagine going to church on Sunday and seeing your priest, pastor or reverend at the alter slitting the throat of various parishioners pets, catching their blood in a golden bowl and then splashing it around the alter as he dances around in a trance-like state chanting pleas to God for the forgiveness of sins while begging for salvation. After the service, you might say to your spouse, “Boy that certainly was a different sermon this week wasn’t it dear?” Your spouse replies, “Oh I don’t know, next week is communion, that’s when we eat the body of Christ and drink his blood.”

After making their sacrifice, the Hebrew sinner was marked with blood, mixed with other bodily fluids to assure adhesion, on either the forehead or the big toe. This mixture ensured longevity of the mark. The blood marking was visible proof that a tribesman had paid his “sin tax”. Later, this mark was washed off in a ritual purification bath called the Mikveh, at which time the sacrificial cycle began anew.

This marking system however had one obvious, glaring drawback. Blood is a commonly available substance produced by all the higher organisms. In their attempt to control the easily counterfeited blood marking, priests forbade their followers from butchering their own animals or even possessing the instruments for doing so. This was the primary reason for the kosher slaughter, a process where the living animal’s throat is slit to ensure the pumping heart drains the blood as completely as possible. This also led to the prohibition of various implements and practices used in the butchering process. Thus the priests defined knives and other implements used for butchering as “clean” or “unclean”, but think “legal” or “illegal”, as these are in fact legalistic dictates that have nothing to do with hygiene.

Any contact with blood was strictly prohibited, like that produced by menstruating women or “lepers”, which to these ancient people meant anyone with running sores. As a result, a byzantine legal structure arose to control the minutiae of everyday life. There is a forgettable tract in the Mishna that elaborates at length on the cleanliness of a bowl. The upshot of this legal commandment is that if a bowl in intact, then it is unclean; but if the bowl is smashed into pieces of which the largest piece is no larger than the tip of a man’s little finger, then it is clean. This makes absolutely no sense unless one understands the bowl in question can be used to hold and mix blood products.

Eventually the phylactery replaced the blood marking. The tefilln is a small box attached to the forehead or the back of the wrist holding a scroll with a passage from the Torah. The scroll changed in accordance with the sacrificial cycle; and, like tabs on a license plate, it could be checked as proof that Temple followers were current on their sacrificial tribute. Despite this modification, the laws concerning blood products remained in full force.

I want you to sit back and close your eyes. Imagine yourself as a very young child of a primitive, nomadic, tribesman. Having heard only stories, you are dimly aware of the importance of a much talked about, upcoming ritual. You are aware this ritual occurs on a regular basis and the anxiousness of your parents is palpable when discussing the subject.

On the prescribed day, preparation for the ritual begins. You follow your parents down to a running stream. A man richly attired in strange garb stands in the middle of the stream. One by one, your neighbors walk into the stream where the man mutters strange words as he immerses them in the water while rubbing their forehead with the palm of his hand. After your father has undergone the ritual immersion, you note the red mark he always wears on his forehead has disappeared. The ritual continues until every adult in the village has undergone immersion. You hear someone nearby whispering that the sacred cycle has ended.

The following day, your mother wakes you earlier than usual and your family spends the morning in careful preparation for the day’s activities. You want to play with your friends, but your mother insists you attend to her demands. Later that afternoon, you accompany your father as he goes out among his meager collection of animals. He spends quite a bit of time inspecting the herd until he finally chooses a prized sheep. This animal happens to be one of your favorites. You have often played with the sheep, chasing them around the meadows and finally catching one, you buried your face in its soft wool. Your nose takes delight in the earthy smell of the sheep. It is the smell of life and life seems to be everywhere among the hills where the herds roam.

The next morning, your father takes you by the hand and with animal in tow, you are dragged to the portable slaughterhouse your parents refer to as the “Tabernacle.” Here you are to witness the important ritual they have been discussing over the preceding weeks. You enter a large enclosure surrounded by a fence made of cloth. In the middle of the enclosure is an odd tent-like structure with rude wooden columns and entry doors. A number of well attired men await in the makeshift courtyard directly in front of the tent. Soon, other families begin arriving with their animals.

Finally, the ceremony begins. A priest blows a ram’s horn and calls out for sinners. A neighbor of yours steps forward and presents a prized calf to one of several strangely dressed men, like the men you saw at the stream the day before. Your parents refer to these men as “kohein”. One by one, the sinners step forward and present their animal to a priest who then wrestles it to the ground. Your neighbor drops to his knees in front of the priest, who closes his eyes and begins chanting something unintelligible. As you witness this strange act, your father grabs your hand and places it alongside his on his prized sheep. You feel its heart racing; the animal’s terror is clearly transmitted though the palm of your hand. The priest takes hold of the struggling animal and with quick, practiced motion, slits its throat with a razor sharp knife. The animal struggles, kicking and bellowing in protest, as geysers of blood erupts from its jugular vein. A froth of blood spews forth, splattering you and everyone present. You feel the spark of life draining through its hide as the stillness of death overcomes the animal. You look down at the viscous red fluid splattered on the front of your robe. You stare with revulsion at the red stains soaking into the fibers as the stench of death assaults your nostrils and addles your senses.

Even before the animal has ceased struggling, you look up from your bloodstained robe to see the head priest/butcher moving quickly to catch the animal’s blood in a golden bowl. With eyelids half closed and muttering some strange incantation, he seems to be in a trance. Shouting, he lifts the golden bowl skyward at arms length before splashing the rapidly congealing blood over and around the base of the flaming altar. The priest then comes out of his trance and begins eviscerating the animal. During this process, the animal’s bloody guts are thrown upon the altar, where they are incinerated as sweet savor to a god that evidently has an abiding taste for burnt fat and viscera.

In just a few strokes, the priest/butcher finishes his gory task. Working rapidly, he begins cutting the animal’s joints. As he separates the portions of meat, he carefully lays aside a large portion of the best cuts for himself. He then returns the remaining meat to the sinner, who by now has given the priest full admission of his sins.

With the sacrifice complete, the priest produces a golden bowl with a cupful of the animal’s blood swimming in the bottom. He mixes it with another bodily fluid that smells like semen. He uses his fingers to smear a large daub of the mixture on the forehead of the entranced, chanting sinner kneeling before him with closed eyes. Then, with a loud shout, the priest/butcher declares that by this act, all sins have been atoned. Your neighbor staggers to his feet and like a beatific drunk, lurches away from the gory remains of what had been a living, breathing creature moments before. Eviscerated animal remnants swim in a pool of blood that is rapidly absorbing into the dirt, even as the priest calls for the next sinner to step forward with his animal.

Suddenly you feel the full emotional horror of the fate awaiting the other animals brought to the ritual. All the while, these men called kohein, howl, chant and dance about, reciting their ritualistic incantations that beg god’s forgiveness; it was an extremely gruesome spectacle. The bloodlust continues well into evening. What you never witness is the secret ceremony that takes place inside the Tabernacle’s tent where the high priest, in a final act of crazed bloodlust, drinks the sacrificial blood before the mercy seat. This ceremony is later replicated during the last supper when Jesus, the sacrificial paschal lamb, tells his disciples: (movie clip audio) Whoever, eats my flesh and drinks my blood will have eternal life. Take this bread, this is my body, drink this wine this is my blood. Do this in remembrance of my ultimate sacrifice to the \

The Levirate injunction against consuming blood is a public admonishment to restrict the use of blood products. However, the kohanim exempted itself from its own laws and secretly do not observe such restrictions. Again, this covert act, along with the acceptable act of consuming sacrificial meat, will later be replayed by Jesus during the last supper. A few days later the priests fold their Tabernacle tent, their circus of horror, and move on. They will move to the next tribe where the sacrificial cycle will be played out once again.

Consider the effect of this gruesome spectacle on a young child. Blood spewing everywhere, chanting priests mesmerized in their crazed bloodlust, driven by the howling and grunting of animals bleeding out the last of their life on the ground. The restless bleating of animals, now aware of their terrible fate. Sinners raising their hands towards the heavens as they cry out for god’s mercy and forgiveness. Imagine your parents continually consumed with the thought of blood and the avoidance of the sticky substance, thoughts that translate into an unnatural obsession about the stuff. Extrapolate this horror out over the generational millennium and one finds a race founded on a culturally inbred, psychopathic, bloodlust that cannot be altered or escaped.

“A top Judaic Communist official named Zinoviev stated: “Without mercy, without sparing, we will kill our enemies in scores of hundreds. Let them be thousands; let them drown themselves in their own blood. For the blood of Lenin and Uritzky, Zinoviev and Vólodarsky, let there be floods of the blood of the bourgeoisie–more blood! As much as possible!” (Krasnaya Gazeta, Sept. 1, 1918).

Does Zinoviev sound Biblical? The millennia of practicing the blood sacrifice permeated the very core of Judaism until it became a genetic component of their race.

Maybe you’ve checked out the various religions and maybe you’ve dabbled in some, but perhaps you’re not satisfied with what you’ve found.  Wonder why?  It may be because most of them aren’t right for you. They don’t take into account your DNA Code.  Most religions, and especially the major ones, aren’t the products of people like you, if you are White.  They’re a bad fit for the way you are, and the way you are is largely determined by the DNA Code you were born with. – H. Millard

Isn’t about time humanity moves beyond religious death cults focused on blood and sacrifice?


Source Article:
Report: California 8th graders taught about anal, bondage, sex involving blood in sex ed class

California has blazed a trail for what is packaged as social progress, especially with their sex education, being one of four states–New Jersey, Colorado, and Illinois–to add mandatory LGBT history into their curricula.
Now, comes a shocking addition to their sex-ed material: anal sex and “kinky” sex, including ‘blood play.’
A Facebook post containing a picture of the index of the textbook, named SEX, showed the relatively extreme sexual acts reportedly taught to young teenagers.
The textbook allegedly contained a chapter on anal sex–which has become increasingly normalized in more progressive school districts.
However, a chapter devoted to “kinky sex” promised to explain role-play, bondage/restraint, body fluid or blood play, and sex toys.
One report claimed that 8th graders were given the material to read, while another stated that it was targeting grades 9-12.
After a backlash from parents, the content was pulled from the teaching material.

According to the Facebook post from Informed Parents of Washington, the “book called ‘SEX’ was originally on the California schools suggested reading list for kids 9-12th grade.
“After a huge public outcry it was removed. The fact that it was even deemed acceptable by those in charge of creating the reading list for California’s school children is what is most abhorrent and unacceptable.”
Across the pond in the UK, the Warwickshire local council came under fire and eventually shut down a sex-ed website which detailed sexually explicit acts such as ‘cock-and-ball torture’ and ‘felching.’

Read full article here