Rabbi Tells Truth about Adolf Hitler



Why did Hitler hate the Jews?

Rabbi Yosef Ben Porat answers this question in a lesson (video)
The following text is a recording of the translation of Rabbi Ben Porat’s lesson:
Israeli Rabbi Yosef Ben Porat: “Hitler was right”
There are very important revelations, facts that answer the questions we didn’t get answered in school. The background was withheld from us, even in the universities.
I spoke to history professors on the subject, “Why did Hitler hate the Jews”? and “what did Hitler want from the Jews”? and “what did the Jews do to turn him against them”? Most do not know that almost all of that is answered in MEIN KAMPF. Hitler’s book was only recently published in Israel, as permission has only now been given to publish the book in Hebrew. It was forbidden before. There was an early translation by Yad Vashem with exceptional permission, but only for the institute.
Hitler says in his book that the Jews were communists, that they made the Russian Revolution, that they killed at least 50 million Russians, the entire intelligentsia, and that they did it in a cruel way. That was also the plan for the whole world. The next country that should come was Germany. The German communists were financed by the Soviet apparatus. That’s what Hitler said, and it’s true.
Hitler said: “If we don’t defeat them now, they will eliminate us all, they will slaughter 20 million of us, the entire intelligentsia. So they moved from one country to another and the only intelligentsia left were Jews”. Hitler repeated this several times. And don’t be fooled: he was right.
The Russian Revolution was made by Jews. The Soviet army was built up largely by Trotsky, he was brilliant. Trotsky created the Jewish Division of the Communist Party, which betrayed their fathers, mothers and sons. I’m not even talking about Tefilin and Mikveh. Trotsky destroyed everything, especially the Russians.
The first Soviet government consisted of 13 members, six of whom were Jews. Who founded the KGB? Jews. Everything is clearly documented.
Hitler did not hate the Jews because they were circumcised, he did not hate them because they practiced their religious customs, he hated them because they were communists. …
But nobody in Israel learns that in school. It will not be admitted here that Hitler hated the Jews because they were the ancestors of the left and the Marxists. Hitler said: “They destroy all values, they poison literature and the theater.” I ask you, were they religious Jews? Of the nine major newspapers at the time, seven belonged to Jews in Germany. …
One of the greatest composers in the world was Richard Wagner. The performance of his works is still banned in Israel. Wagner is banned because he was an anti-Semite long before the Nazi era. I wanted to know what Wagner really had to say. The Hebrew University published a book by him, translated into Hebrew. Let me tell you what Wagner writes:
“I don’t like the Jews, the religious Jews, I don’t like them, I don’t care what they say about me. The Jews who have turned away from the Torah and Mitzvoth and look like non-Jews, I still don’t like them. I don’t like them because they mix with our people and destroy our culture, our poetry and the German nature. Those who convert to the Christian faith are nothing more than traitors. They are traitors and they become the German nation destroy if we do not fight them. They will destroy us from within, because they appear to us as Germans, but they are not Germans, they are Jews.”
Do you understand now why we are not allowed to speak and teach about Wagner and Hitler?
Everyone here in Israel hates Hitler’s Nuremberg Laws without knowing that the Nuremberg Race Laws state that Jews cannot marry non-Jews. Of course this is called racism in our schools. Racism is what our children are taught when someone says that a Jew is different from a Gentile. That is what is taught here in Israel, unfortunately. However, Hitler’s Nuremberg Race Laws are a copy of the Old Testament (Torah), i.e. a copy of our law. Nor did Wagner say anything that the Torah (Old Testament) does not teach, namely that a Jew remains a Jew even if he wears a mask, even if he converts to Christianity. A Jew who sins is still a Jew.
Wagner writes: “You are supposedly people with compassion, we are supposedly cruel, but you are destroying our culture.” Yes, says Wagner. It also refers to the composer Mendelsohn, whose father converted to Christianity and had him baptized in a church at the age of five. Wagner writes: “You believe you can claim that you are a German just because you speak German and have converted to Christianity? No. Your poetry is the poetry of crybugs. Your music is not authentic and you are poisoning our culture. because people believe that this is German music. German music is full of soul, but you lack it. That is why you are the enemy of our German culture. “
Now I ask you, isn’t Wagner right? Of course he’s right!
We were exiled from our land because of our sins. But thank God we have returned, and now we must be very careful not to repeat the same mistakes we made before our exile. We must not mix again in this country. We must not humiliate ourselves in front of the Gentiles by wanting to be like them. We came into this world to be different. We were created for this world to be Jews.