Hawaii is a Target of the “Deep State” and the Volcano was Intentionally Triggered by Israeli company (VIDEO)

The Israeli company called Ormat, that owns the satanic geothermal plant in Puna, is responsible for triggering the volcanic eruption that is now occurring on the Big Island of Hawaii. Dr. Salla refers to the creatures responsible for this evil as the “deep state,” but as anyone who is in the know already knows, these creatures refer to themselves as jews and they are now enacting their Sampson option to destroy the Earth because it is clear the rest of us will not allow them to take over our world.

Not only will we not allow them to take over our world, but we must come together in thought and intention to RID THEM FROM THE EARTH PERMANENTLY. We must choose together that from this moment on we are no longer willing to co-exist with evil and all forms of evil must leave our world immediately with no possibility of return.

In addition to instigating a volcanic eruption in Hawaii, these psychopathic creatures also triggered the current volcano in Guatemala AND this same jew company owns a plant 10 miles from Fukushima that no doubt triggered the earthquake that caused a tsunami and a massive nuclear disaster.

They have to go. We have to command them to go. It is up to us to say NO MORE! LEAVE NOW. WE ARE DONE CO-EXISTING WITH YOU. GET THE FUCK OUT.


TRUTH BEHIND Hawaii Volcano Eruption EXPOSED by Dr Michael Salla 2018