Vaccine Deaths – Parents Come Forward to Describe How Their Children Suffered Painful Deaths After Being Vaccinated

Rally in California to oppose SB276 which would have made California the first state in the U.S. to remove the right for doctors to write vaccine exemptions for their patients. The bill is currently halted. Story.

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Refusing to be Silent, Parents Come Forward to Describe How their Children Suffered Painful Deaths After Being Vaccinated


Comments by Brian Shilhavy
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Ron Kennedy, MD, is a California doctor currently suing the State Medical Board for intimidating doctors in California who write vaccine exemptions for their patients. See:

California Medical Doctor Sues Medical Board Over Intimidating Doctors Who Write Vaccine Medical Exemptions

He recently asked for parents who had children that died as a result of vaccines to email him their stories, and then another California doctor, Dr. Robert Rowen, who has a large following on Facebook, published their stories today.

Dr. Rowen commented that these stories brought him to tears, and warns his readers that they may also have the same effect on them.

We reproduce these stories here for greater public awareness, and to make sure their voices are not silenced by the Social Media tech giants.

There are common themes in many of these tragic stories where once healthy and normal children deteriorated in health after receiving vaccines, and then died.

From child protective services (CPS) threats against parents who question vaccines and risk losing their children if they do not comply, to doctors who refuse to admit vaccines cause harm and therefore will not treat vaccine injuries, these testimonies show that we are facing a real crisis and tragedy in the U.S. today when it comes to vaccine policy.

These are among the few and brave parents who will not be silenced, risking their reputations and careers to tell their stories publicly in a country now ruled by medical tyranny.

Please Read These Moving Stories of Children Killed by Vaccines

Please note the Cover Up of Vaccine Related Deaths

by Dr. Robert J. Rowen
Dr. Rowen’s Facebook Page

Posted here by request of Ron Kennedy, MD who is fighting in court for his medical license for protecting children from vaccine injury.

This is a long post. But the stories are real, [and] will likely make it to court. They are moving enough to bring you to tears. (Some of the stories did bring me to tears).

From Dr. Ron Kennedy:

(These are all narratives from parents whose children died from vaccination. These children would not have qualified for an exemption by CDC standards. Compiled by Ron Kennedy, M.D.)

From: Karen Kain – She died in my arms on December 22, 2009

Dear Dr. Kennedy,

My name is Karen Kain, I am a parent of a child who was vaccine injured. In 1994, my daughter Lorrin received her DPT vaccine.

She was 6 weeks old. She had a 5 minute seizure 2 hours after the vaccine, and another one- two hours after that. Lorrin had what is referred to as a “Hot” lot. There were 30 children who had seizures reported to VAERS, or worse and 10 surrounding deaths reported. The CDC, states that only 1% of injuries are actually reported.

Lorrin had severe brain damage from the vaccine. She never walked or talked. She communicated by blinking. She was cortically blind and breathed out of a hole in her neck and was fed by a feeding tube.

The National Vaccine Compensation Program never argued the cause of her injury. In 1998, Lorrin was awarded monies to pay for her care for her lifetime.

Lorrin took as many as 6 anti seizure medications every day, still having uncontrolled seizures. She required 24 hour care and was dependent on others for her every need. We lived in the hospital from the age of 3 to 5. She died in my arms on December 22, 2009, at the age of 15.

Vaccine injury is real and destroys lives, breaks down the family unit and creates a huge financial burden for our schools and community. My immediate family is raising children in California. With SB276, their health is in serious jeopardy. My voice has always been the same, “Where there is risk, there must be choice.”

Karen Kain
Parent, Advocate
ACCV Member

From: Catie Clobes – baby died 36 hours after receiving 6 vaccines at her 6 month check up

Evee Clobes

Hello Dr. Kennedy,

I received your information from Larry Cook. My daughter Evee Clobes, died on March 1st, 2019, 36 hours after receiving 6 vaccines at her 6 month check up.

I have since shared her story on social media and it has spread around the world. I’ve received thousands of messages from mother’s thanking me for numerous reasons.

I’ve been to the Capitol once and spoken with legislators. I currently have a lawyer and am in the middle of working with a neuropathologist, Dr. Douglas Miller, who has so far found a cellular infiltration in the meninges in her temporal cortex that we’re having an immunostain CD68 done on to confirm what he believes are histiocytes, and I also finally got the medulla to him.

Then we will be attempting the infamous vaccine court or going for a medical malpractice suit. Also, soon, Evee will have a billboard up here in Minnesota due to a great community of people I have met and who have supported me.

I’m very open, passionate, and raw about my story, mainly because I’m grieving really hard and it’s my way of venting I suppose.

I think I could be of great help to you to defeat this bill. I might cry a lot but I could help.

I’m on FB.

Here is Evee’s original story that went a bit viral –…0082419

Thanks in advance for your time,
Catie Clobes

Please read Catie’s Facebook story.
Follow up note to Dr. Kennedy (I received this email soon after the above.)

Catie Clobes
10:32 AM (1 hour ago)

to Ron

I held my beautiful Evee Gayle, who passed away unexpectedly in her sleep Friday morning, in my arms for the last time today. She was in a gorgeous homemade “angel gown” donated by two amazing volunteers who made it overnight just for her. She wore a bonnet with her darling tuft of hair sticking out. I wrapped up in a soft pink blanket.

This feeling of pain is indescribable. The unanswered questions of how or why make it worse. I can’t comprehend any of it. I can’t stop replaying that morning in my head.

None of this feels real. Definitely not fair. She was the perfect child and I’m so thankful we never left each other’s side for the short six and a half months I was blessed with her. She was my best friend. My body just aches for my baby.

Thanks to my sister, parents, brother and sister-in-law and the rest of my family for taking care of everything and all the support, I am surviving. I appreciate all of the prayers and kind words I’ve received from everyone,

thank you.

Listen to that laugh. I will never forget it.

*** Evee had her 6-month checkup and scheduled immunizations a day and a half before she passed and was found to be in perfect health, as she was her whole life. She was giggling, shaking her head no, red in the face, and in a deep sleep with shallow breathing (all on picture and video), signs that weren’t significant to me at the time but I found out were.

Other than that, “seemed” fine. Preliminary autopsy results were inconclusive, showing no abnormalities, toxicology has come back negative, the official autopsy report lists cause of death as undetermined.

I am not happy with the Anoka County Medical Examiner’s office, I was told all tests were going to be ran to determine the cause of death, including vaccination-related tests but that’s not the case, and I was actually denied the tests that I requested.

The coroner refused them all. There have been unusual, unexplained circumstances in her first autopsy report. I’m disgusted by the lack of effort or compassion.

For example, “e.coli found in the blood where is shouldn’t be, just marked as non significant”. I’ve been told by an expert that it was most likely contamination in the lab. Seriously!

Healthy babies do not just die in their sleep for no reason at all. SIDS is a syndrome not a disease, and it is caused by something, and in this case, it was vaccines.

A VAERS report has been filed by the clinic at my request. The clinic failed to document the correct location the shots were administered.

I was taken back and apologized to and her records were corrected, and another VAERS report was filed with the corrections. I am concerned and disgusted at the actions by the clinic she received care at.

I have hired a great lawyer who specializes in vaccination injuries/deaths. This is being filed and fought in court through the infamous national injury vaccination compensation program, and/or with medical malpractice.

Evee received 6 vaccinations in the form of 2 shots that day, and I wish I would have known sooner that that is just way too much for one little infant to be receiving at one time, some of them weren’t even necessary.

A new dear friend that I have met through this whole process has setup a GoFundMe for an incredible private neuropathologist (who I’ve found) to go over Evee’s tissues and brain samples and the autopsy and investigations initial findings, and compare them with clinical findings as well as a molecular autopsy to see if she carried any rare gene that may have caused her death.

As of April 30th this is all finally underway, and a very tedious process.

The neuropathologist study, genetic testing, unexpected ridiculous medical bills, paying to have my daughter’s remaining tissue, blood, photos of autopsy etc. released, confirmation tests, genetic testing, possible second neuropathologist study, sooo many tests, traveling, big legal battles, costs of getting out of the apartment I lived with Evee in, and if anything left, a nice memorial, somewhere special, in Evee Gayle Clobes’ name are what any donations will be going towards.

Any and all support and prayer is appreciated and much needed. Please follow my public posts or @clobes182 on IG to be blessed with the beautiful, hilarious, loving personality, spirit, and soul of my beautiful daughter, Evee Gayle Clobes. I want her to be remembered by the world. #justiceforevee

UPDATE 6/27/19

The neuropathologist’s study is still underway.

Confirmation tests need to be done on a part of her brain where something was discovered. Genetic heart testing ruled out any genetic mutations related to her heart that would have caused her death.

A huge battle has presented itself with yet another entity regarding this case. Details can’t be revealed yet. It’s a constant fight, something new everyday.

I don’t intend to let anyone who may tamper, contaminate, misdocument, or purposely sabotage because of their beliefs or ego, get away with it. The cover-up and corruption has to stop.

From: Brandi Nolan – unborn baby died after flu shot

Dear Dr. Kennedy,

I saw a note go out asking for people to respond that had children die following vaccines. Not sure if in-utero would be enough to sway a vote, but here is my story.

In 2009, 7 months pregnant I was pressured into a flu shot.

My baby passed away at 25 weeks. In autopsy, nothing was wrong with her.

Since then, I’ve had more children. My son was blood & DNA tested at 18 months because Dr. Adema felt there might be some issues with him ever being vaccinated. He found several markers for autoimmune and told us to never give him gluten or dairy.

Within 6 months of his new diet he was a totally different looking and acting kid. My daughter’s death saved her brother. I was diagnosed with MS and since our whole family has drastically reduced toxins from diet, air, water, cleaners, stress. I will have to leave California before I would ever give my son a vaccination.

I’ve included a picture of my daughter and my son.

Thank you for fighting for Medical Choice!!!!!!!
Brandi Nolan

From: Amber Powers – CPS Threatened to take my twins at birth – shortly after being pressured to receive Tdap and Flu vaccine both twins died before birth

Good Evening Dr. Kennedy,

My name is Amber Powers and I am writing to you this evening in regards to a call to action that was posted in regards to SB276 asking to hear from loss moms in order to flip a legislator. This is my twins’ story:

When I was 20 weeks pregnant I went in for a routine anatomy scan on twins. At the following appointment I refused the tDap and Flu shot as I did not feel comfortable with the lack of safety studies.

Immediately after stating my refusal to the nurse she left the room and returned with 4 doctors, 2 nurses, and a social worker who proceeded to bully and harass me for almost 4 hours until I finally caved and agreed to the shots.

I was 21 years old and terrified that they would make good on their threat to have CPS take my babies away at birth if I refused; I didn’t know any better and they used that to their advantage.

At the anatomy scan both babies looked healthy, strong heartbeats and super wiggly. Within 4 hours of being vaccinated I was in the ER following my water breaking and severe consistent contractions.

An ultrasound was done to check on the babies as I had not felt them move in over 3 hours. The ultrasound showed that my babies who had been perfectly healthy and fine 8 hours before were now dead. They were born still less just 18 hours later.

The autopsy concluded they had both suffered massive strokes and the official cause of death was still birth caused by in utero stroke.

When I asked if the shots I had received mere hours before their death could have had any impact on what happened, I was laughed at and mocked; it was a coincidence I was told.

One brave nurse told me that I wasn’t crazy, that she could lose her job for telling me this but that I needed to look into reporting to VAERS and pursue compensation from NVIC as it was not the first time she had seen a mother lose her babies within hours of vaccination.

I was turned away from NVIC as my doctors would not corroborate my story and their deaths were ruled as natural causes. I have no other living children as I have suffered recurrent miscarriage ever since. They would be turning two this year, their names are Jubilee Rose and Levi Oliver.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, I’m not sure if this is the kind of story you are looking for but I was asked by several moms in the movement to reach out and share it with you in case I could help change this legislators mind.

My voice may shake but if by telling their story I can help kill this bill and change a legislators mind then I would be honored to help. I wish you all of the best and you are in my prayers.

If you would like to speak further please feel free to reply to this email.

Thank you for all that you are doing.

Amber Powers

From: Isabelle Stevens – Two of my children suffered severe neurological injuries, seizures, posturing and ultimately died five days after vaccination in 2012

Dear Dr. Kennedy,

I STRONGLY OPPOSE SB 276 because it will disqualify my children’s vaccine medical exemption that was given because of a family history of very severe vaccine reactions, DEATH of two siblings, and severe reactions of two other children, if allowed under SB 277.

My children were granted medical exemptions after spending 106 days in the hospital, and multiple hours weekly in the doctors offices. All medical records were reviewed and a detailed family history was taken into consideration. Two of my children suffered severe neurological injuries, seizures, posturing and ultimately died five days after vaccination in 2012.

My subsequent living children also suffered neurological injuries, and severe developmental regressions immediately following vaccine administration. Our children suffered from increased heart rate, feeding intolerance and persistent vomiting along with high fevers.

They have not yet regained the complete ability to consume food by mouth and therefore require G-tube feedings three times daily to support their daily caloric needs.

Our son struggles with permanent neurological injury and developmental delays. He receives 30 hours a week of intensive therapy to help him progress and have a functioning life. He was able to regain his ability to stand and walk independently again around 21 months of age.

Our family has a very detailed and documented history of sensitivity and severe reaction in multiple family members.

For this reason we STRONGLY OPPOSE SB 276 because it will disqualify our living children’s vaccine medical exemptions and force us to homeschool or relocate.

Furthermore these are a few more major concerns that can be addressed in this bill:

  1. CDPH is not the right agency or entity to do the reviews of medical exemptions nor do they have the proper knowledge to properly approve or deny them.
  2. CDC guidelines for contraindications are far too narrow and things like family history, epigenetics and adverse reactions listed on the vaccine inserts need to be included as criteria to write a medical exemption.
  3. Privacy issues in regards to the collection of children’s medical records for the state database.
  4. Concerns of discrimination towards children with medical exemptions byschools.

Isabelle Stevens


From: Jessica Taylor – Doctor said his death was a side effect of one of the many vaccines he received that day but said he can’t go on record stating it was because of the vaccines

Hello Dr. Kennedy,

My name is Jessica Taylor. My son was born 3/22/2017 @ 12:31am healthy and full term. His name was Clyde James Taylor. He was vaccinated in the hospital after birth the usual vaccinations. At his second month appointment he was vaccinated again with the usual vaccines. After that day he would cry for days. I did not know that was a sign of vaccine injury.

It was my first child and I was uninformed. He had his four month old vaccinations on 8/09/17 at 9 am.

He didn’t seem like himself and was very sleepy my sister said while I was at work from 11am-6pm that day.

My son only napped in 30 minute intervals usually and never slept all day barely waking to eat. I was told to give him Tylenol when I went home after the vaccinations. I did as instructed.

That night we went to bed at 9:49 pm. We would co-sleep on my bed. He was flat on his back with all the safety regulations for co-sleeping.

I woke up at 2 am because he hadn’t woken up to nurse and that was unlike his to go more than 4 hours to nurse. He felt cold and there was something wet under his nose. I jumped up flipped the lights on to see that there was blood and snot coming from his nose.

I immediately screamed his name picking him up and his head flopped back and his tongue was blue with his eyes glazed over. I knew then that he was gone but I suctioned the snot and blood from his nose with my mouth and started cpr.

I dialed 911 after the first two rescued breaths. At the hospital they tried to revive him for 30 minutes but he was gone. Doctor said it was not SIDS, smothering or due to co-sleeping but that he had respiratory paralysis and that it was a side effect of one of the many vaccines he received that day but said he can’t go on record stating it was because of the vaccines. It’s stated in his medical report.

The coroner lied to me and said he did a full autopsy. He only did a visual and toxicology to make sure I wasn’t the one who killed him. If there’s anything else you need to know feel free to email me. I hope this helps.

P.S. my daughter is vaccine free due to this

Jessica Taylor

From: Susan Foster – Our lives and our family were destroyed! It was a living hell!!!!I lost half my family to vaccine damage!!!!

Dear Dr. Ron Kennedy,

I received a PM from Ricardo Beas stating that you are looking for a parent that has lost a child to vaccine damage.

My middle daughter was born in 1980 and was a thriving 13 month old who had met all milestones when she received her MMR. Within hours she spiked a fever had a high pitched scream and went into status seizures.

Three hospitals and three weeks later we brought home a shell of the beautiful toddler we once had! She lost all language all social skills and had status seizures everyday.

She went on to become non verbal non ambulatory lost all use of her hands needed to be hand fed diapered bathed positioned for bed sores and saved with every episode of seizures! Her life and ours was a nightmare and beyond devastating! She lost her short life at the age of 20 from heart failure due to seizures!

In 1983 our third daughter was born and we kept her vaccine free because of her sister. At 22 months our doctor convinced us that this could never happen again and that we should at least give her the DPT.

I insisted on leaving out the P as there was beginning to have some concerns over the P. We will never know for sure but she was just given the DT!

This little girl who had brought the joy back to our lives was far beyond expectations in development but the day after her DP I went to get her from a nap and she had a seizure in my arms.

I collapsed to the floor and knew in my heart that we had a repeat performance! Natalie continued down the same path as her sister Christina except that she was also left with such severe gastrointestinal issues that it took 2 hours each day in the bathtub of warm water screaming at the top of her lungs to produce a bowel movement that would actually stop up the toilet!!!

Our lives and our family were destroyed! It was a living hell!!!!

Our older daughter lost her childhood as she helped with the care of her sisters. My husband is an electrical engineer working in high tech in sales and his life became a roller coaster while trying to hold down a high power job and being the sole breadwinner in our family.

I can’t even begin to tell you what my life was like as it is a blur of non stop care-giving for two daughters that needed every need taken care of! I lost 30 years of my life never leaving my home never having friends never going to dinner with my husband losing any enjoyment with my older daughter and having NO LIFE as I had to endure watching my girls suffer everyday of their lives! Our second daughter made it to age 26. I lost half my family to vaccine damage!!!!

I am now the grandmother to one healthy vaccine free 13-year-old granddaughter who has a medical exemption because of her family history!

I will do anything to keep her safe!!!!!!! This is information that I do not share! I am ready and willing to do whatever I need to do to defeat SB276!

Susan Foster

From: Louann Manwarren, R.N. – “it absolutely was not the vaccines because vaccines were perfectly safe”

Hello Dr. Kennedy,

I was asked if I’d be willing to contact you regarding the death of my son, Jacob. My son Jacob was very cheerful and happy – ALWAYS had a huge smile on his face. When he was just shy of 6 mos I took him in to his pediatrician’s office for his well check and I noticed a change in him after he received his vaccines. He was extremely fussy and crying/screaming for a couple days after he was vaccinated.

I had asked his pediatrician about it and was told this was normal and not to worry about it. I had also noticed that he began vomiting nearly all of his formula shortly after he ate – and was told this was also normal. It worried me, however, and I had him sleeping upright in his swing because I was afraid to lay him flat for fear that he would choke and aspirate on his vomit.

I noticed that he also was no longer rolling over and trying to sit up the way he had been previously, but figured it was because he hadn’t been feeling well. He was sleeping more and when he wasn’t sleeping he was very fussy and wanted to be held almost constantly….which was very unusual for him.

On Friday, November 11, 2011 (just a couple of days after his doctor visit) at about 11pm he had explosive diarrhea and I considered taking him in to the ER thinking maybe he had gotten a virus of some sort, but then decided to wait and take him to his pediatrician’s after hours clinic the next morning rather than expose him to all the germs and diseases in the ER (a decision I would come to regret deeply). He fell asleep around 1am and woke up again around 3am very fussy. I fed him and was able to rock him back to sleep by around 4am.

During that time my second youngest son, Zachary – who was 4yrs old, woke from Jacob’s crying and wanted to watch “Speed Racer.” I took them to my room and layed Jacob in the center of my bed (it was a queen-sized mattress) and had Zachary lay at the foot of my bed so he could see my computer as I logged on to get Speed Racer playing for him.

By the time I got it playing Zachary had already fallen asleep at the foot of the bed and Jacob was still asleep in the center of the bed. By this time it was about 4:15 am – I decided to lie down on the couch so as not to wake them. I woke at 6am to use the bathroom that was attached to my bedroom, but didn’t turn on the light because I didn’t want to wake them. I could tell by the light coming in from the hallway that the two boys were still where they were when I laid them down, but I noticed that Jacob was making an odd noise.

I reached down and picked him up and realized he was making jerky movements. At that point I reached over and flipped on my bedroom lights and saw that his eyes were rolled back in his head and he was having a seizure in my arms. He was also still making an odd “huh, huh, huh” sound and I realized he wasn’t breathing right. I panicked and ran over to the neighbor’s house with him because I knew her son had seizures and she’d know what to do. She immediately took him from me, ran back to my house with me and told me to call 911.

He was rushed to the local hospital where they did a scan and discovered he had encephalopathy. From there he was sent to Doernbecher’s hospital – which was a 2 hr drive via ambulance. His condition deteriorated on the way there. He had massive swelling on his brain by the time we got there. I was told he may not make it through the night. The whole time I kept asking if this could have been caused by his vaccines – because I had been noticing all the changes in him since his vaccines – and was told “no, vaccines are not harmful.”

Jacob made it through the night, but he continued to deteriorate and he was declared brain dead after 72 hrs.

I was told he would require an autopsy to determine cause of death. (At this point CPS had been contacted and they were thinking I had done something to my son at first.) I asked them to test to see if it was vaccine related and was told by the doctor when I made the request that “it absolutely was not the vaccines because vaccines were perfectly safe” and he refused to order the tests.

The coroner could not determine a cause – and, on the phone to me, referred to it as a “near-SIDS event” because he likely would have passed in his sleep had I not found him when I did.

I know it was caused by his vaccines, however, because I SAW the changes happening with him almost from the moment he got the vaccines! And I’m extremely angry because every time I asked about the vaccines and what was happening with him I was told “it was normal” and “it wasn’t the vaccines.”

My son was HEALTHY and HAPPY before his vaccines. He was rolling over and getting up on his hands and knees and was nearly crawling. He was also nearly able to sit upright on his own.

All of this changed after his vaccines. He was fussy, cranky, crying, screaming, spitting up, vomiting nearly all of his food every time he ate; he’s was no longer getting on his hands and knees or rolling over; he looked swollen and miserable. Then the explosive diarrhea and the seizure and encephalopathy….I knew, in my heart I KNEW — but I couldn’t get anyone to listen and everyone told me I was wrong.

I have 6 older children. My 2 oldest have POTS (postural orthstatic tachycardia syndrome). I also have POTS (I’m certain that it’s from the vaccines I was required to get for nursing school simply because of the extreme pain I was in following the vaccines – it felt like my head was going to explode and all of my nerve endings felt like they were on fire for hours, then I’d get massive headaches, had constant brain fog and, short term memory loss, concentration issues, confusion, extreme fatigue, anxiety, constantly felt as if I was going to pass out, etc.)

My son Zachary has severe eczema, and he was developmentally delayed. He and my oldest son have had anger issues, difficulty concentrating, and don’t do well in groups of people – especially strangers. My oldest son, Daniel, (who is now 15 has POTS) struggles with short term memory loss issues, cannot handle being in large groups of people, cannot handle loud noises, has been diagnosed with ADD and complains of frequent headaches and joint pain.

All of my children were born with the stork bite and I suspect that they have the MTHFR gene mutation, but have not had the money to get them tested.

My oldest child, Stephanie, 17 yrs old – went to her pediatrician’s office about a month ago because she had an upper respiratory illness. Her doctor convinced her to get the Meningococcal, meningitis and HPV vaccines (WITHOUT my permission! I wasn’t there, I was at work).

Less than 2 weeks after getting the vaccines (which she only JUST told me about this last weekend, because she knew how I felt about vaccines and knew I’d be upset) she suddenly developed goiter, several swollen lymph glands and has now been referred to an endocrinologist and oncologist because her doctor is suspecting either lymphoma or Hashimoto’s.

She is also having symptoms (such as difficulty grasping items with her right hand, complaints of numbness in her feet, etc.) that tonight had me wondering if she has MS. She was not having these symptoms prior to those vaccines.

If any of this is helpful to you, please feel free to contact me:
LouAnn Manwarren, RN

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From: Paula Husovsky – Accident injury attorneys usually have a list of doctors they recommend… not vaccine injury attorneys

Dear Dr. Kennedy:

Below is my Vaccine injury story. I shared it already with the assembly members on the health committee.

I gave away my kidney to my best friend who was diagnosed with lupus after receiving the MMR shot in college. I massaged her hand when she died less than 2 years after the transplant.

She had family and I massaging her limbs trying to increase blood flow. We fought like hell to keep her alive.

2 years after her death, my middle daughter was severely injured from the chicken pox shot which attacked her CNS and Kaiser left her for dead. I kept her alive by taking her to a non Kaiser ER almost every night for a week for IV fluids. I carried her into Kaiser crying and begging them to help her during the day and then spent the nights in a local ER with her.

My story is long. Dr. Jerry Kartzinel saved her. Below is what I sent the health committee. Please contact me if I can be of any assistance.

Kind regards

—–Original Message—–

Dear Chief Consultant Rosielyn Oulmano:

I am writing you this email to explain our family’s personal story of vaccine injury and to encourage everyone on the Assembly Committee on Health to vote no on SB 276. I have two vaccine injured daughters with medical records to prove vaccine injuries.

Under SB276 they will no longer qualify for a medical exemption. We were told by two different doctors from different counties and practices that one more vaccine would probably kill them. One of those doctors has since left California, refusing to practice medicine here due to the changing laws. He SAVED one of my daughters when our insurance provider REFUSED her treatment.

Please don’t prevent the amazing doctors, out there on the front-lines, taking on cases most doctors don’t want to take on (because many vaccine injured children are difficult to work with), from helping our children recover and protecting them from future injury! No on SB276!

Below is our story. It is a very short version. The entire story is too heart wrenching for some.

I am a teacher and a mother of 2 vaccine injured children. Both of my daughters were injured starting with their first vaccines as babies. We had Kaiser Permanente as our insurance provider. I trusted our pediatricians. I was old that my daughters’ chronic illnesses were due to being exposed to the public and sick kids at school, and genetics.

My story of vaccine injury is a long one. (This is the short version.) I gave away my kidney August 29, 2008 to T.J., my best friend from childhood who was vaccine injured and diagnosed with lupus. I held her hand when she passed away on April 12, 2010. She had a team of doctors and medical personnel trying to save her as she didn’t want to leave her children behind.

She wanted to live at any cost and died on life support with a room of her closest family members and friends massaging her arms and legs trying to increase blood flow and praying for a miracle.

At the time, I didn’t know what had caused her lupus. Her family didn’t believe the doctors when the doctors said she had developed lupus from the MMR shot she had just received months earlier, her freshman year of college. It wasn’t until my second daughter almost died from the chicken pox shot, that her family had told me what the doctors had said about T.J.’s MMR shot causing her lupus.

July 13, 2012 I took my daughters in for Pop Warner Cheer physicals. My second daughter had asked not to get any vaccines that day. I told her that we wouldn’t be getting any vaccines.

I had my children on a delayed schedule as they were chronically ill and the vaccines made them sick for days afterwards. Unfortunately, I allowed the pediatrician who was also the chief of pediatrics at the time, persuade me to giving each daughter one vaccine. My oldest received the meningitis shot and my second daughter received the chicken pox shot.

On July 20, 2012 my second daughter woke up vomiting with extreme abdominal pain. She was vomiting large amounts of bile. I took her to Kaiser and Kaiser said she had the stomach flu.

My daughter at the appointment said it was from her chicken pox shot. The doctor and I both tried to convince her otherwise. On July 22, 2012, she broke out with blisters and later her vaccine site injection in her left arm swelled and turned bright red. There was no denying that the vaccine had made her ill.

She had extreme unbearable abdominal pain, she lost the ability to even hold down water. She became very weak. She said she felt like she had weights on her legs and wasn’t able to walk. I repeatedly took her into Kaiser and they wouldn’t try to help her. I called two vaccine injury attorneys asking where I could take my daughter for help and they both said they could not advise me.

Accident injury attorneys usually have a list of doctors they recommend… not vaccine injury attorneys. I carried my child into Kaiser begging and crying and begging for the doctors to help her and they WOULDN’T!

That shot had attacked her central nervous system and Kaiser left her to suffer and die without treatment! I kept her alive by taking her to a local ER that contracted with Kaiser. An ER doctor said she needed to be hospitalized, but explained that they didn’t have a pediatric unit and could not keep her.

The ER staff admitted she was severely injured, as her vaccine injection site was now swollen from that Varivax injection and it had turned bright red and she still had blisters. The ER team told me that if they transported her by ambulance to Kaiser in Riverside, more than likely, we would be left in the cold in the middle of the night, waiting outside for someone to pick us up.

They told me that they would keep her, provide her with IV fluids, monitor her, and release her to go home to me with the understanding that I bring her back to them again when needed. AND that is how I kept my child ALIVE! I begged Kaiser to help her during the day, and I took her to the local ER at night for IV fluids for one week.

I called MERCK on numerous occasions and begged Merck to help her doctors. Just so you are well aware I COULD NOT EMAIL MERCK REGARDING HER VACCINE INJURY!

I tried to use Merck’s website system to type up a message regarding my child’s injuries, labeling the message as not being injury related…. and the system was able to determine that I was emailing them regarding a vaccine injury by the content of my message; and consequently, the system would not process it.

I asked to speak with a doctor there to get advice on how to help my child. I was told I could not talk to their medical personnel unless I was a medical professional myself. I asked Kaiser on numerous occasions to contact Merck for suggestions on how to help my daughter and Kaiser refused! Kaiser told me to go see a psychiatrist for her. I did, just so that I could rule out a psychiatric disorder, in order to get help from Kaiser.

The psychiatrist we saw, said that if this was his daughter he would get some cash together and get her to a university hospital for help. (I later received notification that that psychiatrist no longer contracts with Kaiser.) I called UCSD and was referred to Rady’s.

We waited months to see specialists there. My daughter’s health continued to decline as time progressed. I couldn’t figure out why Kaiser was allowing this to happen and why Kaiser wouldn’t contact Merck for guidance. So, after an ugly appointment, I researched Kaiser and Merck together and discovered exactly why.

Kaiser conducted the vaccine research study on the vaccine that Merck produced that almost killed my daughter. Therefore, Kaiser REFUSED her treatment in order to cover up her injuries.

My father, an avionics engineer, took time off from work to help my mom care for my daughter (because it took more than 1 person to care for her at times); so that, I could afford treatment outside of Kaiser for help!

My daughter’s body could not regulate her blood pressure, her heart rate or her body temperature. Her entire autonomic nervous system was damaged. (Keep in mind, I watched my best friend die after giving her my kidney. She had a team of doctors helping her and Kaiser left my child to die. I was devastated and desperate to help my daughter. I lived off of a few hours of sleep a night making sure my daughter didn’t die in the night and to help ease her pain. Her body temperature would drop down to 94/95 degrees at night, so I would stay awake and continually warm up blankets and towels in the dryer to keep her warm… that’s all they did for her in the ER for her dropping body temperature. Therefore, I handled it on my own the same way they did in the ER for years!)

Rady’s provided some diagnoses. Rady’s didn’t deny that she needed medical help. But, Rady’s couldn’t really help her either. I later learned that Rady’s receives millions of dollars annually in donations from Merck. Rady’s provided weak help. They made some important diagnoses, but RADY’S FAILED TO COORDINATE CARE AND DEVELOP AND COMMUNICATE A RECOVERY PLAN!

*****Our educational system is held to a higher standard to accommodate our nation’s children than the medical community!

We finally found a GOOD doctor through Generation Rescue who helped us begin our path to recovery over a year later. I carried my daughter in crying (story of my life), telling that GOOD doctor that I was worried my daughter was going deaf and his response to me was, “Your daughter is in survival mode. If I can pull her out of this with a little bit of hearing loss, she is in good shape.”

I think, during her second appointment with the GOOD doctor, he prescribed her a medication that cost almost $1k. I took it into Kaiser and demanded that they fill it. When they hassled me for seeing a non Kaiser doctor, I very loudly shared my daughter’s vaccine injury story to the pharmacy representatives… loud enough for all of Kaiser’s clients sitting in the pharmacy, during flu season to hear.

Another mom approached me. Her daughter was diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome after the flu shot. Kaiser refused her child help as well. The SAME TEAM of KAISER DOCTORS who denied my daughter help, denied her daughter help. That mommy had her child hospitalized out of state and the out of state hospital would not release her daughter back to Kaiser until Kaiser had a treatment plan in place. Sadly, that child was in worse condition than my daughter. It doesn’t end there… As I said, I am a teacher, parents of my students started telling me similar stories.


KAISER PERMANENTE, the very organization that is in charge of getting these vaccines FDA approved and on the market and in charge of the post licensure studies, is appearing to SYSTEMATICALLY FAIL to report VACCINE INJURIES AND DENY CHILDREN HELP AFTER BEING INJURED FROM THE VACCINES KAISER HAS STUDIED!

My daughter still suffers from unbearable pain. She broke out with shingles in her ear canal from that shot in the dark. She developed an auditory processing integration disorder. It damaged her optic nerves! She’s being monitored for eye disease… Her optic nerve function is now starting to show signs of improvement, but the results of her last test are still bad. I fear she will still go blind at a young adult age.

After we started paying thousands of dollars outside of Kaiser for help, Kaiser agreed to do some testing on my daughter. One Kaiser doctor diagnosed my daughter with a severe adverse reaction to the vaccine in October 2012.

At the time she told me that all of my copays should have been waved. I called member services at Kaiser and complained. That doctor was disciplined for her diagnosis and she had to retract it at our next appointment with her.

But, she told me to hang on… that the other doctors at Kaiser would eventually come to the realization she was severely vaccine injured. I booked appointments at both Rady’s and Kaiser trying to keep everyone honest. I was paying out of pocket for help at Rady’s, so I tried to get Kaiser to do some diagnostics in order to save money.

Between lost wages and out of pocket medical expenses, my credit score tanked. I couldn’t afford to pay my bills. (We have never received any financial assistance for help for her. She doesn’t collect social security. She doesn’t qualify for medi cal. Due to the amount of medical fraud committed, her vaccine injury case was dismissed in the vaccine courts.)

Kaiser not only appeared to continue to commit medical fraud, but it appears they committed medical battery as well. They tortured her.

One example, is when they removed an ENTIRE lymph node from her neck claiming she had lymphoma. The ENT who performed the surgery lied to me about the biopsy results.

The lab records showed that my daughter had benign reactive lymphadenopathy with cuticle dysplasia, indicating an autoimmune disease. Vaccines are designed to create an immune response and sometimes they over stimulate the immune system. This is my daughter’s story.

Below is Jennifer Robi’s lawsuit against Kaiser for medical fraud, medical malpractice, and medical battery due to her injuries sustained from the Gardasil vaccine that Kaiser ALSO STUDIED!

My daughter saw between 4-6 audiologists at Kaiser that said nothing was wrong with my daughter’s hearing. One technician yelled at my daughter for playing with the chords on her headset during her hearing test. My daughter cried.

My daughter told me that she couldn’t hear anything and was bored. The neurologist at Kaiser said my daughter’s motor skills were normal. The school district should know that the doctors at Kaiser were failing to accurately diagnose her condition. Because… the school district paid for its own audiologist to come in and assess my daughter.

The audiologist hired through the school district, diagnosed my daughter with a huge discrepancy between left ear and right ear function, problems with word discrimination, and auditory processing integration disorder…. AND the school district had to provide OT services because my daughter had lost the ability to hold a pencil to write with.

She had great handwriting in 1st grade. She lost her ability to hold a pencil or cut with a pair of scissors in 2nd grade after ONE VACCINE on a DELAYED SCHEDULE! AND the district is currently paying for her to have a 1:1 aide to help her manage her pain at school OVER 6 YEARS LATER!

My daughter continues to earn honor roll every semester and she in an advanced math class…. She works extremely hard to keep her grades up, as she also complains of memory problems! She studies for hours every evening and on the weekend.

In addition to pain, my daughter gets dizzy and lightheaded, she gets heart palpitations, and she has exercised induced chest pain during PE…. that not one cardiologist from 4 different children’s hospitals can explain. She wore a heart monitor for a week and was diagnosed with sinus tachycardia.

The alarms on the heart monitor went off non stop, even when she was just sitting on the coach or sleeping. I was told not to worry about it, it was NORMAL. Her pain is scary for her at times. We still do not have answers for many of her ailments. The school district is continuing to assess her and increase more services. She will be receiving assisted technology supports next school year.

Vaccine injury is not rare…

I am not going to go into detail about my oldest daughter’s injuries. She is an adult now and it is her story to tell. I will tell you this… her IQ score is estimated to be over 2 deviations above the norm and her vaccine injuries have made her life quite painful and challenging at times. I am a teacher and have witnessed how vaccines are crippling some of our most intelligent children.

I have been teaching over 15 years. When my second daughter became very ill in 2012, I switched grades and moved down to kindergarten.

I had previously taught kindergarten at the beginning of my career. Switching back to kindergarten was a huge wake up call. 15 years ago, we may have had one child with severe behavioral challenges in the entire school, then it increased to 1 per grade level… now we have multiple students with behavioral challenges per classroom.

Aluminum in the vaccines cause motor neuron damage, which leads to behavioral deficits.…/aluminum-in-vaccines…/

The medical community is continuing to vaccinate our students, but is failing to diagnose developmental delays. I THOUGHT THE ENTIRE REASON FOR TAKING A CHILD TO SEE A PEDIATRICIAN WAS TO HAVE THE CHILD MONITORED FOR GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT AND TO PROVIDE ASSISTANCE AND HELP FOR CHILDREN IN NEED, not just inoculate them!

I have had more than a couple parents of my students tell me that they were concerned their children had autism. They said that their pediatricians told them that the school district would diagnose autism.

Sure enough, later I received a visit summary from Rady’s for my second daughter, stating that if I was concerned my child had autism, to notify my child’s school. I shared that letter with my daughter’s IEP team and all my co-workers. Then a friend of mine received the same statement in his son’s visit summary paperwork.

Apparently, teachers are now more equipped to diagnose developmental delays like autism the pediatricians benefiting from pharmaceutical dollars.

Merck has a history of donating millions of dollars to Rady’s annually.

Our EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM is being left with this HUGE D I S A S T E R created by the MEDICAL COMMUNITY and our POLITICIANS (like…Senator Pan) to fix! The schools are scrambling to meet all the needs of an entire generation of VACCINE INJURED CHILDREN! In case you are unaware….

In California, student enrollment has dropped across the state, decreasing ADA, and the special education enrollment has dramatically increased, causing a huge budget deficit. Below are links to the committee hearings that took place in California last year.

Paula Husovsky

From: Raja-Nee Randolph – I felt as if my soul had left my body

Zedikiah Xavier Issa Randolph was a sweet and happy baby boy. He was my sweet and happy baby boy!

He had beautiful big brown eyes that you could see from a mile away, a cry that was soft but carried when he would cry, and a smile that would have you hooked. Zedikiah was an angel, he was my angel, and now he’s my angel in heaven.

My pregnancy with Kiah was far from easy. I worked up until the day we scheduled my induction, I suffered chronichyperemesis gravidarum my entire pregnancy, along with high blood pressure, and having trouble maintaining weight.

I did a natural birth with Zedikiah so to finally be past all of that and to finally have him in my arms was the best moment of my life. It was one of my happiest moments. I was happy I made it through, I was happy I didn’t give up. After 9 months of what felt like misery and a never-ending story, my king Zedikiah Xavier was here and that was the greatest gift of all.

Zedikiah was born on September 27th, 2018 at 9:55pm. He was 5lbs, 15.5oz and 18 inches long. He had long, curly black hair and those big brown eyes.

He didn’t cry after I had him. I remember him looking around quietly, observing everything in the room and everyone around him. I had to be induced with Kiah because my doctors were seeing a decline in his growth in the womb.

He was born perfectly healthy, no complications during/after labor, no signs that he would develop problems, etc., just a
healthy, happy, handsome baby boy.

During our transition from the hospital to back home, things were still going well. I was breast feeding Zedikiah, we were working on developing a schedule for when I went back to work (which would be November 1st, 2018), and learning to adjust with a newborn and two younger ones.

Zedikiah did not like to sleep on his back, so he slept on his stomach since birth. His dad has a hard time breathing when he’s laying/sleeping on his back and must sleep on his stomach. We couldn’t get that figured out with Zedikiah, but he would cry nonstop on his back until he was placed on his stomach. The transition was super easy, and Zedikiah wasn’t a difficult baby at all.

After getting situated at home, Zedikiah had a follow up appointment with his pediatrician on 10/02/2018 where he then weighed in at 6.1lbs and was 19.0in long. He received his check up and off we were, once again showing a perfectly healthy and growing Kiah baby.

From that point on, we worked on finding the right feeding schedule and preparing for me to go back to work. On 10/16/2018, I took Zedikiah to his second newborn screening.

The appointment went very well, with him weighing in at 7.0 lbs. and standing 21.20 in tall! It felt good to know that he was progressing and getting bigger each time we went in!

He again passed with a clean bill of health and passed his newborn screening test, again! He was doing so good and I was so proud of him, and of me! I could see him growing every day. I could see the changes and progress every day.

When I went back to work a month after Kiah was born it was one of the hardest things I had to do. I work 8-10 hours a day, usually 5 days a week, but sometimes more. I spent most of my time with Zedikiah in the morning before work and at night after work. His father was a stay at home dad, as we have a 2-year-old who is not in daycare/school.

The week before Zedikiah passed, my mother, stepfather, and my two younger siblings came to visit. It was their first-time meeting Zedikiah and his older brother Zamir. My family fell in love with Zedikiah. We had an amazing time; it had been a long time since my family had got together.

We went out and had family day, we went and took family photos, and enjoyed our week together. My family headed back home on Sunday, 12/09/2018.

That following Monday, 12/10/2018, I took Zedikiah to his appointment that morning. He weighed in at 9.0 lbs. and was 21 in tall.

He had no cold, no infections, and passed with a clean bill of health. I was asked if he would be vaccinated and I responded “yes.”

I held Zedikiah down as he screamed in pain. He received the DTAP-HIB-IPV combo, Rotateq, and PCV 13. Zedikiah cried in my arms as I held him while we waited 15 minutes to be okayed to leave. He then fell asleep in the car and slept most of the rest of the day.

Over the next few days, I noticed Zedikiah’s nose had started running and his eyes were beginning to look glossed over. He started to sleep a lot more, mostly through the day unless he was being fed.

I worked 9:00-5:00 pm most of the week, so he was with his dad during the day and I would take over when I got off work.

I didn’t pay much attention to it until after he passed but Zedikiah had not made a bowl movement since his appointment, and he would usually have about two or three a day. The night of Zedikiah’s passing, I got off work at my normal time and Zedikiah was sleeping. I woke him up at 7:00pm to feed him a bottle. He stayed up until about 9:00pm and then became fussy so I laid him down and he went to sleep.

His father and I stayed up watching tv for a bit and checked on Zedikiah sometime around 1:00am. We ended up falling asleep on the opposite couch Zedikiah was on.

Usually he would wake up for a bottle around 3:00am. I remember thinking in my sleep, “Zedikiah must really be tired.” I remember a voice telling me to check on him, twice.

I remember waking up and looking at him, at this point, he was facing the other way, so I thought he was still sleeping and I went back to sleep. I figured he would eat when I got up to get ready for work. He’s tired I thought, so let him sleep.

My alarm went off at 7:30am and I got up to feed Kiah. I picked him up and I immediately knew something was wrong. His body was stiff, so stiff and cold. I put his face up to mine and it was so blue. My baby was a dark tone and he looked sky blue.

I felt my heart drop into my stomach. I felt as if my soul had left my body. I screamed his father’s name s loud! I screamed “ZEDIKIAH IS DEAD. WAKE UP, HE’S GONE!”

WE called 9-1-1 and waited 12 minutes for them to arrive. That entire time I held Zedikiah and I cried, I screamed out in pain. I knew he was gone. I knew it was too late and that hurt so bad. I knew he was gone.

The medics took Kiah from me when they arrived and began CPR and took him to the hospital. At 8:11am, they pronounced him dead and my heart ripped apart. That day changed my life forever.

I read over Zedikiah’s autopsy report. His cause of death is “undetermined.” His autopsy states “He had mild inflammation of his lungs consistent with viral infection (Rhinovirus Infection). Zedikiah was not sick during the time my family visited or when they left.

He should be here today, and I won’t give up on finding him answers. I know NOTHING WE DID was the cause.

Raja-Nee Randolph

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