The Kosher Slaughter of the American Mind – Dead Goys Mere Toys for Jews – by John Kaminski

Dear friends — below is an excellent piece written by John Kaminski that I  thought worth sharing.  Enjoy!


“…once the criminals got control of the world’s mass media, they set about legalizing the crimes they were committing…”

Kosher slaughterhouses in South America still use the barbaric ‘tie and raise’ method, which causes great suffering to animals before their deaths. Former Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger (now in prison) said he is opposed to this slaughter method and has expressed his discontent.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) described the method Jews use to slaughter animals as “prolonged suffering and nightmarish deaths.” This torture qualifies these debauched creatures to be sold as kosher.

Halacha (Jewish law) claims to minimize animals’ suffering. “The shochet kills the animal with a quick, deep stroke across the throat with a sharp knife. When performed properly, shechita appears all but painless and quickly renders the animal unconscious.”

PETA’s first investigation at Agriprocessors in 2004 revealed almost 300 instances of inhumane slaughter, in which cows’ sensitive faces were shocked with electric prods, fully conscious cattle had their tracheas and esophagi ripped from their throats with meat hooks or knives, and they writhed in pools of their own blood, trying desperately to stand up for up to three minutes as blood poured from their throats.

May we interpret this as an example of the way the Jews treat all animal life — and especially human animal life? How about the gassed prepositioned body of a dead Syrian child!? The image of that Palestinian boy with half his head blown off is getting a little old. In Israel there are plenty of children just waiting to get their heads blown off by Jews.

If you have the mainstream version of history installed as an operating system inside your skull, you may rest assured you know very little about the actual history of the world.

The kosher slaughter of the American mind really began with Alexander Hamilton, that guy on your ten dollar bill, who coordinated the takeover of America’s financial system by the Jews of London before he was justifiably gunned down in a duel with Aaron Burr. With each passing year Jews hurl new chains across the minds of the unsuspecting, most of whom applaud their masters for the addictive trinkets they dispense that prevent them from confronting the necessary facts of their lives.


Religion of the abyss

Judaism fails itself and plummets into irrelevance wholly as a result of its own dogma. What normal human can condone the rape of children? An unbiased clinical appraisal of Jewish behavior would demand anyone who believes this material should be locked up as a danger to others. Now that Jews are essentially in control of the world poses a spectacularly serious problem. Our lives and our futures depend on how we deal with this dilemma.

To be more specific, Jews have controlled — almost exclusively controlled — the information people have received for at least a century. Now, that has been significantly increased by all these new levels of cyber communications. All readers should be aware that all journalistic enterprises since the dawn of time have never aimed to report unbiased news but rather to advocate a position or a product, and to impugn all competitors. The hidden factor today on the Web is that nothing is secret except the intent of the creators of the Internet, which was the CIA, by the way.

As the age of radio came upon us, all the major networks were eventually gobbled up by Jews and remain in that condition today. All the major newspapers which survived into the 20th century wound up with Jewish publishers eager to play ball with the Jews who began to penetrate politics, and more importantly, with the goy candidates lined up to take the bribes.

This story is not about anti-Semitism. It is a clear indictment of the criminal record of a single ethnic group. This is an unbiased appraisal of Jewish behavior — narcissistic megalomania, with a strong touch of psychopathic sadism! The Jews’ reluctance to explain their rituals to the public is their knowledge that such an act would create a universal revulsion that likely would lead to a mass slaughter because the world’s reaction would be gut-wrenching disgust at such clearly demented behavior (such as eating children).

So it’s almost like the Jews are always doing preemptive strikes against their fellow humans to forestall attacks on themselves. Then they complain that no one trusts them. This is the fabled Jewish chutzpah. Their record for swindling is unexcelled in human history.

I speak advisedly to people of conscience, because we are living in a world where conscience is a liability when most everybody else is strictly take-the-money-and-run.

Once the criminals got control of the world’s mass media, they set about legalizing the crimes they were committing. To the point where today, we have a culture of crime. Even our leaders gain some measure of jealous admiration when we learn how many millions they have squirreled away, simply for facilitating the swindles of the super rich, and lying about it to the people who elected them.

Financial, entertainment, medicine, pharmaceutical, the law, politics, Biblical, sports, gambling, media . . . you name it. Saboteurs of the food supply.

Especially in the Jewish European Union, today they routinely put people in jail for telling the truth. This “truth” always involves criminal charges against people debunking the bogus Jewish version of reality.

So venal and so scared are these people who prosecute illegal laws that they have resorted to jailing women in their 80s for telling the truth about what really happened during World War II. There was no Holocaust. The war pitted the last hope of humanity to avoid the pitiless mindlock of Jewish capitalism, in which they have all the money, which gives them the power of dictating your unfortunate fate.

Take a quick snapshot of the 20th century: what we were led to believe, what we still believe about our history. We’re told the feds created a bank of their own, but it wasn’t the feds, it was the Jewish bankers, and they’ve robbed us blind for 105 years. Thirteen Jewish families doing their thing, swallowing one country after another, blackmailing everyone down past poverty into oblivion.

It’s important to note the original reason for creating this type of operation was to fund wars. World War I was declared right after the Federal Reserve legislation was craftily passed, and the wars have never stopped since. There are always U.S. troops deployed somewhere. As the Commies have so eagerly and accurately pointed out, America’s opulence rests on the corpses of millions of Third World ordinary human beings.

Constructing the artificial reality

But it wasn’t so much what the Jews took (even though they took everything). It was how they changed the way we think.

Freud told us we all wanted to sleep with our mothers and generations paid millions to be drugged on couches by Jewish psychosadists who toyed with their patients. Marx wrote a book about money that failed to mention the Rothschilds, yet generations of college students embraced Marxism without ever realizing that its chief product was non Jewish dead people and the utter ruthlessness of its demagogic leaders. And mimicking the psychology profession (which the Jews invented), Einstein created obtuse equations that could never be validated and which bore no relation to an electrically charged universe. Universities around the world pay millions for eggheads to spout his cosmological gibberish. All these Jewish concatenations are aimed at confusing and controlling people by getting them to believe things that are not true, which keeps them confused and controllable.

They have succeeded beyond even their wildest expectations. This has produced rampant promiscuity among the young and widespread hopelessness in the old. Society in general as decaying as Jew release Africans everywhere to accelerate the worldwide destabilization.

The Jewish version of history got us to hate Muslims after 9/11, just as on the eve of both World Wars, Jewish media churned up all these impossible lies that people believed about the Germans, Italians and Japanese.

Get serious now. Imagine the smug grin of George W. Bush, surely a portrait of an insane man. When he said “You’re either with us or with the terrorists,” he was talking about himself and his cabal of neocon criminals, because he already knew that the terrorists had been hired and briefed by Zbigniew Brzezinski and Donald Rumsfeld.

It sure looks like the USA is being set up to become the new world pariah, and the dishonor will be well-deserved.


Trump knows

Donald Trump knows exactly who did 9/11, he knows the intimate details, how thousands were exposed to radiation but the government and Christie Todd Whitman lied about it, just like the government always lies about every thing it does.

Which leads us to our completely corrupt Congress. Everybody in Congress knows 9/11 was an inside job, masterminded by Israel. As I’ve been saying for 15 years, three presidents and several iterations of Congress are all guilty of complicity in mass murder, treason and obstruction of justice. Perhaps the entire legal system, totally controlled by Jews, is also guilty of willful obstruction of justice. The two Jewish perverts installed on our Supreme Court — one is a transgender expert, the other an advocate of legalized pedophilia — offer irrefutable evidence of the way the American personality has been terraformed into a painful contortion of its former self, a twisted Jewish version of a human being, totally self-absorbed and utterly without compassion or scruples.

Is it anti-Semitic to say Jews committed the greatest crime in American history (not counting the two World Wars, which they also engineered)? If it is anti-Semitic, then anti-Semitism is about the only thing that can save this country, and maybe this world, from the deliberately contrived disaster no being inflicted upon all of us.

The Jews have boobytrapped the world from so many angles society can’t possibly survive in its currently recognizable form. Genetic engineering will be about the last step before there are no more humans of the old kind, people you could appeal to their better natures and know they would do the right thing. Not so many of these left these days. Still, in a disaster, there are those who rise above the madness. We will see how many are left, and don’t count on the millennials being there. They seem to be clueless in a predesigned fog of senseless irrelevance.

Donald Trump is a multi-billionaire Jew-connected New York Realtor. His family is immersed in Chabad Lubavitchers, implacable enemies of the entire human race. Trump knew the exact story of 9/11, at the latest, a few days after it happened. How odd that it would take 9/11 insider Rudy Giuliani to rescue him from his own impetuosity, assuring we will never make any progress detoxing the 9/11 through any part of the Trump administration.


Track record of deceit and terror

It would seem patently obvious to me that anyone who claims to have a genetic or historical pedigree that elevates him above the mass of humanity on this planet actually is suffering from an acute inferiority complex which necessitates the creation of fantastic stories in order for him to feel at least equal with everyone else.

The story of Jacob defeating the angel — which is to say individual Jews declaring themselves more powerful that God — is their primary delusion of grandeur that leads them to denigrate, deface and destroy all that is good, sensible and healthy in the world, because in their crippling pain of detachment from the rest of the human race, Jews cannot fully feel these joys, and hence try to punish those who can wholeheartedly experience the legitimate joys of life, of family and of love.  And, of a duty to seek justice for those who would use this life to wreck the lives of others, and laugh about it as these people needlessly die. These people are Jews mostly escaping justice.

First it was Women’s Liberation, maybe the greatest scam of all time, women’s suffrage, promoted by Jews, making the world more receptive to Communism, the ultimately bait-snd-switch scam.

And then there’s their fake history. All they have are fabricated evidence and crooked judges. Throw in a few Holocaust survivors who talk about avoiding the gas chambers several times in the same day, gas chambers that never existed from the mind of an honest Jew who swears she saw them . . .

Henry Ford was right. Charles Lindbergh was right (both father and son). These were great Americans who have been erased from our history books by charlatans and crooks who have taken over our minds with false reports about reality.

The greatest Americans have been erased from history and replaced with these Jewish actors like FDR and Bill Clinton and these black heroes who become champions of mediocrity that have greatly reduced the American capacity for honest self reflection.

Now the great Jewish retailers of our day have further clamped down on what we are allowed to say, and even think.

You will be forced into believing what they demand you believe or you will be cut off from the money supply and spend the remainder of your short life as an emaciated, diseased wastrel.

Here is how they are shaping us into droids.

Reduction of brain space using several methods; first, making illegal statements that are contrary to the approved narrative, then you are labeled anti-Semitic and no longer eligible for inclusion in the Jewish news package presented to us every night on the TV. Word goes out among distributors of your product that you are actually an anti-Semite because you don’t believe 6 million Jews were murdered by Germans during World War II, you don’t believe that in the concentration camps Jewish skin was fashioned into lampshades, and you don’t believe protecting Israel is more important than remembering how Jesus is readily available to all who seek him.

The power generated by simply having faith in your god is by itself far greater than the dark denial of people who do not believe that love is real. Then when you tack on the genuine benefits of believing and your connection to everything that lives, it’s no contest. The Jews are forever lost, and should not try to be saved, because it wouldn’t be worth it since they have proven repeatedly over thousands of years that they are totally untrustworthy, and this shall always be, forever and ever, Amen!

Let them go where they deserve to go and by all means assist their passage!


The only thing that can save the world

Is it anti-Semitic to say the Jews did 9/11 when all the evidence points to their involvement in every aspect of the caper and the coverup?

Is it anti-Semitic to say the Jews engineered both World Wars when the clear evidence of the Balfour Declaration and Roosevelt’s Pearl Harbor foreknowledge have been stuffed into the trash can of history?

It’s definitely anti-Semitic to say Jews have taken over almost every country in the world through their control of money, fleeced them of their valuables, and then bankrupted them.

Are all these assertions false? Or are they true? The defense for libel is truth. I have verifiable facts. Jews can only counter with carefully choreographed denials, all of which have been disproved, despite the vivid testimony of thousands of hysterical Jews, none of which can be believed.

If what I assert is true, there can only be one reason for the anti-Semitic laws — to enforce lies and to cover up the truth.

If these laws take hold as the law of the land, there will be no way to further investigate all of these unsolved crimes that bear the clear fingerprints of Jewish, Israeli or Mossad manipulation.

There will be no way to investigate the sinister relationship among the CDC, Big Pharma and the real purpose of the medicines they produce.

Will ordinary people ever be able to complain about crimes committed by Jews? There is no evidence this will ever happen.

As long as you permit Jews to run the show, this is your dismal future.




John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.