The Jewdicial System and Fake Nuremberg Trials – It’s DUH Law

For people who are new to this blog or to this type of information, I recommend reading this link to uncover the facts about the fake Nuremberg trails and the disgusting, disturbing behavior of jews (and their minions) who, to this day, imprison, torture, and murder innocent people under the color of law.  The entire jewdicial system is a FRAUD and needs to be brought down.  It is run by kabbalistic jews who cast their spells upon unsuspecting people, getting the masses to hand over their own authority to demons.  The medical establishment does exactly the same with their pharmakeia (sorcery) and their death-wielding “diagnostic” and “therapeutic” machines.  All of these institutions are run by jews.  They all need to crumble into dust.

Jews will destroy this world if we let them.  It is time to NAME THE JEW.



The Nuremberg trials were nothing more than a continuation of Judeocommunist show trials of the type carried out by the Soviet Union for many years before and after WWII.

The idea of the show trial has nothing to do with any form of justice. These trials merely served to validate and justify the criminal actions of the draconian, Soviet terror state. The outcome of such trails were always a forgone conclusion as guilt had already been established by tortured confession. Jews rig a “justice” system like they rig their gambling games where the goy can never win unless Jews allow it.   

The same form of Jewed show trials are used throughout white, western civilization to prosecute and persecute those people whom Jews do not like (which is everyone not Jewish) in the same manner the Judeocommunists railroaded the German high command with

Nuremberg’s kangaroo court. The trials of people like Ernst Zundel, Monika Schaefer, Arthur Topham, Alison Chabloz and many others too numerous to name, are merely extensions of the Jews’ Nuremberg show trials.     

Jews have this thing about law, i.e it <i>has</i>to be legal, for once it has been “legalized,” whatever matter concerned is now fully justified from any and all standpoints. Once DUH LAW has spoken on a matter, nothing can question the outcome. For Jews, all law is sacrosanct as all law is merely adjunct to their sacred, Torah law.

Many talk about the problem with Jews controlling the media. Yet, while Jews might lead the process of social conscience with their media, they cannot force anyone to watch their Talmudic dreck. DUH LAW however is different. DUH LAW is backed with the authority of “gun” totin’ badges that will imprison, torture and finally murder anyone DUH LAW deems undesirable, no matter the innocence or criminality involved.

That is why honest, innocent people die all the time at the hands of so-called LAW enforcement, while scumbag, billionaire Jews at the very top can literally afford to get away with murder, committing criminal acts so vicious, so overwhelming, the goy mind cannot even comprehend such monstrous criminality, pre-judged in the public mind by the Jews’ media.

I can hear the refrain now, “Wait a minute Arch, look at the Epstein and Weinstein cases, here are high profile Jewish billionaires being prosecuted by DUH LAW.” Of course, here the goy mind will take up DUH LAW’S divine banner, using these cases as proof of the overweening fairness and impartiality of the Jewed justice system.

Obviously, even big Jews can step on even bigger Kosher toes. Yet I must ask, is it possible cases like Epstein and Weinstein are more show trials, dogging and pony-ing the American sheeple away from thinking the system’s deck is stacked against them by the very Jews they see marching off to federal day care on TV? I note also how Jews have no, none, nada, zero, zilch compunction about serving up their own to further the hive’s agenda.

By the way, maybe you missed how Epstein’s bank funds suddenly grew exponentially after his death and then disappeared without a trace There’s more than one island for sale in the  Caribbean you know.

And ain’t it comforting to think your tribal brethren run the cosmetic surgery business? “Dum de dum dum, a little nip here, a tuck there and Wah Lah! You look like a new man! Would you like to keep the smirk Mr. uh, uh, Mr. . . . .

“Butz, Seymor Butz, Mossad agent 666, license to grope. I’m taking the first tramp mega-yacht that comes through bound for Trinidad. Just remember Ghislaine, we’ll always have Little St. Johns.”  

While many openly question and attack the Jews’ media control, no one dares do the same for Jewed law. And therein lies the Jews’ secret to power; establishment of laws the mind cannot and will not question. 

Whether it be Judeocommunism or Judeodemocracy, Jews use DUH LAW to force people to do whatever their legal system dictates. This is why American LAW, like

America‘s media and economic system, are fully controlled by Jews. Since the days of Moses, Jews have been running and ruining people with their legal chicanery. This is why lawyering and “law enforcement” are among top career choices being made by young people today. This is why Talmudvision is plagued with programming about cops, lawyers and their so called “justice system.”

Second, perhaps only to the Jews’ fiat economy, DUH LAW has been corrupted to the point  it is nothing more than legal palaver serving to white wash Jewish criminal acts. That is how American culture has been inverted, by making that which was legal yesterday illegal today and vice versa. Under Jewish administration DUH LAW  is infinitely elastic in order to serve the Jews’ purpose.

Not America‘s founding legal principals, i.e. the Constitution, are now open for interpretation  by high powered, Jewish lawyers. The Constitution is now called a “living document,” that’s clever Jew wordsmithing that means Constitutional law can be deftly reinterpreted by clever Jew lawyers to serve the Jews’ agenda. Notice the lack of goy in this process?

The truly effective method of countering the Jews’ agenda for a mud world of mindless slaves, is to take the teeth out of DUH JEWED LAW and the goy nimwits working to defend it.  As Deputy Dawg would say, “Take a bite out of crime, get rid of the Jew.”


From Australia Sovereignty Alliance


The Nuremberg Code (1947)

The Nuremberg Code, something many people hold on to closely, is a work of corruption. There are endless accounts and events that all lead to the Nuremburg Code being a hastily put together, corrupted and falsified set of principles and of illegitimate standing as a legal document.

In short, and one of the main reasonings behind this, is that during the Nuremburg Trial the existence of gas chambers was not established by physical and technical evidence which is normally required in any criminal trial. Articles 19 and 21 of the Charter of the International Military Tribunal, dispensed the charge of this constraint so the alleged gas chambers were neither studied nor described.

“The Tribunal shall NOT be bound by technical rules of evidence”- Article 19.

“The Tribunal shall NOT require PROOF OF FACTS of common knowledge but shall take judicial notice thereof.”- Article 21.

Numerous accounts have attested to the entire Nuremburg Trials as being useless and bathed in corruption.

“[The Nuremberg] war-crimes trials were based upon a complete disregard of sound legal precedents, principles and procedures. The court had no real jurisdiction over the accused or their offenses; it invented ex post facto crimes; it permitted the accusers to act as prosecutors, judges, jury and executioners; and it admitted to the group of prosecutors those who had been guilty of crimes as numerous and atrocious as those with which the accused were charged. Hence, it is not surprising that these trials degraded international jurisprudence as never before in human experience.” – Professor Harry Elmer Barnes, Ph.D. (Thompson, and Strutz ed., Doenitz at Nuremberg: A Re-appraisal,(Torrance: Institute for Historical Review, 1983) p.148\.)

“I may, and do, say that I have always regarded the Nuremberg prosecutions as a step backward in international law, and a precedent that will prove embarrassing, if not disastrous, in the future.” – Honorable Justice Learned Hand (Thompson, and Strutz ed., p. 1\.)

The Nuremberg Principles form some of the bases of UN International Law and so you can see how something already corrupt is useless and dangerous for upholding any human right and that is clearly reflected by the UN. For further knowledge on the Nuremberg’s deep deception, refer to the documentary linked on the homepage of our website, “Europa: the Last Battle”.