Statewide California Protest – Pull Your Children Out of School for a day -Sex Ed Sit-Out

Better yet, pull your children out of school permanently and consider leaving the United States. Jewish satanic morality is sweeping the nation. Their Talmud says it’s OK for them to have sex with 3-year-olds. They are grooming your kids for pedophilia in the schools.  Jews created the perverted common core curriculum.


Via Activist Mommy:

Dear Friends,

Over the last few years I have worked hard to bring attention to the X-rated sex education programs that are being snuck into our nation’s schools, where parents are often kept in the dark about the extent to which these programs corrupt and invade young minds.

Well, the parents of California are sick and tired of what is being pushed on their children, and they have been mobilizing and spreading awareness. They’re starting a parental revolution in response, and I want to do all I can to help them!

This is the kind of mental rape they’re up against, folks:
(WARNING! This is highly vulgar!)  

Can you even believe what you just read????

The Alliance to Protect Children explains that California parents are uniting “to protest what they see as highly biased and medically inaccurate content, the indoctrination of their children in gender theory that contradicts science, instruction directing children as young as 12 to local Planned Parenthood clinics for reproductive services including abortion, and policies pushing for pre-pubescent children to receive hormone treatment without the “barrier” of parent involvement.”

Too many parents continue to struggle with administrators, school boards, and sometimes even teachers who resist their attempts to influence what will and will not be taught, what grade levels will be taught graphic sex ed, and whether or not their children will be exposed to the propaganda of Planned Parenthood and other special interest groups. Sadly, the parents are often mischaracterized as panicked and misinformed even as they have presented documentation to back their claims.

On Thursday, September 19th, they will be holding a statewide SIT OUT  to protest the political agenda taking advantage of our children and advanced by big pharma, the abortion industry, teachers’ unions, and radical transgender activists.

These parents need your help. 

I’d very much like to send support to this awesome parental revolution movement, so please give generously today and proceeds will be donated to the California Sex Ed Sit Out for their marketing and printing needs. If enough funds come in, I’d also like to join the Sit Out in California on the 19th to provide more national coverage to this important movement.

“Legislators continue to propose laws limiting our options as parents and expanding the mandate of AB 329. Some legislators even bully us, their constituents, hoping to silence us and keep us from defending our children, but we won’t back down! They are OUR children! We will stand up to the bullies and confront them for our children’s sake. We won’t stop! We were the sleeping giant, but we are no longer asleep. A revolution is coming and parents are leading it. Enough is enough!” said America Figueroa, spokesperson for ATPC.


Change starts at home, and there is nothing scarier than those who seek to prey on our children than an angered mama or papa bear who stands up to the machine.

Please give to this excellent cause, and let’s help them fight these perverted and godless sex ed programs!

For Christ & His Children,

Elizabeth Johnston
The Activist Mommy

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