On the Depths of Depravity Within the Satanic Illuminati – A Peek Inside the Works of Kerth Barker

The blogs below were originally posted during the year 2014 at www.BirthofaNewEarth.blogspot.com.  They are being reposted here because Kerth Barker’s work is of critical important for our world.  Kerth is a survivor of satanic ritual abuse who was raised as “Kathy” as a means of breaking him from his core identity.  Kerth was tortured and trained as a child to sexually service adult members of the cult who are insane enough to enjoy this twisted mutilation of the heart and mind of a child.

May the full Truth be made known.  Please share this information.


Originally posted Sep 3, 2014 at www.BirthofaNewEarth.blogspot.com


From the “The Illuminati New World Order (INWO)” card game which had a printing run from 1982 – 1995… a 13-year printing run which was likely no accident since the Illuminati are obsessed with the number 13.

Now, as we approach the 13th anniversary of 911, and as we contemplate the possibility of another luciferian-controlled false flag attack on America, it is important to learn about various forms of psychic defense so that we may counteract any negative intentions the dark ones may be projecting to alter our reality for the worse.

Below you will find two videos created by Kerth Barker, who is a survivor of satanic ritual abuse. Kerth is doing all that he can to expose the evil of the satanic Illuminati and to give us insight into how they work and how we can protect ourselves from their dastardly deeds.

Here’s is a quote from Kerth’s latest video, entitled JFKs Occult Murder and Psychic Defense. You can watch the entire video below. To learn more about Kerth’s books and other videos, please visit this site.

“As a child, I attended a number of occult rituals that were not particularly painful or frightening but they were bizarre and disturbing. These involved the use of occult practices to manipulate people in the world. These occult rituals might be used to heal a member of the coven, to create prosperity for the coven, or to attack a perceived enemy of the coven. And all of these satanic covens in the US, Europe and Israel are connected together by a committee, and this committee is made up of aristocratic and wealthy luciferians from families of generational billionaires. They’re very inbred and they are committed to the creation of a global government – what people call the “new world order.” And sometimes these occult secret societies, directed by the committee, coordinate their activities to make a coordinated psychic attack on society in general. This was done before and during the 911 false flag attack on the Twin Towers in New York, and it was done before and after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. I’ll talk in detail about the occult ritual I witnessed which was involved in the murder of JFK in a minute, but first I want to talk a little bit about how these occult rituals are structured.

Before I witnessed the JFK ritual, I witnessed a different occult ceremony in which a satanic coven used their psychic powers to break up the marriage of a wealthy man so that a satanist woman could marry that man after his divorce. I want to describe this occult ritual in order to give you a sense of the dynamics involved in this type of occult manipulation. This wealthy man was married to a Christian woman whom he loved. But he was also having an affair with a younger woman whom, unbeknownst to him, was a member of a satanic coven. When this satanic woman would have adulteress sex with this man, sometimes she would play the song “Whatever Lola Wants.” You may have heard this song from the soundtrack of the movie “Damn Yankees.” You may remember this song. It’s a humorous song that begins with the lyrics “Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets, and little man, little Lola wants you.” The satanic occultists used that song as an attunement. An attunement is a set of words or music that when spoken or listened to, attunes the mind of the psychic sender to the mind of the psychic receiver. An attunement can be used in positive or negative ways… Mantras, hymns, prayers, songs or chants can all be used as attunements and you find such attunements in all religions of all types, including satanism… An attunement can be used knowingly but it can also be used covertly without the receiver’s consent or understanding. An attunement does not have to be something overtly religious. It can be a popular song or any other phrase or musical tune. For example, whenever this wealthy man listened to that song, “Whatever Lola Wants,” he would unconsciously attune his mind to the occult ritual. And this is another principle in psychic practices, intention is very important. The occultists of this coven had a strong intention that their psychic powers be projected through the vibrational qualities of that song, “Whatever Lola Wants.” So the song was like a vibrational carrier wave for psychic information. So when you combine a knowledge of psychic nonlocality with strong intention, you have the basis of psychic projection. And the attunement conditions the mind of the person to accept the psychic projection. I witnessed this particular occult ritual in the home of a satanist who lived near me. In this occult ritual which I witnessed as a child, the coven leader took a photograph of this wealthy man and his wife and she ritualistically cut it into two pieces, separating the man from his wife. Then she taped a picture of the man’s mistress to his picture attaching them together. The coven members played the song “Whatever Lola Wants” in the background during the ritual on a loop so that it played over and over again. And they took a quote from the Bible, God is love, and pronounced it backwards using it as a chant. So this chant was evol si dog. Then the coven leader who was herself a satanic psychic adept, spoke something in a language that I didn’t understand. This was done to attune her mind to the mind of some evil demonic force. Then she intensely visualized the wealthy man arguing with his christian wife, divorcing her and then marrying his satanic mistress. The coven members, all dressed in black robes, chanted evol si dog over and over for quite some time. Witnessing all this made me feel sick. It was very creepy to watch. Then after what seemed like a long time, the coven members finally started to laugh hysterically with glee. Weeks after this occult ceremony, I heard from a satanist I knew that this wealthy man did in fact divorce his christian wife of many years and marry the younger satanist woman. And this eventually helped to create wealth and opportunity for the coven. So this example should give you some idea of how occultism can be used to psychically manipulate unsuspecting persons.”

Please watch the entire video below for more information about psychic attacks and how we can protect ourselves. But please also note the following:

(1) At 3:33, there are word reversals that make me feel physically uncomfortable to view. I want to bring your attention to these word reversals so that subliminal or unconscious programming can be avoided while you watch the video.

(2) I do not like the repetition of the words “God is Love” in reverse. When Kerth was speaking the reversal of these words during the video, and showing them also in writing, I found myself very strongly calling in a protective field and speaking out loud the words “GOD IS LOVE” (with an emphasis on the word IS) repeatedly. I did this to negate any ill program that might have come through the luciferian reversal of these words.

When I shared with Kerth my concern about these portions of the video, he said the following:

The way that a teacher coaches students in kung fu is that he teaches them the techniques for defending themselves and then he throws kicks and punches at the student to train them to be able to protect themselves. That’s what I’m doing with the Satanic Chants video and the JFKs Occult Murder & Psychic Defense video. So perhaps it would be a good idea to warn people that these are psychic kung fu training videos in which I’m trying to make people aware of how Satanists project negative psychic energies and how you can protect yourself from them. I deliberately let people feel these energies and I explain how they can protect themselves from them….

So here is the video, which I hope you will enjoy, and below is the “Satanic Chants” video, also for your review.

JFK’s Occult Murder & Psychic Defense

Satanic Chants and Warnings from Kerth Barker

Check out this site for more info on Kerth’s books and videos. Highly recommended.


Originally posted August 19, 2014 at www.BirthofaNewEarth.blogspot.com


Friends, I am inspired to share a few excerpts from my friend, Kerth Barker’s, new book in order to demonstrate the extreme insanity of the inbred “elite.” Clearly, their narcissism knows no bounds.

Example of extreme Narcissism – #1

Excerpt from Cannibalism, Blood Drinking & High-Adept Satanism by Kerth Barker, 2014:

“[Sid]… dedicated his life to materialistic gain. He took the modest fortune that he had inherited from his parents, who had conveniently died in a boating accident, and used it wisely in business enterprises. His friends in his masonic fellowship had been helpful to him in this regard. Finally, through wise investment and industrious work, he had gained a financial wealth vastly greater than other men. He waved his hand as if to indicate his extraordinary home as proof…

Then he rang a small silver bell which was on the table. When his maid brought us tea and crumpets, she seemed almost reverent in her attitude toward him. She curtsied after setting down the tray, and I noticed that she expertly walked backwards out of the room, her eyes always on him. It amused him when I stood up and curtsied exactly as the maid had before sitting back down. He laughed at that in a cheerful way and spoke on in a warm voice.

To explain why his servants held him in such reverence he talked about the concept of Luciferian Apotheosis. The legend of Lucifer is that he rebelled against God because he desired to become as a god himself. The word apotheosis can be defined as the act of a man transcending his humanity by achieving personal godhood. This is the ultimate rejection of God’s authority. Sid explained that he considered apotheosis to be the essence of Satanism. When I seemed to struggle in comprehending this concept, he considered for a moment. Then he said that he wanted to show me something – a special room of his.

He dismissed his butlers and we two went alone on an elevator, up to the top floor of his home. He led me to a wooden door with and elaborate design encompassing a pentagram. From around his neck he produced a chain with a large brass key on it. He indicated that I should open the door. Inside I found that we were in a small chapel. There were pews facing an odd type of altar. There was a wooden platform which looked like a lotus flower. Near this was a photograph of Sid dressed like the Buddha and sitting in the traditional full lotus meditation position, with his eyes closed. The people in the pews could be seen with their hands pressed together in prayer and their heads bowed. I realized that this was a chapel where he was being worshiped as if he were a god.

He explained how he had created a very small religion in which his followers worshiped him as if he were God. Through Freemasonry he had met a man who was an expert on hypnotism. This man had convinced him that certain persons were much more suggestible than others. One day Sid came up with a proposal for his masonic brother, he wanted to know if it were possible to hypnotize people into believing that he, Sid, was actually God. The hypnotist replied that if you chose exactly the right persons, made the hypnotic commands in exactly the right ways, and then reinforced those commands on a regular basis – such a thing was possible.

So Sid began to systematically create a small religion of people who were hypnotized to believe that he was God. This small religion consisted of Sid’s servants, accountants and his beautiful young trophy wife. These people actually believed that Sid had created the entire universe, and then came into the world as a man so that he could feel compassion for humanity. They understood that because of the great humility of God, this truth must be kept secret among those who were of the true faith. And so every Sunday they would gather at this private chapel. The hypnotist would place them into a trance state, giving them post-hypnotic commands to believe and behave as if Sid were God. Sid would then sit on the altar, and they would worship him.

I asked Sid if he believed that he was actually God. He laughed heartily at that question and replied that of course he did not. For Satanic Apotheosis to take place it was not important that he believe that he was God, it was only important that other people falsely worship him as God. It was this act of rebellion against the true God which would guarantee that his soul would be destroyed in the Lake of Fire on the day of Judgment. That was the importance of Apotheosis.

But Sid went on to say that there was one final step in the path to unity with Satan. Satan had mastery over Lucifer the Prince of Demons and all other demons. Sid had learned to command all of the other demons – except Lucifer. With the help of someone with Solomonic bloodlines he intended to achieve that as well…”

Example of extreme Narcissism – #2

Excerpt from Cannibalism, Blood Drinking & High-Adept Satanism by Kerth Barker, 2014:

“What do you think?’ she asked.

“It’s beautiful,” I replied.

That was an understatement. The entire basement had been designed and painted to mimic an ancient Egyptian temple. It was painted in colors of green, orange, red, yellow and blue. On the north side there were two statues of the Sphinx. Next to one Sphinx was a white column and next to the other was a black column. Fastened to each column was a full-length mirror. Before each mirror was a prayer rug on a platform. Across the length of the basement there were columns that aligned to those two, each of which was beautifully painted in bright colors.

The floor was covered in black and white tiles like a chess board. On the east and west walls there were paintings in the Egyptian style, like those you might find in an ancient temple. The immediate impression was that of beauty.

But the Baron knew better than to trust the two sisters. He said nothing. I walked into the temple with the two sisters, but the Baron remained by the doorway.

When I looked back at the south wall, I began to realize that this basement temple might not be so beautiful. On it was a skeleton of a child crucified upon a child-sized cross. The skeleton had a crown of thorns on its head made out of rusty barbed wire. I looked back over at the altar on the north wall that was between the two sphinxes. It was made of stone. It was a flat table with blood channels in it at the top. It was wide enough that a child could be laid on it for sacrifice. Behind the table was a red wall with a large golden inverted pentagram painted on it. On a ledge in the center of the pentagram sat a golden statue of a dragon which looked more Chinese than Egyptian. The two Sphinxes had faces identical to the two sisters: the Sphinx by the black column had Nancy’s face and the Sphinx by the white column had Bernie’s face. The statues were of a high, professional quality.

The two sisters seemed to go into a trance state as they walked toward the altar. Each bowed her head before the Sphinx which depicted her own face. Then each knelt before her respective mirror and began to worship her own image.

As the two sisters worshipped themselves as goddesses, I wandered around the basement temple. I had seen images of the ancient Egyptian artwork in books before, and although the images painted on either side of the temple imitated the style of that art, the content was quite different. These paintings held images of child rape, child sacrifice, torture and cannibalism. Some showed ancient Egyptian warriors killing unarmed people, and piles of human skulls. Although I said nothing, I suddenly realized that this temple was a horror. It wasn’t the beautiful temple I imagined when I first wandered in.

I’ve seen quite a few Satanic temples and altars – some in person and quite a few in films and photos. But the Satanic temple constructed by the two sisters was unique. It was a reflection of an intense sense of aesthetics as well as a perfect insanity. It was horrific and beautiful in equal measure. In some ways I felt lucky to see it, but mostly I felt sickened by it.

The Baron was an enthusiastic Satanist, and he had a dark Satanic temple in the basement of his own mansion. But there was something so hideous about this temple that even he was repulsed by it. He gestured at me for me to walk toward him. I slowly began to back away from the two sisters and toward the exit door where the Baron stood.

But instantly the two sisters jumped up came over to either side of me.

“Don’t you want to learn the mystery of the Sphinx?” asked Bernie.

I nodded my head. I felt both terrified and fascinated by them at the same time.

“The Sphinx isn’t what most people think,” said Nancy.

“You’re such a clever little boy Kathy. You must know that the history of the world which you were taught in school is mostly silly nonsense designed to fool the human cattle,” said Bernie.

I nodded.

“The Sphinx in Egypt in front of the Great Pyramid is fifty thousand years old. Much older than the Pyramids,” said Nancy.

“And originally it didn’t have a human head. It had a lion’s head,” said Bernie.

“They carved the big lion’s head into a smaller human head much later on.”

“Do you know why they did that?”

I shook my head.

“The most ancient of peoples worshipped the lion because in ancient times the lions hunted humans and ate them. So humans worshipped the lions as gods because the lions were higher on the food chain. Do you understand Kathy?”

I nodded.

Then Bernie said, “But people learned to hunt and kill the lions and so humans became higher on the food chain than them.”

Nancy completed her thought by saying, “So the ancient royalty realized that if they were to become gods in the eyes of the people, they had to be as the lions once were.”

“So the ancient royal families began to eat their peasants – that is how they came to practice cannibalism.”

“Whoever is higher on the food chain than the peasants, rules over the peasants.”

“This is why the practice of cannibalism is necessary to the attainment of aristocracy.”

“And that is the secret of the Sphinx. It has the body of a lion, who eats people, but it has the head of a pharaoh who looks human.”

“So it’s is the perfect symbol of aristocratic cannibalism.”

To read more from Kerth Barker, visit http://angelicdefenders.theshamecampaign.com/


Originally posted July 26, 2014 at www.BirthofaNewEarth.blogspot.com


If you are one of the many people who would like to understand the inner workings of the satanic Illuminati, Kerth Barker’s books are a must read. Kerth is a survivor of satanic ritual abuse. In his first book, Angelic Defenders & Demonic Abusers: Memoirs of a Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor, Kerth describes his personal experiences of being forced into a pedophilic prostitution ring where, as a child, he was programmed to sexually service high-level Illuminati members and initiates. Some of the sexual acts he was forced to perform were photographed and/or filmed. These photos and films were not only sold for extremely high prices, but were also used to blackmail politicians and other public servants in order to get them to acquiesce to the mandates of the Illuminati.

Kerth is a victim of trauma-based mind-control. As a child, he was exposed to some of the most horrendous and harrowing experiences known to humankind. As a means of grooming him to become part of organized satanism, Kerth was repeatedly tortured and traumatized and made to split into two separate personalities – one a mundane Christian named Kerth and the other a female satanist named Kathy. Kathy was the cross-dressing “girly-boy” that attended satanic rituals and performed sexual acts for her/his Illuminati “owners.” Kerth was the “normal” Christian boy that attended school regularly and went to church with his family on Sundays.

Kerth describes in some detail some of the torture and manipulation that he was subjected to in order to get him to split into two personalities. He also describes some of the insane activities that he was forced to participate in as a child. This book leaves no doubt that there are seriously perverted and wicked individuals at the top of the Illuminati pyramid and they have no moral conscious or any feelings whatsoever about the trauma and violence they inflict on other people, especially children.

Thankfully, Kerth finds powerful non-satanic human and angelic allies as he moves through childhood and into adolescence. These allies help him break away from the satanists and they introduce him to a special form of therapy – called Fabian Therapy – that ultimately helps him reclaim his memories, his mind, and his soul. Kerth now works furiously to expose the Illuminati and to help free those who are wanting to get out.

In his second book, entitled Cannibalism, Blood Drinking, and High Adept Satanism, Kerth takes us on a journey into the underworld of satanism and into the depths of depravity that some satanists are capable of. It is here that we meet two incestuous, inbred sisters who are not only proud of the fact that they are “aristocratic cannibals,” but whose home is a virtual prison compound where they keep slaves and brain-dead, inbred servants who are forced to cater to their every whim. Kerth describes in some detail the sisters’ penchant for consuming human blood and body parts, as well as the cruelty, violence, and depravity of these extremely insane “people.” He also shares insider information regarding the fact that these two psychopaths serve the Illuminati by working in positions of importance within the United Nations.

In Book 2 we also learn that some members of the Illuminati have an addiction to adrenalized blood drinking. This addiction forces them to kidnap and torture their victims before they murder them and drink their blood. Kerth has compassion for these very damaged people and he has been trained in a special form of therapy that can help blood drinking addicts recover from their addiction.

Kerth also shares a few revelations about high-adept satanism and the fact that many of these people DO NOT engage in cannibalism or blood drinking but rather manipulate people through hypnotism and well-developed methods of psychic control. Kerth came very close to being a victim of one of these high-adept satanists, but with a little help from his allies in the heavenly and earthly realm, he was able to break the spell and ultimately break free from the satanists for good.

Reading between the lines in these books one can discern that satanism derives much of its power and tenacity from carefully constructed networks of mutual blackmail and self-perpetuating inter-generational patterns of child abuse that often parasitize the families of its practitioners. In that respect satanists are hardly in control of their own lives – they are more like cogs in a machine than free individuals. Unfortunately, these machines can, and have been, programmed to do some very nasty things. And this includes attempting to destroy the world and, if necessary, taking themselves out with it. There is no sanity to their logic or their behavior. It is completely depraved.

Be forewarned that some of the material in Book 2 is extremely hard to read and I am quite certain that, for Kerth, it was very hard to write. Yet for all of us, The Truth remains that if we hope to overcome the psychopathy and evil that now grips our planet and threatens all of life, we must understand the enemy and know how they work. I think we owe Kerth an enormous debt of gratitude for coming forward with this information and I trust that many will find what he shares invaluable.

Two thumbs up from my end. These books are a must-read! For more information, please visit http://angelicdefenders.theshamecampaign.com/

Jeanice Barcelo

Here is a testimonial from a reader of Kerth’s first book:

I have read the entire book on satanism this night through, in one go. I could not stop reading. It was so well written and so easy to understand – it could not be done better, I am sure.

I cried on the last pages but not from sadness, but from empathy with all those people who work to help others and for the people trapped in this system, who don’t really want to be there and I hope all this can end so we can all flourish and have better lives. I also understand that the satanists are not happy people and that one could feel sorry for them if they had not done so many horrific actions.

Thank you so much for the book, and I so hope that you will be successful and the author too will be successful. I really understand him and I think he is a very good person.

Best wishes,

Just follow this link for more information about Kerth’s books.

Here is an excerpt.

“…I noticed that the Baron kept on slyly glancing about the house as we walked through it. When we strolled by some windows that looked out into their backyard, I noticed a strange sight. It looked as if the backyard was caged in. There was wire mesh that covered all the sides of the backyard. And there was wire mesh on top. Inside the caged in area, there were swings, a picnic table and some other things that you might expect children to use.

Bernie explained, “That’s the play area for our slave girls. We can’t expect them to work all the time.”

Nancy went on, “But they’re too precious to us, so we can’t let them escape. We have to protect them from the outside world.”

I noticed that many of the windows had bars on them which were hidden by the curtains in front of them. I realized that this home was like a prison or a bank. It was all locked down. And that meant that the Baron and I were locked in it as well. But the Baron seemed unafraid, and so I kept on smiling.

The two sisters said that they were about to eat lunch and invited us to join them. The Baron said that we would be delighted to sit with them, but that we had already eaten. We entered the dining room and sat together at the dinning table. The whole house was filled with beautiful old antique furniture. The paintings on the wall were quite tasteful and beautiful as well. The dining room table had a red lace tablecloth of a unique design. It looked like it was made of little lace roses. Everything on the table was silver. The plates, cups and bowls were all silver.

A maid and cook, both dressed in white, served the food as we sat at the table. Both the maid and cook had the same family face as the two sisters, only these servants were shorter and seemed slightly retarded. But the family resemblance was unmistakable. It was explained by the two sisters that their servants were all second cousins from the poorer side of the family. The cook and the maid showed no emotions at all as they served, and they expressed no personality.

Although the Baron and I asked for nothing and ate nothing, food plates and drinks were set before us. But we didn’t dare touch anything on the table. Although the two sisters repeatedly and politely insisted that we eat or drink something, the Baron repeatedly and politely refused. I said nothing but forced myself to sit up straight and smile continually.

The main dish was a meat plate. It was served on an oval silver platter. It was all very strange looking. It was made up of small slices of different types of meat that were garnished lightly with what looked like catsup. It had all been shaped to looked sort of like a rose. The two sisters explained what it was. They said that the meats were pork, chicken, turkey, venison, beef, goat and human flesh. These different meats had all had been chopped up and mixed together with spices. And once shaped into this floral form, they had been garnished with a mixture of catsup and human blood. As the two sisters explained this, I had no doubt that they were telling the truth. Although I had a smile rigidly fixed upon my face, I could not have felt more sickened by the meat plate in front of me than if it had been a plate of dog crap.

There was a small bowl of vegetables next to the meat plate, but for some reason the vegetables seemed just as disgusting. The cup of tea and glass of water felt suspect as I glanced at them. So I had no trouble obeying the Baron’s mandate that I should eat or drink nothing while in this house.

The two sisters explained where they got their “human cattle” meat. They said that once a year they “harvested” a family of migrant farm workers…

The way that the two sisters ate their meat was peculiar. They used their forks for the vegetables and their spoons for the tea, but they picked away at the meat plate with their fingers. They held the silver platter containing the meat with one hand, very daintily with the little finger held up. And they held their meat plates up near their mouths. They periodically sniffed at the meat and moaned with pleasure at its smell. The other hand was used to pick at the meat. Each sister would carefully pick up a small piece of meat and place it gingerly on her own outstretched tongue. Sometimes they would feed each other in this way.

As they were eating the meat, they would say things like, “Mmmm. This is so-oo delicious. Ohhhh, this is so-oo tasty.”

When they had eaten all of the meat off of the silver platter, they then licked off the red blood-catsup garnish that was left on it. They licked until the meat plate was clean. Even the Baron, who was usually unaffected by any event he witnessed, winced at this display. I sat with a smile robotically fixed on my face, my back straight and my purse on my lap. But it took all of my concentration to keep myself from vomiting as they ate in this way…”



Originally posted on Mar 7, 2014 at www.BirthofaNewEarth.blogspot.com

Another outstanding article written by Kerth B revealing TRUTH! – http://ThoughtCrimeRadio.net

Source Article:
Cannibalism in the Illuminati


“I have decided to describe two films that I saw in the late seventies. These were not Hollywood type films, these were private home movies made with a high-quality professional grade camera. These were films of high ranking Illuminati members performing cannibalism. I was told that these were filmed in a mansion owned by a member of the Committee. The Committee is the group which rules the Illuminati. My impression was that the mansion was in Europe, but I don’t know that for certain.

A man who we called Bob had made these films and showed them to certain people. He was in the Illuminati, but had become disillusioned with it’s leadership. He was trying to inspire a resistance movement to reform the Illuminati from within by creating a new leadership. He was a Satanist, but not all Satanists practice human sacrifice and cannibalism. He would show these films to people who he thought might be able to help him change the Illuminati’s leadership to make it less insanely violent.

I had seen other disturbing films but these two were different. When I looked at these films it was very emotional for me. I feel that they were etched in my mind in a way so that I can never forget them. I feel nauseous and my hands tremble a little as I am writing about this. But I think if I describe what I saw in those films and publish it on the internet, I may be able to get these images out of my mind. I have prayed about this, and I believe Yeshua wants me to do this.

The frst film I’m going to describe was in black and white. It had sound. It was a high quality film, but sometimes the sound was tinny sounding and occasionally some images were out of focus. The first part of the film was in a large kitchen. I remember that in the start of the film it seemed that the camera man, Bob, was trying to bring it into focus and set the camera up in a fixed position. As the camera was being juggled, briefly, behind the cooks, you could see through one of the kitchen windows out into a parking lot where a classic limousine was parked. After the images became steady, the camera was focused on a large table. This was inside a clean upscale kitchen which was very spacious.

The two cooks were women, all dressed in white with white hair nets and aprons. One was short and chubby while the other was taller and thin. They both smiled cheerfully throughout the film.

The shorter cook brought in a white infant child who was male. I’m not certain of his age, but my guess is that he was a least four months old, maybe older. She placed him on the table and played with him. He seemed cheerful and smiled some. The other taller woman then came up from behind him and carefully slit his throat with a strait razor. The blood spurted out across the table staining the white linen table cloth. His eyes rolled up and he died almost instantly. Quickly they carefully held up the dead infant so that his blood drained into a large pan.

Then they brought out a large cutting board, set him on it and began to remove his internal organs. They placed the internal organs into large shiny pots. They used a small metal saw to cut off the infant’s feet and hands. They carefully removed his head. Then they stuffed him with what looked like a breaded stuffing. After that they placed him in a large baking pan. They did all of this quickly and with practiced skill. All during this process, they were cheerfully explaining what they were doing and why.

After they set aside the pan and pots that they had used for the boy, they brought out a black infant girl. I remember that she seemed more active than the boy. She was laughing as the cook played with her. I remember that at one point she seemed to look right into the camera and giggled. They killed her and prepared her corpse in the same way as they had done with the boy. After that they took the pan with the girl in it and all the pots off of the table. Then they held up the blood stained table cloth in front of them–presenting it as if it were a beautiful work of art. One of them said, “We’re going to save this as a remembrance. Look at this, isn’t this lovely.”

There was another segment of the film done in the kitchen from a different angle. You could clearly see two large ovens, of the sort that you might see in the kitchen of a restaurant. The cooks, still grinning, carefully placed the two dead infants in the oven. The taller cook faced the camera
and explained what the ovens had been preheated to and how long it would take to cook the infants. Then she explained the basting process. I remember that she spoke very properly with a distinct British accent.

The next section of the film was set in the dining room. At the beginning of this section, the room was empty of people and the table hadn’t been set. As Bob was adjusting the focus on the camera, it was possible to see out of one of the windows onto a large yard with trimmed bushes and white statues. After he got the camera set up the way he wanted it, Bob could then be seen himself in the picture, closing the curtains and fooling around with the lights. While he was doing this, he was talking to somebody else off camera who was giving him advice.

The camera had apparently been turned off for a while after that because in the next shot the table was all set with a lace tablecloth, fine dishes and everything. The guests all came in cheerfully making small talk, and there were maids and butlers hovering behind them. The guests were dressed in fine clothing. Everyone was wearing party masks, which covered their eyes, but not the lower part of their faces. There was a balding man who wore horn-rimmed eyeglasses over his mask in a way that looked almost comical.

The host and hostess showed everyone where they were to sit. The host made a special point of showing a young man and his wife where to sit at the end of the long table He explained to them that he had the camera set up specially so that they could be clearly seen in the shot. They asked why they were being filmed. The host explained that since they were both now his new friends and the man was now his newest employee, he wanted to film this special occasion which celebrated their new relationship.

I remember that the young man’s name was Doug. Anyway, Doug expressed his gratitude for the job and for being invited to the party. Everyone else at the table seemed cheerful and comfortable, however Doug and his wife seemed nervous and out of place. Because of the way that the camera and microphone was set you could clearly see their faces and hear everything they said.

The host and hostess sat on the other end of the long table so that their backs were to the camera. Once they sat down you could really only see the sides of their faces from that angle. There were twelve people all together at the table. I think that it was six men and six women. Most of the guests
didn’t look directly at the camera, except that the wife of Doug would occasionally look directly at it and smile nervously before shyly looking away.

The host explained that as the two of them were guests for the first time, they were going to have a special meal. He explained that it was going to be a special type of pork–very rare and delicious. Everyone at the table laughed loudly when he said that except for Doug and his wife who looked
confused because they didn’t understand the joke.

The hostess seemed to be instructing the servants and various courses were served before the meat course. There were appetizers and fancy vegetable dishes before the meat was served. When the meat was brought out on silver trays it had been sliced thin, and it wasn’t obvious what it was. The guests all seemed to be in on the joke except for Doug and his wife. Stuffing was served with the meat. Everyone spoke in exaggerated voices about how delicious the meat was.

Although the meat all looked the same, some of the guests made jokes about which was better–the dark meat or the light meat. Not understanding what they were really referring to, Doug said that he thought that only turkey had dark and light meat. At which point everyone laughed at him. Again Doug and his wife seemed confused about wha the joke was about, but politely laughed along with everyone else.

Doug and his wife ate a serving of the meat and commented on how good it was. At that, the host insisted that Doug have a second serving. Doug replied that he didn’t want to make a pig of himself and that he was full anyway, but the host insisted. So more meat was put on his plate while the other guests giggled. The butler tried also to put more meat on the plate of Doug’s wife, but she resolutely refused claiming that she had to watch her figure. The amount of meat put on Doug’s plate seemed larger than what he wanted, but he quickly cut it up and gobbled it down. As he did this, a woman sitting near him put her hand over her mouth and giggled almost fanatically. Doug’s wife stared at this woman with a suppressed look of perplexity
on her face.

After that, dessert and coffee was served. As the guests ate, the host began to lecture Doug in a booming voice across the long table. It was apparent that Doug was a new employee of some kind and was being trained by the host to be an executive. The host was stressing the importance of being ruthless as an executive. He said that Doug needed to start thinking of the general public as cattle.

He said things like, “No one respects a soft hearted executive. You have to understand that the general public are really just peasants. And the average peasant is just more cattle to be herded. I don’t want you to be a leader of men, I want you to be a cattle herder. You’re an aristocrat
now, you’re one of us now. You have to think differently about them.”

As the host spoke the other guests looked at him respectfully and nodded, listening intently.

After the lecture the table was cleared and the hostess announced that she had a surprise for their new friends. She said that she hoped that Doug was a “good sport” and didn’t mind a little practical joke played on him and his wife. She said all this with a voice that was very sincere and good

She then signaled the servants and they brought in two silver platters with domed silver covers over them. These were set in front of Doug and his wife. When the Butler removed the covers, Doug and his wife could see that they were looking at the disembodied heads of two infants. Doug’s wife immediately put her hands over her face and started to weep slowly. Her hands trembled and her bod shook slowly. At first Doug seemed to not be able to take in what he was looking at.

He said, “Are these doll heads? They look so real.”

Everyone at the table was laughing in what seemed like a good natured way. They seemed affectionate in the way they were looking at Doug.

Suddenly, taking in the fact of what he had just eaten, Doug stood up knocking his chair backwards. He threw up immediately on the floor. He then looked up at the host with a look of terror on his face and apologized. But the hostess insisted that he mustn’t worry, that they weren’t upset with
him. In a kindly voice she said that he was “family” now and that he shouldn’t be afraid of them. A butler appeared almost instantly with a broom and dustpan to clear up the vomit.

Awoman sitting near Doug said, “What’s a matter my dear, don’t you like long pork?”

At that, Doug’s wife went from crying to laughing. She sounded almost manic.

She stood up and said,”Now I get the joke, Ha Ha, you chaps are so-o-o funny.”

A maid brought out a silver bowl and a glass of lemon water. Doug rinsed out his mouth and spit into the bowl.

Then the man with the horn-rimmed glasses came around to where Doug was and put his arm around the young man’s shoulder. I remember that he spoke with a crisp British accent.

And with real affection in his voice he said, “Now now don’t be upset my dear boy, your hosts have played this little joke on everyone. Like you, I spilled my cookies the first time I had long pork. But now I have a real taste for it. This is just our way of making you welcome to the club. You’re one of us now. Now that you’ve passed this little initiation, things are about to become much better for you and your lovely wife.”

After that the platters with the heads were moved to the center of the table, and the cooking pans with the butchered corpses of the infants were brought in and set on the table as well. You could see the infant’s ribs where the meat had been carefully cut off.

After that, the host proposed a toast. Everyone stood up, and glasses of wine were placed in their hands by the servants. Then the host made an affectionate toast to Doug and officially welcomed him into his organization. Still looking slightly bewildered, Doug and his wife accepted the
toast. And with faint smiles on their faces, they drank the wine. And that was the end of the film.

Bob, who had been commissioned by the host to make this film, secretly made extra copies of it. He showed the film to other people without having permission from the host. I saw the film several times myself. I was shown the film in Bob’s home back in the late 1970s. The special effects technology which existed back then would not have been able to fake what I saw. The images of the infants being killed and cut up were close up and vivid. The camera was in focus while the infants were being prepared for cooking. It was real. This is something that really happened in the world.

Writing about this has made me upset. I have to stop writing for a while. I need to lie down and deal with my emotions. I need to pray for the souls of the infants I saw killed in that film. I’ve just realized that I’ve never prayed for them before. When I feel better I’m going to come back and
write about another film that Bob showed me.

The second film I’m going to describe was also in Black and White. It was shorter and not as well made. The sound was on only for part of the time.
Toward the end of the film it cut out for some technical reason. This film had been made a year or so later after the first film was made. Bob had to explain some things to set up this film. The dinner host in this film was the same man as in the first film. I don’t recall his name, but I do remember that Bob identified him as a member of the Committee. This man believed that if you commit acts of true evil, Satan will reward you with power in the world. His trick of getting his new recruits to eat long pork was an act of evil, but these people had all converted to Satanism before he subjected them to his joke. Doug and his wife were shocked when they found out that they had eaten the flesh of a baby, but they had already renounced Christ and begun to worship Satan. This Illuminati leader wanted to do something more evil than that. He believed that if he could trick a mother into
eating some of of the flesh of her own newborn infant, it would be a monumental act of evil which Satan would reward with great worldly power.

So this Illuminati leader spent a great deal of money and time to set this up. Before filming this dinner, Bob heard this story from the man. Through agents he had found an unwed pregnant woman who was young and unemployed. Her family had deserted her and she was homeless. While living on the street her leg had been badly broken. She had been placed in some type of hospital, but her leg wasn’t properly set. While there, she was contacted by a man who claimed to work for a charitable organization that had been created to help women in her plight.

She was set up in a nice apartment, and all of her expenses were taken care of. Because of her accident, she couldn’t walk right and needed to be pushed around in a wheel chair. A private doctor had been arranged for her. When the time came to have her baby she was taken to a house near the mansion of the Illuminati leader.

After the child was born and she had recovered from the birthing process, she was invited to go to the home of her benefactors for a fancy meal.

This second film didn’t show anything about the infant being killed and prepared for cooking. There were no shots taken in the kitchen. It was filmed in the same dining room and at the same angle. The guests in this film at first seemed much more somber, and they weren’t wearing masks. Doug and his wife were there, and she looked more plump than in the first film.

The mother was pushed into the room in her wheelchair by a Butler. She was set up at the head of the table. She politely asked why their dinner party was being filmed, and the host explained that he had just bought a new camera, and wanted to test it out to see if it worked. She accepted that answer and then went on to profusely thank him for all the help she had been given. He seemed to accept this praise graciously. Nobody at this point was making any jokes. She asked to see her child and wanted to know why the servants weren’t letting her see her child. The host explained that the child was being well cared for by a nurse. He said that they wanted to get to know her better without the distraction of a baby. She seemed nervous, but said
nothing in reply.

The meal preceded exactly as it had done in the first film, except that there was no joking. When the meat course was brought out, the hostess apologized for the small portions, saying that it was a rare delicacy. The mother seemed to not want to eat the meat, but the hostess was so insisting that she ate some.

At this point the sound in the film cut out, and the rest of the film was silent.

After the meal, the butler brought out a silver platter and a large cooking pan. The platter and pan were uncovered, exposing her infant’s head and butchered corpse. When the mother saw this she was immediately shocked. She instantly realized that she had just eaten the flesh of her own, now dead, child. She became hysterical. She tried to get up out of her wheelchair but a Butler came up behind her and pushed down on her shoulders. Even with the
sound of f you could tell that she was screaming.

You could also tell that the host, hostess and all the guests were all laughing at her reaction. She began to weep. At one point she picked up the infant’s head and held it in her arms. I don’t claim to be able to read lips, but she seemed to be saying the same thing over and over; I think she was
saying, “What kind of people are you?”

That was all of the film that I could stand to watch. Bob explained that after that they wheeled her off and killed her. Bob was no saint. In fact he was a very immoral man. He hurt many people. He wasn’t a high ranking Illuminati member, I would say that he was probably a well connected mid-level Illuminati member. But his mother was a high ranking Illuminati member, and so he had social connections which made him an insider. One way that he
served the Committee was by making films for them. He had filmed many strange rituals, animal sacrifice and even human sacrifice. He prided himself on being so jaded that seeing those things didn’t upset him. But even Bob was freaked out by what he had filmed that day.

I saw this film only once. But that was enough. I felt like there was a spiritual presence which emanated out of the film. A presence of pure evil could be felt. For me, it was like seeing proof that Satan really exists.

In the 1980s when the Committee found out that Bob had been making copies of the films that he made for them, and that he had been showing these films to people who hadn’t been authorized to see them, they were very displeased with Bob. They killed him in a way that was very painful and humiliating. In the end he realized that it was a mistake to try to reform the Illuminati, he understood that it must be destroyed in some way. Before he died, he renounced Lucifer and converted to Christianity. He died believing that his sins were forgiven.

I understand that most people who are not in the Illuminati would find it difficult to believe what I’ve just written. And lower ranking Illuminati members, who believe the lies told to them by their superiors, may also have doubts. But I know that there are some Illuminati members reading this
who know that I’m telling the truth.

And to those Illuminati members, this is what I have to say to you. No matter what sins you’ve committed in your practice of Satanism, God still loves you and wants you to be saved. There is no evil deed you’ve done so great that it can’t be forgiven by God. Such is the greatness and grace of God. But there is a price to be paid. You must renounce Satan and make atonement so that you can accept the grace of God. You must now stop serving the Illuminati and instead start working to deconstruct it.

This is a prayer that I am going to suggest that you say.

“Blessed redeemer, Holy Spirit of Almighty God. Please hear my prayer. Of my own free will I do renounce Satan, Lucifer and all demons. For me, all demons die this day. Thank you for the many blessings you have given me. From this day forward I will worship only you, the one true God whose sacred name means, I am that I am. Please forgive my sins Although I am unworthy of forgiveness, I humbly ask for your grace. In atonement for what I have done, I promise to work against the Illuminati from this day forward. I desire for myself and my family to live in eternal paradise with the Lord and Lady of Heaven. All praise, honor and glory belong to you our God. Truly.”