On the All-Out War Against Mankind and the Earth

By Arch Stantion

Everywhere I look across the planet, I see nothing but death and destruction – everywhere. Humanity is under all out assault. This is a vast war against humanity of which people are unaware. Vaccinations, wars, fires, weather warfare with directed hurricanes, flash floods and flash droughts leading to food shortages, social upheaval featuring packs of rampaging monkeys, looting pillaging and murdering, DEW attacks – the methods used for destruction of civilization are too numerous to list. Confusion and desperation mount as horror increases daily.

The slaughter being carried out by the psychopathic Jew in Ukraine is devastating the people in that region. The smirking Jew governor of Hawaii gloats over the mass destruction in Maui as his murderous, psychopathic, DEW wielding brethren and their sycophants now sickens and kills more citizens with tainted water supplies, all the while suppressing facts about the number of deaths in Lahaina. Be sure to book your room at Lahaina’s Motel Hell before it’s too late!


Cancers and disease from the bogus vaccination is beyond belief or accurate description. Everywhere Jews are carrying out a planned destruction of the white race and the smoldering remains of civilization. Fires in Canada are displacing and depopulating vast regions of that country. Yet, the remaining population unaffected by the slaughter remain asleep. Calls go out to stop the people behind the slaughter, but nothing is done. No one of consequence rises against the Jews or their death machines. 

Cops and military troops continue supporting the mass slaughter of their kin and countrymen for utterly worthless paychecks, oblivious to the fact they are next in line for elimination. In the meantime insane, psychopathic Jews like Yuval Noah Harari, George Soros and Klaus Schawb write books about their plans, while openly bragging about their success at decimating humanity, clearly indicating worse is yet to come.

There is no hope for those failing to understand the reality of those malevolent, Jew demons behind the creation of this hell in which we all now must live and die. Those that remain asleep doom the small remaining numbers that do in fact fully understand the demise all humanity now faces. Pass the hopium pipe! I want to sink into the drugged stupor that keeps everyone else helpless and hoping that in the end, somehow it will all turn out okay despite the clear indications it will not.  

Rumor has it Jesus is scheduled for a 9:15 return from heaven next Tuesday, right after the BRICS meeting.



– Arch