Google Openly Admits To Manipulating Search Results To Conceal Jewish Supremacy

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Google Openly Admits To Manipulating Search Results To Conceal Jewish Supremacy

In a brazenly transparent move to conceal the reality of total Jewish ownership and control over Hollywood (not to mention mass media and the entire “entertainment complex” shaping American popular culture), Google is literally manipulating its search engine to remove “Jews” as the correct answer to the direct question: “Who runs Hollywood?”

The Times of Israel reports:

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Google on Friday removed a “direct answers” search result that replied “Jews” in response to the query: “Who runs Hollywood?”
The automatic first answer produced by the search also highlighted a link to a news story on the New Observer website headlined, “Jews Boast of Owning Hollywood—But Slam Gentiles Who Say the Same.” The site, which features sensationalist stories heavy on conspiracy theories, describes itself as “a free and independent news service designed to present current affairs without the spin of the controlled media.”
The same “Jews” answer was also produced for Google mobile searches, and also appeared when Google auto-completed a “Who Runs Hollywood?” search request.
News of the problematic result prompted a slew of headlines early Friday ridiculing Google. The Guardian, for instance, went with, “Who runs Hollywood? Google has an answer, but it’s not a good one.” The New York Daily News was straighter: “Who runs Hollywood? Google to fix search result that claims ‘Jews’ do.”

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Google quickly issued a statement promising to deal with the problem, and noting “that the views expressed by such sites are not in any way endorsed by Google.” By Friday afternoon, Israel-time, the search was no longer producing the offensive result.

The problematic result did not appear to have been a function of deliberate outside skewing of Google’s algorithm, or Google bombing, but rather was evidently a consequence of lots of readers posing variations on the “Who Runs Hollywood?” question, and trending in relatively large numbers to the New Observer article and other like it.

Indeed, even after Google’s evident Friday recalibration, ordinary Google searches for the same question, “Who Runs Hollywood?” produced prominent links to such articles as “Travolta says Gay Jews run Hollywood” and “Is it true that Hollywood is run by Jewish people?” The top search results as of this writing, understandably, however, were several articles highlighting the whole “Who Runs Hollywood?” direct answers search result affair.

In the article, The Times of Israel staff note on two separate occasions that the correct answer provided by Google when asked “Who runs Hollywood?” – Jews run Hollywood, of course, by their own admission! – is a “problematic result,” and that the factually accurate answer provided by Google with numerous links demonstrating its veracity is “offensive.”

The Jews are openly admitting that the fact anyone, anywhere in the world with access to the Internet can type into Google (or other search engines for that matter) a simple question such as “Who runs Hollywood?” and be exposed to the reality of Jewish control, influence, and perversion of our society is both “problematic” and “offensive.” Indeed, the truth is both problematic and offensive to the Jews, because it undermines their nation-wrecking, anti-White, anti-Christian agenda. This explains why Jews try their hardest to prevent people from knowing the truth about them.

Can they be more obvious here folks?

The war being waged by organized Jewry against White Western Christian civilization rests entirely on us remaining either ignorant of Jewish power and influence and/or too intimidated to challenge, expose, or resist it. The Internet is eroding and undermining those factors on a daily basis.

Unsurprisingly, mainstream news outlets are describing the accurate answer provided by Google when asked “Who runs Hollywood?” as “anti-Semitic,” i.e., correctly describing the reality of Jewish power and influence over Hollywood and the mass media.

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This once again demonstrates a central point I have been trying to communicate to the world: in the parlance of our times, the word “anti-Semitic” literally describes someone or something that accurately describes or articulates basics facts about Jews and their power, influence, and perversion of White Western Christian civilization. Stating basic, elementary facts about Jews, their agenda, their outrageous crimes and lies directed against their non-Jewish enemies, etc. is fundamentally “anti-Semitic.”

And people are starting to discover these essential facts for themselves, thanks largely to the Internet. The cat is out of the bag, and there is no getting it back in.