Digital License Plates Only Jews Could Love

Via Brother Nathanael

MICHIGAN JUST JOINED California as the second state to roll out digital license plates.

Complete with a wireless communication system that only the DMV can load, send, and receive, the plate can inform both the DMV and Police Stations the exact location of your car any time, any day.

The plate will store lots of info about you, meds you’re on, citation and crime records, gun ownership, ALL of which can be tapped into by cruising cops any ‘ol time.

Gov hacks (Jews and their shills) can request access to your license data base as well.

At present, digital plate purchase is voluntary. Hmm…remember seat belts? Once they were your choice, now IT’S THE LAW.

It’s called Jew creep. Stroke you with feathers now, bind you with chains later.   Here & Here