COVID Vaccine Injuries and Deaths – Part 1

This article is a work in a progress and is now divided into two parts.  The blog is so long, it is having difficulty loading.   To see Part 2, go here. As new stories and videos come to my attention, I will post them on this blog.  Click on the images below to visit the source article.





30 minute video of people dropping dead after COVID vaccination



This is the kind of stuff that keeps me up at night. How many children and pets will be left to die in isolated conditions because their parents or caregivers “died suddenly” from “unknown causes”?






Warning Graphic – Woman with a coagulated nose bleed from the vax. Watch at your own risk.



Tell Me Again How the Vaccine is Safe








































18 Children In Hospital Just in Connecticut Suffering Heart Problems After Vaccine




Covid 19 Side Effects 019 – Parents Almost Kill Their Child With A Covid Jab !





















































75 Athletes Collapse from Heart Failure




Athletes Collapsing And Dying (400 IN THE LAST 6 MONTHS)




Nurse Collapses on Live TV After Enthusiastically Receiving Vaccine

Tennessee Nurse Develops Bells Palsy After COVD Vaccine


The following 5 videos were sourced from this site


Adverse Reaction For Months, Seizures Up To 6 A Day, After Covid Experimental Injection


Covid 19 Side Effects 021 – Pfizer Vaccine Severe Adverse Reactions


The Safest Vaccine Ever Causes Severe Side Effects & Still People Line Up For It!


Covid Vaccine Injury – Side Effects; Leg Tremors, Neurological Issues – But Safe & Effective















































































Many of the following screenshots have been taken from this blog.