“Mask Mouth” – Dentists Warn Gum Disease and Tooth Decay Have Increased 50% Since Mask Mandates Began

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In light of national and global mandates to wear masks indoors, dentists have discovered that patients returning for check-ups are experiencing a 50% increase in both gum disease and tooth decay.

Dentists have termed the condition “mask mouth” after the notorious “meth mouth” that tends to plague methamphetamine users. It is even affecting those who have never had issues before and is believed to be caused by a buildup of bacteria in a dry environment rich in Co2 and low in oxygen.

“We’re seeing inflammation in people’s gums that have been healthy forever, and cavities in people who have never had them before,” says Dr. Rob Raimondi, co-owner of One Manhattan Dental in New York City.

Raimondi’s dental partner Dr. Marc Scalfani warns that increased mask wearing is not only causing deterioration of the gums and teeth, but that it “will eventually lead to strokes and an increased risk of heart attacks” down the line.

“The mouth breathing is causing the dry mouth, which leads to a decrease in saliva — and saliva is what fights the bacteria and cleanses your teeth. Saliva is also what neutralizes acid in the mouth and helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease.” – Dr. Marc Sclafani [SOURCE]

Doctors have been warning for months that wearing a mask can exacerbate existing respiratory conditions like asthma, but now it appears that the damage extends not only to the lungs, but the mouth as well.

“Patients are coming into us like, ‘Wow, my breath smells, I need a cleaning,’” says Dr. Sclafini. “When you smell the bad breath, you either already have periodontal disease or you have a lot of bacteria that’s sitting on your tongue because of dry mouth”

For this reason, Sclafini recommends that those who must wear masks drink a lot of water, brush their teeth regularly, and avoid breathing through the mouth while wearing one, at the very least, to avoid further complications.

As hundreds of doctors have gone on the record denouncing the draconian measures being taken by governments around the world to curb coronavirus infections as ‘disproportionate’ to the problem, it is becoming clear that forcing individuals to close down their businesses, isolate themselves, and wear masks wherever they go causes damage as well, and is in fact costing lives.

Lockdowns and mask mandates have not only caused a spike in suicide rates and drug abuse, but an increase in gum disease means an inevitable increase of strokes and heart attacks, causing fatalities which never would have occurred if not for mandated mask-wearing.


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