An Honest Look at the Boring, White-Bread 1950s Culture vs. the Magnificent “Multiculturalism” and “Diversity” of Today

Democrats To Destroy US West Coast Within 14 Months

Commentary By Arch Stanton

Couldn’t happen to a nicer state in the union. Maybe this will work its way around to the east coast as well. All this sure makes me glad we no longer live in a staid, boring, white-bread 1950s culture where everything was sooo predictable. Today one never knows what excitement they might find lurking beneath America. Take a weekend vacation almost anywhere and there is good chance you will find the thrill of a lifetime, like being lucky enough to participate in a mass shooting where you get to play the part of a murder victim. Read any newspapers from the fifties and see how many thrilling examples of this nature you can find. Why back in those bad, old, stultified, white-bread fifties, one might go their entire life and never even hear of a mass shooting, let alone experience one.

Or one might attend a political rally. Back in the days of evil white supremacy, political rallies were typically a big yawn event with people going around holding signs promoting their candidates. After the rally tired, old, white people would go home and have a meal where they would eat half a loaf of wonder bread. Political rallies today are far more exciting. Attend a rally today and you just might find unexpected excitement in having a violent, demented “antifa” bash your head in with a two-by-four. Yes sir! In modern America, its all in a day’s thrill. Even as a kid, Disneyland was never this exciting.

Now everyone has a chance to play “Beat the Reaper” when visiting major urban areas. Who knows what plague they might contract while wading thought piles of human dung. Anyone that remembers the fifties, well remembers how boring streets were when they were clean. Today, step in a pie of human excrement laced with some foreign disease like Ebola and it’s fun! Fun! Fun! – All the way to the emergency room with blood pouring from the appropriate orifices. Then there are those really big events that might very well occur during a visit to some major urban landmark, like a skyscraper that crazed terrorists blow up underneath you. Imagine the thrill of skydiving out the window of the fortieth floor – without a parachute. Be honest, what was the chance of having a major skyscraper blowup underneath you in the boring, old, white bread fifties?

Of course, one need not go to a major urban center to experience excitement in today’s America. There is always the great American outdoors, where one can warm themselves beside friendly campfires raging across California; campfires that melt cars without touching trees right next to them. I can assure everyone, nobody ever experienced excitement like this in the boring old 1950s. Now be honest, did you ever hear of anything this exciting in those bad, old, white-bread fifties? Of course not.

Older people might remember how boring and empty America used to be. Well not any more, thanks to unrestricted immigration we are all cozied up together with who knows what mystery meat. Why even today’s cooked chicken seems darker and greasier than it was in the bad, old, white-bread fifties.   

Yesiree Bob! None of that boring white stuff today with all that vibrant “multiculturalism” assaulting our senses – if not our bodies. Look at the thrills one faces today living in urban cities challenging Hong Kong for population density. Unlike those horrible, old, white-bread fifties, a time when authoritarian, white males forced people to work, today’s robust economy allows people leisure time never even imagined in the past. And it’s going to get even better with A.I automation. Soon no one will have to work because there won’t be any jobs! What an improvement over those horribly oppressive days when white privilege ruled!

And just to remind us of just how wonderful the new minoritized, multicultural vibrant America is today, America’s fearless leaders have finally have gotten rid of most of those old white-bread statues that were nothing more than tribute to worthless, old, dead, white males that never did a damn thing for this country, other than oppress the golden Negros and other minorities. What a reward for the American people to finally see all that tasty justice served up to whites that once reveled in their horribly racist society. If nothing else, Americans can finally say “at least we’re not racist anymore.”

Want to have some real fun why not move to LA, San Francisco or Seattle and live in the inner city. Russian roulette never began to give the thrills of the possibilities those cities represent to the unsuspecting. Soon all of western civilization will resemble vibrant regions of diversity, like those seen in Africa. Who needs the oppressing discipline of the white man when they can have the flagrant, moral incontinence of a diverse, “multi-gender” society?

Believe it or not, these are in fact males made to look like females – real females. I might add they do a pretty good job of it too. Would parents be outraged if these girls ~ er ~ boys were reading stories to their kids? And how many children would be scared of these guys (girls?) While they might provide an unpleasant surprise for a normal male taking one out on a date, one thing is certain – they don’t scare me.

And then there is this. This scares me. Today, Americans can enjoy watching their children participate in story hours with bizarre males that dress up like some sort of evil, female clown. Why is it they always ~ always ~ look like perverse, evil clowns? I know for fact, no child in those bad, old, white-bread fifties ever experienced anything like this because I was there. Are these guys really trying to emulate females that attract men, like the above guys, (girls?) or is there something else going on here?


Tragically, one might be forced to wonder how often the guy on the left showers. Might these grotesque, female caricatures be scaring the bejeezuz out of these children? Hopefully, that is all they are doing to children. This brings to mind a curious question, to wit, why is it these “drag queens,” dandling little children on their knees in the schools and libraries under the pretense of running a children’s story hour, always look like something out of a Hollywood, Killer Clowns horror movie?

Can you believe it? Men on this planet look like the women on our planet
Of course this is normal, why do you ask?

Say, here’s a thought, could it be these faggot predators aren’t really trying to be “transgendered” women, but simply throw on a dress as an excuse to gain access to children?  Gasp! Perish the thought someone might actually suggest such a thing in the enlightened, worry-free, 21st century America. Thank god we finally got past those old authoritarian, white bread fifties to arrive at a point where we no longer discriminate against homosexual, predator pedophiles. Today American Children are free! Free to be play toys for perversion. Tell me it’s not a better world.  

Yes sir it is looking better all the time. What’s more we have Jews to thank for all these profoundly gratifying changes in American culture. Jews, light unto the world they are, are making the world a better place. Just look around, everywhere one looks, one can see how Jews have made the world a better place for everyone – ‘cept maybe white people. But who gives a damn that those bad old white days are over in the new improved American culture that detractors say is actually a cesspool of vice, criminality and corruption. Culture? What culture? We doan’ need no steenking white culture around here ‘cause WE HAVE DIVERSITY!


– Arch