Woman Injured by Flu Shot Receives $2.49 Million

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Woman Injured by Flu Shot Receives $2.49 Million
A woman who was injured by a flu shot is now $2.49 million wealthier after the U.S. Vaccine Court sided with her and her attornies. Cheron Golding, a 39-year-old Minnesota woman represented by attorney Randy Knutson, received a flu shot in 2013. She was diagnosed with transverse myelitis shortly after receiving the shot, which resulted in a loss of vision and paralysis.
Both the U.S. Justice Department and Vaccine Court reviewed Golding’s case and determined that she deserves government assistance to live out the remainder of her life.
When a person claims injury from a vaccine, federal law prohibits them from litigating against the pharmaceutical company. Their lone option is to file a claim with the U.S. Vaccine Court. This review process can take years to reach a conclusion. For Golding, that conclusion resulting in a massive compensation was one of the largest in recent years. Additionally, Vaccine Court decides how much an attorney representing an injured victim should receive. Meaning, the injured person who files the claim does not pay their attorney for legal fees.
“We consider doing these cases as partly public service. The vaccine court only pays attorneys what they think is reasonable for their time on the case. When the check arrives for the settlement, the client gets the entire amount, its tax free, and the attorney receives no part of the settlement. In this case, our client truly needed this settlement to take care of her needs, both medically and at home.” Knutson explained.
The injury award is likely to continue the heated public debate over vaccines. Almost daily, the news reports on dramatic cases of “anti-vaxxers,” which causes a divisive online ecosystem.