Wikipedia An Ultimate Trojan Horse for CIA and US Government on the Internet

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This article by Dr Les Sachs (Dr Leslie Sachs) was originally published on the “Banned in America” weblog, and on other locations on the internet, on 15 April 2006. Recently this was yet another article banned by US illegal court orders against Google that were requested by President Bush’s friend, the racist and terrorist author Patricia Cornwell.
These allegations about Wikpedia as a tool of CIA and US criminal corporations, announced long ago to the world by Dr Sachs, are now even more fully PROVEN by new large-scale research announced by Wired News, and also on Alex Jones’ Prison Planet website.
For the article, “Credibility Of Wikipedia Takes a Dive . . .Online encyclopedia outed as bias tool of intelligence agencies, corporations,” by Paul Joseph Watson on Alex Jones’ Prison Planet website, click here.
For the article “See Who’s Editing Wikipedia” by John Borland on Wired News, click here.

(See also the article about Bush’s friend:
Patricia Cornwell using Wikipedia & as base to deceive media, plant false information to cover Cornwell felony crimes & sleaze)


Wikipedia An Ultimate Trojan Horse for CIA and US Government on the Internet –

Fake Wikipedia Biography of Bush Donor Patricia Cornwell

Absurd Wikipedia “Budget” – the Giveaway of CIA-NSA Funding?

Staffers of the Wikipedia online “encyclopedia” – now one of the most dominant media websites in the entire world – show signs of being CIA-type operatives, directly engaged in US-funded propaganda operations against US and world citizens.
This has significance far beyond the particular instance here of false statements and propaganda, that have been maintained on Wikipedia in order to cover for a wealthy donor to the President George Bush family, to try to sabotage American legal reform and to attack a critic of the US empire.
What we are facing, is that Wikipedia may already be the ultimate Trojan horse of US government propaganda and intelligence operations. Via this one overwhelmingly dominant website, the thousands of nameless agents at CIA and NSA headquarters, can now deceive and defraud millions of US citizens and much of the rest of the world as well.

These agents can smear and attack those who challenge the government; they can easily launch lies and propaganda on this powerful web forum that can falsify anything, and undermine almost anyone.

To give you a quick proof of how fake Wikipedia is, let’s consider the case of major Bush donor and weird right-wing celebrity author Patricia Cornwell. Cornwell is an old pal of the Bushes since the early 1980s.
Take a look on the web for the well-documented “Patricia Cornwell Biography: Her Crimes, Bribery, Scandals and Mental Illness”. Here you find a pretty juicy set of legal cases and scandals collected from court documents and print media like Esquire and Vanity Fair.

Then take a look at the totally fake biography of Bush’s friend Cornwell on Wikipedia – Here, most of the facts of Cornwell’s fascinating life are not even mentioned, and a good chunk of the Wikipedia entry makes a slanderous attack on the author who wrote Cornwell’s real biography above.

At the time this article was originally written, the Wikipedia attack on the biographer used a fake “internet source” for a phony story about a court case, not telling you that this deceptive Wikipedia “source article” is from a dishonest law professor, Roy Girasa, working for Cornwell’s own publisher, Pearson plc Penguin Books, who is a party in the legal case being described.

The American CIA and intelligence guys are very interested in Bush’s friend Cornwell, and not because they like her books (which federal judge Robert Payne once colourfully described as “a load of crap”). The CIA guys want to hide the truth about Cornwell, and to smear any critics, because the things Cornwell has done with US judges, are a scandal with the potential to rock the US government to its foundations. The Cornwell entry has become a good example of how Wikipedia has become a US government propaganda mechanism.
Despite all the lies and fraud on Wikipedia, this bogus online “encyclopedia” is today the most dominant reference source in the English speaking world. It is far more influential than many people realize or imagine, thanks to the power of the internet.
Wikipedia is based in Florida, where President Bush’s brother Jeb has been Governor, and where the Bushes managed that nice little game in 2000 that led to America’s judges making G. W. Bush the President, even though the other guy won the election. The rise and growth of Wikipedia is simultaneous with the current Bush regime.
Here’s another quick way to give you an idea what is going on. Think of some country you know very little about. Punch up the name on an internet search engine. Two things will tend to pop up quite high on the list: “Wikipedia” and the “CIA Fact Book”. Hmm. Are you starting to feel the connections here?
By its own boasting, Wikipedia is one of the most consulted websites on the planet. But the content of Wikipedia – and any lies or fraud or propaganda in that content – are multiplied many times over, because Wikipedia in turn becomes the source for millions of other web viewings under many other names, under all a number of Wikipedia licence agreements or other kinds of borrowing.

Particularly important is the US-Israeli site, which copies, multiplies and magnifies whatever lies are in Wikipedia content. The CIA loves it – all that free slander and propaganda, multiplied over and over. – based in Jerusalem and New York – does not even try to deny that it is servicing the US and Israeli intelligence agencies.

So when you do an internet search, often what you find among your “Top 10” search results, are several results from Wikipedia, and then several results from (which basically repeat Wikipedia). Most people will never get beyond these entries, and thus the US intelligence and propaganda agencies already control what many people read on the internet.

In this particular case of Patricia Cornwell, someone who acts like a CIA-backed operative is one “W. Guy Finley”, who operates on Wikipedia as one of the central Wikipedia “Advocates”, or Wikipedia pseudo-lawyers – the people who are supposed to help you, when someone else is publishing false things about you.

These “Wikipedia lawyers” in that strange little Wikipedia world, turn out to be as nasty, devious and malicious as other lawyers in the US who serve the corporations and the US government.

W. Guy Finley is one of two leading Wikipedia administrators, along with British Wikipedia spokesman David Gerard, who have e-mailed their hatred and abuse to Dr Les Sachs for daring to criticise Wikipedia and expose its fraud and service to the US regime. Finley and Gerard both express their deep hatred, and their wish to do harm to Dr Les Sachs, and they have the powerful Wikipedia tool in their hands to help slander and attack him.

These “Wikipedia advocates”, like everybody else on Wikipedia, kiss up to the rich and the powerful corporate criminals and US government, who are ultimately served by the fraudulent Bush-backed Wikipedia.

The fake Wikipedia “democracy”
Much like the United States itself, Wikipedia pretends to be a “democracy”. They proudly trumpet: “Anyone can edit Wikipedia!” And something like that happens, but it is an illusion. You can likely right now jump onto the computer, go to the Patricia Cornwell page, and put in a few real facts about the life of Bush’s friend Patricia Cornwell, and delete some of the lies put there by Cornwell’s staff or the CIA guys.
But then – you know what happens a little later? Cornwell’s staff members (she has over 125 million dollars, she can afford them) or the CIA guys, quickly delete your material and put things back the way they were, unless you said something really ass-kissy that they like and want to keep.
Much like America itself, the fake “Wikipedia” democracy, turns out to be rule by the rich and the strong and the devious. Some of it is sheer manpower – Other things being equal, Wikipedia articles tend to be controlled by those who have the time and staff to maintain the pages the way they want.
And no one has more staff available, than wealthy political criminals, or the several US intelligence agencies, with their multi-billion dollar propaganda budget, who can afford to have thousands of employees at secret, anonymous locations, trolling Wikipedia to keep things up the way the government wants.

When the US intelligence agencies, and a wealthy political criminal like Patricia Cornwell are working together, they exercise a complete Nazi-like control over Wikipedia.

How are conflicts handled on Wikipedia, when several people keep editing a page, when it’s you in conflict with the CIA guys? It’s a complex question of procedure combined with bullying. Wikipedia works like a cult. There are lots of bizarre little rules or “Wikiquette”, some of them self-contradictory. Only the remote Lords of Wikipedia are really masters of the system, and this is all to benefit the rich and powerful and the US government.

There are various conflict-resolution procedures, and there are sets and hierarchies of Wikipedia “administrators” and “volunteers” who often hide behind screen names. It is an extremely hidden process, and they make it very difficult to contact the leaders, or to find out how the place works or what is going on. People involved in Wikipedia are a mixture, partly of some naive volunteers and eager beavers, who don’t realize they’re part of a very sleazy government operation, and a likely quite large coterie of operatives at intelligence agencies like the CIA and NSA, who may be the truly powerful “Wikipedia volunteers”, working with the corporate criminal hirelings such as work for Patricia Cornwell.
Does this mean that most of Wikipedia is written by the government, or supervised by it? No, not at all. A lot of Wikipedia, most of it in fact, the CIA guys don’t care about. For articles about pottery in 7th century France, or ancient geology in the time of the dinosaurs, the Lords of Wikipedia are perfectly happy to let college professors, hobbyists or just plain average people put up material and bicker about it. The vast majority of Wikipedia content falls into this category.
Indeed, it was part of the genius of Wikipedia that they could enroll millions of people in helping to create this CIA-backed vehicle. It is much more powerful and legitimate-seeming, if people get used to looking things up on Wikipedia, if they go there to read helpful things about Beethoven or Tibetan rugs. The somewhat legitimate content, makes it much easier to sell the propaganda placed there in specific CIA-backed cases, like with Bush’s friend and donor Patricia Cornwell.
Wikipedia’s power also derives from the short attention span and laziness of the average person. To get an impression of something or someone, people jump on the internet and google or search. Then, for their quick initial view of a person or topic, they often jump onto Wikipedia. If Wikipedia smears someone, that person is pretty well smeared, factual or not, and people usually will not investigate any further.

Wikipedia is also the direct tool for controlling the world’s corporate media employees – the so-called “journalists” – who base their articles now, largely on what they themselves read on Wikipedia, and then they pompously intone, “According to Wikipedia . . . “, as if it were somehow very clever of these “journalists” to consult Wikipedia at the top of their Google-search.

Journalists instinctively feel, that Wikipedia is the tool of the US government and the big corporations, and thus that they can follow Wikipedia whenever a Wikipedia article is supporting the US-corporate establishment.

The journalists then publish shoddy, corrupt and outright false “news articles”, which are based on Wikipedia as a source, and then Wikipedia can then use these “major news media” articles as new “authentic sources” for Wikipedia. It is a perfect circle of propaganda corruption, managed by the US intelligence agencies. Wikipedia is the dream of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels come true. – Worldwide control of what people read and think, via one website under US government control.

For more about this kind of Wikipedia-and-news-media propaganda circle of propaganda and lies in a specific case, see the article Patricia Cornwell using Wikipedia & as base to deceive media, plant false information to cover Cornwell felony crimes & sleaze.

Fake “Moderation” and “Neutrality”
Wikipedia gives way to a feigned moderation in cases of accepted public “controversy”, like with articles about President Ronald Reagan or President Bill Clinton. Such famous people have “differing views” written about them in the major media, and lots of people try to add material. So the Lords of Wikipedia move the page to a sort of “neutral compromise” of “well established” material. It’s not that you get the real truth, of course. What you get is a neutral mish-mash of facts as allowed by the major corporate media. Not too bad perhaps, but often not very illuminating, either.
If criminals are being publicly charged and indicted, if the corporate media has made a big story over the indicted executives of Enron, or some lobbyist facing federal charges, Wikipedia will always tend to go along with the big corporate media. But that’s not where the deep trouble with Wikipedia lies.
One problem of course is that Wikipedia will tend to ban and suppress some key information, on the grounds that it is controversial and not “neutral”. The Lords of Wikipedia are “neutral” when they want to be, at other times they are glad to engage in libel and slander and fraud, and then they call that “neutral” too.
A real grave danger of Wikipedia – and very obvious evil of it – comes out with regard to the “U” class of political criminals in America. These are government or corporate criminals who have political connections, but are so far Un-indicted, Un-investigated and Un-known to be criminals, thanks to a cover up by America’s mainstream media.
Bush’s friend the author Patricia Cornwell, is exactly this kind of class “U” criminal. People know her name, they know she sells lots books, but most of the public knows very little about her, despite the fact that her crimes and scandals and sleazy behavior are nearly all in the public record. Cornwell funds President Bush and the US politicians with millions of dollars, has successfully bribed federal judges, and she is good friends with US government agents, and the reward for her gifts is that the media won’t report on what happens with her. The big corporate media are in collusion with the US government or Cornwell’s publishing company, Pearson – Penguin, and the small media are afraid they will get nailed by bribed US judges.
So the media don’t talk about how Cornwell and her lesbian lover Irene Shulgin were frolicking at Kennebunkport with the current President Bush, and how Cornwell gave the Bush family a $1 million gift then, handing the money to the President’s mother, Barbara Bush (the wife of the previous President Bush). The media know that story, they have a witness, but they don’t tell. That’s because the government wants to deceive all those starry-eyed Christian voters, who might not have thought so well of Bush or Cornwell, thinking about that lesbian romping and the money flowing, all on the Bush family estate.
Contrary to what you might guess about celebrities, the media will indeed hide many things about celebrities who have good political connections. If the government is not prosecuting them, and they are truly politically connected, like Patricia Cornwell, the media will join a cover-up of celebrity crime.
The public view of reality in the US and is much of the world is shaped by a small handful of media corporations, whose ownership is intermixed with the other large multi-national corporations who control much of the world economy. This control is very effective. Most of the stories you would want to hear, do not make it onto CNN. You need to dig, and dig deep, on the internet, to really know what is happening in the world.
And that goes triple for any crimes connected to the US judges and courts and lawyers. No subject is more taboo in the United States, than the crooked US legal system: how so many innocent people get sentenced to prison or have their rights taken away, how people everywhere in America are robbed and betrayed by judges and lawyers and the system. These topics are all taboo, very taboo indeed.
The cover-up of America’s phony legal system, is one of the most central Big Lies about the US. That cover-up is a priority for US intelligence agencies, hence the CIA and other US agency interest in covering up for Bush’s friend Cornwell.
Even in public records, the US is spending about 45 billion dollars on intelligence and propaganda. That is more than enough to give a salary to thousands of phoney Wikipedia “volunteers” who are really employees of the US intelligence agencies.
Given the importance of Wikipedia now as the central tool of worldwide propaganda, it is simply irresistable to the US rulers to spend this money on Wikipedia, the most successful government propaganda operation in the history of the world.

It goes far beyond the desire merely to cover-up for Bush, though there is plenty of that impulse in the CIA and intelligence agencies, where the Bushes have held sway ever since George H. W. Bush was CIA Director several decades ago.

The intelligence agencies know that to maintain the world image of America as a “democracy”, it is important that most people of the world, and the US citizens who haven’t yet been victims, never know the truth about the crooked and bribed US judges.
The CIA wants to help make sure that people don’t think about the big corporations controlling the courts, and how America’s gulag of 2.2 million prisoners is actually the biggest slave labour program since Joe Stalin and Adolf Hitler. – One out of every 45 working-age US adult males is already in prison (i.e., not counting children or the elderly), and the US government and its CIA want to make very sure the world is not thinking too much about this fact.
And to cover up for the legal system, the CIA and US-Bush regime need to cover up for Bush’s friend Patricia Cornwell. As part of the 2000 election campaign for Bush, Cornwell bought a fake court proceeding with a US federal judge to ban this writer’s freedom of speech. This “show trial” was so fake it is almost hilarious, with the proof of federal crime lying around in broad daylight.
The federal judge bribed by Cornwell, Robert Payne, was appointed by Cornwell’s friend the first President Bush. The judge then picked his own friends to pose as the lawyers of the victim, and as part of the fake trial they invented a fake “Freedom Works Foundation”, a so-called “first amendment civil rights charity foundation” that did not exist at all. The judge and his friends put this Cornwell-funded fraud in writing, in court documents and on the internet.
With this fake trial, they banned this writer’s freedom of speech, thinking they would make him silent about Cornwell and Bush and about the fake trial. Now, however, they realize they should have killed the writer instead.
Today, the writer is safe in Europe, a political refugee from the US government, writing articles like the one you are reading right now, exposing the fraud of the US legal system.
It is all so important that in 2007, the US regime conducted another fake trial against Dr Les Sachs, in order to generate corporate media articles slandering him, and to try and use Google to again ban his writings from the internet. You are reading one of these US-banned articles right now.

If these crimes were genuinely exposed by an independent world media (ha!), Patricia Cornwell would be indicted for these crimes involving US courts and judges, but the US corporate media will side with Cornwell unless the government moves first. And the government won’t move unless the media moves.

And it’s the job of the CIA and Wikipedia, to help try and make sure the public doesn’t know the real truth about Cornwell and her crimes. The CIA and Wikipedia would like to smear and slander this writer who is Cornwell’s target victim, to try to stop people from reading my words, to try and prevent me from becoming better known and more effective as a critic of the corrupt US empire.
The plight of Wikipedia victims
When you get victimized on Wikipedia as a political target by well-connected crooks, you quickly find out how hard it is to do anything or contact anybody on Wikipedia, how difficult it is to get any redress. Your complaints are often just ignored, as they get passed around to the CIA-type-guys who really control Wikipedia.
And unlike the genteel controversies on Wikipedia, where they have a dispute between two college professors who are writing about baroque music, you find they quickly get nasty and venomous and slanderous about you, if you are a political target like Dr Les Sachs. The Wikipedia goons do their best to create an image of you as someone who is self-interested, a rule-breaker, a destructive vandal, someone not using good “Wikiquette”.
Meanwhile, the crooks and goons and CIA guys on Wikipedia all pat each other on the back and congratulate each other, for being fellow Wikipedia people in good standing.
You can momentarily change the false material they have written about you, but the Wikipedia goons just change it back, and quickly start charging you with “vandalising” Wikipedia.
There’s all sorts of tricks they use to make it hard for you to make any complaint. There’s a Wikipedia “rule” against threatening people with legal action. So they allow wealthy criminals to slander you and tell lies about you, but if you talk about their legal liability – Whoa! They start to jump in and condemn you, for violating the Wikipedia rule of mentioning the law.
They even make it hard for you to figure out where to complain. For a while on Wikipedia, they have had one spot that tells you, if you’ve been a victim of libel, to contact the “help desk” – but there’s no link there to the help desk e-mail address, or any clear way to find it.
When you go to places you think you might make a complaint, you suddenly find there is a rule posted about how this is the wrong kind of place, you shouldn’t post complaints here – but still no indication of where to go.
On Wikipedia, when you do make complaints, they basically end up getting reviewed by the same people who are putting up the false material about you in the first place. It is just like in the American legal system, where complaints about judges get smothered by the judges themselves, so the same judges involved in committing crimes, also get to dismiss your complaints.
You find that the people on Wikipedia, reflect the power realities and corruption of American society generally. The Wikipedia “volunteers”, whether they are CIA guys, or regular idiots who are part of the cult of Wikipedia, or staff members for political criminals like Patricia Cornwell, all kiss up to the power structure, which they can easily see by (1) whether you are contacting them yourself, or whether a powerful lawyer is doing so for you; and (2) what else they can find out about you by googling your name.
If you are well-connected, rich, powerful, Wikipedia will instantly adjust things for you. If they feel they can ignore and abuse you, even the little dumb Wikipedia volunteers tend to follow the lead of the mighty unseen Lords of Wikipedia, and they will ignore you and sneer with contempt at you, and even send you e-mails with their abuse and hatred (see more about that below).
Wikipedia also offers the “Wikipedia advocates” who are supposed to “represent” you, but these can be guys like W. Guy Finley of ‘Dynascope’ – a name similar to other CIA front-company names. Finley acts like an employee of a CIA-backed intelligence agency contractor, there to deflect and ignore what you have to say. With regard to complaints about the libel and slander against Cornwell’s biographer on the Patricia Cornwell page, Finley’s response was the laughable suggestion that the victim try and contact film maker Michael Moore to get the Cornwell scandal exposed first, before Wikipedia would do anything about the false smears and slanders.
The Wikipedia guy’s message was clear – if the big corporate media will get involved, then Wikipedia will play along. Otherwise, Wikipedia will continue with false information and slandering, the way the CIA would play it.
In the Patricia Cornwell page attacking Cornwell’s biographer, they long linked to an “online reference source” for the Cornwell slandering, a false and deceptive article by a Pace University law professor, Rosario or also Roy John Girasa, writing under contract for Pearson – Penguin, Cornwell’s own publisher, which has been named in a major court filing with US judgesas a partner in Cornwell’s crimes and in the very legal matter Girasa was describing.
Needless to say, the Wikipedia slandering did not disclose the conflict of interest in citing this fake Cornwell “source” that is both Cornwell’s publisher, and also a named party along with Cornwell in the same legal case as is being described.
Wikipedia – a bogus organization and budget
One of the most powerful and dominant media organizations in the world today, the stated budget and organizational description of Wikipedia that you find, is laughably preposterous. Really quite absurd.
Like much of America’s CIA-backed operations since the 1970s, Wikipedia does its work under the friendly face of a “non-profit foundation”. As you browse the online Wikipedia documents about itself, you realize how bizarre and unlikely is the picture they are painting for you.
Here is this enormous media organization, with over a million separate web pages, being accessed constantly and at immense volume around the world, and printing huge amounts of controversial material which raise continual legal questions, and having an enormous management apparatus in place.
But then you see the numbers. Just two full-time employees, it says in a description of a center node of the Wikipedia empire. Two? Yup, that’s all. There’s an annual budget of about one – just one – million dollars. And much of that for equipment, it says.
What they present for a legal budget, would not even pay for one lawyer to just read the e-mails about all the legal issues that arise out of Wikipedia.
There is a tiny board of directors, looking as if it were a collection of friendly hippie-type personalities. The rest are all “volunteers”.
Yeah, right. “Volunteers” by the thousands, joining in a very complex management scheme, and somehow this whole giant worldwide propaganda machine is running, a machine which somehow never seems to have many expenses except for a few fancy pieces of computer gear.
It seems as if the CIA really over-did it with this particular fake front of Wikipedia “budget” and “organization”. The storefront is too tiny to really be connected with the elephantine operation behind it.
Another way that you can see that Wikipedia has government backing, is that with its officially tiny funding and almost no claimed legal budget, it really would have been shut down a long time ago for legal expenses. It’s very clear that Wikipedia is a government-backed operation to the highest degree, or otherwise the judges and lawyers would not be keeping away from it.
But US lawyers “know” the game here – that’s why they don’t dare sue Wikipedia to shut it down. They lawyers Wikipedia is backed by the CIA and the government and the judges. The lawyers know they can end up quickly disbarred, or with a bullet splattering their brains on the sidewalk, if they dare to aggressively sue Wikipedia. So the US lawyers stay away, just like they stay away from any proof of crime by judges.

In fact, Wikipedia is one of those organizations that deserves to be sued and shut down immediately, it’s such a monstrous fraud and deception today, such an invitation to government mind control in the future. Who knows the number of people whom it has already slandered and harmed amid those 1-million-plus CIA-backed Wikipedia web pages.

And it’s all right there in Florida where the Bushes can keep an eye on it.

Even just in general commercial terms, Wikipedia is a totally illegal monopoly as well as a US-government backed fraud. It’s keeping legitimate providers of information from being more successful, as well as supporting criminals tied to the US regime. – But US lawyers don’t dare to touch the Wikipedia monster, and the US judges won’t let them touch it. It’s at the core of US “national security”, the US attempt to be dictator over the whole world.
Contacting Wikipedia
It’s very, very hard to contact Wikipedia, or even to figure out who to contact or how to contact them. The CIA likes things that way. Attempts were made to try to talk to Wikipedia for this article, but of course the Wikipedia people didn’t really want to chat about these things – that’s not how CIA guys like to play it.
Here’s some contact info for Wikipedia. To start with, an actual phone number! But press inquiries only, they say. Even when you’re doing journalism about them, though, Wikipedia is likely to not reply to you, unless you are big corporate media on good terms with US politicians.
High-level Wikipedia administrators who have e-mailed hatred and abuse to Dr Les Sachs
Two of the very high-level Wikipedia administrators, have e-mailed to Dr Les Sachs their personal hatred and abuse. These two Wikipedia administrators are David Gerard, official spokesman for Wikipedia in Great Britain – the United Kingdom, and W. Guy Finley, a “Wikipedia Advocate” (a sort of fake Wikipedia “lawyer”).
David Gerard and W. Guy Finley have expressed their personal wishes to do personal malicious harm to Dr Sachs, and to use the worldwide global media powers of Wikipedia to do so.

Both of these Wikipedia administrators, David Gerard, and W. Guy Finley, have made clear their full support for the Jew-hating terrorist crimes of President Bush’s friend, the neo-Nazi Patricia Cornwell, and their support for Patricia Cornwell and Pearson plc operating a media team posing as “Wikipedia users” to plant false and libellous material against Dr Les Sachs on Wikipedia.
These Wikipedia administrators who have expressed their commitment to using Wikipedia to present hostile and libellous planted “media articles” to attack Dr Sachs, can be reached as follows:
Wikipedia Great Britain – UK spokesman, David Gerard:,
Wikipedia “Advocate” pseudo-lawyer, “W. Guy Finley”:
(Note the CIA-type front company name, ‘Dynascope’.)

Wikipedia Leaders, Press Relations and Other Contacts
Wikipedia press phone number, ‘Danny’, no last name, at Wikipedia headquarters in Bush-regime Florida:
+1 727 231 0101
Wikipedia “Founder”, James “Jimbo” (Jimmy Jim) Wales:,
Legal contact:
“Dan Rosenthal – Wikimedia Foundation” <>,

Wikipedia press and leadership contacts:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Wikipedia “Advocate” pseudo-lawyer, W. Guy Finley:

Other Wikipedia e-mail addresses that will also likely ignore you unless you are powerful and have good political or media connections:
Wikipedia libel “help desk” (ha!):
Wikimedia “support” team:
Wikipedia “information” team:
Wikipedia ignore-you-even-more team:
In a recent newsletter of the well-known Barry Chamish, he gives the following address and phone numbers for contacting the Lords of Wikipedia. Barry Chamish writes:
“Thank you Mr. Stockmann who traced down Wikipedia’s address for all of us. If you don’t like my lying report or anybody’s, and the inability to change it, call:
role: Hostmaster Contact
address: Pipex Communications
address: The Hinshelwood Building
address: Edmund Halley Road
address: Oxford Science Park
address: Oxford
address: OX4 4GB
address: United Kingdom
phone: +44 870 909 8181
fax-no: +44 1865 778 160″
Thank you, Barry Chamish.
Also, one should list here the Wikipedia partners at the US-Israeli, who do not even try to deny they are servicing US and Israeli intelligence agencies, multiplying the power and effect of whatever political lies and fraud are being portrayed on Wikipedia:
Max Riback of
Israel Office
Answers Corporation
POB 48253, The Tower
Jerusalem Technology Park
Jerusalem 91481, Israel
US Office
Answers Corporation
237 W. 35th Street, Suite 1101
New York, NY 10001
Fax: (646) 502-4778

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