WARNING – The Reality of Abortion – Pics of Late Stage Aborted Babies

Abortion is an abomination.  It is nothing less than satanic human sacrifice and it must stop. The evil being inflicted on helpless, innocent infants is more than a decent human heart can comprehend. How did we ever let things get this far?


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“Baby Girl #1” may have experienced an illegal partial birth abortion

Many of the babies’ bodies showed deep lacerations or other forms of damage that likely resulted from abortion procedures inflicting significant trauma with deep pain prior to their deaths.
One of the baby girls could be seen with her right eye open, significant damage to her head, and with the rest of her body relatively intact. Footage shows her curled in the fetal position with pinkish-tan skin as her lifeless, half-open eye looks into the distance.


“Baby girl # 2” likely endured an ‘unimaginably brutal procedure’

Not all of the other babies were intact. In fact, many first trimester babies were obtained with their bodies and internal organs in pieces.
One of the later-term baby girls was also found in pieces. Footage shows her detached arm along with her legs attached to her torso. The flesh appears darkened due to apparent decay and her head seemed to be flattened.