United States Naval Academy to Grant Satanists a Room for Services

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United States Naval Academy to Grant Satanists a Room for Services



As the Christian foundation of our nation erodes, biblical values have been replaced by anything but. Sometimes it is aggressive anti-theist humanism, and sometimes, it is downright Satanic.

A leaked email has revealed that the United States Naval Academy (USNA) has granted a room for midshipmen to use to conduct “Satanic services” and to study “Satanic philosophy,” according to LifeSiteNews.

In defense of the email, which was apparently prematurely sent to all midshipmen, USNA spokesperson Cmdr. Alana Garas claims that the group of midshipmen requesting the space were only asking for a “study group” space despite the fact that the term “services” is mentioned twice in the email.

Garas did, however, say, “This email was sent without the review and approval of the Naval Academy’s command chaplain, as required by command policy,” adding, “It did not represent the U.S. Naval Academy’s Command Religious Program.”

Naturally, Satanic Temple spokesman Lucien Greaves took an immediate defensive position towards the situation saying, “The notion that members of The Satanic Temple within the Naval Academy could be denied the right to hold services because we are nontheistic and/or politically active has absolutely no credible basis in law or common sense,” He went on to falsely state, “The Satanic Temple is no more a political cause than the Catholic Church or Southern Baptists.”

Of course, we know this is untrue. The Satanic Temple began as a political activist organization solely focused on ensuring all traces of religion were removed from the public sphere. In recent years, their main focus has been the promotion of abortion, which they claim is solely a religious cause. A good argument for anyone looking to disregard actual science.

“Midshipmen have the right to assemble to discuss their beliefs as they choose, but, to be clear, in accordance with Department of Defense policy, military members will not engage in partisan political activities, and will avoid the inference that their activities may appear to imply [Defense Department] approval or endorsement of a political cause,” Garas told Fox News.

“Should the religious liberty of [our] members within the [Naval] academy ever be impeded,” the Satanists will pursue litigation, Greaves told Fox, despite the fact that they are an entirely politically-driven activist group only using religion as a disguise and a means to further their twisted agenda.

The Satanic Temple claims they do not believe in Satan and that their belief system is centered on “seven tenets and a collection of natural virtues,” whatever that means, but since they realized the advantages of taking up the fight for infanticide as a religious organization, the group claims their “deeply held beliefs” and their use of “symbols and practices” make them a church, according to LifeSiteNews. Unfortunately, the US has given them this recognition.

LifeSiteNews reports:

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution prohibits Congress from making any law “respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” 

This is widely interpreted as preventing governmental favoritism towards any one religion and preventing government persecution of any religion, but groups like the Satanic Temple claim that its current application favors “an arbitrary elite.” They seek to use the First Amendment and the 1964 Civil Rights Act to change this by expanding “religious exemptions and legal protections” beyond the typical religious groups, so as to either forcibly widen the range of people who can benefit from these privileges, or to end these privileges altogether, they explain on their website.

The group’s “Religious Reproductive Rights” campaign aims to undermine pro-life laws by claiming they violate the freedom of religion. In 2015 they sued the state of Missouri over restrictions on abortion, claiming that “the question of when life begins is absolutely a religious opinion,” and that informed consent laws violated their religious liberty to obtain immediate abortions. In 2019 they began further proceedings on the same issue. 

In reference to the 2015 lawsuit against Missouri, Satanist Jex Blackmore stated, “The State has essentially established a religious indoctrination program intended to push a single ideological viewpoint,” adding, “The law is intended to punish women who disagree with this opinion.”

No, the law is intended to protect unborn babies from being punished by their own mothers who failed to take necessary steps to not become pregnant in the first place. The point is, however, that Satanists claim pro-life laws put one ideology above all others but how is that any different from them insisting on abortion being good and legal? Aren’t they then attempting to assert their own “religious ideology” above all others?

Abortion is not just a case of religious convictions. There is actual science proving that life begins at conception but they’ve ensured a way around that hurdle by forming their belief system so that science is essentially irrelevant, which dictates, “We should take care never to distort scientific facts to fit our beliefs.”

Unfortunately, the US has given the Satanic Temple church status and they are now therefore legally entitled to certain “rights” as such. However, given their obvious activism on the part of abortion, it’s pretty clear the USNA should be cautious when allowing them to gather on government property as per their own requirements that military members do not engage in partisan political activities.