The Impeachment Parade of Jews


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Amidst the on-going saga of the impeachment of Donald Trump, we are incidentally treated to a rare spectacle—a strikingly transparent display of Jewish reach, influence, and power.  Individual bits and pieces of this picture are known, but a comprehensive assessment has yet to be made.  A close look at this situation makes clear, once again, both the dominance and the thorough-going corruption of American Jews and their global network of coreligionists.  It’s worth taking a moment to document this story, “for the record”—and then to draw a few conclusions.

Let’s start at the top.  All recent American presidents have been steeped in Jewish entanglements, but few as personally as Trump, given that his daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism upon marriage to Jared Kushner, an Orthodox Jew.  The only closer personal connection would have been with our presidents who were, themselves, likely part-Jewish:  Teddy and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and perhaps Lyndon Johnson.[1]  Apart from this family connection, we have Trump’s cohort of major Jewish donors:   Lew Eisenberg, Sheldon and Miriam Adelson, Mel Sembler, Ron Weiser, Steve Wynn, Elliott Brody, Laurie Perlmutter, and Carl Icahn,[2] not to mention Bernie Marcus.  Then we have his many Jewish personal and professional associates, who include, among others, Avi Berkowitz, (the now-incarcerated) Michael Cohen, Gary Cohn, Reed Cordish, Boris Epshteyn, David Friedman, Jason Greenblatt, Larry Kudlow, Stephen Miller, Steven Mnuchin, Jay Sekulow, David Shulkin, and Allen Weisselberg.  All those Trump-defenders out there in America should be dismayed at his vast linkage to the people of Israel.

But let’s set all these individuals aside for now.  The current impeachment process is deeply involved with developments in, of all places, Ukraine.  Jewish Ukrainians have come to play a surprisingly prominent role in the proceedings.  That nation has a long and tragic history of Jewish residency, reaching back over 1,000 years.  Their numbers grew through the centuries, peaking at around 3,000,000 in the early twentieth century.   Present-day estimates vary between 200,000 and 400,000 Jews, representing less than 1 percent of the current Ukrainian population of 42 million.  And yet, as elsewhere around the world, Jews exercise remarkable and disproportionate influence in that nation—as in ours.

As we know, current events were largely triggered by a July phone call between Trump and the newly-elected Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky.  Zelensky, 41, was born in the Ukraine “to Jewish parents,” as they say, and proceeded to make a name for himself in the entertainment business, as a comedian.  Becoming famous for playing president in a Saturday Night Live-like television show, he, on a whim, decided to actually run for the office—and won, in March 2019.  Notably, it was reported that “Zelensky has not mentioned his Jewish identity in interviews before or during the campaign, which critics say is purposefully vague.”[3]  This was certainly a good strategy, given the Ukraine’s historic problems with Jews; as a modern-day crypto-Jew, Zelensky learned his lesson well.

The key issue at hand began with the placement of Joe Biden’s son Hunter on the Board of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma in April 2014, a post he held for five years.  The leading figure at Burisma, incidentally, is Mykola (Nikolay) Zlochevsky—a man who, with a Jewish surname, is almost certainly a member of the Hebrew tribe.  Hunter received upwards of $500,000 a year for his services, and the Ukrainians got indirect access to VP Biden and President Obama.  Trump’s call was one event in a chain that apparently attempted to expose corruption and abuse of power on the part of the two Bidens, allegedly for his own personal political gain.

The proceedings

On September 24, Nancy Pelosi announced the start of the impeachment process with the formation of six House committees, each of which would have a role in the proceedings.  Of the six chairmen or these committees, three are Jews:  Adam Schiff (Intelligence committee), Jerry Nadler (Judiciary), and Eliot Engel (Foreign Affairs).  Closed-door depositions would begin October 11, and the public hearings on November 13.  To date, Schiff and his committee have garnered all the attention, as it was his committee that led the public testimony phase, with Schiff himself in a starring role.[4]  Nadler’s committee will apparently draw up the actual articles of impeachment, and Engel’s group will provide unspecified assistance.  The three non-Jewish committees will most likely serve only perfunctory and ceremonial roles.

But even before the initial, closed-door phase could begin, Ukrainian Jews made another appearance.  On October 9, news broke that two associates of Trump’s lawyer Rudi Giuliani were arrested at Dulles airport on their way out of the country—two Jewish Ukrainians—and US citizens—by the names of Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman.  They were hit with unspecified charges relating to “a complex web of financial and political interactions linking diplomacy to alleged violations of campaign finance law,” according to the Washington Post.  Their connection to Giuliani goes back at least two years; they initially hired him, apparently, as a sort of consultant, and then later the tables turned and they came to work for him, as the pressure grew to investigate the Bidens and Burisma.  Parnas and Fruman evidently had the right Ukrainian (and Jewish) connections to get the job done.  But the details of their criminal activities have yet to come to light.

Public testimony began, as stated, on November 13.  As the master of ceremonies and chief wire-puller, Schiff oversaw the entire two-week public process and himself conducted much of the questioning.  But much was also directed by the Jewish lead lawyer for the Intelligence committee, Daniel Sachs Goldman.  Goldman has family ties to the (Jewish) Levi Strauss corporate empire, providing him with considerable personal wealth.

It was decided that 12 individuals would offer public testimony.  Among them were two more Jews:  Alexander Vindman and Gordon Sondland.  In Vindman, Ukraine makes yet another appearance.  He and his identical twin brother were born there in 1975, came to the US in 1979, and became naturalized US citizens.  He rose steadily through the US intelligence community, coming to work for the National Security Council in 2018.  Vindman was in on the now-infamous July phone call; he objected to the presumed quid pro quo, and hence was summoned to testify.

Sondland is a 62-year-old Jew from Washington State who made a considerable fortune in the hotel business.  Through a handful of privately-run companies, he donated around $1 million to Trump’s campaign, and as a result, was appointed US ambassador to the EU in March 2018.  Sondland thus joined a host of Jewish US ambassadors, including the likes of Philip Goldberg (Columbia), Robin Bernstein (Dominican Republic), Jonathan Cohen (Egypt), David Cornstein (Hungary), David Friedman (Israel), Lewis Eisenberg (Italy), Lawrence Silverman (Kuwait), and Daniel Rosenblum (Uzbekistan).

As those two came to testify, we were treated to quite a spectacle:  A Jew (Schiff) presiding over the questioning of a Jew (Vindman/Sondland) by another Jew (Goldman).  It was a remarkable scene; one could be excused for mistaking events as some random hearing in the Knesset rather than in the US Congress.

As things proceeded with the other witnesses, numerous references were made not only to Zelensky but also to a mysterious and nebulous group of people, the so-called “Ukrainian oligarchs.”  It turns out that this elite group, like their counterparts in Russia, are mostly Jewish.  Of the five richest and most influential Ukrainian billionaires, four are Jews:  Rinat Akhmetov, Viktor Pinchuk, Ihor Kolomoysky, and Gennadiy Bogolyubov.  Right behind them in the hierarchy are such Jewish-Ukrainian multi-millionaires as Oleksandr Feldman and Hennadiy Korban.  These individuals exercise considerable power in the Ukraine, often outstripping official governmental agencies; they are effectively a government unto themselves.[5]

Unsurprisingly, the new Jewish president Zelensky has very close ties to one of the Jewish oligarchs, Kolomoysky.  It turns out that Kolomoysky owns the TV station “1+1” that was responsible for Zelensky’s rise to nationwide fame.  It was also reported that “Kolomoysky’s media outlet provided security and logistical backup for the comedian’s campaign.”[6]  The same article mentioned that Zelensky traveled 14 times in two years to Kolomoysky’s two foreign homes in Geneva and Tel Aviv.  As might be expected, Kolomoysky himself is caught up in a variety of corruption allegations and lawsuits.  He had been the owner of Ukraine’s largest bank, Privatbank, until its forced nationalization in 2016.  During his ownership, it was reported that “97% of its corporate loans had gone to ‘related parties’ of Kolomoysky and [his Jewish partner and fellow oligarch] Bogolyubov.”[7]  An independent audit found that Privatbank had been subjected to “a large-scale and coordinated fraud over at least a 10-year period ending in December 2016.”  Kolomoysky is also charged with embezzling more than $5 billion from the bank.  And he and his “right-hand man,” the above-mentioned Korban, have been implicated in numerous other crimes, including murder, kidnapping, arson, and bribery.  A fine bunch indeed.

And then there’s George Soros.  The Jewish-Hungarian billionaire (and US citizen) has been indirectly linked to the impeachment scandal, with roots going back years; much of this derives from his longstanding penchant for influencing governments of Eastern Europe.  He has long had an interest in Ukraine, and apparently had regular meetings with the former Ukrainian prime minister—and Jew—Volodymyr Groysman.  Soros is also a key investor in the Anti-Corruption Action Centre (AntAC), a group founded in 2012 in Ukraine, ostensibly to “fight corruption” but almost certainly acting to manipulate governmental policy.  Most recently, it has emerged that Soros’ “Open Society Foundation” had spent years in contact with key people at the State Department relating to Ukraine policy, most notably including (Jewess) Victoria Nuland and (can we say it?) alleged whistleblower Eric Ciaramella.  Other alleged connections are hard to assess.  Alex Jones and others have accused impeachment testifier Fiona Hill of being a “Soros mole,” which she, naturally, vehemently rejected in her private testimony.  The exact nature of that connection remains to be seen.

Media coverage, media bias

With this remarkable convergence of diverse members of single small ethnicity, one might expect an objective and independent media to highlight and examine this fact.  Unless of course your media were also dominated by that single small ethnicity—in which case, you would expect no discussion at all.  And in fact, that’s exactly what we have:  no discussion at all.  Yes, there is passing mention of Sondland as the “son of Holocaust survivors”—leaving viewers to make the identification with his Jewishness—and passing references to anti-Semitism regarding critics of, say, Vindman.  But that’s it.  Certainly nothing on Schiff, Nadler, Goldman, Zelensky, et al.  Even Joe DiGenova’s attack on Soros as “running the State Department” included no mention of Soros’ Jewishness—that would be a bridge too far. Since it’s well known that Soros is Jewish, mentioning that he is influential is now officially considered anti-Semitism.

But we cannot simply charge our mass media with a pro-Jewish bias unless we provide the facts—in this case, the names.  So, consider the following list of media journalists and program hosts.  Let’s focus for the moment on the three main ‘opinion-news’ channels:  CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News.  Start with MSNBC—a network owned and operated by NBC Universal, which in turn is owned by Comcast.  Both parent companies have a notable Jewish presence in upper management:  Brian Roberts and David Cohen at Comcast, and Robert Greenblatt, Bonnie Hammer, Noah Oppenheim, Andrew Lack, Mark Lazarus, and Ron Meyer at NBC Universal.  As for the more visible, on-air personalities, we see on MSNBC such individuals as Rachel Maddow, Chuck Todd, Katy Tur, Andrea Mitchell, and Ari Melber—all Jewish.[8]

Trump’s beloved Fox News has its own Jewish presence, in the figures of Howard Kurtz, Mark Levin, Geraldo Rivera, and Chris Wallace.  But perhaps more indicative is Fox’s perennial pro-Israel stance, voiced by the likes of (non-Jew) Sean Hannity—and driven, presumably, by Fox’s rabidly Zionist corporate owners, the Murdoch family.

Most striking of all, though, is CNN, whose on-air staff is remarkably slanted in the Jewish direction.  For one quick indication, we can check the Wikipedia entry “List of CNN personnel,” where we find a section on “Political and legal analysts.”  Of 26 names listed, at least 16 (61%) are Jews:  Dana Bash, Richard Ben-Veniste, Rebecca Buck, Carl Bernstein, Wolf Blitzer, Gloria Borger, Harry Enten, Jamie Gangel, David Gergen, David Gregory, Maggie Haberman, John King (converted), Josh Rogin, Jake Tapper, Jeff Toobin, and Samantha Vinograd.  The following two sections reveal additional Jewish names, such as David Axelrod, David Frum, Peter Beinart, Steve Israel, Jason Kander, Sally Kohn, Catherine Rampell, Hilary Rosen, Aaron Miller, Tony Blinken, and Michael Weiss.  And this is not to mention others like anchor John Berman; frequent guests like Bianna Golodryga, Max Boot, or Alan Dershowitz; converts like Kate Bolduan; and non-Jews with Jewish spouses, like Christiane Amanpour.  All of this is undoubtedly supported by CNN chief Jeff Zucker, who in turn answers to his corporate bosses at Warner Media—namely, Richard Pepler and David Levy.

Given this situation, it is unsurprising that the Jewish parade during the impeachment process gets little or no attention.  In fact, it’s to be expected.  Anything less would be astonishing.

A few conclusions

This rare insight into the American Judeocracy affords us the opportunity to draw a few plausible conclusions.  First is the power of money.  Jews attain positions of influence and power, not because they are so talented, smart, noble, or well-liked, but rather because they effectively buy their way into power.  They are adept at using cash donations, personal connections, and ‘sharp elbows’ to maneuver themselves into key positions in government and media, and then to use those positions to further enhance their wealth and personal network.  It is a self-reinforcing cycle of the most malicious sort:  of using wealth to create wealth, of using power to grow more powerful.  And they do this in what, for most persons, would be considered highly unethical (when not outright illegal) ways.  Everyone accepts that ‘money corrupts politics,’ but they never acknowledge that the bulk of the political money—roughly 25% to 50%, depending on race and party—comes from one source: the Jewish Lobby.  Once in their pocket, politicians then readily write or alter laws to further enhance Jewish power.  Again, it’s a self-serving process of the highest order.  The ultimate goal of all action is, simply put, Jewish wealth and power; not justice, not fairness, not equity, not efficiency, not compassion.  Hence all such things are lacking from our government.

Second, we see how Jews have come to control both major political parties.  There is no opposing view, no real third alternative.  Even the microscopic threat posed by such groups as the Green Party must be controlled—such as through the Jewess Jill Stein.  Our two dominant parties, who fight to the death on nearly every issue, and agree on virtually nothing, find common cause in just one thing:  Jewish/Israeli interests.  Jewish judicial and cabinet nominees get immediate bipartisan approval.  So too does aid to Israel, amounting to in the neighborhood of $6 billion a year, every year.[see Note A below]  Hate speech laws are passed, and ‘white supremacy,’ ‘white nationalism,’ ‘anti-Semitism,’ and ‘racism,’ are routinely and mindlessly denounced by both sides.  Reasonable and nonviolent protests against Israeli crimes, such as actions related to boycotts, divestment, and sanctions (BDS), are automatically condemned and even outlawed.  Even otherwise-sacred First Amendment rights of free expression are trampled and abused whenever such things threaten Jewish interests.

Third, we see the time-honored Jewish strategy of distraction from the real underlying issues.  Fake, superficial political battles mask a subterranean congruence of interests.  Jews will fight among themselves for degrees of power, but when threatened as a group, they circle the wagons.  Against perceived enemies, they employ the most brutal pack-hunting techniques.  Only the toughest and most principled opponents survive.

Fourth is the astonishing compliance and subservience of non-Jews, in evident contrast to their own long-term interests.  We cannot believe that they do this blindly, and hence we must assume that they are fully aware of their actions and their consequences.  Media goyim like Sean Hannity, Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo, Laura Ingraham, David Muir, Lester Holt, and others, are guilty of the most appalling and treacherous of crimes:  of selling out one’s nation and one’s race for personal gain.  The same holds for the traitors in corporate leadership and government.  Political leaders like Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi, Devin Nunes, Chuck Grassley, Mitch McConnell, etc. are criminal traitors to this nation; they cover for and defend the hidden ruling power—the true ‘deep state’—and thus subject us all, and the whole planet, to uncounted miseries.  In a truly just world, they would all be called to account, and pay for their sins.

The gravest betrayal, of course, is that of Donald Trump.  Due to his erratic and infantile behavior, it can be hard to assess his thinking here.  But some things are relatively clear.  By any reasonable accounting, Trump is little more than an unprincipled, semi-literate, egomaniac.  But owing to his extremely thin margin of public support, he is compelled—indeed, forced—to appeal to true conservatives, the working class, and the dissident right.  Clearly he has no intrinsic desire to help such groups, and he has no sympathy for their plight.  Trump is the epitome of a privileged, wealthy, out-of-touch elite.  But to stay in power, he must occasionally throw us a bone.  We on the dissident right can take it and make some hay with it; but we mustn’t expect much more.  Trump’s actual policies and decisions will certainly favor his wealthy compatriots and the Jewish power-brokers he works with.

But it’s worse than this.  Trump is such a fool, degenerate, and race-traitor that he would marry off his own beautiful daughter to the Judeocracy, possibly simply for the money and power that it would bring.  (It obviously says little about her judgement that she would comply.)  The Clintons did the same with their (much more homely) daughter Chelsea—and at nearly the same time, in 2009–2010.  It is perhaps no coincidence that once Hillary and Trump cemented their respective family ties to the Tribe, they both later rose to the height of influence in their corresponding political parties.  If the Jewish Lobby can’t have a Jew directly in power, a family-connected goy is the next best thing.  Hence the presidential battle of 2016 is best seen as a struggle between the two wings of the Lobby; each had their favored candidate, and the Lobby was guaranteed to win, no matter the outcome.  Nothing like stacking the deck.

A fifth conclusion is that things are unlikely to get any better in the near future.  Consider the upcoming 2020 presidential election.  Democrats have a fair chance of winning the presidency, but unfortunately their party is even more saturated by the Jewish milieu than the Republicans.  They receive a higher percentage of campaign money from the Lobby, and their liberal Jewish supporters in the media outnumber their neo-con counterparts (who are all Never-Trumpers).  And then take a look at the current field of presidential contenders.  At the moment there are 18 active contestants—among whom we find no less than five Jews:  Bernie Sanders, Tom Steyer, Marianne Williamson, Michael Bennett, and most recently, Michael Bloomberg.  God help us if we end up with a Jewish president.  All the other contenders, though, are nearly as bad:  pro-Israel, anti-White, anti-‘racist’, pro-military, etc.—with the sole exception of Tulsi Gabbard, whose enduring presence in the race is something of a minor miracle.  She alone seems willing and able to confront the Jewish power structure behind the Democrats.  (Alt-righters: take notice!)  But Gabbard has almost no chance of winning the nomination, and thus we will inevitably have yet another pro-Israel Democrat running against a pro-Israel Trump whose most recent sign of fealty to Israel was declaring the West Bank settlements legal, in contravention to long-standing US lip service to their illegality.

Sixth and finally, the dominance of the Judeocracy is so overarching that all other causes fade into insignificance.  Therefore every American, no matter your cause, should first of all oppose Jewish power, because until it is exposed and undermined, your cause will certainly fail—, unless it coincides with Jewish interests.  The Lobby effectively subjugates every other political priority to its own needs, and therefore everyone should, above all, combat that power directly, if we are to have any hope of resolving our many grievances.  Environmentalists, Medicare-for-all advocates, anti-abortionists, small government defenders, tax resisters, liberals, conservatives, socialists, libertarians…your cause is doomed, unless you can recruit significant Jewish support, and that is impossible if you challenge any of the interests promoted by the Lobby.  It’s as simple—and as challenging—as that.

Thomas Dalton, PhD, is the author of Debating the Holocaust (2015), Hitler on the Jews (2019), Goebbels on the Jews (2019), and numerous other books on Jews, Germany, and the Holocaust.  See his website

[A] Note:  The $6 billion is a rough estimate of total direct and indirect aid.  Explicit foreign aid for this year, signed by Trump in early 2019, was $3.3 billion.  But then there was another $500 million in military aid funded separately under the DoD budget.  “Another $500 million for Israeli missile defense was apportioned in a defense appropriations bill passed last fall, making American aid to Israel total $3.8 billion.”  This maneuver of hiding aid has been known for some time: “Much of the money the US gives Israel is buried in the budgets of other government agencies, primarily the Defense Department. Other subsidies come in a form that isn’t easily quantifiable, such as the early disbursement of aid, which allows Israel to gain (and the U.S. taxpayer to lose) the interest on the unspent money.”  Counting all relevant aid, including loan guarantees, aid to Israeli lackeys in Egypt and Jordan, and the financial value of free PR, the total annual benefit approaches or exceeds $6 billion.

[1] For evidence on these three individuals, see my book The Jewish Hand in the World Wars(Castle Hill, 2019), 32, 95-99, 162-163.  Also, Bill Clinton of course has close personal connections as well, given his daughter Chelsea’s marriage to Jew Marc Mezvinsky; but that was in 2010, long after Clinton had left office.

[2] “7 big-bucks Jewish donors,” Forward, 17 Nov 2016.

[3] “Jewish comic who play Ukrainian president on TV lead Ukraine’s presidential race,” Times of Israel (13 Mar 2019).

[4] Among Schiff’s fellow committee members is the Jewess Jackie Speier (D-Cal.).

[5] The complaint about a Jewish “state within the state” goes back many years, at least to Johann Fichte in the late 18th century:  “Do you not remember the state within the State?  Does the thought not occur to you that if you give to the Jews, who are citizens of a state more solid and more powerful than any of yours, civil rights in your states, they will utterly crush the remainder of your citizens?”

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[8] For purposes of expediency, I include here individuals who are half-Jewish.