Those Who Lead the Vax Wars are Jews

Source Article by Gregg Marchese:
Those Who Lead the Vax Wars are Jews

In studying such complex issues as gun control, non-white immigration into predominantly white countries, pornography, media control, Israel/Palestine, US politics, climate change and others, it has been intriguing to discover the strong role that certain Jews play in each of them. So an examination of the Jewish role in what can be called the Vax War currently raging in American would likely reveal a similar presence.

As always, it must be said that Not All Jews are promoting vaccine mandates even for adults, or removing philosophical and religious exemptions (some Jewish Orthodox communities reject vaccines), pushing an ever-increasing vaccine schedule profiting pharmaceutical companies, or deny that vaccines cause autism and other health damage. This must be said of all the other issues too: Not All Jews. It must also be said that some Jews work diligently in the counter-vax movement. I know some myself and consider them colleagues, and I am grateful for their support of our cause. We must examine carefully the role that certain Jews do play in the Vax War, however, and try to understand the ideological, religious and evolutionary strategic motivations for their imposition of vaccines on the nation’s population.

One obvious example of Not All Jews in the Vax Wars is Bill Gates. Just as prominent people in the other issues are not Jewish, such as Al Gore (climate change), Ted Turner (media control), Joe Biden (non-white immigration), and others, we see out-front people in the Vax War as well who are not Jewish. Just as in the other issues however, when we examine the role certain people are playing in the Vax War, we find a preponderance of influential Jews far out of proportion to their percentage in the population, and far outnumbering and outranking Gentiles.

Here are brief profiles of some of the Jews leading the Vax War against medical freedom, informed consent, good science, mass public health, and the future of humanity. After these profiles we will look at possible ideological, religious and social strategic motivations.


This MD and public health administrator must be considered among the world’s top vaccine promoters. Plotkin has too many main stream medicine accomplishments to list here, though they try on Wikipedia. Here’s a summary from that source:

‘Stanley Plotkin is an American physician who works as a consultant to vaccine manufacturers, such as Sanofi Pasteur, as well as biotechnology firms, non-profits and governments. In the 1960s he played a pivotal role in discovery of a vaccine against rubella virus… Plotkin was a member of Wistar’s active research faculty from 1960 to 1991. Today… he is emeritus professor of Pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania. His book, ‘Vaccines’ is the standard reference on the subject. He is an editor with Clinical and Vaccine Immunology.’

Plotkin is a major advocate for vaccine overuse world-wide, a 5-star general leading the Vax War.


Along with Plotkin, Orenstein must be considered one of the greatest proponents of vaccines in the world. (From Wikipedia) ‘Orenstein began working for the CDC’s Immunization Program in 1982. (He) is the former director of the US National Immunization Program from 1993-2004. He has also served as a consultant to the World Health Organization and the Pan American Health Organization, and was formerly the Assistant Surgeon General of the United States Public Health Service as well as the CDC liaison member to the National Vaccine Advisory Committee for over 14 years. He has also co-authored the textbook Vaccines along with Paul Offit and Stanley A. Plotkin. He is currently a professor of infectious diseases at Emory University… after which he became affiliated with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, where he served as deputy director of immunization programs…’

Anyone associated with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in distributing vaccines around the world is flagrantly liable. Bill Gates has announced publicly his advocacy for mass population reduction, and was it really a slip when he said vaccines will contribute to that, or did he mean something else? The Gates Foundation promotes GMO food along with its vaccine poisons, neglecting basic clean drinking water and sanitation in favor of pushing vaccines in impoverished India, Asia and Africa.

Orenstein’s involvement with the World Health Organization is almost as bad. The WHO provoked a fraudulent global hysteria over the Zika virus prior to and during the Brazil Olympics in 2016, claiming it was causing birth defects. Later, the Brazilian Ministry of Health conducted a nation-wide study and determined that though many more Zika cases were found, few more cases of birth defects were. BHA concluded that some other factor was causing birth defects. Yes, toxic pesticides and a new vaccine program. This was omitted by main media.

Like Plotkin, Orenstein is among the very few people in the world who are most responsible for the disastrous damage and death the global vaccine programs have caused and are causing. 5 star general.


This MD was perhaps the greatest proponent of California’s heinous vaccine mandate law passed in 2015. Offit held a patent on the rotavirus, profitting personally through vaccine promotion and sales, until he sold it for big money. He was on the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) that approves vaccines, and received two patents soon before beginning his term. Among the Counter-Vax movement, this earned him the nickname ‘Dr. Proffit’.

Offit infamously said a baby could safely respond to 10,000 vaccines at once, and many other heinous pro-vax quotes. We can imagine how infuriating this was to parents of vaccine-damaged or murdered children who received a mere three vaccines at once, such as the MMR or DTaP. Dr. Offit attracted the legitimate outrage and contempt of those with vaccine damaged or dead children, or those concerned for medical freedom, for his 5-star general role in the California battles of the Vax War.

Dr. Paul Offit is the third of the three Jewish authors of the main textbook ‘Vaccines’ used for vaccine education and administration. This dominant textbook is written exclusively by Jewish authors.


(From Wikipedia) ‘Dorit Rubinstein Reiss is a Professor of Law at UC Hastings College of Law. She has also worked for the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Israeli Ministry of Justice’s Department of Public Law.’ She was born in Israel, and now lives in the Bay Area.

‘Reiss has become known for her work on legal issues regarding vaccination policies, and she has called for examination of whether parents who don’t vaccinate their children, including those who obtain legal exemptions, should face legal liability. She is also noted for her support of California Senate Bill 277, which cut back on exemptions to vaccination requirements for enrollment in California schools and daycare centers.’

This loud-spoken vaccine proponent was openly supportive of California’s disastrous vaccine mandate law that required children to get every vaccine recommended on the ever-expanding CDCP (stands for ‘prevention’) schedule or be denied access to public or private school, day care and other public places. She focuses on the legal aspects of the Vax War, promoting vaccine mandate legislation, stripping of exemptions, and prosecution and law suits against ‘anti-vax’ people who she thinks are putting the public at risk. Rubinstein-Reiss gives assignments to her students that indoctrinate them as pro-vax foot soldiers.


Schiff demanded Amazon remove anti-vax titles from its book list, and for Facebook and Google to suppress anti-vax content. Adam’s grandfather Jacob was the Rothschild agent who from Wall Street funded the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 that ‘tortured and slaughtered millions of innocent Russians without a shred of human remorse’ (A. Solzhenitsyn). The Bolsheviks were not Russians. Adam Schiff is a top general at the Federal legislative level leading the Vax War against the People of the US and the world. The Vax War can be thought of as a vast torture and slaughter of the world’s populations, a great crime against humanity, just as the Bolshevik Revolution was for Russians. And just as the Bolsheviks also claimed, Adam appears to be leading the propaganda control and psy-ops aspects of the Vax War in the name of humanitarian goodness.


The US Senate Health Committee held another hearing on March 5th called “Vaccines Save Lives: What is Driving Preventable Disease Outbreaks.” This emergency hearing was based on news of around 200 cases of measly measles among a US population of around 330 million. This ’emergency’ was used to consider strict measures to protect public health such as removing current exemptions, adult mandates, emergency funding, a special task force, and others. No counter-vax presentations were allowed at the hearing, but of the five pro-vaccine advocates granted time to address the Committee, three may have been Jews.


This Secretary for Public Health in the State of Washington has advocated for mass vaccination programs under the flawed theory of ‘herd immunity’. His statement at Washington State’s Health Care and Wellness Committee in February repeated all the rote talking points of the pro-vax military propaganda: vaccines are safe and effective, the unvaccinated are causing ‘outbreaks’ and threatening the ‘immunocompromised’, they cost the state a lot of money and effort, injury and death by vaccine is very rare, measles is deadly, vaccines are well tested, pharma needs to make a proit to keep providing vaccines, and the national vaccine court takes care of the rare cases of damage or death by vaccine. All have been easily and repeatedly denounced by educated counter-vax/medical freedom warriors as pure pro-vax war propaganda. Indeed, the Washington State hearing allowed a counter-vax/medical freedom panel to also testify, which effectively countered Weisman’s disease-mongering and vax promotion.

Weisman’s testimony at the US Senate Committee on Health etc in early March , where no opposition was allowed, lobbed similar pro-vax bombs. His introduction used the tautology ‘vaccine preventable diseases’, and claimed his objective was to share ‘science-based information’, then went on to profer the usual pseudo-science of the pro-vax psychological warfare agents.


Omer is an Emory professor of Global Health with loads of other pro-vax medals on his chest. He spoke in favor of vaccines at the March 5th US Senate Health Committee hearing. Focusing on the influence of money, Omer advocated compensating physicians for ‘educating’ the public about vaccines, among other extremist measures.

*Omer is shown to be both a Jewish and Arabic name.


This eighteen year old young man was made famous by Jewish owned and operated mass media for his defiance of his mother’s practice of rejecting vaccines for him during his childhood. When he became an adult, Lindenberger claimed he did his own research and decided to go and get his shots. He is now a pro-vax advocate who gets to speak to Congress. This outraged many highly educated counter-vax people, who have been studying vaccines longer than Lindenberger has been alive.

I could find no analysis of Ethan’s general health as an unvaccinated child, nor of his health now after supposedly receiving all his ‘catch-up’ vaccinations.

**Lindenberger’s mother Jill Wheeler is clearly gentile. Research into the name and ID of his father turns up ‘under review’ or ‘unavailable’. The name and some attributes suggest a Jewish father.


This Brooklyn Jew was among the one quarter of the US Senate who attended the hearing, and is a declared Presidential candidate. Counter-vax people tended to align with Sanders’s 2016 primary campaign on other issues, except for one thing: Sanders indicated publicly he believes in the vaccine programs and thinks people should get vaccinated:

“I think obviously vaccinations work. Vaccination has worked for many, many years. […] I am sensitive to the fact that there are some families who disagree but the difficulty is if I have a kid who is suffering from an illness who is subjected to a kid who walks into a room without vaccines, that could kill that child and that’s wrong.”

Even though he did not advocate for mandates at that time, counter-vax people are probably the largest population that votes single-issue. Candidate Trump’s skepticism of vaccines and offer to investigate them if he became President created an enormous dilemma for counter-vax voters, but on this one issue clearly Trump was the only choice. The social media debates were fierce, but Sanders was seen to be pro-vax, though some hoped he could be educated.

That now appears doubtful. As a member of the Senate Committee on Health etc, Sanders attended both hearings titled ‘Confronting a Growing Public Health Threat: Measles Outbreaks in the US’ in late February and a second one already mentioned in early March. Since no counter-vax statements were allowed, Sanders did not get his education there and is not likely to. He may not be a general waging the Vax War, but he is certainly a lower level officer on this issue, carrying out orders from above, poised to declare mandates, exemption removal, and the pointing of all the weapons of the medical tyranny State at the People. These include excluding children from schools, denying adults government benefits and even passports and drivers licenses, excluding ‘unvaccinated’ people from public places, and requiring digital vax records on everyone. Sanders is likely one Congressman Jew along with Schiff and many others who will not hesitate to impose this medical tyranny on the People of what used to be a relatively free America.


Pediatrician Peter Hotez claims he develops vaccines for ‘forgotten’ diseases of the world’s poor in the tropics. He has received numerous awards from the infamous B’nai B’rith, the White House, and others. Chelsea Clinton defended him as he was criticized by counter-vax people for denying in his book that his daughter’s autism was vaccine-induced. Hotez complains that 19 ‘anti-vax’ books are ahead in sales of his pro-vax book on Amazon. Hotez appears repeatedly on numerous venues and denounces parents of vaccine-injured children as ‘anti-science’ and other insults, a derisive grin above his trademark bow tie. Currently Hotez appears to be the foremost spokesman of Vax War propaganda.


An MD and State Senator in Oregon, Steiner Hayward proposed and sponsored the vaccine mandate bill in 2015. Nicknamed ‘Wicked Witch of the West’ by parents with vaccine damaged children for her insouciance and even disdain displayed at the public hearing where vaccine damaged children attended, Steiner Hayward became the most hated legislator by the counter-vax and medical freedom movement in Oregon. She announces that she volunteers at a synagogue, which by itself is fine, plenty of respectable and decent people volunteer at synagogues. But family ties and activities reveal ESH as at least an associate if not a core member of the Global Jewish Organized Crime Syndicate. Her brother Joshua was chief of staff of the Treasury Department during the Clinton Administration, was implicated in at least one major scandal, and went on to become a Managing Director of Lazard Freres bank, one of the world’s largest. During the Obama Administration Joshua served as an economic policy advisor in the transition. Joshua is listed as a member of the notorious global control cult the Council on Foreign Relations

I was once told the Steiner family’s philanthropic foundation, the Olive Bridge Fund, was managed by the same law/PR firm that oversaw many mergers and acquisitions in the pharmaceutical industry. I first learned this on a FB group I was part of, but can now not confirm it because I have been excluded from that group for discussion of the Jewish Question. The Olive Bridge Fund makes grants to Jewish Women’s Archives, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), various synagogues, Chabad of Oregon, Combined Jewish Philanthropies, and also various other not overtly Jewish or Zionist organizations.

This year, ESH chairs the joint Ways and Means Committee which forwarded the nation’s most heinous vaccine law on to a House vote, where it passed easily, 35-25. In the process, ESH requested multiple amendments and got them, the worst of which removed philosophical and religious exemptions not just from 11 ‘restrictable diseases’ totaling 7 injections repeated multiple times throughout childhood, but also for ‘other disease that poses a threat to public health, as identified by the Oregon Health Authority’. In other words, opening Oregon up for mass coercion to get any and all vaccines the establishment determines it must. In comparison, Washington recently removed philosophical exemption only—leaving religious exemption–for one vaccine, the measles (MMR), but Washington had many times more measly measles cases than Oregon. Not that measles is any ‘crisis’, but the pretext is far weaker for Oregon than Washington.

ESH is an enthusiastic field commander in the Oregon battles of the Vax War, carrying out strategies from the highest levels of the Jewish Organized Crime Syndicate chain of command.

Update: Some reports declare that the Republican minority in the legislature threatened to boycott the session and bargained with the Democrat majority to kill the Oregon vaccine bill and a gun control measure in exchange for progress on an almost as heinous carbon cap and trade measure and a business tax for education.


House Rep. Mitch Greenlick was one of the first speakers at the Feb 28th hearing in Oregon, strongly in favor of the bill to remove philosophical and religious exemptions. A dangerous zealot and control freak who once proposed a law imposing a $6250 (not $6666?) fine and a year in prison for smoking, Greenlick has major credentials and accomplishments in the public health field. From his campaign site: ‘He is a past President of the Jewish Education Association of Portland and has been a member of the Board of the Portland Jewish Federation… He serves on the Advisory Committee of the Maimonides Society of Portland.’

According to the Maimonides Society: ‘Perhaps the most famous Jewish physician of all time, Rabbi Moses Ben Maimon, also known as either Maimonides or Rambam, (died 1204)… wrote an early version of the Physician’s Desk Reference. As a scholar, Maimonides was the leading Talmudist of his time.’

Many Gentiles don’t know, but the real Talmud can be considered the most racist, supremacist, hateful, exploitative and evil ‘religious’ creed in human history. Some accounts claim Maimon advocated cheating, enslaving, subjugating and killing non-Jews, because Jews were God’s chosen superior people. Others claim Maimonides was persecuted by other Jews for advocating leniency and a degree of fairness to Gentiles.

More from the website of the organization Greenlick advises: ‘…the Maimonides Medical Society encourages and strengthens community among society members, provides programming and public service opportunities for tikkun olam (repair of the world), and raises money for the local and overseas Jewish communities…’

Mitch Greenlick is this year’s most hated legislator in Oregon by the counter-vax community, since ESH is keeping a low profile after inciting the entire counter-vax movement in 2015. Few will know or dare to identify Greenlick as Jewish, and fewer will ever say so, but it is a pertinent fact. The relevance of Tikkum Olam will be addressed presently.


An entire book could be devoted to this analysis, but here’s a short list of other Jews in active positions in the Vax War’s various theaters:

DR. ANDREW ZIMMERMAN – Top neurologist, US government spokesman for the war propaganda that vaccines do not cause autism. Apparently partly recanted, claimed he found a link in limited cases. Government still uses his earlier statements for autism denial.

DR. ANNE SCHUCHAT – Current Deputy Director at CDCP, held many other posts there. Literally a Rear Admiral in the US military’s public health sector. The military is a major vaccine market.

MICHAEL HILTZIK – Journalist, uses LA Times to suppress legitimate discussion of vaccine harm and failure.

SETH MNOOKIN – Journalist and Prof of media studies, infamous for autism denial.

DAVID FRUM, KEVIN DRUM, ETC. – Journalists, bloggers, policy advisors shaming and dismissing legitimate vaccine analysis.


Why are so many of those leading the Vax War Jews? This phrase from the Jewish Talmud, a quasi-religious, quasi-legal set of books first codified during the Babylonian Captivity of the Jews, and extensively elaborated on since, means ‘Repairing the world’. Talmudic Jews and those with a conscious or unconscious influence from the Talmud feel an obligation to bring order to what they perceive to be chaos and randomness in the world. This is considered a service to humanity and the Earth which only Jews exclusively can perform.

Of course many of us perceive that the world has self-repairing faculties and processes, and human attempts to ‘repair’ it most often inflict more damage and chaos. Certain Jews cannot seem to perceive this and pursue Tikkun Olam with fervent zeal. Previously mentioned Peter Hotez, for instance, introduced the term ‘Science Tikkun’ to glorify vaccine promotion. Whether other Jews actually believe in Tikkun Olam literally or use it as a pretext for power and control and destruction of their perceived enemies (all Gentiles) or even both is an ongoing question. Either way it is a dangerous concept for Gentiles.

The vaccine agenda is an excellent example of ‘repairing the world’. People are thought to be flawed, susceptible to disease and death, and like magic an injection of a complex formulation will grant them immunity when nothing else will, ‘repairing’ their inherently deficient immune systems.

It is an ongoing question whether the pro-vax Jews actually believe in Tikkun Olam as applied to immunity, or use it as a pretext to physically suppress their perceived opponents—everyone else—with imposed injected poisons.


Another similar mythology of some Jews that may underlie the vaccine agenda goes like this: A Creator God created the Earth, but departed before he was finished, leaving the Earth incomplete. Now he is beyond reach and cannot be petitioned to finish his Creation. Fortunately, another entity is still within the Earthly realm and can be appealed to: Lucifer. It is the duty of the Jews to work cooperatively with Lucifer to complete the Creation and bring a beautiful strict order to it all. This explains the current obvious drive toward a ‘New World Order’, and it explains vaccines, which fit neatly into the mythology. The myth applies to the unfinished world, as it applies to our unfinished immune systems and to the problem of death itself. If vaccine programs cause massive misery and death, that is acceptable in the process of completing the Creation and achieving perfect order.

This I call the Judeo-Masonic Creation Myth because over the course of the late 18th and 19th centuries, Freemasonic Lodges were infiltrated and converted, or new lodges formed, aligned with the Judaic religion and ideology from ancient times, adapted to these times. Jews freely attended most Masonic lodges and formed new ones of their own, until today the original cult has achieved a fully Jewish/Judaic character. Apparently with the rarest of exceptions, only Jews can attain to the highest known level of Freemasonry, the 33rd.


The global vaccine programs are the most successful part of a dysgenics population control plan enacted by a cabal of Jewish Supremacist banksters and their agents. Corporations, government agencies, media, ‘science’ and other key leverage points are occupied and used by prominent Jews to aggressively push a vaccine agenda whose ultimate goal appears to be the mass poisoning of humanity in line with ancient Jewish Supremacist objectives. Certainly Not All Jews align with this pathology, and even some of the generals and field commanders in this Jewish Vax War on humanity may actually believe in its benevolence, as part of a naive view of Tikkun Olam and the Judeo-Masonic Creation Myth. Now some aspects of the Jewish Vax War on humanity operate semi-autonomously through imposed momentum, but the ancient agenda of the Jewish Global Organized Crime Syndicate predominates at the highest level, and orders and money filter down through the chain of command.

Just as in other issues, to know the Jewish role in aggressively promoting this toxic agenda is crucial to countering it and protecting children and the future of humanity. The Counter-Vax movement should welcome and ally with the otherwise relatively decent and genuinely concerned Jews (cautious as always of infiltrators setting up controlled opposition). Know our enemy, and take protective measures.