The Jewish Plot Against America

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A scene from the upcoming HBO miniseries

by Douglas Mercer

JEWS ARE quite cunning when it comes to throwing dust in the White man’s eyes. They accuse White people of doing exactly what they are doing. There is no better example of this than the upcoming HBO miniseries The Plot Against America (March 16, 2020) based on the novel of that same name by the late Jewish writer Philip Roth. (Roth’s ideas are worthless filth, and much of his “literary” output was literal filth as well.)

Philip Roth

The miniseries was created and written by David Judah Simon whose father was Bernard Simon, a former journalist and then public relations director for B’nai B’rith for twenty years. David Judah Simon was raised in a Jewish family which had migrated from Eastern Europe and Hungary. His maternal grandfather had changed his surname from Leibowitz to Ligeti.

In other words, David Judah Simon is a classic Jewish plotter against America.

The Plot Against America is billed as an imaginary alternative American history told through the eyes of a working class Jewish family in Newark, New Jersey, as they watch the political rise of Charles Lindbergh, an aviator-hero and “xenophobic populist” who becomes President and turns the nation towards fascism. The character of Lindbergh in Plot is a distorted Jewish version of the real Charles Lindbergh.

David Judah Simon

Xenophobic populist.

The plot against America. Think about that.

The Jews don’t want us to have a country of our own.

From the first time they set foot on this continent, Jews have been plotting to overthrow America, to put an end to White America. Charles Lindbergh was trying to save America from the clutches of International Jewry. On September 11, 1941 Lindbergh gave a justly famous speech in which he stated that only three groups wanted America to enter World War Two: the British government, the Roosevelt Administration, and Jews.

We now know that the first two were owned by the last.

Charles Lindbergh

For his trouble Lindbergh went overnight from immortal hero to reviled figure. For his trouble the great man who was trying to stave off a Jewish plot against America is accused by a Jew of plotting against America.

Inversion is Jewish magic. To throw dust in the eyes of the White man.

In retrospect the 1930s are an underrated time when it comes to Jewish subversion in this country. By the late 1930s Lothrop Stoddard confided in friends that he had to remove references to Jews from his lectures at the Army War College. References which he could make openly and without worry only a decade before.

By the late 1930s, Jews were completing their stranglehold on American culture and communications. Migrating to America and owning film studios, newspapers, and radio networks are what served Jewish interests most.

Adolf Hitler

From his advent to power in 1933, Adolf Hitler was slandered and smeared by Jews. Worldwide Jewry was on red alert from the day he set foot in the chancellery. They did everything in their power to blacken his reputation and get the Western powers to make war on him. His real crime in their eyes was wanting Germans to have a country of their own, to be free of the net of international Jewish finance. For the Jews, that was simply unacceptable.

Even before the war, Hollywood actor Edward G. Robinson wanted to make a movie about Germans and their “evil.” It was after the war that Robinson (a Jew whose actual name was Emanuel Goldenberg) got his wish, making The Stranger, in which an ex-“Nazi” played by Orson Welles says that Germans are “inherently evil” and must be annihilated.

Subtle, that.

Shortly before American entry into the war, the book Germany Must Perish! — written by the Jew Theodore Kaufman — was published in the US and reviewed in major publications. It explicitly advocated the extermination of the German people.

The man Revilo P. Oliver called The Great War Criminal, Franklin Roosevelt, was known for his hatred of Germans.

In the 1920s the Democratic party had three constituencies: northern Catholics, rural southerners, and Jews. When they all hit the jackpot in 1933 the first two came seeking normal patronage. Jews on the other hand began to take an unusual interest in the new administration’s foreign policy.

They were soon in control of it.

Because Germany Must Perish.

Finally the Jews got that old traitor FDR to maneuver Japan into bombing Pearl Harbor. And so the Jews got their war. The America First movement, of which Charles Lindbergh was the most famous representative, saw the disaster looming. Lindbergh saw this as a second “brother’s war” among Whites, a war that the White world might not survive. And which, really, it did not.

In the 19th century, Europeans saw America as a hermit kingdom living in splendid isolation. World War 1 broke that spell, but afterwards came a return to normalcy. It was only World War 2 that finally put paid to America as a nation of villages. It was World War 2 that spawned The New Colossus that has been with us to this day.

After World War 2 America became a global power serving Jewish interests.

Old America was never heard from again.

On Donald Trump’s inauguration day, the Jews’ employee Chris Matthews designated the new President’s references to “America first” as “Hitlerian.” And now HBO and David Judah Simon are going to try to cement an image — of America first as fascist, Lindbergh as traitor, Lindbergh as plotter, Lindbergh as anti-American — in the minds of the public forever.

Because the Jewish plot against America will never end.

Not until White America has perished — or the plotters are defeated.