Government is a Disease Masquerading as its Own Cure.” ~ Robert LeFevre

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“Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure.” ~ Robert LeFevre — Notes: Financial Sense

The government and the state are synonymous terms to be sure, and both create and perpetuate evil by claiming to hold power that does not exist. Government has no rights whatsoever, but claims power over others as if it had the right to do so. Only the individual has rights, and therefore all government is illegitimate.

As Benjamin Tucker so eloquently stated:

If the individual has a right to govern himself, all external government is tyranny. Hence the necessity of abolishing the State. ~ Benjamin Ricketson Tucker (1972). “State Socialism and Anarchism and Other Essays”, Ralph Myles Pub

In today’s world, the “laws” set forth by governments are considered by most of the common masses as rules that must be obeyed. If they were thinking properly, they would ignore all government laws, and call them what they are; demands enforced by the ruling class by open and aggressive force. These so-called laws are not meant to make a better or safer environment, but strictly meant to control the population at large. The people have been easily fooled into believing that the state is a god that must exist so that order can be maintained. So why is there no order?

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There are constant shootings, murder, theft, extortion, beatings, incarceration, and unfounded wars, with most all of these atrocities committed by the very government making the “laws.” This is why government should be ignored. It has nothing, it produces nothing, and it is nothing. Government is simply a name attached to a false entity that has no right to exist, and can only survive by the use of force in order to uphold its mandates. If enough of the population decided to ignore the government and its laws, it would simply wither away and die. If one individual attempts this, he will be jailed or shot, but if a large number of people decided not to comply with any laws, and decided not to pay the state’s taxes, the government could be crippled quickly and brought to submission.

Government is really nothing, and is only able to continue its assault on liberty due to the people allowing it to do so. Government claims a right to rule, but it has no such right. These are just people, the absolute lowest form of people, that make up a gang of thieves and murderers that have been able to fool the public into believing that state rule is legitimate. The notion of state authority is ludicrous on its face, as it consists of just a tiny sampling of miscreants that rule by fear and propaganda, but there is nothing to fear except the insane idea of government. By denouncing government, by ignoring government, and by defunding government, it will cease to exist, all without violence. All that is required in order to affect the government’s demise are large numbers of people around this country willing to oust the bastards by starving them to death. There are only a few cowards in government, and over 300 million of us. We have the upper hand.

How did government become so intrusive and invasive? How did government come to claim authority over all? How did government build a massive murdering class of enforcers to not only tame the pathetic citizenry, but to lay siege to much of the rest of the world as well? And how does this government continue its reign of terror against us all?

This began with what is considered by the enslaved sheep as its bible, the irrelevant United States Constitution. The same type of politicians that exist today secretly drafted the Constitution over two centuries ago, and used it to create a central governing authority giving the false impression of rule by the people when none was meant to exist. A coup of this magnitude while genius was nothing less than an act of treason. The only reason this coup was successful was because the people were fooled into believing that they controlled the politicians, when in fact, these trimmers sought just the opposite. To this day, most still accept the lie that they are in charge of this corrupt government. Blind ignorance at this level is what the politicians count on in order to retain power and control.

Consider the average American today. He believes it is bad not to have his earnings stolen by the gang of thieves at the IRS. He thinks that it is okay that he must pay for a government permission slip in order to drive, or to improve his own house, or to open his own business, or to sell lemonade to his neighbor. He thinks it is okay to be strip-searched and radiated every time he boards a plane. He thinks it is okay for his neighbor to be thrown in prison for smoking a plant in his home. He thinks it is okay that the money stolen from him by government is used to kill and maim innocent men, women, and children around the world, and actually applauds those that do the killing. He thinks he is free because he can, along with 100 million others, pull a lever for a pre-chosen sociopathic megalomaniac once every four years. He believes that waving a flag and saying God is on our side makes him a patriot. He thinks that all children should be forced to receive poisonous vaccinations on demand. And he believes that openly stealing from his neighbors by using government mobsters and their murderous agents relieves him from responsibility for that theft. Is it any wonder that America is now the land of the enslaved instead of the land of the free?

Americans have become victims of the government because they voluntarily allow government to exist. They allow government to steal, to administer violence, to war and murder, to cage citizens for victimless crimes, and they allow that same government to spy and monitor their activities. The government calls this taxation, law enforcement, national defense, and spreading democracy. These are all lies because government has no right to do any of these things. If a normal human has no right to do it, then neither does the state.

It is time to take all authority away from this evil government. Once people realize that government is illegitimate, and stop believing that they are obligated in any way to bow down to this monster, the solution is clear. There are hundreds of millions of us and a handful of them. Stop obeying, stop paying the extortion called tax, stop voting, ignore the state, and starve it to death.