Polio Vaccinator Gunned Down, Officials Beef Up Security

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Polio Vaccinator Gunned Down, Officials Beef Up Security

Pakistani gunmen targeted two female polio vaccine workers, killing one. This is the third death resulting from attacks on vaccine workers in the country.

The recent attack happened last Thursday in the city of Chaman. Chaman borders Afganistan in the southwest part of Pakistan. Two female vaccine workers were fired up while they made rounds in neighborhoods. Nasreen Bibi, 35, died immediately while her partner, Rashida, was seriously injured.

The gunmen remain at large.

Pakistani officials have temporarily suspended the polio vaccine drive until further notice.

Rashid Razzaq, an official at the government polio emergency center in provincial capital of Quetta, said via Telegraph: “Two gunmen opened fire on two female polio vaccinators in Sultan Zai village, located about 100km north west of the Baluchistan provincial capital Quetta. Nasreen Bibi 35, died at the spot while Rashida 24 is seriously injured.”

The polio vaccine program began on April 23rd and has resulted in three murders of vaccine workers. In two other incidents, police standing guard over the vaccine workers were shot and killed.

Muhammad Arshad Khan, Buner’s district police officer, said: “An official of the special police force has been killed in Buner, a search operation from the law enforcement agencies is underway in the area.

“Jan was shot in the head and chest, he died at the spot”.

Pakistani health officials are beefing up security for vaccine workers.