Organized Jewry has Finally Succeed in Killing Robert Faurisson

“The alleged Hitlerite gas chambers and the alleged genocide of the jews constitute one and the same historical lie, which made possible a gigantic financial-political fraud, the principal beneficiaries of which are the state of Israel and international Zionism, whose principal victims are the German people — but not their leaders — and the entire Palestinian people.” — Robert Faurisson, 1980


Below is an amazing tribute to Robert Faurisson, who died just before his 90th birthday of a heart attack induced by jewish harassment and abuse.  A heartfelt farewell to this amazing man to whom awakened people owe enormous gratitude.  He brought forward some of the most important Truths regarding the jewish fabrications about WWII, and he did this unwaveringly and despite constant harassment from those who continue to feed the world a diet of lies, distortions, and mental poisons that have no basis in true history.

May those responsible for creating and sustaining these lies rot in hell for all eternity.  And may Robert Faurisson’s soul be swiftly carried into the arms of love and his body be protected from those who would mutilate dead bodies in order to harvest organs and attempt to hijack souls.


Source Article by John Kaminski
Freedom's enemies finally kill Faurisson


Freedom’s enemies finally kill Faurisson

False version of history now controls the world

The first time I remember encountering Robert Faurisson was seeing that photo of his bloodied face after he’d been attacked in 1989 by a group of gangsters called “the Sons of Jewish memory”. The Jews had wanted to kill Robert Faurisson for a long time, before they finally succeeded last weekend.

The last time I saw him was on this spontaneous video made mere hours before his death. Vincent Reynouard’s quick camera work captured the phenomenon that has dogged the scrupulous French classics professor — as well as the entire Holocaust Revisionist movement — for the last 40 years.

Study the video. It will be the last you’ll see of the old professsor, but it won’t be the last you’ll see of the Jewish technique used to counter ironclad evidence of the Jewish lies about World War II.

After all, that’s why all those old women have been put in jail in Germany for trying to tell the world what Faurisson and his confederates have been advocating for the better part of a half century. This is what you should expect when trying to organize a meeting to discuss easy-to-prove lies about World War II.

Jews can’t allow the truth about World War II to be told, because if it was, the whole world would turn on them with actions much worse than what the black Communist government of South Africa is doing to the remaining white farmers it has not yet murdered. The rest of the world was still mired in a Jewish-created Depression in 1940 while Germany had become unbelievably prosperous under Hitler’s leadership.

So, Faurisson’s last event was the fiasco at Shepperton, his old hometown, which clearly demonstrated the power of the Jews in getting businesses to follow orders. What put him squarely in the middle of this Jewish target was a statement he first made in 1979.


“Show me a photo or a drawing of the homicidal gas chamber?”

It was a question the Jews and their apologists have never been able to answer, nor were they ever able to find documentation that German authorities would ever have sanctioned such a practice, a fact which the International Red Cross has verified.

Faurisson returned to his home in Vichy, France after the debacle in Shepperton. The incredible stress of the visit to England was too much for a man just a few months short of his 90th birthday and his heart gave out in the foyer of his own home after this one, final, disturbing visit to the town of his birth.

There is rejoicing in the Jewish world today at his death. Faurisson had been the most intractable opponent of the cynical Holocaust public relations apparatus. Although many Revisionists remain hard at work trying to convince the public of the greatest lie of all time, Faurisson was known as the dean of the movement.

Historian Michael Hoffman stressed the pivotal role Faurisson had in guiding attorney Doug Christie to victory in the famous Ernst Zundel Holocaust trials in Canada in the late 1980s. In that trial, many Jewish experts were forced to testify there was no evidence for homicidal gassings.

Hoffman called Faurisson a man who was always on trial.

This is the reward for unwaveringly insisting on the truth, to be bashed by Jewish thugs (his face required reconstructive surgery), to be fired from his post as professor at the University of Lyon, and to be plagued by injuries to both his body and soul that bothered him the rest of his life.

To be reviled and feared by those who will never have that kind of courage is the lesson to be learned and the danger to be faced by those who try to speak the truth in a world dominated by lies.

The way the Jews treated Faurisson is the same way Jews treat the whole world — if you don’t believe their lies they’ll beat you to a pulp, and if you keep disbelieving their fables about their beloved Holocaust, as with the case of Robert Faurisson, the battle will result in your death. That he made it to a few months short of his 90th birthday was evidence of his French-Scot tenacity.

Watch the video after reading this story and reflect upon how this is how the governments of the world are bribed and blackmailed into absolute obedience to the Jewish world bank (or whatever they’re calling it now). The restaurant lived in fear of losing its business to a boycott by Jews had Faurisson and his entourage were not evicted on the spot.

Take note of the video’s final line: “As long as the crippling myth of the Holocaust lasts, no hope of national rebirth will be possible.” This is the deliberately jumbled world we face today.

Faurisson set the standard for dispassionate objectivity in investigating a controversial subject without any rancor toward the parasitic liars who harassed him. He endured the perverse slanders heaped upon him by Jews intent on maintaining their bogus Holocaust propaganda, and remained dignified and purposeful to the very end. Jews are unfamiliar with this kind of behavior, which is what separates the vast majority of them from the rest of the human race.