On the True History of the Jews – by Arch Stanton

By Arch Stantion

It is quite clear that modern Jews are descendants of the “sea people” referred to in ancient literature. These people, the Hyksos, were given the title of “Shepherd Kings” (Shepherds – like those referred to throughout the Bible) by the Egyptians who hated them for their pernicious influence on Egyptian culture, just as many hate Jews today for their pernicious influence on white culture. The Hyksos split Egypt in two and subjugated the Egyptian people, ruling over them with an iron hand, wrecking Egypt’s age-old native culture in the process. While I have yet to find evidence, I strongly suspect the Hyksos were responsible for bringing Nubians into Egypt to use them as slaves. Nubian Negros then interbred with the native Egyptians, so it is no surprise to find the last “native-born” Pharaoh of Egypt, Ahmose II was Negro.

Of course, we find the following in the traditional history written by Jews:

“It is said that it was during the reign of Ahmose II (Amasis) that Egypt attained its highest level of prosperity both in respect of what the river gave the land and in respect of what the land yielded to men and that the number of inhabited cities at that time reached in total 20,000.”

Leave it to Jews to claim a Negro king brought about the peak of wealth and property to a non-Negro culture. Yet when reading the rest of his history, one finds Amhose II was a dissolute, conniving ruler more concerned with chasing ho’s and Egypt’s “bling” than administrating over a successful nation. In fact, from descriptions, Amhose sounds exactly like modern African rulers today. No doubt, Amhose II had the Hyksos version of Rham Emmanuel to whisper instructions into his ear. It is claimed the name “Moses” is a derivative of the name Amhose.

The Egyptians finally got tired of “taking the knee” (in the groin) and rose up against the Hyksos and successfully chased them into their fortress city of “Avaris.” (I can never get over the serendipity of names surrounding Jews.) When they could not be dislodged, the Egyptians actually paid them to leave. (Is any of this sounding familiar yet?)

When the Hyksos left Egypt they took a huge amount of Egypt’s wealth with them (the Bible says they “borrowed” the Egyptian gold*, yeah right) and made a beeline across the desert (no forty years of wandering without God’s GPS) to what is now Israel where they founded the city of wait for it – Jerusalem! I kid you not. This history is most likely why Jew Arthur Koestler wrote the book “The Thirteenth Tribe” in an effort to distance Jews from their horrid, ancient history. It is quite astounding to find Jews have been practicing the same form of destruction of advanced cultures since the days of ancient Egypt. What’s more, with a history like this it is quite evident that Jews are a type of snake that never really sheds its skin.

*And the children of Israel did according to the word of Moses; and they borrowed of the Egyptians jewels of silver, and jewels of gold, and raiment: – Exodus 12:35

Can you see this scene described in the Bible?

Pharaoh: (holding head in hands): Thank Anubis the Israelites are finally gone. Jeez-us! I never thought we would get rid of them. But FINALLY! They are gone!”

Messenger (breathlessly): “Your highness, word just arrived, last night the Israelites stole all the gold, silver and raiment from our people.”

Pharaoh (angry): “Now what have I said about using accusatory tones in your delivery? Did I not recently issue an edict prohibiting the defaming of Israelites with pejorative terms like “stolen,” making them sound like they are nothing but a bunch of thieves?”

Messenger (exasperated): Alright already! Your highness, the Israelites just BORROWED all the gold silver and raiment of Egypt from our people, they have bankrupted our nation! We’re ruined!

Pharaoh: “That’s better, that’s what I like to hear calm, unaccusing tones  . . . .  THEY DID WHAT? Jesus H Osiris! Just when I was thinking we were finally rid of the pests, I find they have stolen ~ er ~ BORROWED all our gold, sliver and raiment. Guards! Call out the army, assemble the light chariot troops immediately! We’re going after those Israelites and when we find them, were going to drown them in the Sea of Reeds! Now Saddle UP! For’wrd – Hoooooo!”

– Arch