NYC Hasidic Jews: Den of Thieves?

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NYC Hasidic Jews: Den of Thieves?
There are approximately 550,000 Cabalist Jews called “Hasidim” in the world. Of these about 150,000 live in NYC.  They average about ten children and about half live under the poverty line. Although “Hasid” means pious one, their religion is a sham. Ted Pike reveals that they engage in a wide range of criminal activities from drug trafficking to pedophilia to organ harvesting. 
The scary part is that they have incredible power and  are plotting
a nuclear war to fulfil Prophecy.  Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner belongs to this cult.  Rich Cabalist Jews like the Rothschilds undoubtedly support them. 


by Ted Pike 

One of my readers has lived for decades in New York City.  A devout Christian, he has been an eyewitness observer of Hasidic, Ultra-Orthodox culture and actions in his city and community. Much of it has troubled him. He has collected years of news articles and personal observations and shared them with me. This section of my three-part article is in my words yet reflects his thoughts, which I believe deserve to be heard.

Generally speaking, Hasidic Jews are aloof, avoiding eye contact with Gentiles and not returning greetings. They seem to truly regard goyim as subhuman and created by God to be exploited for the service of Jews. For most, no Gentile law, code or tax must be obeyed if it can be evaded. Brooklyn is projected to become “the new Manhattan” and is being bought up by wealthy Hasidic landlords and developers. Bribery is common; and they, as well as top rabbis and representatives in the state assembly, are able to pull strings in government. This results in even more subsidized housing for their Jewish brethren, filling ten-story apartment complexes very largely with Jews.  Meanwhile, many poor Gentiles wait for affordable housing. Gentile tenants, even with rent paid, are increasingly evicted to sell to Jewish developers.

Brooklyn black councilwoman-elect Laurie Cumbo created a furor by alleging in December that mounting anger and violence against Hasidic Jews results from fear within blacks in the Crown Heights district of being “pushed out by their Jewish landlords.”

Most Hasidim let the taxpayers support large families of up to a dozen children, helping feed them through food stamps. Ultra-Orthodox families commonly avoid taxes through the ruse of fathers declaring they are rabbis and their home is a prayer house or Jewish community center. Hasidic Jews do not serve in the military, and most have dual citizenship with Israel. Supported by taxpayers, Hasidic men are free to study the Talmud (and Kabbalah after the age of 40). Vast numbers head to the Jewish gold, diamond, and garment districts where they make a hefty, largely untraceable income.  As a result, while many Hasidim seem poor and many do struggle on welfare to raise large families, the Hasidic community is awash with money.


Constant reports in the New York press detail every conceivable grant of millions of dollars from state and federal governments for school buildings, Torah teaching assistance and other financial aid. Hasidic leaders find ways to funnel government grants to hundreds of phoney Hasidic charities and “educational” fronts.

For example, Brooklyn state Assemblyman Dov Hikind obtained a federal grant of $950,000 to educate against paedophilia among the Hasidim. But, according to child advocate website, it was squandered, given to a little-known group of Hasidic rabbis ostensibly opposed to pedophilia. Exactly such rabbis are most protective of pedophiles and prohibit Jews from reporting child abuse to the authorities.


As we saw after the death of “slumlord” Stark, there is tremendous respect among the Hasidic multitudes for those who can most successfully scam Gentiles and fill the coffers of Jewish charities.  (See “Hasidic mobsters running amuck in NY state“)  One scam that brought millions to the rabbis was their appeal to donate cars to help Jewish children.

Also, nineteen rabbis and Orthodox Jews were charged in 2009 as participants in an international money-laundering network alleged to have used Hasidic charities to wash tens of millions of dollars in dirty money. Google “Hasidic money laundering” and you will find many more instances of similar Hasidic money laundering over the decades unto the present.

Often such scam artists are hard to prosecute because Hasidic rabbis protect each other.  They claim they must obey the Talmud’s dictum that a Jew must never testify against another Jew in a Gentile court.  (See “Welfare Reform? Not for the Orthodox” and “Milking the System Legally“)

In the upstate New York Hasidic community of Kiryas Joel, Jewish inhabitants virtually own the town of Monroe. Yet an estimated 90% were on Medicaid in a high-tech massive scam of the government. Last fall 14 Hasidim of Kiryas Joel were charged with a total of 68 counts of cheating individual banks, insurance companies and the government out of millions of dollars.

Hasidic deception includes voter fraud. Three million Gentiles in New York do not vote. Yet the Hasidim vote as a bloc and often twice, many travelling to their other residences in the Catskills to vote again. This is to make sure pro-Hasidic candidates get into office and those who hold the Hasidim accountable do not.  Politicians, like Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes, give the Hasidim what they ask because they dread the quickness of the Hasidic community to double-vote them out of office.

Part of the success of their fraud is the deception that they should be given special consideration as a once-persecuted people still in imminent danger of anti-Semitic attack. Cultivation of this myth has resulted in up to 90 per cent of Homeland Security’s millions of dollars for protection of groups possibly targeted by terrorists being funnelled to Jewish organizations, but primarily the Hasidim. Grants to Jews amount to $9.6 million this year to Jews.

The Hasidim are given rights to their own non-Gentile security forces, with police cars, ambulances, video surveillance equipment from Israel, and bulletproof vests provided by the government. They possess a police organization, the “Shomrim,” members of which have erupted in violent attacks against non-Jews…. Guns are banned for everyone in New York City except police, and the Shomrim are ostensibly not allowed to carry them.YetBrother Nathaniel Kapner, converted from Orthodox/Conservative Judaism, tells me that, as a young man who spent a year under the tutelage of Hasidic rabbis and living among the Hasidim, he observed the Shomrim to be covertly“heavily armed.” He says not to believe media portrayals that the Shomrim do not possess firearms.


Hasidic crime also includes worldwide drug dealing, especially by younger Hasidim, which has played a conspicuous role in successfully bringing large amounts of ecstasy, manufactured in Israel and smuggled largely through Jewish diamond trade channels to the United States. The National Geographic channel did a TV special, “Locked Up Abroad, Hasidic Smuggling Ring”documenting the Hasidic ecstasy trade.  In New York City and the east coastthe Hasidim push ecstasy and cocaine to students in Ivy League universities–at up to $50 a pill.

chabad-grre (1).jpeg

An excellent overview of Ultra-Orthodox drug trafficking is the Jewish website Chabad Mafia and their article “Chabad Drug Dealing, Trafficking and Production.”  It asserts the Hasidic Chabad houses scattered throughout the far-flung corners of the third world are not primarily for weary Jewish travelers but collection places for drugs Chabad peddles worldwide to sustain its pro-Orthodox, pro-Zionist program.  An excellent and extensively documented overview of young Hasidic Jews in ecstasy smuggling from manufacture in Israel is also presented by Samuel M. Katz.  In addition, a Jewish judge powerfully rebuked Hasidic indulgence of drug dealing as documented in a New York Times online article, “Sentencing a Drug Courier, Judge Rebukes the Hasidim.”  Also see the Guardian’s article “Hassidic link to drugs barons.”  It begins:

British and American drug-busting authorities claim to have smashed one of the most bizarre money-laundering services ever operated for Columbian cocaine cartels: a circle of ultra-religious Hasidic Jews in New York.  The ring is said to be one of the biggest to be “cleaning,” profits amassed by the Columbian coke barons…This is not the first time the Hasidim have been exposed or involved in the big-time drug trade.”

The Guardian article concludes by describing how a female Hasidic smuggler was “was picked up in Montreal with a suitcase full of ecstasy because she had refused to take the bus to New York on a Saturday.

The Hasidim have been deeply involved in illegal organ harvesting and trafficking. The U.S. Government has exposed Hasidic Jews working with the government of Israel in high-profit international organ commerce that often involves obtaining body parts from victims of tragedy and war, such as in Kosovo, or paying impoverished people in Costa Rica or Israel perhaps $10,000 for a kidney and selling it for upwards of $160,000. (See “How U.S. Rabbis and Israel Traffic in Human Organs and Money Laundering,” “Israeli MD’s Harvesting Organs for International Trafficking Ring” and “Scum of the Earth Haredi Man Allegedly Tricked and Extorted Organ ‘Sellers’“)


Finally, Hasidic rabbis and teachers in Orthodox yeshivas (religious schools) have a notorious record of pedophilia against students and children.  This is documented in countless articles at Orthodox Jewish website License for such perversion comes from the Talmud’s sanction of “marriage” to 3-year-old baby girls, proclaiming it “halakah,” or binding Jewish law. (See “Pedophilia: The Talmud’s Dirty Secret” and “The Long List of Child Molester Rabbis“)

Yet Hasidic leaders insist that Orthodoxy’s pedophile scourge should be brought first to Jewish authorities and courts, not the “goy” authorities.  Even Brooklyn’s legislative representative in Albany, Dov Hikind, said in 2008 that, because he has promised them confidentiality, the names of hundreds of Jewish children whom he knows of who have been victims of Jewish pedophiles will not be released to civil authorities. He agrees that Jewish pedophilia should go before Rabbinic courts first. Only if rabbinic courts fail to act will he divulge the names. Hikind’s power is so great in New York that the state will not indict him for obstruction of justice. Meanwhile, perhaps hundreds of Jewish sexual predators are free to abuse other Jewish children while the original victims find no justice or even, perhaps, protection. Could a Catholic Archbishop protect the name of even one altar boy he knew of, molested by a priest, and not have the police at his door–not to mention self-righteous Jewish media such as ABC, CBS, CNN, and the New York Times trumpeting his offense to the world?

It’s hard to deny the charge that the Hasidics and their Kabbalistic near relatives in Israel, the Haredi settlers, comprise an ongoing crime organization.



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First Comment from RR


My name is RR. I’m writing this in regards to the article you posted on the Hasidic population in NYC. Before I moved to South Brooklyn, I had lived in the Hasidic Boropark Brooklyn. At the time I was completing my MA at CUNY Brooklyn College, and was fortunate to have one of the very few non-Jewish landlords in the area with a fair rent.

If you’re among the goy in Boropark, you’re far from being worthy of equal treatment to a majority of the Jews. I imagine for the few Jews who could muster up any decency that was in part due to the inner Jewish battle on who’s the true Jew (as if there’s such thing). Normally, you were only treated with any respect by the Jews on their Friday night/Saturday during their sabbath if they needed you to turn on/off the lights, or their air conditioning as they aren’t allowed to during that time. Most other times whether it’s in a grocery store, walking outside, or just sitting on the stoop the Jews’ words, tones, and mannerisms are ultra passive aggressive at best.

The Jewish Police department is absolutely disgusting. They hide and cover up a lot of wrongs done by their community that should be handled by NYPD. Case in point: Across the street from where my old apartment was on 13th Avenue and 44th street there was a guy who used to beat his wife. At various times (mostly at night) you could hear it loud and clear, but there was no sense in reporting anything. The Jewish police would “handle it” according to their Noahide laws/rules. If you did report it they only close ranks when there’s anything negative exposed about their community, then they lie, and then cry anti-semitism and go about business as usual. The very rare times (and I emphasise rare) that NYPD was called about something involving the Jews, their disrespect for NYPD is absolutely sickening:

They absolutely drain the City/State of vital resources. While they’re not the only ones who commit welfare fraud, they’re the only ones who do so while having the most political power in New York City, which your article well documents with my former Assemblyman Dov Hikind (who met with President Trump late 2018). One thing that I didn’t see in your article was this: The powers that be in the Jewish Cabal hire useful idiot Goyim to follow people around, and passively aggressively speak to one another loudly around the intended target until they get what they want from the intended person. It’s classic passive-aggressive harassment. There’s much more that I could go into, but I’ll leave it here for the time being.