My Twitter Account has been Suspended – It’s Been a Banner Year!

Dear friends – just wanted to let you know that my twitter account was suspended today after I responded to a genocidal, white-hating, jew by affirming that jews need to be expelled once again — and this time it should not just be from our country but from our Earth.  This twitter suspension comes on the heels of three facebook accounts being disable, two youtube channels, a vimeo channel, my google account, my blogspot blog, and more — all within the last 8 months!

Please note, Joe Bernstein, whose twitter account can be found here, openly called for white people to be murdered and twitter did not suspend his account.  But they did suspend mine.  He is a reporter for Buzzfeed.

I guess calling for murder is fine, but calling for another expulsion of this grotesque race is off limits.

Please also note that Arthur Topham, an amazing Canadian man that ran a website called Radical Press and was harassed by organized jewry and brought to trial in Canada for “hate speech”, was re-arrested on Monday for allegedly violating the terms of his probation.  Please let’s send out a prayer for this good man, and for all the good people in this world who have been harassed by this wicked cult and the sadistic jewdicial system that they have spawned.  Prayers for Ursula Haverbeck, Monika and Alfred Schafer, Sylvia Stolz, Alison Chabloz, Herve Ryssen, and more.  May The Creator watch over these good people and assist the rest of us with finding a way to rid our world of the vile, despicable creatures who would seek to destroy everything good and beautiful.