Mask Wearing Can Cause Irreversible Neuron Damage, Neuron Destruction, Increased Anxiety, and Impaired Learning and Memory in Children.

The following information was received in a private email dated 9/27/23 from America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLD).

According to AFLD:

A recent German study sent shockwaves through the medical community, revealing the horrifying consequences of prolonged mask-wearing, particularly in children.

This groundbreaking study has uncovered a deeply unsettling truth: Rebreathing carbon dioxide (CO2) while wearing masks can lead to irreversible neuron damage, neuron destruction, increased anxiety, and impaired learning and memory in children.

More from the study,

The harm being caused by masking is very serious. Even a few minutes of wearing a surgical, cloth or N95 mask and you initiate the following long-term damages:

Children – irreversible neuron damage, neuron destruction, increased anxiety, impaired learning and memory

Adolescents – testicular toxicity

Pregnant women – stillbirths, fetal malformations, post implantation loss, lower probability of viable fetuses

Sadly, AFLD did not include a link to this study in their email but they do have many mask studies listed on their website here.