Let’s Get Rid of these Monstrous Murderers!

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A prayer for sanity and a promise of retribution
November 7th 2023

By John Kaminski
If there is any real hope of justice in this world, anyone who believes in God should wish whatever is happening to the Palestinians who are now being exterminated in the Sinai desert should now happen to those beasts on two legs who are now doing the exterminating.
They need to be eliminated from the Earth. And the rest of the world knows who they are. It is the sad misfortune for the American people that chief among these malignant miscreants are the leaders of the curdled republic forever to be known as corrupt and soulless warmongers, the United States of America.
That would be called justice, and it is something that never — or at best rarely — has happened in this savage, bloodthirsty world. To wish otherwise, as the U.S. government currently does, would make you as guilty as those barbarians doing the killing, those righteous hypocrites now happily feasting on the blood of innocents and claiming they are the World’s Chosen People.
Just like the way colonizing Europeans killed off all those native Americans who stood in their way, the monsters of International Jewry have slashed their way through the history of the world, leaving a trail of corpses unequalled in the sorry annals of humanity.
Let us now turn our stern attention to the killers, who revel in the slaughter of their victims whose land they have stolen, whose children they have murdered, whose lives they have plundered for the past 77 years. The despicable Israelis, whose philosophy is swindle first, murder later.
These are the same demons who have poisoned the wells of the world, who have defrauded the governments of all nations, who have polluted the minds of the people and who have stolen the right of wreaking vengeance on the guilty, a right every genuine religion on the planet insists belongs only to God.
But not all religions ascribe to sanity. There are those Old Testament ghouls who relish the taste of blood, and who eat children in twisted rituals that reveal this Yahweh monster’s true identity, which is Moloch, who feasts on the blood of murdered babies.
At this very moment in time, those false prophets who besiege the innocent and squander the souls of the innocent are busy squeezing the life out of the planet and every living thing on it.
To our everlasting shame, and even now, as our leaders wantonly betray their own people, the moral citizens of the world are coalescing to round up these criminals in a bonfire to remember.
It is the only way remaining for Americans to redeem themselves in the sorrowful eyes of the world.
But will they repent? Will we be crushed by bombs too powerful to comprehend? Will the cretinous forces of evil that dominate the world ever be defeated by righteousness of common sense, by the triumph of health over profit, of common sense over tyranny.
It is the profound embarrassment of the human species to admit that in all of our history good has never triumphed over evil, the creations of apparent honesty are all revealed to be clever strategies of corruption, deception and cheating people out of both their posterity and their property, every time, in every place.
To wit, the American republic, never fully functional, always manipulated from behind the scenes by those with the money, just as now megapsycho Bill Gates buys up all the farmland to shut down all the farms to cull the human population so gazillionaires can munch on kidnapped children as the luckless losers die in the gutters of America’s decaying streets, and civilization rots, families disintegrate and wheezing whores breathe their last listening to Nikki Haley say we need to support Israel at all costs as the jaded Jews blow up babies with high tech devices given to them for free by the Unites States of America.
Thus the silence in our souls is deafening as the future, whatever might be left of it, tries hard to avoid remembering a civilization and a people that could not love itself, and killed with endless enthusiasm everything it could have loved, had it just stopped and listened to the lies it chose to believe.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.
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