Almost Everything Considered to be Legitimate is a Lie

By Gertjan Zwiggelaar
I am depressed.
Almost everything considered to be legitimate is a lie.
Banking, for example. We have been taught to believe that banking is a legitimate, high level enterprise when in fact it is a colossal jewish fraud. Banks pretend that their product is money when it is nothing of the kind; merely base metal tokens and coloured slips of plastic none of which have intrinsic value and are based on thin air. Banks do not even have enough money on hand to cover the deposits which their customers have trustingly turned over to them thinking their ‘money’ is safe there. Your ‘money’ is not safe in a bank because without consulting you if the privately owned revenue agency, (CRA, IRS etc.) puts a claim on it, the bank readily gives it over without question. In Canada if you protest too much about government tyranny your accounts can be frozen at the whim of politicians. If you practice free speech in a bank branch and express ideas contrary to the official narratives you can be debanked, as has happened to this author recently. If you want all of your ‘money’ out of the bank, if in fact you have any substantial amount on deposit, the bank will not be able to supply it and will ask you to come back at some future date when they have gathered up enough to cover your demand. Fractional reserve banking is what is in place and today the bank does not have to have any deposits on hand and can lend it all out.
We were taught to trust doctors to now learn they are on side of a nefarious agenda to keep people ill, not well. Medical professionals push pharmaceuticals on trusting human beings who become ill as a result and require ever more medicine to feel well enough to go on struggling to make ends meet when there is always too much month left after the pay cheque has been consumed. Slavery is alive and well in the world. Now we are living in the days of the covidocaust in which millions are maimed and killed by poisonous ‘vaccines’ which are not safe or effective at solving the health issue in question but are extremely dangerous and effective at killing human beings. Many doctors do not live up to their Hippocratic Oath and are in fact doing great harm and even overtly murdering human beings called, Amalek by the international clique of parasites.
The law under which we are ruled is a fraud in that it is not the law of the land but law of the sea which makes a privilege of what are actually fundamental human rights such as free passage on public roads without interference from liveried agents of the Crown; another colossal scam because nobody ever revealed to us that the Crown is not a human being but a corporation; a dead entity which is The City of London. How can The City of London have jurisdiction over sovereign beings? A dead entity can not contract and neither can its agents and yet this lie is perpetrated daily upon us through the many lies imposed by the mind control called, ‘governments’. The Crown is the centre of international jewish finance.
We are living in a world where lies are truth and truth is not even considered in a supreme court of law to be legitimate evidence. To wit the many attempts by jewish world war two scholars questioning the official holocaust myth. True evidence is not considered, only the fantastic survival stories of holy hoaxers is regarded as truth, no matter how absurd the claims made. Indeed those with the most incredible survival fictions are even awarded Nobel prizes which brings me to another of those reasons I feel depressed. We can no longer even trust the Nobel prizes any longer, not since the arch demon, war mongering jewish fiend, Henry Kissinger received such a prize. And, then when homosexual Muslim Barrack Hussein Obama got one for doing nothing to earn it, not even keeping peace for which he was awarded the prize in the first place, made the Nobel Peace Prize a total fraud.
For those of us with some insight into what is what here on this beleaguered planet life is becoming ever more bizarre and depressing. We see ever increasing insanity accepted by the general population. Indeed there is no huge public rejection of the obviously insane LGQBT I wanna be a pony circus which for me is another symptom of how there is an increasingly rapid descent into perdition accruing which if not stopped immediately will result in circumstances for the majority of human beings which will make Orwell’s 1984 appear to be but a mild horror fiction compared to reality; a reality more resembling what Alexandre Solzhenitsyn depicted in his Gulag Archipelago documentary or what was depicted in the prescient Hunger Games series and Planet of the Apes franchise.
I will be 73 on the day after Christmas and realize that I am just coming out of adolescence. I don’t mean that facetiously. In my researches I discovered that the human body was actually designed to last a lot longer than it currently does. Indeed if you take the Sumerian king records seriously, there were human beings at a time in the past who lived for several thousand years which leads me to believe that we die much too young; long before most of us ‘get it’. I feel that I am just now beginning to put the pieces together and am beginning to make some sense of things. Now think about the many people who are the ‘leaders’ of nations, creatures like Justin Trudeau for example. Most of these people are much younger than I and most of them barely know Jack Shit and make decisions based on their indoctrination; their membership in this or that particular club or party. Indeed, most of the world’s ‘leaders’ are adolescent narcissists; mere contest winners who are full of self importance and actually believe they are very important persons when those of us who do know a little more think of those ‘important’ personages as complete wastes of human skin and, indeed, dangerous people who ought to be more carefully supervised in prison.
There are people who do protest this and that; who stand on street corners with signs on sticks however when confronted with information regarding the source of the issues they are protesting about most people refuse to go the next step and name their enemy. This author experienced this depressing situation recently when invited to attend a regular protest on a Saturday morning at a busy intersection leading into Red Deer. When I introduced a Roman salute, people became obviously nervous. When I began explaining the jewish side of the equation I was taken aside by the person who had invited me to attend and advised to not talk about jews and not to thrust a Roman salute into the scene. I asked him if you can not name your enemy how do you expect to defeat him? After that I turned my back and left that useless demonstration; just another reason for my depression.
At a demonstration a few years earlier similar people were standing with signs on sticks outside of city hall. The signs were pointed at the building. When I arrived and surveyed this insanity I jumped up on the steps and reminded the people that there was nobody in the building on a Saturday morning and they should turn their signs around so at least the traffic passing by could read them. When I got them to march around the building, when it came time to cross a busy street, half of the people paused when the DON’T WALK light came on. I was standing in the middle of the intersection holding the traffic up and madly gesticulating for the protestors to keep moving, I mean, in a protest does one obey a don’t walk light? It was at that point I realized there is no point in trying to work with ‘good citizen’ protestors and is another reason for my depression. What really needs to happen too few are willing to participate in and hence we will continue to slide methinks until we hit rock bottom and wonder, what the fuck happened? Well, let me be one to tell you, what the fuck happened is, most people did not listen to those of us who actually know what we are talking about and have insight into the fantastic puzzle which is life on Earth. We are denigrated with epithets such as, ‘crazy conspiracy theorist’ for example. Or people will condescendingly say things like, ‘oh, you got that off the internet,’ as if suddenly the entire internet is some illegitimate dispenser of bull shit. Interestingly, lots of those nay sayers are not serious book readers, either.
Now we are adrift in an increasingly severe storm. The entity has made war and is slaughtering human beings by the thousands every day in numerous places in an effort to wipe out the goyim, the human looking cattle who are here to serve jews and are perfectly designed for holocausting; roasting, preferably alive, as a mighty sacrifice for Lucifer, the jews’ only god who manifests in many disguises such as, Baal, Baphomet, Moloch or Yahweh for example. The war is fought surreptitiously as per the motto of the Mossad, ‘through deception so shall we make war.’ Human beings are being maimed and murdered with electromagnetic technologies which is largely the cause of influenza and other maladies. The G5 and now G6 soup we are subjected to coupled with smart meters and chem trails have already seriously compromised many and which has already been verified by legitimate scientific research. The electronic technologies the enemy has deployed are insidious, lots of them are not commonly known about, either. Now add the injections of unsafe, ineffective, witches brew in the name of a bogus virus has set victims up to be manipulated by electronic signals which activate nano technologies which have been injected with the jew jabs. It is depressing to me that so many people know of this and yet the criminals, mostly jews, responsible are not dangling from bridges, lamp posts and trees yet. Don’t you think Anthony Fauci deserves to be scourged, stretched, broken and braided on a wheel? What about Albert Bourla? Or, Deborah Birx? Hang her with her own scarf perhaps?
Ah, Martha, there are so many who deserve to be subjected to the Leo Frank Protocol. Until that happens and we rid this planet of the lying, cheating, thieving, murderous pest collectively known as The Jews we will continue to slide towards a dire existence fraught with constant terror. It is only when we completely exterminate the parasite that we will have peace on Earth and good will towards all men. When we finally expel our collective enemy, then we will have a global celebration lasting years as we rebuild this planet and get back on track towards Paradise.

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