Jews Want Us Dead

Wisdom from Arch Stanton


Jews have no need to “steal elections,” they only have need to make a good show for the gullible goyim so the idiots will continue validating the government and its political system with their votes. If anything, the result of this premise will spur certain idiots into doubling their useless voting efforts!

Obviously, Jews have had a firm grip on America’s political helm for over one hundred years.  Beginning with the Federal Reserve Act, though the use of America’s political system Jews have manipulated the American sheeple into two global wars and a massively destructive “cultural revolution.” Today they are changing the world to suit their Near East agenda through the auspices of their American golem bullyboy. Steal elections? Don’t make me laugh, it hurts too much.

The real reason Jews are “holocausting” various parts of the globe is because they want us dead �C all of us – dead. Jews are psychopathic, murdering monsters that take great delight in destruction that mimics their terrible-wrathful-genocidal Bible stories. This website tells people “they” are trying to steal the elections, and while they dont’ say exactly who “they” are, the few names named are telling: 

[“The NWO cabal intends to transform the entire state into a corporate-communist fiefdom of sorts run by little Big Tech tyrants like Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Larry Page and Sergey Brin.  Then, at the appointed time, California will declare its independence from the United States so that it will be liberated from the Trump administration and all future Republican rule.”]

Of course, it’z all about secession, never about Jews. The first sign of truthfulness in this day and age is clearly naming the JEW! Failing to do so makes one part of the problem.  

The fact is the white man is the sole remaining, intelligent obstacle to the Jews’ global takeover. The white man stood in the way of the theft of Africa’s highly valuable resources, so Jews turned Africa’s political systems over to murderous Negros. The Negro then proceeded to carry out the extermination of the white man that demanded fair market value for African resources.

Today, with child-like Negroes controlling Africa, Jews can easily and cheaply obtain those valuable resources in exchange for lofty titles, a few ho’s and some gold bling. Wait for the surprise when the dimwitted Negro awakens to the extinction Jews have planned for them, but by then it will be way to late to do anything about it. Today, liberals are experiencing much the same surprise as Jews bleed away their power under the guise of an evil Nhadzee Trump and his “right-wing,” “red-state” Republican storm troopers.

Red – a telling color when it comes to Jews. Red is the color of blood and with Jews, it’z all about the color of bloody, Jewish victory. Naturally, the American sheeple are too ignorant, too stupid to connect America’s “red states” with a Judeocommunist victory.

Four more years of making Israel great again! Yeah, four more years and it will no doubt be over for the white race.

By masking and misdirecting the Jews’ true intent, people remain oblivious to the fact that they are being intentionally targeted for destruction by attacks specifically designed with that sole purpose in mind. This website denies that fact by making it appear accidental if one gets the get in then way of the terrible destruction being meted out to America. The idea then is all one has to do to avoid this destruction is abandon and move away from the choice real estate located in target zones and they will be relatively safe from such “holocausting” events.

This is much like those gratuitously violent shooting incidents where so many innocent bystanders are killed. The appearance is that the victims are not really targeted per se, but are merely “collateral casualties” that got in the way of a mad shooter, as opposed to being intentionally targeted because of who and what they are. Of course, in typical fashion, Jews make these incidents a twofer as they accelerate their “gun-control” agenda using these shootings as grisly grist for their “anti-gun” mill. Masses of white people murdered while the “gun control” agenda is pushed further into goy consciousness? Zo, vat’s not to like here Bubi?

Note how many minorities versus white people are murdered in these shooting incidents. And ain’t it a mystery why Jews and other minorities are typically spared as the mass shooting “terrorist” is “apprehended” just prior to carrying out his murderous plan? The fact is, one’s worldview takes on a far different cast when it is realized one is being intentionally targeted fro death because of who they are and/or what they represent.

Ask any combat veteran, once engaged in hand-to-hand combat with a determined enemy, what it’s like to be intentionally targeted for death. Ask the vet what it did to his resolve regarding a deadly enemy. In that explanation, one will discover why Jews want the ignorant white man to stay well away from thoughts of being intentionally targeted.    

Jews’ present themselves as an ally in the gullible goy’s fight to stave off the evil destruction of others but it’z all show, it’z all lies. When one looks at what Jews have done to white, western civilization, it is obvious, JEWS WANT US DEAD! – ALL OF US!


– Arch