How the Jews Have Led Us Down to the Road to Extinction

From a personal email:

The following information is intended to benefit you and others. It concerns our current exposure to wireless radiation and the danger that wireless technologies present to the survival of our bloodlines. The jews have tricked us into participating in our own extermination. It is urgently necessary for us to understand the facts.

Based on several years of deep research on this topic, it appears that we are nearing an extinction event if we do not shift gears very soon. Already insects are dying in large numbers. Bees and butterflies are nearing extinction. Birds have been recorded falling dead from the trees in the Netherlands when a 5G transmitter was turned on across the street from the park where the birds live. Cows and other animals are collapsing in rural areas where wireless cell towers have been installed. Children are developing brain tumors and other cancers in schools located near cell towers. And 54% of humans under the age of 27 are reporting that they suffer from at least one chronic disease.

Making matters worse is the fact that the male sperm count has dropped 60% since 1975 and the U.S. is experiencing its lowest birth rate ever (since they first started recording birth rates in 1909). MOST CHILDREN BEING BORN TODAY ARE THE PRODUCT OF IRRADIATED SPERM AND EGG. This is because their parents are chronically exposed to wireless devices and wireless radiation. These irradiated sperm and egg are likely carrying genetic defects due to radiation exposure. Millions of children are being born today with “new” or “de novo” mutations — which are genetic defects that show up for the first time in a family line in the children who have the disorder. De novo mutations are often caused by genetic defects in the sperm or egg of parents. They can also by caused by early fetal exposure to radiation — which is rampant today due to fetal exposure to ultrasonic irradiation and also parental use of wireless devices. Children with autism often have de novo mutations.

The brain damage being caused by wireless and ultrasonic radiation is extensive. It is driving the early-onset alzheimer’s epidemic as well as the newly labeled “digital dementia” now showing up in teenagers and young adults. It is also deeply connected to the autism epidemic and ADHD and the massive suicide rate we are witnessing in teens and young adults — all of which should alarm us greatly.

We have a very serious situation on our hands and it is important that we understand the roots of this genocidal plot.

The information that follows is excerpted from “The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound and the Dangers of Non-Ionizing Radiation – Part 1.”


* * * * * * * *

To get a sense of just how satanic these nuclear emissions and their “light” really are, let’s listen to the words of British military officers who were first-hand witnesses to nuclear explosions after WW2.

“At the age of 18, they sent me to the nuclear test site. It was utter devastation… If I was looking at you now, I would see all your bones… About 30 seconds later, you’d get the blast, and the blast would knock you flying… I think it was too much for some of the men. Some of them were crying, asking for their mum. It was awful.”[1]

“When I was 21 years old, I was sent to Christmas Island and witnessed 5 nuclear detonations. That was the defining point in my life… When the flash hit you, you could see the x‑rays of your hands through your closed eyes. To say it was frightening is an understatement. I think it shocked us all into silence.”[2]

“We knew nothing. We were told very little except don’t look at the flash… We were told to cover our eyes with our hands or bury your eyes into the crook of your arm, which we did… In the process of your hands over your eyes, you saw every bone in your hand… It’s a sight to see, but I never want to see it again.” [3]

Note from these personal accounts how the reaper revealed himself to the men, all of whom saw their own skeletons thanks to artificial radiation “light”—and this despite their eyes being closed. A similar type of experience occurred decades earlier when Wilhelm Röntgen (the alleged discoverer of x-rays)[4] [5] enlisted his wife’s help to duplicate the first x‑ray experiments.

“In December of 1895, Wilhelm Röntgen revealed the bones of his wife’s hand in the first X-ray photograph. When Anna…saw the bones of her hand exposed beneath her skin, her wedding ring hovering above the skeletal knuckles, she exclaimed, ‘I have seen my death.’ Anna was haunted by the exposure.”[6]

Soon thereafter, Röntgen wrote a letter in which he exclaimed, “the Devil was let loose” with his discovery of x-rays,.[7] Unfortunately, his interactions with the devil caused both he and his wife to die of “gruesome”[8] radiation-induced illnesses[9] that were very similar to the illnesses experienced by soldiers who witnessed nuclear explosions during and after WWII.

“Over a ten-year test period, there were 22,500 personnel. In 2013, we estimated that 18,500 had died and practically nobody had died of natural causes. They all died of leukemias and cancers and carcinomas.”

Significantly, one of the British soldiers who witnessed a nuclear explosion described feeling as if a fiery entity had walked through his body during the blast.

“Then the heat hit you and that was as if somebody my size had actually caught fire then walked through me. It was an experience that was absolutely unearthing.”[10]

American soldiers describe similar experiences while witnessing nuclear explosions.

“I cannot begin to describe the light that came into my eyes. I was totally blinded. When I came out of the blindness, I saw… the blood vessels and the bones in my arm. I was totally x-rayed.” [11]

“The light faded… and it was like giant fireballs in front of your eyes.”[12]

“The cloud just got bigger and bigger… It was really colorful – red, orange. It seemed like a fire was burning inside a cloud.”[13]

“It felt just like if you take a red hot iron from an ironing board and put it to your neck.”[14]

Victims hit with military millimeter wave weaponry also describe similar experiences.

“In research commissioned by the U.S. Army ‘to find out why people ran away when the beam touched them,’ they discovered that targets ‘feel like [their] body is on fire.’”[15]

These testimonies seem to confirm that a portal is opened up through the use of artificial radiation that allows a fiery, luciferian force to enter our realm. Lucifer himself is described as both an “angel of indescribable fire[16] and an “angel of light.”[17] [18] Of course, we are experiencing the myriad “benefits” of Lucifer’s “light” as it now pours into our world.

“Athena Chavarria, who worked as an executive assistant at Facebook and is now at Mark Zuckerberg’s philanthropic arm… said: ‘I am convinced the devil lives in our phones and is wreaking havoc on our children.’”[19]

Indeed, he is. And the demonic side of these technologies has been mentioned again and again by those intimately involved with their creation.

Robert J. Oppenheimer, who is said to be “the father of the atomic bomb,[20] clearly expressed the demonic side of atomic radiation when, upon witnessing the first nuclear explosion, he recalled an excerpt from the Bhagavad Gita and exclaimed, “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”[21] Oppenheimer was also recorded as saying “I hope they cannot see the limitless potential living inside of me to murder everything.”[22]

Oppenheimer was an accused communist that had his security clearance revoked by the Atomic Energy Commission in 1953.[23] He was described as a “disturbed” and “psychologically volatile” man and someone with so little capacity for love that he “offered up his new-born daughter to a friend for adoption.”[24] His daughter later committed suicide.

“With strong Communist connections Oppenheimer, disturbed and deeply jealous, twice committed acts that almost lead to murder. His allusions to pederasty ended a friendship and rumours circulated of affairs with homosexuals. Oppenheimer vaporized at least 129,000 people (atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki August 6th and 9th 1945) and regretted that the weapon had not been available in time to use against Germany. Mankind has no comparison to the speed of lives lost as that of Oppenheimer’s genocidal atomic bomb.”[25]

“It is of utmost significance to point out that both atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb were in large measure a Jewish production. But basically the atom bomb and its further proliferation, is a Jewish idea. One of the central figures in not only laying the theoretical groundwork but also persuading President Roosevelt to launch the whole atomic bomb program was Albert Einstein, a foreign-born Jew with 16 communist front affiliations.”[26]

Oppenheimer, Einstein, and other Manhattan Project “physicists” like Edward Teller and Jack Parsons, have a very dark history and, according to several sources, they were actually kabbalistic sorcerers[27] whose true purpose in creating nuclear and atomic weaponry was to destroy the natural order of Creation. According to author and film maker, Chris Everard, what they were really attempting to do was to “rip a hole in Space-Time” so that demonic energies could enter our world.

“Nearly every major scientist on the H-bomb and A-bomb projects was from a Hebrew family background – why? It has little to do with the fact that they shared an interest in quantum or nuclear physicists and EVERYTHING to do with the fact that the splitting of the Atom and manipulation of Matter itself had been written into the pages of the Judaic Kabbalah…

The Kabbalah taught that all life was made from unseen tiny particles of energy… For thousands of years, the Chaldean Judaic brotherhoods – called Cohens – had written about the visualisation of the smallest elements of matter – which were later to be named ATOMS…

Edward Teller’s family were part of the Budapest Hebrew community in central-eastern Europe which had taught the ZOHAR and Kabbalah to it’s people orally for hundreds of years. It is from this tiny part of Europe… that all the world’s leading atomic physicists come from. Every single one of the scientists who contributed to the Manhattan Project was Jewish and had family roots in eastern Europe. The strong folk heritage of Kabbalah… in the family backgrounds of Oppenheimer, Teller, and many other Eastern European Hebrew scientists all point to [their] concerted effort to attract demonic entities to our planet… Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer even wrote a letter to the president of the United States in 1947 describing these entities as ‘Celestrial Beings.’”[28]

Not surprisingly, Jewish rabbis have also made reference to these “otherworldly” entities when describing the connection between Kabbalah and the “laws of physics.”

“The ancient Kabbalists… spoke about invisible worlds and those who dwell there, describing these realms with a cursive, poetic form of imagery [in order to] conceal within their words their knowledge of the laws of physics… The ancient Kabbalists… did not discover these matters on their own. Their knowledge was supposedly revealed to them by angels…”[29]

Lest we forget that Lucifer himself is described as an “angel”[30] and in many instances, he is referred to as a “fallen angel.[31] Fallen angels are those who have rebelled against God, seeking power for themselves (and, in the case of Lucifer, wanting to be worshipped as if he is God).[32]

“Lucifer is a fallen angel (a demon) who leads other demons in hell and works to harm human beings. Lucifer was once among the most powerful of all archangels, and as his name suggests, he shone brightly in heaven. However, Lucifer let pride and jealousy of God affect him. Lucifer decided to rebel against God because he wanted supreme power for himself. He started a war in heaven that led to his fall, as well as the fall of other angels who sided with him and became demons as a result. As the ultimate liar, Lucifer (whose name changed to Satan after his fall) twists spiritual truth with the goal of leading as many people as possible away from God.”[33]

“[Lucifer] opposes and exalts himself over everything that is called God or is worshiped, and even sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God.”[34]

Those responsible for bringing nuclear and atomic “science” to our world appear to be part of this fallen angel crowd.

“[L. Ron] Hubbard, [Charles] Manson, [Jack] Parsons, [Ed] Teller – they are all linked, either directly, or indirectly, with Robert Oppenheimer, the Manhattan Project, Bohemian Grove, the Kabbalah and Albert Einstein – and the core shared interest was the Hermetic mysticism in ancient Hebrew books which describe matter being assembled from small particles…”[35]

“Theoretical physics, actually originates in Kabbalah and alchemy. From evolution to the Hadron Collider, we’re being sold occult mysticism as modern science.”[36]

“Has humanity effectively been duped into building the machines that will serve as the key to freeing a horde of entities from a dimensional prison?”[37]

Rabbinical writings speak to the relationship between physicists, the Hadron Collider, and the Kabbalah.

“Inside the [Large Hadron Collider] there are bunches of protons being smashed to smithereens by physicists… The scientists are doing practical Kabbalah experiments… Now, when some scientists smashed together a few atoms, you got nuclear energy…and nuclear devastation. That is why the Collider currently in use was very, very carefully planned… At present, the scientists are ready for the next step. They’ve planned it very carefully, and they intend to increase the amount of energy by 14%.”[38]

The Large Hadron Collider is a gigantic atom-smashing machine (sometimes referred to as a “particle accelerator”)[39] that not only smashes particles to “smithereens,”[40] [41] but is designed to “destroy the fabric of space-time” and “prove the existence of the ‘God particle.’”[42] [43] The alleged “God particle” is sometimes referred to as “tachyon,” and is claimed to have the ability to “unstick matter… leaving everything free from the influence of the universe.[44] In other words, this so-called god particle will “free” this magnificent creation we call Earth from the “stickiness” of Divine Order.

“What might the [Hadron Collider] do? There are indications that it could change times and physical laws as it destroys the fabric of space-time. In other words, it potentially can open wormholes and portals to other dimensions…”[45]

The Large Hadron Collider is located at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) in a huge underground tunnel near Geneva, Switzerland. It is claimed to be built in a tunnel because the Earth’s crust provides protection against radiation.[46] CERN’s symbol is 666.[47] [48] In front of CERN’s headquarters stands a statute of Shiva, the god of destruction.[49] Although some are foolish enough to pretend there is nothing sinister in all of this, in fact, very dark rituals have taken place at or near CERN,[50] including a ritual involving human sacrifice, a portion of which appears to have been captured live on video.[51]

Dark occult rituals are taking place all around the globe.[52] Another bizarre ritual recently took place at the HAARP facility in Alaska that was described in the media as an “art transmission” and broadcast live on the internet between March 25‑28, 2019.

Please keep in mind as you read the following information that the bible refers to Lucifer as the “prince of the power of the air[53] and the HAARP ritual was “coincidentally” named “Ghosts in the Air Glow.[54] According to the write-up, Amanda Dawn Christie is the “transmission artist” who brainstormed the event. She is claimed to be an assistant professor in Concordia University’s Department of Studio Arts. Yet despite her alleged low-level status, she somehow managed to get HAARP controllers to allow her to use their facility—even though the facility was allegedly closed down in 2014.[55]

According to the media, Amanda’s plan was to send “poetic texts written in Morse code” and use the “NATO phonetic alphabet” to send “art transmissions” that address “issues related to military research, surveillance, political territories, ionospheric science, and conspiracy theories.” Of course, the question arises as to how an assistant art professor has learned Morse code and gained access to the NATO phonetic alphabet—and what, exactly, she knows about issues related to military research and surveillance, political territories, ionospheric science, etc. The event is described as follows:

“Embedding ‘ghosts’ into the airwaves – The common thread weaving each segment together is the idea of the ‘ghosts,’ or rather the esoteric activity that inhabits our airwaves, says Christie. She explains that when radio was first discovered in the 1800s, spiritualist movements of the era believed the souls of the dead occupied the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum… I liked the connection made by 19th-century spiritualists between matter, energy and EM waves on both a poetic and metaphorical level,’ Christie adds. ‘By embedding images and sounds into the airglow, I’m also in a way embedding my own ‘ghosts’ into the EM spectrum…’

Amanda’s project will be a valuable contribution to the 50-year collection of scientific work in the field of ionosphere radio modification, and also to the brand new collection of artistic work using powerful high-frequency radio transmitters and the upper atmosphere.”[56]

In my well-educated estimation, Mankind should be extremely wary of this “brand new collection of artistic work” since it involves using high-frequency radio transmitters to modify the “ionosphere.” The ionosphere is so named because it protects the Earth from absorbing the intensity of natural radiation coming in from space. This same protective boundary correspondingly traps artificial radio waves within the Earth’s atmosphere, as the waves bounce off the natural forcefield, shooting them right back to Earth.[57] Hence, it is through the manipulation of the “ionosphere” that the dark ones can permeate the Earth with artificial radiation, causing Mankind and all life forms to be cooked in a cauldron of luciferian, radiation soup. Moreover, there is no doubt that kabbalists believe that if they can blow a hole in the ionosphere, their much-beloved demons can pour into our world.

The absolute commitment these kabbalists have to bringing demons into our world was perhaps best exemplified by Jack Parsons who was one of several insane “nuclear physicists” bent on destroying the Earth.[58] Parsons was responsible for creating explosive rocket fuels that aided in the delivery of nuclear bombs. He was a sexual deviant having had sex with his mother, her dog, and an ongoing affair with his wife’s 17-year old sister.[59] [60] He was also a victim of satanic ritual abuse[61] and a follower of Aleister Crowley. Parsons literally believed himself to be the anti-Christ and, in a ritual designed to fully align himself with this energy, Parsons self-baptized himself “Armiluss”—or the Jewish anti-messiah.[62] Below are important details about this once well-funded, well-respected “scientist.”

“Parsons was a descendant of one of the founders of the Satanic “Hell-Fire Club” in Britain. He himself was the leader of the California branch of Aleister Crowley’s Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO).”[63]

“Parsons was a kabbalist who was ruthlessly committed to unlocking the secrets of the Dark Side of the Tree of Life. He was a student of Hebrew and fiercely loyal to Israel.”[64]

“Journals reveal that one Hebrew family name after another after another make up the membership of Parsons’ ‘Synagogue of Satan’.”[65]

“In 1950, the FBI would investigate Parsons over the theft of rocket documents from the Hughes Aircraft Company; after being discovered, Parsons was immediately fired, and would later lose his top secret clearance. ‘He planned to submit [the stolen documents] with [an] employment application… for employment in the country of Israel,’ read the original FBI report.”[66]

“Parsons took on the ancient Judaic teachings that Christ and his church were the enemy of civilization and that it had to be destroyed.”[67]

“[He] was a sworn Black Magician, dedicated to Satan… Out in the Mojave desert, L. Ron Hubbard [who called himself FRATER H and was a fellow disciple of Aleister Crowley] and Jack Parsons performed a ritual… Hubbard helped Parsons baptise himself as the SON OF SATAN – the ‘Armilus’, which is the Hebrew name for the AntiChrist.”[68]

“During the Mojave desert ritual, Parsons masturbated, offering his sperm to the dark side of the Tree of Life – a void known as the Abyss-Daarth.”[69]

“Parsons conducted a giant satanic ritual aided by fellow O.T.O. member Frater ‘H’… [This is] one of the dark[est] rituals known to kabbalists. [It is called] “The Babylon Working“… Aided by Frater ‘H’, [the two men] projected their astral bodies into the dark abyss of Lucifer… Parsons had a sex magic partner in the O.T.O. named Marjorie Cameron… Marjorie confessed that she had been part of the ‘Babylon Working’ ritual. She said that it had been devised by Jack Parsons, L. Ron Hubbard, Aleister Crowley and Manhattan Project scientists based at the Los Alamos Atomic Bomb research unit headed by jewish scientist Robert Oppenheimer. Marjorie confessed that during the Babylon Working…Parsons had sexually impregnated her at the point when the spirit of the antichrist was bestowed on him. [Marjorie] had been made pregnant with the child of the antichrist… During the ritual, Frater H saw Parsons rip a hole in space-time and something flew in…”[70]

“The entire central goal of Parsons and Hubbard’s rituals in the desert was to create a Homunculus Moonchild – a hybrid anatomical abomination which is part Demon-spirit, part Human…”[71]

“They were breeding what the kabballah calls a GOLEM. A GOLEM is an artificially created humanoid usually made from dead human body parts which is animated by the magician chanting incantations and mantras.”[72]

Significantly, in order to make the golem-baby’s body more inviting to demonic forces and more easily inhabited by same, the body was repeatedly exposed to large doses of artificial radiation[1] both in utero and outside the womb.[73]

“The purpose of [the ritual] was to create an evil successor to Parsons and Crowley. This would be done using a variety of techniques – one of which included exposing a foetus to massive radiation doses… Cameron [and] Parsons aborted at least two of their babies which were then exposed to radiation in occult rituals.”[74]

It is conceivable that the fetus was placed in the center of the canister and irradiated with the blast of the worlds first atomic bomb thus infusing the demon child with what kabbal[ists] call the demonic force of atomic fire.[75]

Thankfully, after decades of being a servant to Lucifer, Parsons met his appropriately fiery demise during an explosion in his home laboratory that occurred while he was “building a devastating horrid planet-killer super bomb funded by the state of Israel.”[76]

Of course, lead researchers like Alfred Lee Loomis who worked with ultrasonic irradiation, rubbed noses[77] with nuclear “physicists” like Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr (another luciferian kabbalist turned “physicist”).[78] These men were all cut from the same cloth and deeply involved in the Manhattan Project. Technologically produced ultrasound is a fundamental part of their magical “workings” and was no doubt created as a result of kabbalastic teachings that claim “the whole universe is founded upon sound.”[79]

“The basis for all nuclear physics can be found in the Kabbalah [which puts forth] the idea that all matter is made from small invisible particles [atoms], and that these particles can be manipulated through sound…”[80]

“Physical matter is founded upon sound… Sound is the fifth dimension that gives rise to (and can thus destroy) four- dimensional space-time beneath it…. Some 20th century scientists have become aware of the power of oscillating sounds and can manipulate them in amazing manners.”[81] [emphasis added]

And so it is clear that their fascination with technologically produced ultrasound (and infrasound) stems from their belief that they can use this energy to destroy our world and/or turn it into a luciferian prison within which Lucifer, and not our loving Creator, will control the Earth and everything that exists here.


[1] Can it possibly be just a coincidence that almost all babies being born today are exposed to high levels of radiation while in utero through ultrasound and parental use of non-ionizing technologies like cell phones and wifi devices? Is it possible that these technologies have been deliberately mainstreamed into our society as a way of making our children more accessible to, and more easily influenced by, luciferian forces? Could this also be why they are using the body parts of aborted human babies in the creation of vaccines and then injecting this dead material into the bodies of pregnant mothers and very young children? Are they trying to turn all children into golems?


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