Hey Cuomo, You Scumbag – Show Us Epstein’s Corpse or Resign!!

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Source Article by Lorenz Kraus:
Andrew Cuomo, Show Epstein’s Corpse or Resign


No one should accept the news that Jeffery Epstein is dead.

We have a right to see the corpse.

All public officials who refuse this request resign in disgrace. Treachery has no place in our society; yet we see that treachery is the current political art.

This must be the turning point when the public demands the presentation of evidence from the RULING SCUM, and not mere “reports” from “authorities.”  I am sick of authorities reporting non-sense.

If the public wants to end FAKE NEWS, they must demand first-hand access to evidence. That’s how you get the truth.

Everything must shut down unless a poke-able corpse is produced.

Don’t believe that Epstein was murdered in jail or that he committed suicide on suicide watch. That’s laughable Q-tier thinking.

Get evidence for what you claim. Get evidence for what the ruling scum claims.

I want the evidence that Epstein is dead. I want evidence that hairy beast Isaac Kappy is dead. Don’t go along with “reports.” They can report anything. They control the news services.

Epstein’s “suicide” was telegraphed days ago. If he did commit suicide, how did he commit suicide?

How was the public cheated out of justice?

Since this reported event happened in New York state, it is up to that humanoid Andrew Cuomo to show the body. The credibility of New York is so low, showing the body is necessary to re-establish public trust. Self-government depends on it.

Perhaps #showthecorpse is a good way to get this started.

No matter what, the public deserves evidence, in lieu of, illusions.

As to Epstein, do you really think that MI5 or MI6 would allow a Jewish pimp near a member of the Royal family? Would you allow it, if you were in charge of security? It’s obvious that Epstein is part of British intelligence, just as much as, he is Israeli intelligence. His mentor was Robert Maxwell, who served in the British army.

If Israel is a colony of the British Empire, a fake state in service to the Queen, a state which she knighted through Shimon Peres, then the Mossad is connected to British intelligence intimately. Mossad is British intelligence. The use of child-sex blackmail fits the larger picture of the British trying to influence and hijack America for their own geopolitical and imperialistic purposes. They use Skull and Bones, masonry, Rhodes Scholars (like Buttplug and Booker), the Council on Foreign Relations, and others. These preceded the existence of the state of Israel.

Epstein’s temple on his Eygptian-style island is coded up with characters, the meaning of which, will be revealed sooner or later, but masonry worships Egyptian symbols. Masonry is British intelligence. Is it masonic intelligence 5 and 6 or is it masonic intelligence 11?

We live in a masonic theocracy.

No public citizen saw the corpse of Osama bin Laden. All we have is what Obama reported. What Obama reported came 3 months and 3 weeks before his birthday in 2011. The Queen’s crash in the Rock-a-ways, came 101 days after Obama’s birthday in 2001. That was just another 11/33 story.

That supposed plane was headed to Santo Domingo of the Dominican Republic, which has an Ozama river running through it.

The river ISIS runs through England and through Oxford.

Obama presented himself as a pharaoh.

Even Rush Limbaugh was in on it. “Well, the same question needs to be asked about Pharaoh Obama,” Limbaugh said. “Why didn’t the Pharaoh see this coming…”

There was a video on youtube that showed how deeply Obama and his handlers cultivated his image as a pharaoh and masonry.

Regardless, it is very doubtful any intelligence service would kill off their agent, or allow them to rot in jail, if they could avoid it.  How would you recruit future agents, if you killed yours off or allowed them to rot in prison?

They would call it a suicide, and the public would accept it because they accept anything authorities report.

This is their fundamental epistemological servitude to those who “take control of the situation.” This is the essence of the ruling scum. They have secrets and you don’t. They control the information, and thereby, the world. The only way to break the ruling scum is to break their hold on information. The internet did a good job of that, while it lasted. That’s why they want to shut down the libraries and make them digital and editable, and why they want a controlled internet.

We have the opportunity to turn this around by putting our foot down… on Epstein’s corpse. It’s the least we could do.

Every black box fraud works the same way. The police or politicians or media tell us what’s in the black box. We can’t see for ourselves.  That’s the trick of the Wizard of Oz. The un-scientific consensus on global warming was created by East Anglia University controlling access to climate data. Bernie Madoff told people how much money was in the trading accounts he controlled. The neo-cons told us Iraq had WMDs. Obama told us bin Laden is dead. In every case, the public is denied access to first-hand evidence.

A society can’t run this way.

You can’t get out of mental servitude, unless you demand first-hand evidence for the suspicious claims pawned off by the ruling scum.

It still may surprise people to think we are in a masonic theocracy. After all, they aren’t chopping off our heads, are they?

Masonry demands Zionist world domination.

A masonic theocracy is a Zionist theocracy.

Zionism is the subjugation of Gentiles to the Noahide laws, which are enforced through the Kosher slaughter of Gentiles.

This means the beheading of Gentiles.

The Jews really are out to chop off your head. The US Congress endorsed the Noahide Laws.

It is really incredible that Gentiles allow Chabbadiniks near their elected leaders given the danger they present. At least, the public was suspicious of Bolshevik Jews. There’s no suspicion of Zionists.

Resign Josh Hawley. You’re a Zionist disgrace and an avowed enemy of billions of Gentiles.

You can really see how a repeat of the gulags and mass murder of tens of millions could take place with a Congress of Josh Hawleys. The sinister ministers of Judeo-Christianity who tend to the spiritual need of the patriotards know all about this. They are leading their sheep to Kosher slaughter.

Goy means cattle. Jews see us as cattle to be slaughtered. This comes full circle with the masonic-zionist-Noahide laws.

Twin Tower Cow Parade Year 2000

Those who deny the reality of Jewish mass murder as an objective of Judaism and Zionism are canardists.

Jews are an active deadly threat to Gentiles.

Canardist Abe Foxman denies all evidence of Jewish parasitism and predation. He denies the history of Jewish mass murder of Gentiles. He would deny the Book of Ester. He would deny the existence of Jeffery Epstein and Alan Dershowitz. We’re all tired of it.

It’s time for the public to take control of the situation before the guillotine rises.