Germany Rises Up Against Lockdown!


Actually, if you read the article below, sources are saying there were more than a million people at this march. This gives me hope that people really are waking up around the world and humanity is not going to take this attempted takeover of our Earth without putting up a fight.


Source Article:
Media lie: Today there were over 500,000 people at the Corona demo 118


The organizer even speaks of 1.3 million. In any case, the largest demo against a German government since November 1989.
It is probably one of the most grotesque lies since the lie press existed: the media unanimously give the number of demonstrators between 17,000 and 20,000. Also in the Tagesschau, the current camera of the regime.
Dear people, I was there. The Straße des 17. Juni was full from the Brandenburg Gate to almost the Great Star! In any case, that’s more than 500,000, maybe even a million. The organizers spoke of 1.3 million.
This aerial photo, published by Bild-Online, gives you an impression (free media had no aerial photo access …). Everything crowded. And then the lie of picture: The picture is cut off at the lower end. Every Berliner knows what the Straße des 17. Juni looks like: the Soviet War Memorial is halfway there. That is not on the aerial picture of picture at all. But the crowd not only extended to the Soviet War Memorial, but the full distance to the police line in front of the Great Star. The picture shows just a quarter to a third of the route. So we are lied to …
The police wanted to break up the demo. A madness, a provocation. But the organizer, Michael Ballweg and the initiative Querenken-711 from Stuttgart, did not give in. Hats off! Brave people! The police then occupied the stage at around 5 p.m., turned off the electricity, and threatened with eviction. People from the demo line were carried away by the police. The showdown lasted 90 minutes. Hundreds of thousands chanted: “Resistance!” And “We are the people”. It was a fighting mood that I have never experienced in this country. This people is not lost yet!
The crowd behaved skilfully: some made a pilgrimage to the nearby Reichstag and tried a chain of people around the Federal Chancellery. The majority stayed on Straße des 17. Juni. There they are now. The police surrendered, but missed a report to the courageous organizer. Certainly the movement will quickly pay the fine.
Today is a historic event, beyond the borders of our country. The people rise. The numbers are stunning. Nobody would have thought that possible until today. It is the biggest defeat of the Merkel regime – and the lying press. Pegida’s 40,000 in January 2015 were impressive – but today’s 500,000+ are stunning. No regime can endure this in the long run. Now it’s time to stay tuned!

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