Florida Shooting a Definite False Flag

This blog was originally posted in February 2018.  The blog quickly went viral and because of this, a few days after publication, my youtube channels, my google account, and my entire blogspot blog were wiped from the internet.

The information in this blog is too important to lose so it is being reposted here.  It provides a clear explanation of the games being played in the hopes of disarming the American people.  Their fear, of course, is that too many armed people will see who it is that is behind all the evil and these armed people will then rise up and rid the Earth of the evil-doers once and for all.

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Florida Shooting A Definite False Flag

The shooting happened on Feb. 14, 2018.  Note the date of these posts.

I don’t know about other people, but this girl really likes to smile after getting shot in the head.

Watch full video here


Tell me friends — do those gun wounds look real to you? Does the blood even look real or does it look more like magic marker drippings?
Images captured from this video

Dear friends – I’ve been making sure to download some of the more important videos I’ve seen in case they get scrapped from the internet. Already, dozens of videos have been deleted from youtube and facebook pages.

Please notice the last names of the people being used to represent American students in the interviews below and also the number of mixed race people who were chosen to be interviewed by the sell-out “journalists” involved in screwing over the American people.

Mixed race images abound these days in the jewish-controlled media because they are part of an agenda to promote white genocide. As you will see in the many videos below, the agenda is in full swing. Read all about it here.

Despite all the brown skinned people being interviewed in the videos, as it turns out, Parkland is actually a jewish community. We learned this Truth through an article that the jews decided to publish in The Forward lamenting the pain of all the innocent jews who are suffering as a result of this Hollywood event.

“The shooting is the deadliest ever to take place at an American high school, surpassing the carnage of the infamous 1999 Columbine massacre. And its location — Broward County — meant that the tragedy struck at the heart of one of America’s largest Jewish communities.

“Many [students] saw their friends get hit by bullets,” Rabbi Shuey Biston, who officiated at the bat mitzvah of one of the victims, told the Forward. “They saw their friends go down.”

Of the 17 people who lost their lives, five so far have been identified as Jewish. The Chabad movement, of which Biston is a part, said the school is 40% Jewish.

Florida is home to nearly 1 million Jews, making it the state with the third biggest Jewish population after New York and California. According to Brandeis University’s American Jewish Population Project, Broward County, which includes Fort Lauderdale and Pembroke Pines as well as Parkland, is home to around 170,000 Jews — nearly 10% of the county’s population. There are 10 Jewish day schools across the denominational spectrum; kosher restaurants pepper the area, and two of the county’s four members of Congress are Jewish.” Source

One Youtuber claimed they had researched this town and found the average annual income to be close to $300,000 per year. I’m sorry I cannot find the link but if i do, I will repost here.

Funny thing in a community with an annual income so high, that Nikolas Cruz would be staying in a house at the time of the alleged shooting that looks like this…

Image taken from this article


Interestingly, the same article contains a video of the alleged house where Nikolas Cruz was staying for the past three months and in that video, the house looks like this…

Do these houses look like the same house to you? Note the different cars and the different driveways and the fact that one has a car park and the other doesn’t, one has a fence, the other doesn’t, etc. Very strange indeed. Inconsistencies abound as you will see throughout this blog.


Please also note the following commentary that was recently posted on Rense.com regarding Broward County, Florida.

Before delving into the sordid details, it should be noted that in the morning of the same Valentine’s Day massacre, that three young men in a truck drove without a permit onto the grounds of the NSA headquarters at Fort Meade, Maryland. Security opened fire on the wheels, and apparently one serviceman was hit by a ricocheting bullet. The young men were found to be high on drugs and claimed they took the wrong turnoff from the adjoining road. The Pentagon and White House were put on a terrorist alert, and obviously the NSA suffered momentary confusion, since the truck could well have been mistaken for a suicidal bomb attack. Whether that driving violation was part of a deliberate attempt to throw the nation’s law enforcement off-guard is yet to be determined.

Further south, all hell did break loose on Saint Valentine’s, a Christian holy day dedicated to genuine love based on innocent affection. Then again, heartfelt love in rare commodity amid the corruption of South Florida. Broward county, scene of the Parkland school massacre, is known for its Fort Lauderdale casual flings during college-days on Easter weekend (can anyone recall what that holy day stands for?), and is located between Palm Beach, pedophile capital of the Sunshine State, and the Miami-Dade transshipment hub for cocaine and DACA prostitution.

Welcome to Little Israel, where underage youths are traded on the slave block and drugs are more available than a cup of coffee, thanks to the quality of law enforcement, which has been thoroughly penetrated by a secretive Jewish vigilante group known as the Shomrim.

Ever wonder why director Michael Mann (a proud Jewish American as opposed to a fanatic Zionist thug) is permanently banned by the television industry from making a contemporary sequel to Miami Vice? Crockett and Tubbs, where were you on V-Day, when those high school kids needed your gunnery? Now that the tragedy is being hijacked by Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz for gun control legislation, her supporters in organized crime may soon have a monopoly over firepower. Instead of rolling over and playing dead, Americans need to expose and fight the political criminals who are causing the violence against children.

Interestingly, the article above (with the fake houses) mentions that the couple who were housing Nikolas Cruz at the time of the event just happen to be (a) a military intelligence analyst, and (b) a neonatal intensive care nurse — two very important “occupations” for those involved in inflicting torture on innocents for the purpose of trauma based mind control. Adding to the intrigue is the fact that the very mean looking “neonatal intensive care nurse” also accompanied Nikolas to a “therapy session” just days before the shooting. Of course, psychiatrists also weigh in heavily in the field of trauma based mind control.


Here’s the happy couple, posing for the photo shoot.

And here’s the kind of person Mrs. Snead really is. EVIL.



In other words, Nikolas Cruz is a mind-controlled patsy and this woman needs to be locked up for life.

Here’s a little snippet on Mr. Snead


And then there’s this info, posted in this article.

Let’s turn back to Parkland, where the alleged shooter’s brother Zachary was quickly hauled off to a psychiatric center for the legal limit of 12 hours, apparently for a massive mind-altering dosage. Oddly, there has been zero mention of “younger brother” Zack ever having attended Parkland school. News reports suggest that he’s the younger brother, although Nikolas was adopted immediately at birth from the Jewish mother by the Cruz couple. This means that the “brothers” are unrelated by blood, so there is no genetic factor behind the duo’s mental issues.

The waters are already being muddied by dubious claims in the social media. Nikolas Cruz is portrayed as a troubled loner, as in the case of all such shooters. Yet one of his classmates claimed to be his girlfriend, who dropped him for an African-American rival, provoking his enraged reaction. (This sounds like another “I was bonked by Charlie Manson” claim to fame.) If so, why didn’t an angry Cruz wait outside school on Valentine’s Day to gun them down, instead of whacking 17 unrelated students and teachers? Everyone is trying to get their 15 minutes of fame off of crazy Nick.

Following stepmother Lynda Cruz’s death in late 2017, which happened some 3 months prior to the shooting, the boys were invited to stay at the home of a “family friend”, the Sneads, who are not officially registered as foster parents. The wife famously said: “We had a monster living under our roof and we didn’t know.” That brutal attempt to disassociate speaks for itself. What if he’s innocent? The so-called “confession” means absolutely nothing given the heinous criminal record of the South Florida police for frame-ups of innocent suspects.

Perhaps the couple knew all about the $800,000 inheritance the boys are entitled to receive from the sale of the Cruz family properties, once the estate lawyers complete the paperwork. A war veteran who served with him mentioned that James Snead, who runs an air-conditioner repair service in Coral Springs, served as a military intelligence analyst, meaning there could be an underlying connection to the nexus.


An excerpt from the above article also states the following:

“The couple admitted they allowed the ‘gun-obsessed’ teen to keep an AR-15 rifle in their home, however, as they are avid about gun safety, they made him buy a locking safe to keep in his bedroom.

Inside the safe, were other various guns as well as knives. The pair instructed Cruz to ask for permission before unlocking the safe – which they claimed to the Sentinel he did twice since moving in.”


Amazing isn’t it, that they would allow Nikolas – “a gun-obsessed teen” with “an AR-15 rifle” – to stay in their home at the request of their son, whose name is, of course, never mentioned. If anyone feels compelled to do some research on the “Snead” family, whose last name sounds completely fictitious and whose home seems to be MUCH different than other homes in a $300,000 per year neighborhood, I’d sure be interested to know what gets uncovered.

To get a bird’s eye view of what the homes in Parkland, Florida actually look like, simply google “homes for sale in Parkland, Florida” and behold what the houses in this affluent jewish community really look like. Here’s a link to a duckduckgo search. Here’s a sample…



BTW – one other unusual anomaly about this article is the fact that it first refers to the Parkland school as “Marjory StoneMASON Douglas High” (as at the bottom of the photo of the happy couple above). Later in the article, they refer to the school as “Marjory StoneMAN Douglas High.” So which is it? And are they trying to send us subliminal messages about who is really behind this, i.e., the “masons” who, of course, are totally controlled by organized jewry?


Interesting that this anomaly seems to keep cropping up.


According to one facebook friend:

“Florida school where shooting took place was named after Marjory Stoneman Douglas (April 7, 1890 – May 14, 1998), an American journalist, writer, feminist, and environmentalist known for her staunch defense of the Everglades against efforts to drain it and reclaim land for development. SHE WAS ANTI DRAIN THE SWAMP! You can’t make this stuff up! Coincidence?”

Below please find a series of videos and links that reveal numerous anomalies about this alleged shooting. There are many things we need to be thinking about. All of what I am about to post is a STRONG indication that organized jewry is responsible not just for this latest Hollywood production, but for a series of filthy, deceptive, manipulative “events,” all of which are designed to deceive the American public and diminish our freedoms. At this point, it is clear that the people responsible for these false flags need to be expelled from America and/or arrested for treason and executed. Enough is enough. This shit has got to end.





In the video below, please note that everyone in the fake discussion is acting – and it is some of the worst acting I have ever seen. The real kicker, however, is when the half breed crisis actor comments about being in her “holocaust class” when the guns went off (about 1:15 minutes in). Of course, being of “mixed race,” she is the perfect poster child for the jewish agenda which, as many people know, is all about taking away the guns of the American people and engineering white genocide (to learn more about this agenda, please visit this link).


Here is the video with the mixed race crisis actor who was attending a “holocaust class” when the staged event started.



Below we have another example of the “mixed race” theme coming from the NY Daily Jews. I presume these creatures think themselves very clever for having combined their gun grabbing agenda with their white genocide agenda (also see here and here), but too many of us are now seeing this for what it really is… i.e., just another case of our eternal enemy trying to attack us and our world.


Fast forward the video below to 1:21 to see another example of how they are trying to promote the idea that this was an interracial school. Curious that a black student would be attending a school in a predominantly jewish area, especially in light of the fact that jews tend to really look down on black people. In fact, while jews promote forced immigration and interracial breeding in all white countries, they are busy deporting black people out of Israel under threat of imprisonment if they don’t leave.




Below again we see the interracial school theme, with an alleged student named “Sam Fuentes” (female) walking through a black neighborhood that is clearly not Parkland, Florida.  Notice the absurd disheveled look of the “reporter”(about 12 seconds into the video) who is dressed to imitate a poor black person.


To affirm that this neighborhood is NOT Parkland, Florida, and that these newscasters are manipulative frauds, please note the words of a Parkland rabbi who, with his community of eternal jew victims, is lamenting the horrifying Hollywood movie that occurred in Parkland while simultaneously revealing that Parkland is known for its “palatial” residences.

Parkland, population 31,000, is what Biston calls a “suburban utopia.” In 2017 the city was voted Florida’s safest, registering seven violent crimes for the year. Until last week’s shooting it was known for its palatial residences and access to the Everglades.

“It is that gated community, manicured lawns, beautiful parks, everyone knows everyone,” Biston said. “For us, crime is when your bicycle goes missing.”



And here’s our interracial friend, Sam Fuentes, once again, this time describing her wounds from an AR15 assault rifle, over which she put band aids to help herself heal.



Priceless commentary from Kurt Haskell:

“Poor Samantha Fuentes was “shot” 4 times while attending her Holocaust history class. Look at the devastating injuries she has on her legs from the bullet wounds. The swelling and bruising are tremendous. It took no less than 4 band aids to cover up her gruesome injuries. At least she is able to walk only a couple days after taking two ar15 shots to each thigh. Since she has what appear to be bruises on her face, we must believe her entire story. As a matter of fact, the CNN reporter even tells us we can’t question the legitimacy of her injuries. After all, CNN would never lie or mislead us.”

Below is one more example of (((them))) promoting both their gun control agenda and the interracial theme, although this time they’ve stepped it up just a bit with the help of their lap dog media outlet, CNN. Allegedly, this Hispanic girl named Emma Gonzalez is a student at the wealthy and predominantly jewish Parkland school. Naturally, being brown skinned, she is yet another poster child for the jewish agenda. The fact that she seems to be confused about her female identity and presents herself as either “gender neutral” and/or transgender and/or looking very much like a boy, makes her an even better poster child for the jewish agenda, which includes promoting transgenderism, homosexuality, pedophilia, and more while simultaneously morphing human sexuality and human relationships into something wholly satanic.



If you are interested to hear what gun control Emma Gonzalez has to say, you can watch the video here

***(sorry folks – jewtube deleted the video and I do not have a copy)***

And please keep in mind that while jews overwhelmingly push gun control in America, in Israel, jews are being armed to the teeth and trained to kill.



Always true to form, those who support disarming the American people and the jewish agenda to takeover and destroy the United States, persistently find ways to attack President Trump. Most jews hate Trump (see here, here and here), and as a group, they have worked tirelessly to try to override the will of the American people by getting Trump out of office.


David Hogg, the chosen teen spokesperson for the jewish anti-gun agenda, just happens to be the son of a “Deep State”/jewish controlled ex-FBI agent. Let’s listen as he rehearses his lines and repeatedly messes them up.


Here’s a quickie video with David Hogg saying his dad is a former FBI agent.


It appears that David Hogg, was chosen as a spokesperson for the anti-Trump, gun grabbing agenda at least partly because he is part of a drama club and has acting skills. He also appears to be very well connected to Soros-funded, left wing groups that want to put an end to Trump’s presidency and to American freedoms. See this article for more info. Here’s an excerpt:

Behind the teenagers, working as the string-pullers, are the same people behind the Women’s March. They are vehemently anti-gun, anti-American, and anti-Trump – this is part of their sales pitch.

On March 14th, 2018, the largest of these groups, #Enough National School Walkout, is planning a 17-minute walk out and moment of silence scheduled for 10 AM across all time zones. Backing them are the folks behind Rock the Vote, Teen Vogue, Peace First, Rise To Run, The Gathering for Justice, and Justice League NYC.

The major force behind this walkout event is the radical far-left organization Women’s March Youth Empower. The leaders of this group are Ziad Ahmed, the youth advisor, Hannah Rosenzweig, Adam Jacobs, and Jackson Hyland Lipski. They are explicitly political in their messaging and aggressive in their stance.Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 9.54.35 PM


Wow. Even people within government are speaking out about this and saying these “students” are paid actors. Check this out. Full article here.

An aide to a Florida House lawmaker was fired Tuesday after he said that Parkland students who were speaking out on gun control after Wednesday’s mass shooting were paid actors.

Benjamin Kelly, the aide to Republican Rep. Shawn Harrison, emailed Tampa Bay Times reporter Alex Leary to claim that two Marjory Stoneman Douglas students who appeared on CNN weren’t actually survivors of the attack.


Also see this article for interesting information about the crisis actors.



It also appears that David Hogg is a traveling crisis actor. Here he is in a video taken in 2017 in Redondo Beach, California. This little episode apparently made him a celebrity as the importance of the material covered here (hahaha) caused the video to “go viral.” It’s now being removed from youtube. Others are saying David Hogg was not a student at the Parkland, Florida school but graduated from Redondo Shores High School in California in 2015. I have no idea what the real facts are but it’s clear he was in Redondo Beach last year.


Here’s the happy crowd of traveling paid actors…


Here they are playing a more somber role for the Florida false flag


Below is a photo of where David Hogg allegedly lives — just so everyone can see that working for the dark side can have its benefits. No cheapo trailer for this kid.

I went to David Hogg’s Instagram profile, clicked on his geotag in one of his posts in Parkland, got some coordinates via Google Maps, and then used those coordinates in Navigation Mode to get his address. You’ll have to use street view in Google Maps, then turn left and then go down to an entrance on your right with three mailboxes. Then drag right, and you’ll see a long driveway. There aew 3 houses there. Hogg lives in one of them. Doing quite well for a treasonous, seditious FBI baby.

The property, with all 3 houses is owned by ” Robert C. Brown II ” . Very wealthy lawyer, no records of Brown’s political affiliations. Hogg is likely being ” sponsored ” by Brown. I wonder, what other twisted things in Hogg into, perhaps twisted things occur on the peppery itself? It’s quiet, secluded.

Definitely living it up while working to subvert our Republic…

Based on the coordinates and the position on Google Maps, THIS is 6900, the house that David Hogg is living in.
– Jake Philip Loubriel
Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/JakePhilipLoubriel
Instagram username: @american.rogue_
Email address: jphiliploubriel@outlook.com



Below is a video of people discussing a drill that happened earlier that day replete with “swat teams everywhere with big guns, cops everywhere and helicopters.” The person who made this video comments that… “this means that this 19-year-old young man, who was not a student at the school, took the liberty of entering the building with a machine gun and open fire on the day that school should have been on its highest security with literally the drill team people in the building.”

Evidence is presented in the video to show that there was also a government presence and drills going on during many other “terrorist” events that have taken place in the last few years including Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing.

Broward county sheriff, jew Scott Israel (also a Chabad member), says… “different states are talking about being able to involuntarily take a suspect or a subject who might be the victim of mental health illness and bringing them to a facility where they can be evaluated and treated. In Florida we call it the ‘Baker Act’.” According to jewish-controlled wikipedia, the Baker Act allows the involuntary institutionalization and examination of an individual. Israel says the police should be able to detain people because of images they post on social media.  This must be a jewish wet dream.


The following commentary is taken from the video below.







Listen to this student mention that they were prepared about a month ago and told there would be a fake shooting to see how the students would react. As she says this, the reporter shakes his head back and forth to indicate she had made a boo boo in what she just exposed.


Senior at Douglas High School says she spoke to the suspect Nikolas Cruz at the school today while hearing gunshots from the other end of the building. NEVER SAW A GUN. #Florida #Parkland #StonemanShooting


Please notice what you FEEL inside your body as you listen to this shrieking creature make her demands. There is so much discordance going on inside my body that I have ZERO compassion and instead want to shriek back — SHUT UP YOU LYING WHORE! These actresses are the worst of the worst. They have no ability to evoke any real emotion within themselves or their audience or me. This is how I know they are lying. My body says it all.


And despite this deceptive snake (I mean no insult to snakes) using an Arab last name, she is a jew as can be confirmed by this article.


“Alhadeff was remembered by friends, camp staff and the rabbi who performed her bat mitzvah as a sweet teenager who loved soccer and loved to laugh.

“She was one of those children who always had a smile on her face, just full of love,” said Rabbi Shuey Biston, who leads Chabad of Parkland. Biston presided over a havdalah ceremony — traditionally held at the close of the Sabbath — that was part of Alhadeff’s bat mitzvah process. He said she also had a bat mitzvah ceremony on Masada, in Israel.



And hey, what would a good false flag be if organized jewry didn’t find a way to give a big fuck you to Christians. Do you really think it’s just a coincidence that this event took place on Ash Wednesday? Or do you suppose there might be some symbolism here — perhaps in regard to wanting to turn the Christian world into ashes?

Gee, does that cross on her forehead look upside down?


This article states that Nikolas Cruz’ full name is “Nikolas Jesus Cruz” and that he “was set up all along as a patsy.” I’m sure the correlation between Cruz’ name and that of Jesus Christ is a just a coincidence.


The jews killed Christ who boldly stated that they were the Synagogue of Satan and of their father, the devil. Will they kill Nikolas Cruz too?

For those who are new to this type of information, please read this article, which will bring people quickly up to speed about what is really going on. This article is the article that completely opened my eyes. I hope it does the same for you.

PS – Although I don’t agree with several things this person says, I thought the possible middle name of Cruz was worthy of sharing.

The ethnicity of those who would deliberately try to deceive the American public says it all. Time for another expulsion? This rabbi says it is very likely and explains why! Jews have been kicked out of over 100 nations so far, and chances are the next one is coming soon.

Oh and by the way…

The Jewish sheriff at Florida shooting cites Talmudic verse as his motivation

Broward County’s first Jewish sheriff, Scott Israel is leading the response to the school killing

“Israel told the Sun-Sentinel that he attends the Parkland Chabad, and he is comfortable in churches as well as synagogues.”

Some interesting commentary below regarding Scott Israel and the Broward County Sheriff’s office that is obviously up to its eyeballs in satanic evil. Full article found here.

So far, no security camera videos have been released showing the chief suspect Cruz making his getaway by blending into the panicked crowd, as assumed but not yet proven. No student or teacher has made a positive identification by facial recognition, which is not easy when bullets are flying. There is still a possibility that Cruz is a patsy, and that the job was done, as in the Sandy Hook attack, by professional gunmen or law enforcement officers.

The Broward police reported arrested him one hour later, after he walked across the street to Walmarts to buy a soda from Subway and then on to McDonald’s where he sat to eat a burger and fries. The geography of Parkland, on the northwest corner of Broward, shows that in a span of 20 minutes, the suspect could have alternatively walked across the county line into either Hendry or Palm Beach counties. There he could have hidden in the dense foliage in the maze of canals until nightfall to make his escape. Instead, he orders a Big Mac to quell his appetite after shooting at dozens of victims. Then, the police force him down onto the grass for the arrest photo. This appears to be staged theater, virtual reality, not the facts.

Airport Shooter

Police officers reported Cruz saying that voices in his head told him to do the shooting. This telltale sign of an MK-ULTRA victim has similarities to another shooting incident in Sheriff Israel’s bailiwick. On Jan. 6, 2017, a gunman walked toward the baggage claim carousels at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport, and shot dead 6 people with a Walther PPK pistol.

That assailant, a National Guardsman named Esteban Santiago-Ruiz, had earlier visited the FBI field office in Anchorage, Alaska, where he was stationed, to complain that “the U.S. Government was controlling his mind and making him watch videos by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), and that the CIA was forcing him to join the group.” Well, Mr. Obama, that shows why so many foreign fighters from western countries joined the terrorist outfit created by your Agency. The coincidence of two shooting incidents, if either or both are actually false flag operations, would indicate that the Broward Sheriff’s Office can be depended on to clean up after the CIA and its partner in crime, the Democratic Party, whose former chief, the must-reviled Debbie Wasserman Schultz, is up for re-election in the November mid-terms. (see my article posted last week.)…

Stone Cold Assessment

In the 2008 sheriff’s election campaign, Republican strategist Roger Stone described candidate Scott Israel, then head of the SWAT team that conducted illegal busts in the black community as “an unqualified punk, a racist and a thief.”

Thanks much for that character witness testimony, which confirms our own findings, Roger and out. Younger people have never seen video clips of Florida SWAT from those good old days in the 1980s, when back walls of low-end family homes were blown open with explosives and cops charged inside firing. If evidence could not be found during a raid, the cops planted on the suspect bags of crack, which were produced inside a lab at the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. Most of the confiscated evidence, money, from drug raids disappeared down a black hole. A local SWAT commander had the duty to the force, if not to God, to put a scrubbed handgun down next to the still-quivering body of another dead shvatsa. That’s the Yiddish variation on the “n-word” derived from German “schwartzen” for black…

Scott Israel is something worse than your average crooked Miami-style cop, due to his being honored as a “Man of the Year” by Shomrim. That law-defying ultra-Orthodox Jewish vigilante group protects pedophiles, covers up crimes by Zionists, infiltrates police departments, and trains recruits for murderous attacks by Israeli settlers against unarmed Palestinians…

Apparently, the only clause in the U.S. Constitution that Shomrim members respect is the Fifth Amendment. This outright rejection of U.S. law, including the rulings of the Supreme Court, bring up the question of “Why are these fanatic cultists allowed to hold U.S. citizenship?” Mormon polygamy is outlawed and Charlie Manson died in prison, so how can these wild-eyed zealots be allowed to get away with raping little boys?

You’re probably wondering why haven’t you heard this before. Because it’s a secret society, like their higher-ups in the Illuminati who’ve got the intelligence services, the police and the legal profession under their thumb, and participation in pedophilia is the guarantee of secrecy. Instead of exposing their own, Jewish editors like Marty Baron can go from the Miami Herald to the Boston Globe to accuse Catholic priests, as in the movie “Spotlight”, to divert public attention from the even worse atrocities by the rabbis. This only scratches the surface of Jewish bigotry and immorality, so let’s hope this “I shot the sheriff” expose can be the beginning of investigative journalism on a wide scale.


But wait! Let’s not forget about all those poor, innocent, dead jews that allegedly died during this Hollywood movie. It’s a virtual holocaust I tell ya. Virtual because IT’S NOT REAL.

Hero Jewish Teacher Killed As He Shielded Students In Florida School Shooting

‘Sweetheart’ Alex Schachter Slain In Florida High School Shooting

And don’t forget about those bad white people either!!! They are the cause of all the world’s woes. It’s definitely not the jews. And this is definitely not a luciferian reversal.

School Shooter ‘Trained’ With Florida White Supremacist Group

And the stories just keep getting more ridiculous. Another jewish article claims 5 out of 17 of the allegedly dead people were jews. Wow. Isn’t that incredible? In a country where only 2% of the population is said to be jewish, a school shooting takes place in which almost 1/3 of the victims are jews. Go figure. To explain this, rather than come clean and admit that organized jewry orchestrated and organized the entire event and presented it to the American people as if it were real, instead they fabricate information about their parentless patsy, Nikolas Cruz, saying he hated jews and wanted them dead. They quote CNN as the source for this information. HAHAHAHA!!! CNN is about as reliable as the ADL (the infamous, and 100% evil, jewish anti-defamation league), both of whom make wild accusations with unsubstantiated claims and present them as facts.


Above pic taken from this article which is totally worth the read. Here’s a brief excerpt:

The ADL’s rush to blame “white supremacists”—and their willing chorus in the Jewish lobby controlled media—caused even the politically-correct Politico news site to quote Joan Donovan, a researcher who tracks online misinformation campaigns for Data & Society, a think tank in New York City, as saying that “All of our evidence seems to point to the ADL getting this wrong.”

This is an understatement. It is closer to the truth to say that this was yet another deliberate, unchecked, and easily refutable lie from the ADL, which has specialized for decades in harassing, slandering, and vilifying white people.

Of course, what would a good jewish propaganda piece be without mentioning the holohoax (also see here) and affirming that some students were in a holocaust class when the shooting began. What are the odds?

“Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz had frequently made hate-filled comments that were anti-Semitic, homophobic, and racist in a social media chat group and even called for other races to be killed, CNN reported Saturday.

Cruz, who confessed to killing 17 students and staff on Wednesday at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, was a member of a private Instagram group steeped in racist content, according to the report. Cruz reportedly wrote that he hates “jews, ni**ers, immigrants,” and that Jews want to destroy the world.

In one anti-Semitic tirade, Cruz referenced his biological mother, saying: “My real mom was a Jew. I am glad I never met her,” CNN said…

At least five Jews — four students and a teacher — were among the victims of Wednesday’s mass shooting.

Some students were studying about the Holocaust when the shooting began.”
Source article here


So interesting then, that there are no birth records for any of the alleged victims of this Hollywood creation. And will you look at all those brown skinned young men living in a predominantly jewish neighborhood! Amazing right???

By the way, why were the names of the victims redacted from the records? WHERE ARE THE DEAD BODIES????


Please note all of these videos have been removed from jewtube and two of my channels were deleted as well. I encourage people to download these videos immediately and mirror them on your own channels. And let’s all transition off of the sites that the jews control onto sites like bitchute and real.video where there is not this kind of censorship. Let’s NOT let them stop the flow of TRUTH.


Jews control the following institutions:

American financial institutions designed to rob the American people of their property;

All media including television, newspaper, magazines, book publishers, etc., all designed to control the flow of information in the United States and the minds of the American people;

Media Control


The U.S. government

The legal system (otherwise known as the jewdicial system) including attempts to implement Talmudic law in the US with the help of jewish supreme court justices;

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The schools (designed to mind control and sexually pollute the minds of our children, preparing them for pedophilia). Please see this DVD series for information about this topic;

The music industry;

Hollywood (see herehere, and here);

The internet;

The medical system, which is designed to kill all non-jews, and more.

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For those who would dismiss me as an “anti-semite,” please read this.


And here’s how they do it folks! Here is how they control the minds of so many Americans (mixed in, of course, with the jewish sorcery known as pharmaceutical drugs).



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“An amendment that would have banned assault weapons attached to a wider bill failed on Saturday in a largely party-line vote, in response to the Feb. 14 killing of 14 students and three faculty at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in the Fort Lauderdale suburb of Parkland…

Also, an amendment to remove a provision to train and arm some teachers failed.”

Florida Senate rejects ban on assault weapons, votes to arm teachers



UPDATE – 3-1-18 – Two Jewish senators have introduced a bill to ban assault rifles. One of those treasonous senators, Florida rep Ted Deutsch, can be seen in this short video unable to control his laughter. Both he and the “reporter” just cannot seem to get into form as the laughter just keeps on coming.



UPDATE – 2-27-18 – The plot thickens. The creatures participating in the Florida School Shooting are up to their eyeballs in military intelligence, Monarch mind control, seedy sexual escapades, fraud, theft, and much more. Sheriff Scott Israel, a statutory rapist, is one of the biggest sleezebags of all. Check this out.


Another interesting video here: http://www.gematrinator.com/videos/StonemanDouglasSD.mp4



UPDATE – 2-26-18 – I received the following information in my email inbox today…

“The reason that police had been called to the kids house 39 times whatever and never charged may well be that the police department had come to a financial arrangement with school trustees to ignore high school kids felonies, while the county shared the increased federal $$ for rehabbing kids who weren’t rehabbed.

The shit pile just seems to get deeper and deeper, now today miraculously 2 teachers shot themselves

So it looks like they’re trying to create reasons to justify the disarming of teachers — i.e., because the teachers are so stupid and careless, they should not be armed. Here’s what portions of this article have to say:

“Neither the district nor school can restrict access to our campuses for concealed weapons permit holders,” Principal Karen Chatterton wrote Thursday in the letter. “While this can be a highly emotional issue, we encourage you to have civil dialogue with our elected officials.”

Ferguson-Montgomery, who teaches sixth grade, did not experience life-threatening injuries. But crisis counselors were available subsequently for faculty and students who were concerned about the event.

A similar incident occurred in another state just last week, when a professor accidentally discharged his handgun and shot himself in the foot while walking on the campus of Idaho State University. A new law that went into effect earlier this year on July 1 allows Idaho residents to carry concealed weapons on college campuses.








Please keep in mind that the same cult that is organizing this gun grab agenda also controls the porn industry, including snuff porn pedophilia. To see how porn is affecting America’s children, please visit this link and follow the links to the many other articles and sources of information on this most important topic.



VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE: 2-20-18 – Today I received an email from a resident of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. I am posting his words in full as I think what he is sharing is very important. Here is what he has to say:

It’s about to get much uglier in Broward. It has to be stopped somehow. In the case of Fort Lauderdale airport, 5 supposedly died. But, in the school shooting, 17 supposedly died. And there is already a massive cover up, akin to that of Sandy Hook.

The County Government of Broward is heavily corrupt and authoritarian. We have our own little Deep State down here, with top County officials including the Sheriff having ties to CAIR – FL [Council on American-Islamic Relations], which is a front for Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. The School Superintendent, Ronald Runcie, advocates the promotion of Islam and Marxism in public schools and also is more than eager to subjugate the County to tyranny.

And the ” Mayor ” of Broward, Beam Furr, is appointed, not elected, same with half of the County commission as well as positions including Aviation Director. They rotate positions of power and the previous mayor Barbara Sharief is Muslim. Of course the MSM and County officials won’t address Nik Cruz’s ties to CAIR – FL, nor his allegiance to ISIS and Antifa.

On the day of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman-Douglas High School in Parkland, FL this past Wednesday, the FL State Legislature was supposed to vote on SB1236, which would allow teachers and staff to be armed in schools. Since this false flag / psy op occurred, the vote on that bill was killed in the State Legislature

Similar scenario with the Fort Lauderdale airport ” shooting “. On that day, the FL State Legislature was to vote on some pro-gun bills; one for licensed open carry, one for campus carry, and one to end all gun-free zones. As a result of the airport false flag / psy op, those few pro-gun bills never got voted on and were scrapped entirely. This means, when the next false flag / psy op occurs in Broward County, it will be on a day that the FL State Legislature is to vote on either a single pro – gun bill or numerous pro – gun bills.

I knew for a fact that SB1236 was going to be scrapped. And of course numerous gun control rallies and a mass walkout on 3/14 is in the works. There needs to be a massive counter-propaganda campaign in Broward County to awaken as many people as possible.

When the next Broward false flag / psy op occurs, it will be on a date that the Florida State Legislature is to vote on a single or on numerous pro-gun bills. It will be in a bigger setting ; i.e. the main County Courthouse, BB&T Center or even Sawgrass Mills Mall. There may even be actual casualties next time.

I’m also having a pro-2nd Amendment rally at the main BSO Headquarters in Fort Lauderdale. The link is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/740585002798938/?ti=cl

Please get this out to as many as possible ; as long as you give due credit.

– Jake Philip Loubriel
Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/JakePhilipLoubriel
Instagram username: @american.rogue_
Email address: jphiliploubriel@outlook.com

PS – Every part of the Parkland ” shooting ” is staged, including the ” deaths ” of 17 people. There was an active shooter drill going on simultaneously, with blank rounds and with live rounds. There are eyewitness accounts of multiple shooters, and even of FBI in SWAT gear shooting kids. As for the kids and staff that got shot and survived, I’m quite certain that the FBI was trying to get rid of witnesses. Do not be surprised if these injured individuals go ” missing. ”

It’s time to go after the Broward County Deep State with even greater intellectual and political force.


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– Where 3 lawyers, involved in the same political fraud investigation, drop dead in 2 weeks‬

– Police force that cooks stats to ensure fed funding

-Sheriff who gives instructional gun lessons at a Hamas-linked mosque

– 103% voter turnout‬ during Presidential election

– Represented by Debbie Wasserman Schultz who: rigged DNC for Hillary Clinton, hired & funded the Awan Pakistani spy ring & covered up Seth Rich’s murder

-Have a outspoken Sheriff who landed 18k more votes in his election than Hillary Clinton did in hers

‪- Have a police force that stands down during a HS massacre‬

Yet we are the ones who are being questioned? We are the ones who have to give up our guns? To hell with that.”

– JP Loubriel