Filthy Jew Propaganda from the 1940s in a Disney Clip Made for Children

A quick peak into some filthy jewish propaganda from the 1940s demonizing Hitler’s Germany and blaming Hitler for the jewish war machine and a rise in American taxes. This despite the fact that it has been, from the very beginning, the parasitical force known as organized jewry that is incessantly attempting to suck and rob the American people dry with taxes, which serve only to support an endless war machine that also feeds the vampiric forces of organized jewry. This shit makes me sick to my stomach.  No wonder there’s so many brain dead Americans.  They’ve all been fed a diet of jewish television since WWII and are completely illiterate when it comes to true history and who the true evil perpetrators are.

Damn, this is disturbing and enraging.


The Spirit of ’43 – Donald Duck