Confirmation that the World Health Organization is a Satanic Corruption and MUST GO — WHO removes “gender identity disorder” from list of mental illnesses

To be clear, biological sex is not “assigned” at birth, but rather a biological, genetic, chromosomal, hormonal REALITY. Luciferians love to pretend that they can override nature and Divine will, and they exert great effort in their attempts to corrupt the destiny of a person’s soul — a soul which has chosen to be male or female in this incarnation. They regularly rape, sodomize, sexually torture and genitally mutilate very young children in order to turn them into sodomites, break them from their core identity, and force them to develop alter personalities that work in service to the dark side.

THIS is the core of “transgenderism” and any person that believes they are born “in the wrong body” or meant to be the opposite sex is suffering from early trauma and mind control.

The WHO is a satanic institution controlled by luciferian demons. The entire organization needs to crumble to the Earth and become dust — or better yet — those who control it need to be blasted into outer space and become space dust.