Circumcision’s Impact on Sexuality – Video

The graphic shows the most sensitive part of the penis – in red and purple. Circumcised men have a very small purple area where there is a scar from the butcher operation. They have only this very small area for sensitivity, whereas normal men with foreskins have a huge purple area, and red areas around the rim and the ridged band.


This young man tells many Truths about the sadistic and evil butchery of infant circumcision. He’s well spoken, educated on the topic, and passionate about putting an end to this satanic ritual abuse. Sadly, his focus on sexual pleasure rather than circumcision’s negative impact on human love and bonding, and the debilitating effect it has on a child’s ability to trust and feel safe in our world, are sadly absent from this conversation.

It makes sense that circumcised jews are obsessed with sexual pleasure since their main anatomical feature for experiencing this has been amputated. They’ve been robbed and sexually tortured so early in life, they cannot possibly have a normal psychology or even an understanding of human love. The satanic cult they were born into has turned them into sexual deviants and you will see, if you watch this, a true deviancy in this young man as well. Yet because he is a jew, his words will be given much attention and he will, no doubt, be given many platforms to share about his obsession with sexual pleasure — which, by the way, cannot compare with even a hundredth part of what we are designed to experience when we set our hearts and minds to the real goal — i.e., enduring human love. Nevertheless, he will be heard by many people because he is a jew. His jewishness has also given him a HUGE false sense of superiority and arrogance which, nevertheless, may end up tearing the circumcisers down. This is a good thing.

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This Anti-Circumcision Presentation Got a Jewish Man Fired From Harvard for “Anti-Semitism”