Blood Clots, Hydrogel, Vaccine Shedding, and Thoughts about the “Died Suddenly” Documentary

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Dear friends – please spread this information far and wide.  Even people who have not been jabbed are in danger of contamination.  It is OUTRAGEOUS that the disgusting (((creatures))) behind this vaccine nightmare have violated the number one rule in the universe which is to not violate someone else’s free will.  Nonetheless, (((they))) have attacked EVERYONE and all living things with their technologies and those of us who wanted to remain pure blooded (i.e., NOT get jabbed) are in danger of contamination anyway because the sleeping humans that have allowed themselves to be injected are shedding the noxious ingredients they have been injected with!!!

The information below is critical to understand.  Please do share.  And if you are not jabbed, it is important to try avoid any close contact with those who are.


Note from Claire Edwards:  “I believe the formation of the unnatural “clots” in the blood can be delayed by the ingestion of a combination of salicylic acid (in white willow bark or aspirin), EDTA, and Ivermectin. “


Thoughts and Comments about “Died Suddenly” Documentary

Please click on this link to see this brilliant documentary:

Died suddenly full documentary

I hope people have watched Stew Peters new excellent documentary. It is shocking and yet undeniable.
I would like to pose to you some questions, that people who still hold on to the spike protein theory and speak about “amyloid like substance” causing the clots – should consider.
First, its called Hydrogel with Graphene, not “Amyloid like substance”. It can grow from atomic size to centimeters long in minutes. It is frequency responsive, meaning 5G Wi-Fi makes it grow faster. It is an Artificial Intelligence weapon that is called “programmable matter.” It is self learning and self assembling. It can interact with biological materials as it in itself is part inorganic, part organic- material. Tissue engineering with Hydrogel is part of synthetic biology that has started with Morgellons in the 1990. Those scientists who have cultured what comes out of vaccinated peoples skin in an ionizing foot bath, have seen that this material continues to grow – it is synthetic, “alive”, conscious, INORGANIC ARITIFICIAL biology ( synbio) and it is HIGHLY INFECTIOUS. Ingredients of Hydrogel are amongst others polyvinyl alcohol, polyethylene glycol (remember the compound that causes anaphylaxis aka PEG), acrylate polymers as well as proteins such as fibrin or collagen.
Hydrogel is an imperative component to create the Human 2.0 Cyborg version – for it acts like neurons and replaces with carbon nanotubes the hosts neurological template – they also call it brain jelly ( remember those rubbery clots). It hijacks human consciousness. Hydrogel can create microchips that can act as sensors, transmitters and receivers with Graphene and other metals as essential ingredients.
Read more about Hydrogel microchips here:

Hydrogel-based protein microchips: manufacturing, properties, and applications

Image courtesy Dr. David Nixon – Pfizer vial dried shows microchips with optical communication properties

I propose to you that the fibrous rubbery clots pulled out of cadavers are seen in live blood now in the vaccinated and the unvaccinated in early stages. They can grow huge, and can be seen with 10x magnification in darkfield live blood analysis as seen in the image below. They cause extensive Rouleaux formation. Here is an example, unvaccinated blood (possible sources: Vax shedding, chemtrails, food, water):
Aspirin, Warfarin and other anticoagulants do nothing against this. You can verify that for yourself by looking at the live blood.
I have spoken about early detection methods including Computerized Thermography and Live Blood Analysis. The producers for “Died Suddenly” called me to ask me about Computerized Thermography in early blood clot detection for the C19 injected and I am very pleased they included this in the documentary. They did not mention what we were looking at – so let me explain. This image from the documentary shows a C19 injected patient who already had blood clots and was on the blood thinner Eliquis – which did not work for him because it does nothing to alleviate self assembly Hydrogel clotting. He had a Computerized infrared Thermogram done, which showed further clotting that would have gone undetected and grown further, despite his 500$ per month useless blood thinner.
The reason I advocated for this method is because the Hydrogel grows in magnetic and certain frequency fields and may grow when people are exposed to CT angiograms or MRI scans. Even Ultrasound can make Hydrogel grow. While Hydrogel can be stimulated with optical signals, the IR may not penetrate to deeper tissue levels as much as the other modalities, thus it provides a safer screening method for the entire body. I presented this with Felipe Reitz from Brazil months ago:
Dr. Ana’s Newsletter
Computerized Thermographic Imaging and Live Blood Analysis Post C19 Injection
In this interview with Brazilian biologist and medical researcher Felipe Reitz we discuss his findings of live blood analysis and thermographic Imaging of C19 injected individuals. A thermogram is a regional temperature map of the surface of a part of the body, which is obtained by an infrared sensing device. This measures radiant heat and subcutaneous…
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The other early screening we discussed was Live Blood Analysis and I want to again draw attention to this method. What we see looks like self assembly Artificial Intelligence Hydrogel/ Graphene – in vaxxed and unvaxxed blood.
Dr. Ana’s Newsletter
Is The Answer To The C19 Deceptions In Live Blood?
Image: Case1: Long Covid Symptoms with chronic fatigue -70’s…
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Mike Adams analyzed the clots and found… carbon rich self assembly structure ( aka Hydrogel) and metals:
My comment to Steve Kirsch’s concern that people do not want to know what is in the “vaccines” because “they would go ape shit” is this:
People need to go ape shit! They need to understand that 5.44 Billion people – meaning 70% of humanity – were injected with an Artificial Intelligence self assembly nanotechnology weapon and that all of them are at risk to “die suddenly”. If people think they got a placebo, they are incorrect – its a ticking time bomb that can unfold and enfold into the quantum field according to exposure to 5 G frequency.
Please see this 2 minute video from Dr. David Nixon here:

C19 Micro robotics appears and disappears

There is much discussion about the contents of the vials and how much they vary. Yes they do. They do not need mRNA because they have lipid nanoparticles that are the vehicle for self assembly nanotechnology and metals which are further toxic “wetware”, a term used for warfare purposes where people injected with this can be detected by radar from space. The Quantum dots manipulate people’s RNA via frequency fields and they do not need to inject mRNA – so the criminal perpetrators do not care that there are substandard mRNA, truncated RNA and RNA fragments. People ask so what about the spike protein? Please read Karen Kingston’s substack. The spike protein is Artificial Intelligence Nanobots, not a mRNA produced protein.
Graphene causes exactly the same symptoms of “Covid, Long Covid etc”.

GFNs can induce acute and chronic injuries in tissues by penetrating through the blood-air barrier, blood-testis barrier, blood-brain barrier, and bloodplacenta barrier etc. and accumulating in the lung, liver, and spleen etc. For example, some graphene nanomaterials aerosols can be inhaled and substantial deposition in the respiratory tract, and they can easily penetrate through the tracheobronchial airways and then transit down to the lower lung airways, resulting in the subsequent formation of granulomas, lung fibrosis and adverse health effects to exposed persons.

For more detailed discussion of toxicity to every human organ system:

Toxicity of graphene-family nanoparticles: A general review of the origins and mechanisms

In my mind, Archbishop Vigano has a lot of common sense. Please see how simply and brilliantly he explains it – Graphene is in the vials, Graphene is in the blood, it is the weapon of the satanic Transhumanist attack ( PS: if you find Carbon and Oxygen on Mass Spectroscopy you cannot say there is no Graphene, because that is all you need for monoatomic Nano layers):
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Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano Addresses Medical Doctors for Covid Ethics International
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People who want all the evidence and all the scientific publications and randomized controlled trials about what we are saying do not understand something:
The time you loose thinking about your reputation, refusing to look at the evidence and think outside your particular box, is more time for more innocent people to “die suddenly” without proper treatments. And if you are asking why do I not wait to publish my substack or my findings until I have more evidence – its because I cannot bear the idea that 2/3 of the known world may die via a 5G kill switch if people do not wake up.
Many of my colleagues say “spike protein is all we need, lets not talk about Graphene”.
Collegial warning: You will be causing a lot more deaths if you do not change that attitude because you are missing critical information needed to come up with adequate treatment plans for this AI weapon.
Regular blood thinners do not work to prevent or dissolve hydrogel. EDTA can. And if you want to believe in Amyloid, EDTA dissolves that too. Look at the patents. Get a microscope and look how the blood changes. Look for other antidotes and verify that the structures dissolve. Don’t rely on publications that may be fake science based on fake concepts. This war is a military PSYOP.
Please read Elana Freeland’s book: “Geoengineered Transhumanism – How the Environment has been weaponized by Chemicals, Electromagnetism & Nanotechnology for Synthetic Biology.” It discussed how the military has worked for decades to set the stage for this final phase of human enslavement and depopulation.
Understand that the Elite Satanists are DECEIVERS and everything we were told was a lie. Become a scientist with an inquiring mind – unrestricted from social peer pressure that is part of the mind control mechanism making this genocide possible.
If you are, together we may be able to save 70% of humanity from dying suddenly.