A Tribute to Adolf Hitler and Germany on this 4th of July

I read the article below earlier today, from The Ethnic-European, and knew I had to share.  The first video touched me deeply, as did the sentiment behind the creation of this magnificent place.

May another leader like Hitler rise again and may the white race aspire to greatness as it did under Germanic National Socialism.


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By Mike Walsh
Each year over 300,000 people complete their pilgrimage to an idyll to be found on the peak of one of Central Europe’s highest mountain tops. Yet, because of its 6,017’ altitude, the sanctum is inaccessible due to weather conditions. It is open for only about 5-months a year with most visitors arriving during July and August. It is thought-provoking too that Kehlsteinhaus is never publicised because of its history, its purpose and symbolism.
If you break through the curtain of discreet silence you will find yourself in Berchtesgaden, a charming German spa town set in an Alpine valley. Even here there is scant information about a place nearby where in the lifetime of many people world’s leaders came to meet a man still regarded as second only to Jesus Christ in terms of enduring fascination and popularity.


Kehlsteinhaus at Obersalzberg is all that remains of a project, which as the time of it being created was arguably one of the world’s great triumphs of civil engineering. The story and the images of this amazing feat have been published in Odyssey Adolf Hitler by historian Michael Walsh, a world traveller who often visits this shrine.
He says, “When you’ve enjoyed a beer in your choice of Berchtesgaden’s beer gardens, take the road to Obersalzberg and you will soon (some walk) find yourself at a plateau. Here you will begin to understand the significance of this mountain retreat for massive car parks are provided for the hundreds of thousands of visitors arriving at Obersalzberg.


At this point, one gets the feeling that in weary resignation, the German authorities, who have up to this point done all possible to discourage visitors, have decide to at least make a ton of money out of those who aren’t so easily deterred.
Waiting to be discovered are scores of tented shops, elegant stalls and displays selling everything that relates to Obersalzberg, Kehlsteinhaus (Eagles Nest); all except for the name and images of Adolf Hitler, the prophet and social reformer who inspired this amazing place.
Relax, you’re nowhere near there yet for a fleet of specially-built super buses in convoys will take you and hundreds of other visitors the second leg of the world’s most fantastic journey. The reason the buses depart and arrive in convoys as these vehicles, each carrying up to 100 passengers, ascend and descend an astonishing 6 km long 4 metre wide mountain road in which the gradients are so steep a car in second-gear would stall. No cars may travel this route.


“Michael Walsh says, “Our mouths fell open as our convoy broke through the clouds during its ascent. Looking through breaks in the clouds we could see Berchtesgaden set out like a toy village, the forests of the valleys below appeared to us as lawns.”
In about half an hour the convoy reaches a plateau, which is about the size of a football field. “In Berchtesgaden itself, we had struggled to keep cool in the simmering August climate. Here, only the experienced had the foresight to wear woollen tops and warm clothing. At 6,000’ it is chilly even at summer’s peak which is why this incredible place is inaccessible for nearly eight months each year.


Now one cannot miss the granite-walled entrance and tunnel leading 200 metres into the mountain peak itself. Through this great tunnel strolled world figures; they did then and they still do.
At the tunnel’s end, you find yourself in the heart of this great mountain, where you will find an elevator (lift) the size of a small hotel saloon. The elegant elevator is beautifully walled in burnished brass. Some green leather seats have been removed to allow more standing space though the lift’s rear seats remain. 
The lift will transport you upwards 120 metres through the mountain’s peak where you will soon emerge at Kehlsteinhaus. Here you will find a splendid restaurant and many rooms where once, Adolf Hitler, Germany’s twice-elected President-Chancellor entertained family, associates, friends and foreign emissaries. The views will take your breath away as you join hundreds of others to share this amazing spectacle.


It is impossible for such an introduction as this to do justice to either the epoch or the effort that went into creating this civil engineering project. Much of its pioneering innovation has never been matched as for 12 months thousands of men, especially adapted to the harsh climate, toiled to complete this breath-taking triumph. There were casualties of course.
Upon its completion, the entire project was presented to Adolf Hitler by Martin Bormann as a 50th birthday gift from the National Socialist German Workers Party. The date was April 20, 1939.
Kehlsteinhaus is sometimes confused with Adolf Hitler’s villa, Berghof that took the place of his earlier home Haus Wachenfeld. The Berghof is located much further down the more climatic slopes. After the war, the U.S. Army completely destroyed the Berghof removing all traces of it to avoid it becoming a place of historical interest.


U.S. President John F. Kennedy wrote after his visit to Obersalzberg, “He had a mystery about him in the way that he lived and in the manner of his death, that will live and grow after him. He had in him the stuff of which legends are made.” ~ The European diary of John F. Kennedy- Summer 1945, Regnery Publishing Inc., Washington DC p.74.

Haus Wachenfeld