5G and Chemtrails – The Final Lynchpin

Below is the text of an email I recently received that is totally worth sharing. Please pass it on.


As a former commercial airline pilot having flown for 25 years and over 10 thousand flight hours during which I acted also as a flight instructor and examiner I can say that meteorology and the understanding of weather phenomena, next to technical knowledge and flying skills, form the heart of the profession of an airline pilot. The ability to analyze and interpret weather phenomena determines for a great part the level of airmanship and safe flight performance. Analyzing the sky, cloud dynamics, jetstream patterns, atmospheric conditions and active frontal systems is one of the main tasks of an airline pilot. That is why meteorology is one of the essential disciplines in flight training. Like myself, most pilots are doing that which they love most to do. And like most pilots I was fascinated, close to obsession, of aviation since I was a little kid. Always looking at the sky, before, during and after the time that I operated as an active airline pilot. Although I do not board an airplane anymore I still look up with the exact same fascination as when I was a little kid. I was not aware of the phenomenon of Geoengineering and especially Stratospheric Aerosol Injection(SAI) as part of Solar Radiation Management (SRM) until the year 2009 when I was still flying because it was outside of my “box”.

But from then on I started looking actively into the sky and the extensive documented historical records of aerosol spraying as part of weather modification and as a weather warfare application. The often electromagnetic mutilated cloud formations, initially produced in our face by man made airplanes, which we see manifesting daily in our hijacked and ionized sky are blatantly unnatural and in absolute contradiction with the basic natural law principles of meteorology and physics. So why do pilots not see this, let alone speak out about this obvious reality?

For a long time, I was absolutely baffled by the fact that especially pilots did not see the flying elephant in their workspace before their eyes and in the field of their expertise. And in most cases even acting as an active part of these programs themselves without being aware of it like myself at that time.

I came to the realization that for most pilots who seem to willfully ignore this unpleasant reality (maybe due to the love for their dream job and subsequent attachment to this part of their comfort zone bubble) the powerful quote by Travis Walton is applicable to them as for most people in society today: “I’ve come to realize that the biggest problem anywhere in the world is that people’s perceptions of reality are compulsively filtered through a false-self centered screening mesh of what the want and do not want to be true.”

The greatest sin in aviation is to ignore the negative. But that rule applies for life in general; ignoring the negative does not make it go away magically. It will make things worse with often fatal consequences if no appropriate action is taken to correct the situation.

For pilots or anyone else still in denial, join me on the 10th of March on “Lowland’s Logos” for an explosive interview with Elana Freeland, author of “Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth” and “Under An Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown” We’ll be talking extensively about geoengineering as part of the Space Fence infrastructure program for full spectrum dominance of the planet, including all its life forms, via electromagnetism and nanotechnology. The Space Fence is actually up and running. For total control and lock down of society, it only awaits the 5G linchpin. Today, my robotized home town The Hague announced its lunatic candidacy for being the first 5G covered city in the Netherlands. Hopefully my conversation with Elana will red pill more people.

In todays escalating microwaved reality of insanity the only solution is to be attached to nothing else but the Truth.

“The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable.”- James A. Garfield

Check Revisionmedia.org for exact time schedule.

The relentless attack on Mother Nature, when are we saving her? from Dutchanarchy on Vimeo.


Willem Felderhof