Wisconsin Man Faces Year In Prison for Calling His Neighbor A ‘Dirty Jew’

Is there really a law that says we cannot call someone a dirty jew?  Seriously?  Have the jews come so far in taking control of the jewdicial system that such a law actually exists?



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Wisconsin Man Faces One Year In Prison And $10,000 Fine for Calling His Neighbor A ‘Dirty Jew’

A Wisconsin man has been charged with a hate crime after he allegedly “bellowed” antisemitic™ slurs at his neighbors because of a sign in their yard supporting Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden:

According to a criminal complaint published on Sept. 3, 49-year-old Gregory Kirst was charged in Ozaukee County Circuit Court with disorderly conduct with a hate crime enhancer, which increases the maximum penalty to a $10,000 fine and a prison sentence of up to one year, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported over the weekend.

Kirst — a resident of the city of Mequon, northwest of Milwaukee — clashed with his neighbors over the sign on Aug. 30. During the middle of the evening, he walked across the street with his daughter and removed the sign.  He then yelled at the female inhabitant of the house through a screen door, proffering his middle finger when she ordered him to leave her property.

When the woman’s husband confronted him outside, Kirst called him a “dirty Jew” and blamed Jews for causing the riots in Portland, Oregon.

Kirst eventually left the neighbor’s property and returned to his house, where he used a large piece of white cloth to create a sign that said “Jews for Trump,” which he then displayed on his front lawn.

Kirst repeatedly refused to leave his home when Mequon police arrived. He denied removing the neighbor’s sign or engaging in any kind of altercation.

Another neighbor eventually convinced Kirst to come out of his house to be arrested.

Kirst is next scheduled to appear in court Sept. 17.

In a blog post reflecting on the incident, Mequon Mayor John Wirth stated that “most Mequon residents abhor this hateful behavior. It is not what we are about.”

Wrote Wirth: “Yes, we all have the inalienable right to free speech. But having the right to do something does not mean that doing it is right.”

This is exactly what Jews have been feverishly working toward for years — someone is actually arrested for allegedly calling a Jew a mean name — apparently with no other proof than the word of an offended Jew.

We need no further evidence that as far as America is concerned, the Jews indeed finally “own the whole freaking country,” as they themselves have brazenly bragged about in their own media outlets.

And it seems that Jews collectively have come to realize that they have so much power that all they have to do is claim someone called them a “dirty Jew” and goyim heads will start to roll and delivered to them on a platter.

Just type “called dirty Jew” in your search engine, and see how many recent stories come up where this same scenario allegedly happened all across America — and Europe.

Jew have very successfully incentivized making this “dirty Jew” allegation — and when one monkey learns a beneficial behavior, all monkeys will start using it in very short order.

They have effectively convinced the public that if someone who uses the term “dirty Jew” isn’t immediately arrested, there could be “another” Holocaust right around the corner.

But in reality, this ultimately is not going to end well for Jews — as we have seen over and over again, whenever Jews try to clamp down on antisemitism, they always increase antisemitism.


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