Ursula Haverbeck and the Facts About the Holohoax

Thanks to Big Andre for putting this together.


Ursula Haverbeck is a 91 year old German woman sitting in a German prison for so called “holocaust denial”. She doesn’t deny it, she just doesn’t believe it.

Using circumstantial evidence and expert witness. All verifiable.  Let’s review –

1) The Red Cross , under Rules of the Geneva Convention, visited every camp, once a month to make sure prisoners were fed, clothed and housed properly. Red Cross put the total combined death toll at 273,000 .

2) “Crime Doctor” by Dr. Charles Larson (1975) who did forensic analysis on the corpses while a German soldier protected him, concluded that prisoners died of typhus and starvation from the allied bombing of supply lines.

3) Kristallnacht wikipedia, entry, Its all about the numbers first, states –

“Nazi propaganda singled out the 500,000 Jews in Germany, who accounted for only 0.86% of the overall population”

“By the time the conference took place, more than 250,000 Jews had fled Germany and Austria, which had been annexed by Germany”

“in March 1938; more than 300,000 German and Austrian Jews continued to seek refuge and asylum from oppression.”

Hitler let 550,000 Jews emigrate to friendlier countries .

That leaves far less than 20,000 to “holocaust”


That the Hollywood news reels were directed by Billy Wilder and Alfred Hitchcock. One blatant fraud is a film called “Memories of the Camps” is evidence of blatant manipulation and libel. Its almost laughable .

That it was admitted that the “shrunken heads, lampshades, and bars of soap made from jews” were all faked according to Michael Schermer of Skeptic magazine. I know Germans, they would never wash themselves with soap made from jews.

The word “holocaust” by the very definition , you don’t survive. Not to mention many other errors presented as fact. The whole story is ludicrous, and Mrs Haverbeck needs to be released immediately . Just going to prison for having a non violent opinion, in itself is criminal and highly suspect.