Trump’s Last Supper? Are (((They))) About to Poison President Trump?

Dear Friends – Today, on the front page of the NY Daily Jews, there is a photo that makes a mockery of both Jesus Christ and the Last Supper.  In the photo, (((they))) have replaced Jesus with Trump and made reference to the recent media hoopla regarding someone calling Trump the “King of Israel” and Trump parroting this person’s words in a tweet.

Below is a photo of the front page of today’s (8-22-19) Daily Jews.


As you can see from the photo, Trump’s “disciples” include his wife Melania, his daughter Ivanka, his Zionist-traitor son-in-law Jared Kushner, and Vice President Mike Pence.   Ben Carson, Housing and Urban Development Secretary is also in the picture as well as Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.


My initial thought when reading the headline, which is entitled “The Last Whopper,” was – OMG they are about to try to murder President Trump and they are telling us ahead of time what they are about to do. The tendency (((they))) have to alert us ahead of time to their wicked plans is called “revelation of the method.”  They do this because they believe if they tell us what they are planning do ahead of time, and we don’t protest or try to stop them, then they have our consent.   In their minds, if they have our tacit consent, they will not be held accountable or liable for the evil deeds they have done on this Earth.

In any event, I decided I need to look more closely at the picture and sure enough, if you look at the image of Melania, you will see that there are two hands coming out of her left arm.  One hand appears to be in a prayer/protective position of Trump while the other is secretly sprinkling something into a drink or onto a plate.    Look closely at this image.

We do not know the identity of the person who owns this poisoning hand — or perhaps they are trying to imply that Melania is acting duplicitously?    To me, it looks like Betsy De Vos has somebody under her robe and that is where this mystery hand is coming from.


At the end of what appears to be Melania’s other arm (on her right side) there is a male hand.   As you will see in the images below, there is ALOT of gender-bending going on with all of these hands — and a lot of sneaky and potentially murderous activity as well.



In the close-up shot below, on the very right edge of the photo, there is a strange hand jutting out of nowhere in a gesture that indicates it’s owner is expecting to receive something.  We cannot see whose body this hand is attached to but clearly it is male.

Also note that Ben Carson’s hand appears to be missing fingers or parts of fingers.  Has he been tortured and intentionally mutilated by (((you know who)))?  Please note, he appears to not really be paying attention to Trump but paying attention to something or someone else entirely.  Whatever he is looking at, it makes him smile and laugh.



Looking at the wide view of the picture, it appears Ben Carson and Jared Kushner are looking at each other while hanging in the background.  It clearly looks to me as if they are in communication with each other.

Note also that almost everyone in this photo appears to NOT be looking at President Trump.


Now let’s take a look at Trump’s hands.  And also note his hair.

Clearly those are NOT male hands, but rather what appear to be the hands of a satanic, yet fragile, very thin, aging woman.  Is there a woman hiding under Trump’s robe?  Is that a female head behind his head?  Is that her long hair we see?  The image surely looks like there could be two people there.


Also note that all “players” at this table appear to be wearing two different colors.  Even Melania has a gold robe, but on her right arm, the robe appears to be more brown.  This is the arm with a male hand at the end of it.


Looking more closely at Trump’s hands, please note that one hand points up as if to receive channeled energy, while the other hand points down in a gripping/clawing fashion.  Is this a mirror of the baphomet pose?  And what is this female creature grasping for?


On the left side of President Trump, Ivanka, Jared and Mike Pence appear to be laughing or having a jolly good time.  Pence actually looks like he is about to be raptured up into heaven, while Jared appears to be paying attention to something across the room (Ben Carson).  Ivanka is all smiles — as if she is hysterically laughing — but nobody can tell what on Earth she is laughing about.  Look closely at her hands.  It’s as if the hands don’t fit together and as if the right and left hands are from two different people.  One hand is hugely fat or swollen while the other hand appears to be a more normal size. Are there fingers missing on these hands?  It sure looks that way.

In the middle of these three people, an arm juts out of nowhere holding what appears to be a burger.  We cannot see who this arm belongs to but clearly, it appears to be another male hand that is trying to put a poisoned burger onto the table while everyone around him looks the other way.


Even Pence’s hands do not make any sense as he grasps a burger with one hand, while the other is reaching for more food?  How much food can this man put into his mouth at once?  Or does this hand belong to someone else who is trying to get something off the table so it can be replaced by the incoming poisoned burger?

Then there is the strangeness of what appears UNDER the table.  I wish I could get a better photo of this, but there are feet with weird footwear and none of it matches what should be its pair.

Friends, there is so much going on in this picture and I would love it if you see something that I do not see, if you would share it with me so that I might add it here if it feels right to do so.

Keep your eyes and ears open for any attempt they may make to poison the President.  And please spread this blog far and wide.  If (((they))) realize we are hip to what they are about to do, it might actually stop them.