The Victory of Adolf Hitler


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By Captain Harlock
Démocratie Participative

Today, it is with emotion and gratitude that white humanity wishes a happy 131st birthday to Adolf Hitler, hero of Europe martyred by the Jews.

On April 20, I will emphasize one point first: the goodness of Adolf Hitler.

There are few heads of state who have been as deeply benevolent and generous as the savior of Europe. Kindness does not pretend, it naturally shows through in someone.

With Adolf Hitler, it is bright.

How can this man, overwhelmed on all sides after three quarters of a century and who is said to be wrong in everything, be erected as an absolute demonic figure by the very people who destroy our lives and those of our children? The answer is in the question: the demonization of Adolf Hitler by this rotten system is the best tribute that vice can pay to virtue, the lie to the truth, and also the surest lesson as to the relevance of the work of regeneration undertaken by him.

Adolf Hitler is, for all, friends and enemies, the master stallion of politics. It is the one by which any policy is evaluated. Any rebel sees himself, sooner or later, suspected of intellectual collusion with the Chief if by chance he deviates too far from the path traced by the Jews.

It is therefore necessary to get to know Adolf Hitler, not the ghost described by the lying mouths of Jewry, but the man, the philosopher, the chief, the artist, the combatant. Otherwise, we are condemned to chase specters in a dark room and never understand the depth of the Jewish lie of which we are the victims.

As surely as the Jew lies, Adolf Hitler is telling the truth.

The Führer’s conceptions remain astonishingly topical.

Adolf Hitler is the one who, for the first time, wanted to give birth to a new era by erecting a society which would be governed by the true principles of science and self-denial and no longer by the false superstition of equality and l bourgeois egoism.

A follower of Apollo against the forces of destruction unleashed by Jewry, Adolf Hitler wanted to bring about a society of order entirely built on good, beautiful and true. This great project, the Semitic beast, the Devil’s instrument, could not let it happen.


Adolf Hitler’s victory

“Whoever is of the truth hears my voice” Gospel according to Saint John 18:37

I want to look back, in retrospect, on the victory of Adolf Hitler. Because yes, Adolf Hitler won the war. And more.

History gradually reveals all the nuances.

By stopping Jewish Bolshevism in Berlin, the Führer placed the two great faces of Hebrew materialism, capitalist democracy and communism, in an impossible dialectical situation.

These two forces, balancing in the heart of the continent, found themselves in an irreversible self-destructive spiral. Their mutual mediocrity rotting them from the inside while the energy these two monsters wrested from their masses was exclusively intended to cause death and destruction outside their respective domains.

The destruction of one became the raison d’être of the other, sealing their fate. What is commonly called the “Cold War”.

Soviet Marxism collapsed in the East. American Marxism is now collapsing in the West. On its ruins, it is European nationalism that is reborn.

We owe this defensive victory to the Führer. Without the Wehrmacht, the whole of Europe would have been delivered to the Bolsheviks. If Europe had entirely fallen into the hands of the Judeo-Communist International, the latter would not have needed to hold back its genocidal impulses as it did so as not to be completely discredited in the face of half of Europe which escaped him. We would have witnessed the greatest mass murders in the history of our continent, millions of French, Belgians, Swiss would have been methodically annihilated by the Bolshevik commissioners of the Red Army. We would have fallen the most complete night.

With 25 million dead and biblical destruction, the red colossus was bled to death. His victory was only in form. The Soviet Union was never able to regain the revolutionary thirst for blood that it had before 1941, due to a lack of cadres and men. She had to be content to camp on her positions while waiting for her twilight.

Conversely, if the Anglo-American gangsters in the pay of the Jews had conquered the whole of Europe in 1945, Poland or Estonia would today be in the same state as the Parisian, London or New York suburbs.



The Führer’s superhuman efforts are beginning to bear fruit.

The complete disappearance of Eastern communism allowed Jewish democracy to deploy all its effects in Europe but with a time differential which pushes the eastern half of the continent freed from Marxism to violently reject the Jewish multiracial democracy promoted by the West. A real internal opposition, directly inherited from historical anticommunism, has formed and reinforces that of the west of the continent.

France, for its part, believed, selfishly, that it could ignore the role played by National Socialist Germany in this great war for the future of Europe. She wanted to lie. She believed she could win cynically on all fronts with De Gaulle at the helm. She now finds herself at the bottom of the well, failing to have understood the lessons of history and to have known how to understand the treacherous role of the Jew in this gigantic conspiracy.

The Jews, even more fanatical, have now made France their main headquarters in Europe.

The French press, entirely controlled by the Jews, continues to refer to the German Occupation as the height of horror when it was never a question of 400,000 German soldiers, disciplined and correct, who had only won a war that the Third Jewish Republic had declared to them. Conversely, not a day goes by without this same press incensing for the 15 million invaders of the Third World who rape, pillage, kill, and ransack almost with impunity.

This comparison alone suffices.

If Europe, in 2020, still has a chance to survive, we owe it to Adolf Hitler. Time will do its work as for the most perfect understanding of this reality and the trials will gradually draw Europeans from the blindness in which the Jew has plunged them.

This is why, today as yesterday, let alone tomorrow, we are celebrating this extraordinary day which is the birth of Adolf Hitler, the sword and the shield of the resurrection of Europe.