The Jewish Stranglehold of France that No One Dares Talk About

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Le Grand Taboo; the Jewish stranglehold of France that no one dares to talk about.


With the current orgy of state sponsored violence of militant units in France against the French citizens it is clear that the entity that is occupying and controlling the former French republic is not of French origin. No native French official with a spark of conscience in his being would give the order to shoot and aim for the head on his or her ethnic brother or sister. History keeps repeating itself. The genocide of the native people in Russia by the Red Terror campaigns under the Bolsheviks and in China when Mao took power was orchestrated by the same parasitic alien entity that is causing the current wave of violence in France. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008), Nobel-Prize-winning novelist, historian and critic of Communist totalitarianism:

“You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. The October Revolution was not what you call in America the “Russian Revolution.” It was an invasion and conquest over the Russian people. More of my countrymen suffered horrific crimes at their bloodstained hands than any people or nation ever suffered in the entirety of human history. It cannot be understated. Bolshevism was the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant of this reality is proof that the global media itself is in the hands of the perpetrators.”

This powerful quote is also applicable for the dramatic collapse of France and the associated violence against the French citizens. It is of utmost importance that people start to recognize and identify the enemy within that is in control of their occupied country. If we do not expose the enemy and start to call them out then we, the gullible Goyim, are marked for yet another wave of genocidal violence. And the occupiers make no secret of that, they openly and dramatically brag about their alliance to another entity then the country that they reside in.

Recently A senior “French” politician has called on police to use shoot-to-kill tactics against France’s Yellow Vest protesters. Former French Education and Jewish Minister Luc Ferry demanded that police officers should start firing their weapons at demonstrators, claiming that killing them would “put an end the violenc

The 68-year-old dilettante of France’s political elite served in Jacques Chirac’s government and is now a philosopher. He joins the deranged and parasitic clan of so called philosophers and political advisers that surround the French political inner-circle and are responsible for the disastrous politics that have tumbled France on the brink of total collapse.

It is this very influential Talmudic clan of psychopathic pseudo intellectuals and philosophers with Talmudists like “kingmaker” Jacques Attali, Bernhard-Henry Levy or Bernhard Kouschner that have pushed for the disastrous intervention policies during the last decades and that led to the destruction of numerous countries starting with the war in Yugoslavia. They are also the driving force behind the forced mass immigration into France that have demolished the French culture and economy. They pretend to be French are perfectly well integrated and declare themselves patriots but their own statements indicate that they, behind the facade of French identity, feel foremost Jewish and are profoundly concerned with the interests of the Jewish community and the illegal terrorist State of Israel and not with the interest of the host country, in this case France. On the contrary, their policies are in direct opposition with the interests of the native people of the country the reside in.

Watch fake French citizen, Sabbatean Jew and main orchestrator of the devastating mass 3rd world immigration into France Nicholas Sarkozy call for forced inter racial breeding:

Bernhard Levy stated that he is primarily a Jew with an extreme attachment to Israel and is a Jew through his Messianic patience. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who was about to become the prime minister of France, stated in The Jewish Tribune: “I wake up every morning and think about how I can help Israel.” How more blatant do you want it? These people clearly do not represent the interests of France or any other host country they reside in. Their actions are a threat to the national security of the host country they hide in. Over and over in (forbidden) history Talmudic Jews have been accustomed to adopt the dress of the people amongst whom they live. But they live in a world of their own, cut off from the world of the Goyim.

Driven by the insanity of the Messianic suprematist Talmudic doctrine they push for the destruction of all borders, Nations, traditions and cultures to make place for their dreamed World Government. And it is no cohencidence that the violent tactics used by the French government thugs against the citizens have a remarkable resemblance with the type of aggression used by the criminal IDF terrorists against the Palestinian people. As usual any criticism of criminal behavior by Jews is neutralized with the pathetic worn out anti-semitism card. Instead of engaging in an open discussion they present their history as an “uninterrupted vale of tears” without explaining the actual reasons for the phenomenon called Anti Semitism. This destructive and pathological world view goes unchallenged because questioning or engaging in a public discussion regarding the Jewish view of history is considered anti-Semitic and even forbidden by law in some cases.

Although the following essay is from 2012 it is more than applicable today and the talmudic grip has further solidified since then.

France is not what it used to be. It no longer belongs to the French. It is mined from within and it is the Jewish-Zionist lobby that runs it as it pleases. It is the AIPAC’s sister organization CRIF that dictates the procedure to be followed by the French government. With the Fabius-Gayssot law of 13 July 1990, which makes it possible to punish nationalist newspapers with heavy fines and stifle them, the Frenchman has become a foreigner in his own country. And to finish the picture, even its president is not a native Frenchman. If you see all this, you will be called an anti-Semite, so there is cause for despair.


The Jewish population in France is made up of successive waves of immigration and their descendants. The French Revolution emancipated (1790-1791) about 40,000 Jews; however, in 1866, 89,000 Jews lived in France. At that time, the main sources of Jewish immigration were the German Länder. In 1870, Alsace and part of Lorraine, where the majority of French Jews lived at the time, were annexed by Germany. Alsatian and Lorraine Jews joined France “from within”, but the 1872 French population census – the last one to record religious affiliation in France – had only 49,000 Jews.

However, the Jewish population is growing rapidly: it is estimated at around 1900 to 71,000 people, in 1919/1920, after Alsace-Lorraine returned to 150,000 and in 1940 to 250,000 to 320,000 people, two thirds of whom were more or less recent immigrants. Between 1870 and 1914, Jewish immigration was mainly from Russia, Poland, Austria-Hungary and Romania. Between the two wars, 70,000 Jews arrived in France. This immigration was Ashkenazi. But at the same time 15,000 Sephardic Jews born in Africa from the North are also settling in France. After Hitler took power in 1933, about 50,000 German, then Austrian and Czech Jews sought refuge in France. Before the German invasion, it was estimated that 300,000 Jews of all nationalities lived in France.

During the Second World War, 76,000 Jews were deported from France. 2,500 have returned. To these victims must be added the war dead. In total, 80,000 to 90,000 Jews in France died between 1940 and 1944. Also, at the end of the Second World War, it is estimated that there were about 180,000 to 200,000 Jews in France.

In 1945, Jewish immigration resumed: during the first decade after the war, detainees from concentration camps and so-called “displaced” people arrived who fled Eastern and Central Europe where their communities had been destroyed and the communists seized power in Eastern European countries.

Between 1955 and 1965, there was a massive influx of Jews from North Africa following the decolonization of Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria. In addition, after the creation of the State of Israel (1948) and after the Israeli-French-British Suez expedition (1956), Jews from Egypt arrived.

During this decade (1955-1965), France was the main host country for Jewish immigrants from the diaspora. Its Jewish population has doubled to about 500,000 people, a level it maintained until the 1980s and 1990s. Thanks to naturalizations and the acquisition of nationality by land law, at least 95% of Jews in France are now French citizens.

“I consider that the Jewish lobby, not only as far as I am concerned, is able to mount operations that are unworthy, and I want to say this publicly.” – Raymond Barre, Interview on France Culture (February 2006)

In the Jewish worldview, the goy (plural goyim) is non-Jewish. He is considered a beast. According to the Babylonian Talmud, by far the most influential of Judaism’s sacred texts, he is worth less than a dog. His only vocation is therefore to serve his Jewish master without ever being able to complain. Otherwise, he is considered “racist”, “anti-Semitic” and Jews will do everything to make him suffer the consequences.

In a democracy, information is supposed to be free and plural. In reality, the important media outlets are entirely in the hands of the Jews, in almost all areas. And they admit that reality themselves.

They are determined to make their enemies look like fools and dangerous sick people at best, at worst monsters embodying the devil. Anti Semitism would be the absolute evil and the anti-Semitism card is the Joker in the Jewish playing card deck.


J.-P. Elkabbach, Serge Moati, Jérôme Clement/Lehmann, Michel and Marie Drucker, Michel Polac, Alexandre Adler, Anne Sinclair, Beatrice Schoenberg, Daniel Schneidermann, Michel Field, Paul Nahon, Bernard Benyamin, Patrick “De Carolis”, Ivan Levai, Paul Amar, Kravetz, Emmanuel Chain, Gérard Miller, Benjamin Castaldi, Daniela Lumbroso, Dominique Farrugia, Serge Adda, Laurent Weil, Nicolas Hulot, Rotman, Morandini, “Arthur”, Kieffer, Nakad, Mano, Namias, Allal, Fogiel, Galzi, Abitbol, Cymes, Beigbeder, Elkrief, Collaro, etc, etc…These are the names of Jewish television (and/or radio) leaders and hosts who determine the choice of programmes and their presentation. The members of a virtual network who, beyond the particularities or even deaf internal rivalries, participate in the same dynamic for the benefit of a common objective.

At France Culture, Laure Adler and then David Kessler watch over the interests of Israel and the “community”. At France-Inter and RFI, it is Gilles Schneider. In Europe 1, it is J. Abergel.

And the same is true if we turn to the “free and democratic” press: L’Évènement du Jeudi (disappeared in 2000), by Georges-Marc Benhamou and Annette Kahn, Marianne, Jean-Francois Kahn; Le Nouvel Observateur de Jean Bensaid, dit Jean Daniel; L’Express, by Servan-Schreiber and Denis Jeambar; VSD, founded by Maurice Siegel; Télérama by Marc Jezegabel et Cie; International mail by Alexandre Adler then Bernard Kapp, Libération by Serge July and the Rothschild. The largest shareholder of the newspaper Le Monde is Alain de Gunzburg, son-in-law of the billionaire Edgar Bronfman (world leader in alcohol and President of the World Jewish Congress). Its main “supervisor” is Alain Minc.

Serge Dassault’s Socpresse group (Serge Bloch, dit) controls Le Figaro (where Alain-Gérard Slama is also active), Spectacle du Monde, Valeurs actuelles, L’Expansion, TV Magazine and several regional newspapers (La Voix du Nord, Le Progrès de Lyon, Le Dauphiné libéré, etc.). We can also mention Alain Genestar’s Paris-Match, Lire by Pierre Assouline. Jacques Abergel’s New Economist. Le Point de Franz-Olivier Giesbert. The Echos of Servan-Schreiber and Erik Izraelewicz.

As for books, the Editions du Seuil of the La Martinière group (mainly owned by the Wertheimer brothers), Odile Jacob, as well as Calmann-Levy, La Découverte (formerly Maspero), Les Editions de Minuit, Nathan and Denoël by Olivier Rubinstein are also Jewish.

These are just a few examples, among many, many others. On average, a quarter to a third of new publications available in bookshops, particularly for essays and socio-political studies, are signed by Jewish authors.

Obviously, in France, it takes much more than talent to succeed in getting published.

For cinema too, Jewish domination is overwhelming. In fact, on a French scale, it is at least as important as that of their counterparts in American cinema.

Countless talents are thus suffocated by their monopoly. But we beat the bass drum, we shout at the genius for everything that bears the Jewish stamp: Jean-Jacques Goldman, Patrick Bruel (Benguigui, says), Etienne Daho (Dahan), Francois Feldman, Michel Boujenah, Michel Jonasz, CharlElie Couture, Tom Novembre, Michel Polnareff, Dany Brillant (Cohen), Ophélie Winter, Ariel Wiezman, Daniel Cohen, Maurice Szafran, Daniel Emilfork, Michael (Bena)Youn, Cédric Klapisch, Diane Kuris, Sapho (Danielle Ebguy), Vanessa Guedj, Elie Semoun, Valérie Zarrouk, Agnès Jaoui, Elsa Zylberstein, Frédéric Diefental, Axel Aidan, Gad El Maleh, Jenifer (Dadouche-Bartoli, Jenifer Yaël), Chedid, Kaplan, Nataf, Salomone, Kazan, Mocky, Oury, Bacri, Ary, Benichou, Shirel, Sabbag, Larusso, Ramzy, Gozlan, Lindon, Halimi, Bismuth, Chemla, Brami, Haddad, Marouani, Solal, Shapiro, Levy, Meyer, Attal, Drefus, Simon, Bsnainou, Kagan, Nahmias, Bloch, etc etc…

All the so-called “borderless” associations are also dominated by Jews. And so are the most powerful ones. All the so-called “borderless” associations are also dominated by Jews. And so are the most powerful “anti-racist” organizations, whose vocation (subsidized by the State!) is to exercise terror in the service of “single thought”: League of Human Rights, LICRA, MRAP (gathering communist Jews before being more or less “recovered” by pro-Zionist North Africans), SOS-Racisme (instrument of manipulation of Blacks and Maghreb immigrants founded by Laurent Fabius and Julien Dray).

In France, in addition to patronymics of biblical origin, most names of “French” with a Polish or Germanic sound may belong to Jews, except in the case of Alsatians and Mosellans. It is also necessary to be careful with Russian or Anglo-Saxon sounding names. Finally, it should not be forgotten that many Jewish families have succeeded in adopting typically French surnames, especially since 1945. When they have a name that does not evoke their true origins, Jews manage to display at least one biblical first name (such as David, Daniel, Michael, Nathan, Benjamin, Simon, etc.) that can occasionally be used as a sign of recognition. Thus, in business, for example, declaring this kind of first name on the telephone helps a lot to make things happen when the other person is himself a Jew.

“Oriental” sounding surnames, such as those beginning with “Ben-” or “El-“, are also Jewish, especially when associated with European or biblical first names.

Note the names of the producers at the bottom of the movie posters: you will find the same names as on the building plaques of dentists, doctors, lawyers, notaries.

As a reminder, it should also be remembered that in the United States, Jews control most of the influential media, whether it is the written press, television, cinema or, increasingly, the Internet.

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The New York Times, Washington Post, International Herald Tribune, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Newsweek, New York Post, People, Sports Illustrated, Cosmopolitan, and others are fully dedicated to them. And the same applies to Time-Warner groups (AOL, CNN, Home Box Office, Warner Bros, Time Inc., New Line Cinema, etc.), Viacom-CBS (Paramount, CBS, UPN, MTV, BET or Black Entertainment Television to condition Blacks, Showtime, Sundance Channel, etc.), ABC-Disney, Fox Entertainment Group (Fox News, Twentieth Century Fox, National Geographic Channel, etc.). And so on and so forth.

Hollywood, as we know, has always been a Jewish stronghold, at all levels. Hollywood Premier, Michael Salomon’s film magazine, published (April 2001) the list of Hollywood’s “100 Most Influential People”. The number 1 is now Gerald Levin of Time-Warner-AOL, who is replacing Summer Redstone (his real name is Rothstein) by Viacom (CBS, Paramount, MTV, etc.). Number 3 is the “Australian” Rupert Murdoch, and number 4 is another Jew: Michael Eisner (Disney, ABC, Miramar, etc.).

A former Maoist activist, Marin Karmitz, president of the MK2 Group (the first independent French distributor) and president of the National Federation of Film Distributors, was at the forefront of the French boycott of Mel Gibson’s film La Passion.

Alex Moise is at the origin of the cancellation of the show of the comedian Dieudonné at the Olympia (February 2004), but also in Deauville and Roanne. He is the General Secretary of the French Zionist Federation.

During the annual dinner of the CRIF (Conseil représentatif des Institutions Juives de France) in January 2005, which was attended by 16 ministers in office led by J.-P. Raffarin, its president Roger Cukierman, took the liberty of harshly reprimanding the “French” government, which simply bowed its head. We have seen who the real masters are in France!

Democracy is supposed to guarantee freedom of expression. But we have to admit that censorship is everywhere when it comes to addressing certain issues that are disturbing to the powerful of the moment.  We have the right to say everything but the main thing. It is forbidden to denounce the extraordinary power of the Jews, their policy of destroying the European peoples through immigration and interbreeding.

The Fabius-Gayssot law of 13 July 1990 makes it possible to punish nationalist newspapers with heavy fines and to stifle them. Revisionist historians are mercilessly hunted down, covered in spit, beaten in the street, and sentenced to the heaviest fines. Their reviews are prohibited. You won’t find them at FNAC.

Hundreds of annoying structures circulate only in a quasi-clandestiny. The first magistrate of France, Pierre Dray (1999), first president of the Court of Cassation, is also the President of the Association of Friends of the University of Jerusalem. He strongly condemns all revisionist writings. The Lellouche law of 3 February 2003 further aggravates the Fabius-Gayssot law.

Revisionist historians are chased and beaten in the street by private Jewish militias (Betar or LDJ) that the police never worry about, condemned to ruin and silence. Their reviews are banned, as are their websites, which even ISPs and search engines are forced to filter. Hundreds of annoying books only circulate underground or on the Internet, through backdoor channels.

The only Jewish “response” to the intellectual challenge is censorship! Faced with the erudition of a handful of marginalized opponents, forced to work underground, the formidable army of Jewish academics was forced to resort to exceptional laws to silence them. To scientific arguments, they respond with police repression or even bludgeoning by their nerves.

Jews are really everywhere, controlling the reins of power. But their true genius lies in the manipulation and monopolization of places through tribal solidarity. They are only strong through the weakening of others, the exclusion of indigenous people from key positions in their own countries. That is why they need to divide them, while making them feel guilty to death to demoralize them. Their control over the media provides them with the means for massive and omnipresent propaganda. This is also what the monstrous lie of the “Shoah”, their sword and shield, is for. At the slightest threat, real or supposed (and very often, provoked, so much it pays off!), in response to the slightest sign of disapproval of those they trample on, they raise the flag of the Holocaust.

They would have been victims of the greatest crime in the history of humanity and now all those who upset them would be objectively complicit in it. They are automatically considered criminals by assumed intent. It is thus sufficient to be labelled as “extreme right” to find oneself in the line of fire of the so-called “anti-racist” or “anti-hate” rogue Talmudic laws that their influences have everywhere imposed on supposedly “democratic” societies. Democracies” that are no longer based on any popular will (now denigrated as “populism”) but that of the media in the service of Jewish interests.

To succeed in enslaving us forever, they need to destroy within us all national roots, all collective pride. Any willingness to resist. It is this control over the media, which then influences political power and academic production, that allows them to impose the idea that “globalization”, despite its disastrous consequences, is inevitable. Few people are able to understand that in reality, this is only the result of a choice, determined by the satisfaction of the interests of a few dominant groups. Within the latter, the Jews undeniably represent the hard core, thus having a vocation to lead the ensemble.

Even if members of other elites manage to emerge to gain real power, they will quickly be penalized because of their natural disparity and lack of a common vision, preventing them from uniting in a sustainable way. They will never be more than groups of individuals and isolated families, facing Jewish competitors with strong community traditions. Jewish millionaires represent the head of an organic body with solidarity members, while others easily pass for enemies of their own peoples.

In this way, even if they do not yet truly hold all the control levers, it can already be said that the Jews constitute the dominant nucleus of the planet, most often through American and European leaders.

The following list is a simple sample and could easily be expanded, especially if other powerful industrialists and influential academics are added. Many sectors of the economy and vital research centres are entirely dominated by Jews, although sometimes, on the surface, non-Jews are still apparently in charge:

– ABECASSIS, Eliette. Writer. Daughter of Armand ABECASSIS, a specialist in Judaism from a Jewish family in Morocco.

– ABEHSERA, Charles. Textile industrialist (Morgan) born into a Jewish family in Morocco.

– ABERGEL, Jacques. “The New Economist”

– ADDA, Serge. CEO of TV5, Tunisian Jew

– ADJANI, Isabelle. Kabyle Jewess.

– ADLER, Alexandre. Journalist and television documentary maker. After having been a communist militant, he became one of the main propagandists of American-Zionist domination. His wife, Blandine KRIEGEL, is a counsellor at the Elysée.

– AFFLELOU, Alain. Industrial, born into a Jewish family in Morocco.

– AÏDENBAUM, Pierre. Mayor PS of the 3rd Arrdt of Paris. Socialist billionaire.

– AJAOUI, Agnes. Actress.

– ALPHANDERY, Edmond. Former Minister of Economy.

– AMAR, Paul. Journalist.

– ANCONINA, Richard. Actor, from a Jewish family in Tunisia.

– ANTHONY, Richard. Singer.

– ARDITI, Pierre. Actor, born of a Jewish father. Married to the Jewish actress Evelyne BOUIX.

– ARTHUR (ESSEBAG Jacques, says). The animator was born in Morocco into a Jewish family.

– ASSAYAS, Olivier. Filmmaker, son of Jacques Rémy. Brother of the actor Michka ASSAYAS.

– ATTALI, Jacques. Banker and writer, born in Algeria. He is the son of a rich Algiers perfumer who would have liked to be a rabbi. The family moved to France in 1956.

Jacques Attali became Mitterrand’s special adviser on 11 May 1981, and then the President of the European Development Bank, where his generosity for himself and his friends caused a scandal. He has advocated Jewish financial power and is campaigning for Turkey’s entry into Europe. His brother Bernard Attali was CEO of Air France before joining American companies involved in strategic company acquisitions in France.

– ATTIAS, Richard. Advertiser and husband of Cécilia CIGANER-ALBENIZ, former wife of Nicolas SARKOZY.

– AYACHE, Alain. A “people” press boss, from a Jewish family in Algeria.

– AYACHE Jennifer. Singer of the Superbus group.

– AZEMA, Sabine. Actress.

– AZOULAY, Jean-Luc. A Jew from Algeria. Co-founder with his compatriot Claude BERDA of the AB group, producing films and television animations for young people.

– BACRI, Jean-Pierre. Actor, from a Jewish family in Algeria.

– BADI, Chimene. Singer.

– BADINTER, Robert. While he was LICRA lawyer against Robert Faurisson, Mitterrand made him his Minister of Justice in 1981. President of the Constitutional Council in 1986. He still sits on the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions and the Unified Jewish Social Fund. His second wife, Elisabeth BADINTER, is the daughter of the billionaire publicist Marcel BLEUSTEIN-BLANCHET (Publicis Groupe SA) and the granddaughter of the communard Edouard VAILLANT (1840-1915).

– BALASKO, Josiane (BALASCOVIC, known as). Actress and filmmaker, born into a Jewish family from Yugoslavia. Richard BERRI’s sister-in-law and mother of the actress Marilou BERRI.

– BARBELIVIAN, Didier. Author, composer and performer.

– BARNEY, Phil. Singer.

– BARZACH, Michèle. Former Minister of Health of Chirac. Born on July 11, 1943 in Morocco to an Ashkenazi Jewish family, she was compromised in the AIDS-infected blood scandal.

– BASHUNG, Alain. Author, composer and performer.

– BAUER, Axel. Author, composer and performer.

– BEART, Emmanuelle. Actress.

– BEART, Guy. Author, composer and performer.

– BECAUD, Gilbert. Singer.

– BEDIA, Ramzy. Humorist.

– BEIGBEDER, Frédéric.

– BEIGBEDER, Charles. His brother, a multimillionaire.

– BEDOS, Guy. Humorist.

– YOUN, Michaël (BENAYOUN, says). Television presenter, actor and public entertainer.

– BENAZERAF, José. Coming from a Jewish family in Morocco, he became the main promoter of pornographic cinema in France.

– BENGUIGUI, Jean. Actor, from Algeria.

– BENMAKHLLOUF, Alexandre. Former adviser to Jacques Chirac at the Paris City Hall. Former Chief of Staff of the former Minister of Justice Jacques Toubon.

– BENYAMIN, Bernard. Journalist.

– BERDA, Claude. Partner of Jean-Luc AZOULAY (AB Productions).

– BEREGOVOY Pierre. He was the son of Adrïan BEREGOVOY. Born on 23 December 1925 in Isum (Russia) to a Jewish family from Ukraine.

– BERRI, Claude (LANGMANN, says). Film actor-producer. Father of the actor-producer Thomas LANGMANN and the actor Julien RASSAM.

– BERRI, Richard (BENGUIGUI, says). Actor, born into a Jewish family in Algeria.

– BIRNBAUM, Michel. (New Look, Play Boy)

– BIRKIN, Jane. Former partner of Serge GAINSBOURG.

– BLEUSTEIN-BLANCHET, Marcel. Main shareholder of Publicis Groupe SA.

– BOOBA (Eli YAFFA, says). Rapper born of a black father and a Jewish mother.

– BORLOO, Jean-Louis. Minister of Jewish origin of Chirac. Married to Béatrice SCHOENBERG (née SZABO), presenter at France 2.

– BOUBLIL, Max. Humorist.

– BOUJENAH, Michel. Humorist and actor.

– BRAUMAN, Rony. One of the founders of Médecins sans Frontières. His stand in favour of the Palestinians has been strongly criticized by other Jews.

– BRAVO, Christine. Journalist and television presenter.

– BREDIN, Jean-Denis. Born HIRSCH-BREDIN, who became BREDIN by decree on 16 March 1950, former partner of Robert BADINTER and anti-racist academician.

– BREITMAN, Zabou. Actress and film director. Daughter of actor-director Jean-Claude DERET.

– BRUEL, Patrick (born BENGUIGUI). Singer, actor and professional poker player from a Jewish family in Algeria. Has chosen to do his military service in Israel

– BRUNI, Carla. Ex-model and singer-songwriter.

– BUFFET, Marie-Georges. Communist Minister of Youth. Her maiden name is KOSELLEK. Its chief of staff is Gilles SMADJA, a communist activist and former head of the society department of the newspaper L’Humanité.

– CAMBADELIS, Jean-Christophe. Son of a diamond dealer from Greece. Specialist in the fight against the “extreme right”. Member of the PS.

– CAMUS, Jean-Yves. Goy journalist converted to Judaism and who, in the hope of gaining acceptance, outbid Zionism by showing himself enraged against the “extreme right”.

– CAPLAN, Jil. Singer.

– CARLOS (DOLTOVITCH, Jean-Christophe, says). Singer, from a Jewish family from Russia. Her mother was Françoise DOLTO, a psychoanalyst doctor.

– CASSEL, Vincent. Actor.

– CASTALDI, Benjamin. Television host (M6). Son of Jean-Pierre CASTALDI.

– CASTALDI, Jean-Pierre. Actor.

– CELAN, Paul. Writer.

– CHABAT, Alain. Actor, from a Jewish family in Algeria.

– CHAIN, Emmanuel. Journalist and television presenter.

– CHARVET, David (GUEZ, says). Actor and singer, from a Jewish family in Tunisia.

– CHATELAIN, Jeremy. “Star Academy.”

– CHEDID, Louis. Singer.

– CHEMLA, Elizabeth. Journalist at the Nouvel Observateur and in the Near East Info, from Algeria. She was noticed for her hysterical ultra-Zionism.

– CHEVENEMENT, Jean-Pierre. Former socialist minister, from a Jewish family from Germany living in Belfort. His wife, the sculptor Nisa GRUNBERG was born in Egypt into a Jewish family.

– CHOURAQUI, Elie. Filmmaker, from a Jewish family in Algeria.

– CIXOUS, Hélène. Academic and feminist activist. His mother was Jewish from Germany and his father was Jewish from Algeria.

– CLAYDERMAN, Richard. Musician.

– CLEMENT, Jérôme. (LEHMANN, says). CEO of Arte.

– CLERC, Julien. Singer.

– COHEN, David. (Dany BRILLANT, says)

– COHN-BENDIT, Daniel. Political agitator. A notorious Marxist and paedophile pseudo ecologist.

– COLLARO, Fabrice. Journalist and brother of Stéphane COLLARO.

– COLLARO, Stéphane. Former television and radio host and producer.

– COPÉ, Jean-François (COPELOVICI, says). “I am a non-practicing Jew, but I make sure that I remain, above all, the representative of a secular authority.” (Jewish Tribune, 15.02.2002). Member of the Bilderberg Group in 2003.

– CORDY, Annie (COREMAN, said). Singer.

– COUTURE, CharlElie. Author-composer-performer.

– DAC, Pierre (Isaac ANDRE, says). Humorist and actor.

– DAENINCKX, Didier. Poor novelist and professional snitch for Mossad. It has been given the codename “the bewildered garbage man”.

– DAHO, Etienne (DAHAN, said). Singer.

– DANIEL, Jean (BENSAÏD, says). Essayist and journalist, in charge of the New Observer. He is the 11th and last child of a Jewish family. Confident of François Mitterrand.

– DARMON, Gérard. Actor, from a Jewish family in Algeria.

– DARTY-SEBAOUN, Jessica. Hereditary of the Darty stores.

– DASSAULT, Serge. Son of Marcel DASSAULT (formerly BLOCH). Multi-card industrial. 3rd fortune in France.

– DAVE. Singer.

– DAYAN, Josée. Film director, born in Algeria.

– DE CAROLIS, Patrick. Former journalist and presenter on France 3. Today President of the France Télévision Group.

– DE GUNZBURG, Alain. The world’s largest shareholder, son-in-law of billionaire Edgar BRONFMAN, world leader in alcohol and President of the World Jewish Congress).

– DEBRE, Michel. General de Gaulle’s former Prime Minister (deceased) returned to his Jewish roots at the end of his life. He was grandson of Chief Rabbi Simon DEBRE, originally from Alsace. Among his children, we can mention Jean-Louis DEBRE, President of the National Assembly very close to Chirac and Bernard DEBRE, urologist, former deputy and Minister for Cooperation.

– DECHAVANNE, Christophe. Television and radio host and producer.

– DELANOE, Bertrand. Homosexual mayor of Paris. Uses its mandate to promote and subsidize with public money many pro-homosexual associations and initiatives.

– DERAI, Yves. Programme director of the radio BFM (directed by Alain WEIL), the big business radio station that does not hesitate to invite its listeners to go to the Lutte Ouvrière festival. Former director of the Jewish Tribune (1993-1998).

– DEREC Jean-Francois (DERECZYNSKI, says) Humorist. Author of the book “The Day I Learned that I Was Jewish”.

– DERRIDA, Jacques. Writer (deceased in 2004), from a Jewish family in Algeria.

– DESIR, Harlem. First leader of SOS-Racisme, then became a “European” deputy of the Socialist Group. His father is of Martinican origin and his mother is Jewish from Alsace.

– DISTEL, Sacha. Singer who died in 2004. Born to a Jewish mother.

– DRAI, Pierre. The former President of the Court of Cassation is also President of the Association of Friends of the University of Jerusalem.

– DRAY, Julien. Politician born into a Jewish family in Algeria. He was a member of the Revolutionary Communist League until 1982. Having become a professional agitator for the Socialist Party, he was with Harlem DESIR at the origin of the creation of SOS-Racisme.

– DREYFUS, Tony. Deputy Mayor of the 10th arrondissement of Paris.

– DRUCKER, Michel. TV host, son of the Romanian-born doctor Abraham DRUCKER and brother of the CEO of the television channel M6. His brother Jean DRUCKER (deceased in 2003) was CEO of television (Société Française de Production, Antenne 2 and then M6). The latter left two daughters, Marie DRUCKER, star presenter at France 3 and Léa DRUCKER, actress.

– DRUON, Maurice. Permanent Secretary of the Académie Française. Nephew of the writer Joseph KESSEL whose Jewish family is from Lithuania.

– DURAND, Guillaume. Journalist and television and radio host.

– DUTEIL, Yves. Author-composer-performer.

– EL MALEH, Gad. Actor.

– ELKABBACH, Jean-Pierre. Journalist and former CEO of France Télévision.

– ELKRIEF, Ruth. Journalist.

– EMMANUELLI, Henri. Politician, member of the PS.

– ENDERLIN, Charles.

– ESSEL, André. Trotskyist activist. Founder of the FNAC with the billionaire freemason Max THERET.

– ESTIER, Claude. Former President of the Socialist Group in the Senate. Born Claude HASDAY-EZRATTY in a Jewish family in Algeria, he obtained to change his name to ESTIER in 1983. Personal friend of F. Mitterrand.

– EYZEN John (BENAMOU, Jonathan, says) – Star Ac 4.

– FABIUS, Laurent. Former Prime Minister and President of the National Socialist Assembly, compromised in the blood scandal contaminated by the AIDS virus. His father, André Fabius, was a wealthy art dealer. Her mother, born STRASBURGER, comes from a family of Jewish jewellers in Frankfurt. He is the main promoter of the 1990 Fabius-Gayssot law which put an end to freedom of expression in France, and then the 1996 law, which introduced denunciation to allow “anti-racist” associations under Jewish domination to impose the terror of a single thought.

– FARRUGIA, Dominica. Actor and television producer (Canal +, Comedy…).

– FELDMAN, François. Singer.

– FERRAT Jean (TENENBAUM, says). Singer and militant communist.

– FERRO, Marc. Media historian. Jewish by his mother, born Nelly FRIEDMANN.

– FERRY, Luc. Former Minister of National Education and renowned media essayist.

– FIELD, Michel. TV host. Former communist leader.

– FINEL, Lucien. Born FINKELSTEIN. Mayor of the 4th Arrdt. of Paris

– FINKELKRAUT, Alain. Media essayist and uncompromising Zionist.

– FITTERMAN, Charles (CHILEK, said). Former Communist minister. Son of Polish Jewish immigrants naturalized on 17.10.1934.

– FOGIEL, Marc-Olivier. Television presenter.

– FOLLY, Liane. Humorist.

– FORRESTER, Viviane. Author of “The Economic Horror”.

– FOUCAULT, Jean-Pierre. TV host. Declares in his book “The Smile to Tears” that his mother, a Polish Jew, fled National Socialism at the age of 20.

– FRIEDMANN, Jacques. Inspector General of Finance. He has been Jacques Chirac’s closest confidant for forty years. In 1986, he succeeded in convincing the Prime Minister to renounce the reform of the nationality code designed to curb immigration.

– FUGAIN, Michel. Author-composer-performer.

– GAINSBOURG, Charlotte. Daughter of Serge GAINSBOURG, a Jew whose family came from Russia. Wife of actor-director Yvan ATTAL.

– GAUBERT, Patrick (GAUBERG, says). European Deputy and President of the LICRA, an ultra-Zionist association whose honorary members include Jacques Chirac (and previously François Mitterrand).

– GEISMAR Alain. Main leader of May 1968 with Daniel COHN-BENDIT, another Jew. Later became Inspector General of National Education. He defines himself as “coming from a family of Alsatian Jews, on both sides, paternal as well as maternal” (Passages, 10.1990). His father, an inspector at the Banque de France, was a permanent member of the Jewish Consistory.

– GIROUD, Françoise. (Léa Françoise Gourdji, who became Giroud by decree of 12.07.1964). His father Salih Gourdji was from Turkey. Her mother’s name was Elda Farragi. Journalist and minister, born into a Jewish family in Turkey.

– GLUCKSMANN, André. Extreme left-wing essayist turned rabid Zionist.

– GLUCKSTEIN, Daniel. General Secretary of the “Workers’ Party” (Trotskyist).

– GODRECHE, Judith. Comedian.

– GOLDANEL, Gilles-William. Sulphurous lawyer, president of the France-Israel Association whose motto is: “To his attitude towards Israel, we can judge the spiritual value of a people”. This Zionist association was founded in 1929 under the aegis of the highest authorities of the French State (President of the Republic, President of the Council of Ministers).

– GOLDMAN, Jean-Jacques. Singer-composer, born of Jewish parents, from Germany for his mother and Poland for his father.

– GOTAINER, Richard. Singer.

– GRAY, Félix. Singer.

– GROSSER, Alfred. University student, born into a Jewish family in Frankfurt. Apologist of National Masoschist Germany for the French public.

– GUEDJ, Nicole. Lawyer and UMP Minister born in Algeria. Member of CRIF, LICRA and other Jewish community organizations.

– GUETTA, Bernard. The Express.

– GUETTA, David. Animator of a nightclub frequented by the “Tout Paris”. Born into a Jewish family from Morocco, he is married to a Senegalese coach.

– HALIMI, Gisèle. Feminist leader who later became French ambassador to UNESCO. Born on July 27, 1927 in Goulette, Tunisia. Her real name is Zeisa, Giselle, Elise Taieb. She was authorised to change her name by the decree published in the Official Journal of 07.03.1996. His son, Serge Halimi, is an essayist, specialising in criticism of the media and globalisation but carefully avoiding attacking Jewish control.

– HANIN, Roger (LEVY, says). Actor, born in Algeria. He adopted his mother’s maiden name as his pseudonym. “My real name is LEVY. My father’s name is Joseph LEVY. My mother Victorine Hanin. Originally, it was Ben Hanine. It’s an Azoulay girl. I am 100% kosher genetically. I am the son of a communist and grandson of a rabbi. I feel very Jewish.” (Jewish News, 04.12.1987). Having married film producer Christine Gouze-Renal, his brother-in-law was François Mitterrand.

– HALPHEN, Eric. Sulphurous magistrate and politician.

– HALTER, Marek. Jewish novelist from Poland. A tearful song of the centuries-old preservation of the Judeo-Khazar biologic-ethnic identity.

– HAZAN, Adeline. Former President of the very leftist Magistrates’ Union. Born of an Egyptian Jewish father, she is part of the “first circle” of Jospin, which charged her with the problems of the “City”.

– HECHTER, Daniel. Couturier and creator of the Paris Saint-Germain.

– HERZOG, Philippe. He is the son of Eugène HERZOG, a Yugoslav Jewish chemical engineer who immigrated to France in 1927. He was the main economist of the “French” Communist Party.

– HOLLAND, François. Secretary General of the SP.

– HOSSEIN, Robert (HOSSEINHOFF, says). Actor and filmmaker.

– HUSTER, Francis.

– JACKY (JACUBOWITZ, Jacques, says). “Dorothée Club”.

– JEAMBAR, Denis. Editorial Director of L’Express. As he explained in the Jewish Tribune (14.03.1996), he comes from a Jewish family in the Comtat Venaissin: “I am of Jewish origin through my mother, although baptized. I feel very attached to Israel.” A former Director General of Europe 1, he has made the fight against the far right one of his priorities.

– JENNIFER (DADOUCHE-BARTOLI Jenifer Yaël, known as). “Star Academy.”

– JONASZ, Michel. Author, composer and performer.

– JOSPIN, Lionel. The former Socialist Prime Minister (former militant and Trotskyist mole) comes from a Protestant family but his two wives, successively Elisabeth DANNENMULLER and Sylvianne AGACINSKI are Jewish and therefore also his three children.

– JOUFFA, Yves. Former socialist leader. Locked up in the Drancy camp in 1941-42, he became one of its guards’ auxiliaries. To escape deportation, he then joined the UGIF (Jewish pro-Vichy organization) where his father was treasurer. From 1984 to 1991, he was President of the League of Human Rights.

– JOXE, Pierre. Grandson of the writer Daniel HALEVY and son of the former Gaullist minister Louis JOXE who had converted to Protestantism. Pierre JOXE, a Marxist activist, was registered with the CGT in 1981. Long a socialist minister.

– KAHN, Jean-François. Journalist born to a Jewish father. Although he declared himself a Catholic and… agnostic, he has always campaigned alongside the Jews. His brother is Axel KAHN, a biologist.

– KAREL, William. Franco-American documentary filmmaker born in Tunisia. He lived in Israel for about ten years.

– KARMITZ, Marin. President of the MK2 Group (the first independent French distributor) and president of the Fédération national des distributeurs de films, he was at the forefront of the French boycott of Mel Gibson’s film “La Passion”.

– KASSOVITZ, Mathieu. Actor and filmmaker. Born into a Jewish family from Hungary.

– KAZAN, Alexandra. Former television presenter and actress.

– KEPEL, Gilles. University student, renowned media specialist in Islam.

– KIEJMAN, Georges. Lawyer, Minister of Justice under Mitterrand, to whom he was very close. Mentioned among the “100 Jews  who count” (Passages, 02.1989).

– KIMBERLAIN, Sandrine. Comedian.

– KLARSFELD, Serge. Jewish lawyer who became famous as a “Nazi hunter” (in fact, some impotent old men, abandoned by all!).

– KLARSFELD, Arno. Son of Serge and Beate KLARSFELD. He too is a media lawyer, famous for his arrogance and mediocrity. Has chosen to do his military service in Israel.

– KNOEBEL, Marc. Former Vice-President of LICRA. A fanatical Zionist activist paid by the Simon Wiesenthal Center (USA), he aims to become a great inquisitor on the Internet, notably through his “I accuse! Seeks to ban all sites critical of Israel and Jews.

– KONOPNICKI, Guy. Communist activist who later became a rabid Zionist. Born into a family of Jewish immigrants from Poland. A founding member of SOS Racisme, he resigned on 18 January 1991 to protest against the movement’s pacifist positions during the Gulf War. “This time, I say it without shame, I applauded when a flood of fire fell on Iraq.” Support for the Third World comes second to Israel’s interest…

– KOUCHNER, Bernard. One of the founders of “Médecins sans Frontières”, who later became Minister of the Socialist Government. In 1981, he supported the Jewish Renewal to defeat Valéry Giscard d’Estaing. Appointed administrator of Kosovo by Kofi Annan (UN Secretary-General of Ghana), he has direct responsibility for the expulsion (sometimes accompanied by massacres) of more than 150,000 Serbs from their country of origin. Closely linked to the far left. Married to journalist Christine OCKRENT. Member of the Bilderberg Group in 2005 and 2007.

– KOXIE (Laure COHEN, known as). Singer.

– KRASUCKI, Henri (HENOCH, said). He succeeded Georges Séguy as General Secretary of the CGT on June 13, 1982. His mother, Lea KRASUCKI, born in 1903, was a leader of the Polish Communist Party, which was founded in 1920. Was sent to Auschwitz where he is indicated as having been gassed in Serge KLARSFELD’s Memorial of the Deportation of Jews from France as part of convoy No. 55 of 23 June 1943…

– KRAWCZYK, Gérard. Actor and film director.

– KRIVINE, Alain. Trotskyist leader, born into a Jewish family from Ukraine.

– LAFORET, Marie. Actress and singer.

– LALANNE, Francis. Author-composer and interpreter.

– LALONDE, Brice. “My mother is of Scottish descent[…] while my father came from a Parisian family, of Alsatian origin, with Jewish roots.” (On the green wave). His grandfather, Roger-Raphaël LEVY, and his father, Alain-Gauthier LEVY, changed their name to LALONDE after the Second World War (decree of 16.02.1950). Her mother, born FORBES, was naturalized French. His cousins include billionaire Malcolm S. FORBES and John Kerry, a US presidential candidate against G.W. Bush. Raised in a bourgeois milieu (big industrial father of textiles), he was for a long time an activist on the far left, notably with the UNEF, of which he was the president.

– LANG, Jack. Socialist Minister born in the Vosges into a Jewish family. His wife, born BUCZYNSKY, comes from a Jewish family in Poland. He considers himself as “Jewish by sedimentation: my father was a secular Jew, and my wife, of Polish origin, comes from a much more religious background. Our children have received a true Jewish education and have been very active in the Jewish community in Nancy” (Jewish Tribune, 21.01.1983).

– LANGMANN, Thomas.

– LANZMANN, Claude. Director of Modern Times (with Jean-Paul SARTRE) and director of Zionist documentary films, including “Shoah”.

– LAROQUE, Michèle. Humorist.

– LARUSSO. Singer.

– LAVILLIERS, Bernard. Author-composer and interpreter.

– LELOUCH, Claude. Filmmaker, born of a Jewish father from Algeria.

– LELLOUCHE, Pierre (ALLOUCHE, says). Born on May 3, 1951 in Tunis, “from a traditionalist Jewish family” (Jewish Current Affairs, 01.03.1989). A close advisor to Chirac, he has been President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly since 2004.

– LEMARQUE, Francis (KOR, Nathan, said). Singer.

– LENA-KA (COHEN-BOULAKIA, Celine, known as) – Singer.

– LEPAGE, Corinne. Lawyer, now Minister of the Environment of the Juppé government. She is the daughter of Jacqueline SCHULMAN and Philippe LEVY, authorized to change her name to LEPAGE by decree of 18.02.1950.

– LEVAÏ, Ivan. Actor.

– LEVINAS, Emmanuel. Writer and Talmudist thinker.

– LEVI-STRAUSS, Claude. Anthropologist and member of the Académie française. Long a spokesman for official anti-racism before being overwhelmed by extremist anti-racism to the point of now being accused of racist tendencies….

– LEVITTE Jean-David. Diplomatic adviser to Jacques Chirac from 1995 to 2000. Since then, he has been France’s representative to the UN.

– LEVY, Bernard-Henri. A mediocre writer who is considered a “philosopher” by the grace of the Jewish media. Born in Algeria to a Jewish father who became a millionaire thanks in particular to the exploitation of wood in Africa and the Amazon. He is also one of Nicolas SARKOZY’s relatives, after having been close to Mitterrand. He gladly boasts of having contributed a great deal to the imposition of anti-racist terror in France. Her daughter, Justine LEVY, is a novelist.

– LEVY, Laurent. MRAP lawyer, married to a Muslim woman. In September 2003, her two daughters made the headlines by wearing a veil at school, with her support.

– LEVY, Maurice. He is the spiritual heir of Marcel BLEUSTEIN-BLANCHET, founder of Publicis, the first advertising agency in France. His family is from Morocco.

– LEVY, Raymond. Former President of Renault, now Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Lagardère. He maintains privileged relations with Dominique STRAUSS-KAHN.

– LINDON, Vincent. Actor and film director. Belongs to a Jewish family from Poland (LINDENBAUM) and the Netherlands (Citroën). His uncle, Jerome LINDON was the director of the Editions de Minuit.

– LIPIETZ, Alain (LIPIEC, says). European Green MEP. From a Jewish family from Poland. His family filed a complaint in 2006 against the SNCF (!) for its alleged role in the deportation of Jews during the Second World War…

– LUMBROSO, Daniela. Television hostess.

– LUSTIGER, Aaron (and later Jean-Marie) This cardinal and archbishop of Paris defined himself as “both Jewish and Christian”. And thinking he was funny: “You know, in France there are two great rabbis, a Sephardic, Joseph SITRUK, and an Ashkenazi, me! And finally: “We cannot,[we] must not convert Jews”, “I am a Jew and I will remain one, […]. I know I am Jewish.” (Documentation Catholique, 01.03.1981, n° 1803, p. 139-140). Member of the Académie française.

– MACIAS, Enrico (Gaston GHRENASSIA, says). Jewish singer from Algeria.

– MANUKIAN, Hervé.

– MARCEAU, Marcel (MANGEL, says). Mime actor.

– MARCUS, Gérard. Rich owner of one of the most important painting galleries in Paris. Member of the RPR Political Bureau since 1985. Chairman of the France-Israel Parliamentary Friendship Group.

– MAURANE. Singer.

– MAUROIS, André (HERZOG, Emile Salomon Wilhelm, says). Writer.

– MAY, Mathilda (HAIM, as it is called). Comedian born of a Jewish father from Turkey.

– MAZEROLLES, Olivier. Journalist.

– MELENCHON, Jean-Luc. Former minister and socialist senator. Press officer: Valérie ATLAN, former president of the Union des Etudiants Juifs de France in Montpellier, former head of communication at SOS Racisme. Adviser on the living conditions and environments of students: Eric BENZEKRI, former Trotskyist executive. Technical adviser for social relations: Daniel ASSOULINE, who with his brother David ASSOULINE led the Revolutionary Workers League, a Troskyst chapel.

– MEZRAI, Raphael. Public entertainer.

– MEMMI, Albert. Jewish writer from Tunisia. Imposed by the media as a specialist in racism and spokesperson for… anti-colonialism.

– MILLER, Claude. Film director.

– MILLER, Gérard. Psychoanalyst and television man, from a Jewish family from Poland. Became mediatically famous for his morgue.

– MINC, Alain (MINKOVSKI, says). Globalist technocrat close to the socialist party. He is the son of an Ashkenazi Polish dentist, naturalized French in 1947. He holds the strategic position of President of the Société des lecteurs of the newspaper Le Monde.

– MOATI, Serge. Documentary filmmaker and television host born into a Jewish family from Tunisia. In “La haine antisémite” (1991), he unabashedly displays his hatred towards all those he accuses of anti-Semitism.

– MOCKY, Jean-Pierre (MOKIEJWSKI, says). Filmmaker, born into a Jewish family from Russia.

– MOÏSE, Alex. Secretary General of the Zionist Federation and member of the Anti-Racist Citizen Collective. Convicted of “incitement to hatred” after sending himself anti-Semitic threats in order to be able to file a complaint against anti-Semitism. A revealing little “slip-up”, the tip of the iceberg….

– MOUNTAIN, Gilbert.

– MORANDINI, Jean-Marc. Journalist and television and radio host.

– MORIN, Edgar. Sociologist. From a Jewish family in Greece. He has long been an anti-racist activist. From 2003 onwards, however, he was violently attacked by other Jews who accused him of criticizing Israel and then sentenced him for… racism!

– MOSCOVICI, Pierre. Former Trotskyist militant, later Socialist Minister for European Affairs. Vice-President of the European Parliament.

– MOUSTAKI, Georges. Singer of Jewish origin born in Egypt.

– NAKAD, Naïda. Journalist.

– NATAF, Mallaury. Singer.

– NEÏERTZ, Patrick. Chief Executive Officer of Christian Dior. Husband of the former Socialist Minister.

– NEÏERTZ, Véronique. Former socialist minister. Married to Patrick NEÏERTZ, Chief Executive Officer of Christian Dior.

– BLACK, Michel. Jewish by his mother, Rose DREYER. Former Minister of Chirac and Mayor of Lyon. His political career was then compromised by a case of corruption. He is one of the few French politicians to have been co-opted into the Bilderberg Group, one of the most powerful international globalist associations.

– NOVEMBER, Tom. Singer and actor.

– OBISPO, Pascal. Author-composer-performer.

– OCKRENT, Christine. Journalist.

– OLIVENNES Denis. Chairman of Canal Plus France (06.2000) after having been its Chief Executive Officer. It was called OLIVENSZTEIN before 1960.

– OURY, Gerard (TANNENBAUM, Max-Gérard, says). Filmmaker, married to the actress Jacqueline ROMAN, born YACOWLEW. Father of Danièle THOMPSON and grandfather of Christopher THOMPSON.

– PARIENT, Patrick. Textile industrialist (Naf Naf), from a Jewish family in Tunisia.

– PESCHANSKI, Marc. Member of the political bureau of the Workers’ Struggle (Trotskyist). He is from Moldova.

– PIETRI, Julie. Singer.

– POHER, Alain. Former President of the Senate. Gold medal of B’nai B’rith (Hebrew Freemasonry) in 1979.

– POLAC, Michel. Journalist and television filmmaker, born in Paris (16th century) into a very wealthy family of Polish Jews. He has always been an extreme left-wing activist.

– POLANSKI, Roman. Filmmaker, Polish Jewish father.

– POLIAKOV, Leon. Historian of anti-Semitism, fairly forgerious.

– POLL, Leo (POLNAREFF, Leib, says). Pianist of Edith PIAF.

– POLNAREFF, Michel. Author-composer-performer. Son of Leib POLNAREFF.

– PONCELET, Christian. The RPR President of the Senate confided in the Jewish Forum (17.02.1999) to express his concern about “the rise of anti-Semitism in France and Europe”. He said: “I don’t forget that there are KAHN in my family”.

– PULLICINO, Gérard. Producer and director born into a Jewish family in Tunisia.

– RAYMOND, Levy. Former President of Renault, now Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Lagardère. He maintains privileged relations with Dominique STRAUSS-KAHN.

– REGINE (ZYLBERBERG-CHOUKROUN, also known as). Singer and cabaret manager.

– REZA, Yasmina. Writer, born of a Jewish father from Russia and a Hungarian mother.

– ROBIN, Muriel. Humorist.

– RODINSON, Maxime. Marxist historian, specialist in Islam.

– ROTMAN, Patrick. Novelist and documentary filmmaker, professional in the field of permanent incitement to hatred against Germans.

– ROUSSO, Henri. University student, great anti-revisionist inquisitor in Lyon.

– ROUSSOS, Demis. Singer.

– WITHOUT, Veronica. Author-composer-performer.

– SAPHO (EBGUY, Danielle, known as). Singer.

– SARKOZY, Nicolas. Jewish by his mother who was born in Greece and Hungarian by his father, from whom he inherited his Catholic baptism. The Jews still consider him one of their own and he is careful not to deny them. His brother, Guillaume SARKOZY was vice-president of MEDEF, the French employers’ union.

– SARRAUTE, Claude. Journalist, daughter of the novelist Nathalie SARRAUTE (TCHERNIAK, as she is called), from a Jewish family in Russia. “As the years go by, my Jewishness becomes more and more important to me, and yet I have no beliefs, no religious culture. Which doesn’t stop me from wearing a David’s star around my neck.” (Jewish Tribune, 13.01.2000).

– SCHAPIRA, Pierre. PS Counsellor of Paris and Vice-President of the Economic and Social Council (January 2001).

– SCHNEIDERMANN, Daniel. Former journalist at Le Monde and presenter on France 5 of the program “Arrêts sur images”. Although he claims above all to decipher the images, on several occasions he was caught in the act of misinformation, particularly when it came to defending Israel or its American instrument.

– SCHOENBERG, Béatrice (née SZABO). Journalist and television presenter.

– SCHRAMEK, Olivier. Chief of Staff of Lionel Jospin (1999). “Atheist although of Jewish origin” (VSD, 28.04.1989). He is Abraham SCHRAMEK’s little nephew who was Minister of the Interior of the Left Cartel.

– SEGUELA, Jacques. Left propaganda advertiser. In particular, he designed Mitterrand’s electoral campaign in 1981, whose television spots included subliminal images.

– SERVAN-SCHREIBER, Jean-Jacques. Journalist and politician, belonging to a powerful Jewish family in Alsace. Founder of the Express with Françoise GIROUD. Among the influential members of his family are Jean-Louis SERVAN-SCHREIBER, founder of L’Expansion and director of Psychologies magazine, Brigitte GROS, journalist and politician (deceased in 1985) and Christine COLLANGE, journalist.

– SINCLAIR, Anne (née SCHWARTZ, married LEVAÏ, then STRAUSS-KAHN). Journalist, born in New York in 1948. She is the daughter of Robert SCHWARTZ, a powerful businessman, authorized by decree of August 3, 1949 to take the name “Sinclair”.

– SITRUK, Joseph. Chief Rabbi of France, born in Algeria. On 13.10.2000, he was caught in the act of public lying by announcing on the radio the murder in Paris of 6 young Jews, in an attempt to divert attention from the Israeli soldier’s murder of a Palestinian child. This confirms the saying: liar like a rabbi!

– SORMAN, Guy. Journalist and essayist, champion of neo-liberalism. His critical stances towards a certain Jewry have led him to many “misunderstandings”.

– SOUCHON, Alain. Author-composer-performer.

– SPIRE, André. Zionist writer and activist.

– STEHRS, Amanda. Isabelle DARTY’s daughter-in-law (heiress of the Darty family and engaged to Jean SARKOZY), married Patrick BRUEL (BENGUIGUI said) in September 2004.

– STEINMETZ, Pierre. In 2002, he said: “France is a mixed race country and it will remain so”.

– STOLERU, Lionel. Former socialist minister. Member of the Bilderberg Group, close to the con man Robert MAXWELL, also Jewish. He is the son of Fernande BLUM and Elie STOLERU, born in Vaslui, Romania.

– STORA, Benjamin. Writer, from a Jewish family in Algeria.

– STRAUSS-KAHN, Dominique. Former Socialist Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry. His father is an Ashkenazi Jew, and his mother, Jacqueline FELLUS, a Jew from Tunisia. His firm in 1997: Head of public companies: Stéphane-Paul FRYDMANN. Head of Political Affairs: Gilles FINCKELSTEIN (also in charge of Lionel Jospin’s arguments unit). Parliamentary attaché: Michèle SABBAN (in charge of Lionel Jospin’s travel).

– SULITZER, Paul-Loup. Signatory of successful novels written by niggers. Son of Jules SULITZER, a Jewish immigrant from Romania. He found himself involved in several suspicious cases, sanctioned by criminal law.

– SUSSFELD, Alain. Managing Director of UGC. Close friend of Michel DRUCKER.

– TAGUIEFF, Pierre-André. Pompous essayist with rather confused works in order to make them look like scientists. Born to a Polish mother and a Jewish father from Russia. This allows him to claim to be non-Jewish, like J.F. KAHN. But by all his commitments, he is entirely at the service of the most radical Zionism, under the pretext of anti-racism, this “form of mental regression” that he himself had denounced. Many of his works, commissioned by Jewish leaders, are in fact collective products. Often unreadable, they are not intended to convince but to intimidate, in order to silence.

– TALAR, Charles. Producer (music, comedy, etc.), born into a Jewish family in Tunisia.

– TEISSIER, Élizabeth (HANSELMANN, Germaine, dite). Erotic film actress and worldly astrologer (consulted in particular by Mitterrand), born into a Jewish family in Algeria.

– TIMSIT, Patrick. Filmmaker, actor and public entertainer, from a Jewish family in Algeria.

– TODD, Emmanuel. Essayist, son of the journalist Olivier TODD, grandson of Paul NIZAN.

– TRIGANO, Gilbert. Founder of Club Méditerranée. Born into a Jewish family in Algeria.

– TRISTAN, Anne. Publishing director of “Ras l’Front”, one of the main newspapers that make their money by dragging nationalist militants through the mud. Her real name is Anne ZELANSKY.

– TRUFFAUT, François. Filmmaker. Born of a Jewish father he would never have known.

– TUBIANA, Michel. President of the League for Human Rights (2000-2005).

– STANDBY, Simone. Former UDF Minister and President of the European Assembly. Long considered dead in Auschwitz by Jewish propaganda. Nicknamed: the Aborteuse, which she seems very proud of.

– VICTOR, Pierre (Benny LEVY, says). Maoist agitator in the 1960s and 1970s, who became Jean-Paul SARTRE’s secretary and converted him more or less to Judaism. Died in 2003 in Israel where he had withdrawn with the fund of the “proletarian” organizations he controlled.

– VIDAL-NAQUET, Pierre. Mediocre Hellenistic historian, who became a champion of the Jewish inquisition against historical revisionism. He hated Robert Faurisson and would have liked to murder him, but he lacks the courage to act.

– VILLENEUVE, Charles. Journalist and television presenter.

– WERTHEIMER, Gérard and Alain. Chanel’s main shareholders. 4th largest fortune in France.

– WIEVIORKA, Michel. Sociologist, guru of media anti-racism with his wife, salon historian Annette WIEVIORKA. Jews from Poland.

– WINTER, Ophelia. Singer, apologist of the multiracial society.

– WOLINSKY, Georges. Cartoonist. His mother, born BEMBARON, was a Tunisian Jew and his father a Polish Jew.

– WOLKENSTEIN, Pierre. Deputy Director of Crédit Lyonnais, he is the husband of Bertrand POIROT-DELPECH’s daughter.

– ZARAI, Rika. Singer and mediatized guru of “alternative medicine”.

– ZARDI, Dominique. Writer and actor, having acted in more than 300 films.

– ZARKA Pierre. No 2 of the “French” Communist Party. He comes from a family of Jewish origin from Tunisia.

– ZEITOUN, Ariel. Film producer, born into a Jewish family in Tunisia.

– ZERAH Dov. Former Chief of Staff of Corinne Lepage. Then became Head of Cabinet to European Commissioner Edith Cresson in Brussels.

“The only serious thing right now, for a great man, a learned writer, filmmaker, financier, industrialist, politician (but then the most serious thing) is to get in trouble with the Jews. – The Jews are our masters – here over there, in Russia, in England, in America, everywhere!… Do the clown, the insurgent, the fearless, the anti-bourgeois, the angry righting man… the Jew doesn’t care! Entertainment… Babbling! But don’t touch the Jewish question, or he’ll cook you… Stiff as a whistle, you’ll be made to calanch in one way or another… The Jew is the king of the gold of the Bank and Justice… By straw man or outright. He owns everything… Press… Theater… Radio… House… Senate… Police… here or there…”

L.-F. Céline, Bagatelles pour un Massacre (1937)

Anti-Semitism, a condition for our survival

Before the First World War, there were less than 100,000 Jews in France for 42 million inhabitants. Today, this number has risen to about 600,000, or less than 1% of the country’s total population. Initially, they were mainly Ashkenazi Jews from different European countries. But since the 1960s, the vast majority of them have been represented by the Sephardic or “Jewish-Arabs” from North Africa.

In other words, they do not represent any homogeneous community at all. Within them, individuals of the European type rub shoulders with those of the negroid type, revealing the true origins of each person. And yet, their only common identity reference is of a genealogical, if not genetic, nature. The one who has “Jewish blood” would really be “Jewish”, in principle the one transmitted by maternal route, but de facto, such a distinction has now become obsolete. Many Jews with a peremptory identity affirmation owe their

Judaism to a grandfather who had no other concern than to make people forget his cumbersome “Hebrew roots”.

One can only wonder about the reasons for their current importance in various “decisive” sectors of the country’s life. There are two things, where they are truly brilliant, and in this case, we would have to acknowledge such a collective superiority that is a prodigy, or there is massive cheating somewhere. As they themselves would not dare to claim to belong to a specific “superior race” (even if, in the end, following their religious texts, they are really convinced of this…), it is therefore that there is an anomaly. They usurp a position that should not be theirs and owe their success to the detriment of the original inhabitants of the country where they reside, unfairly prevented from flourishing. The centuries of greatness of our history amply prove that before the Jews, without the Jews, we can provide for all the talents our country needs on our own. The current exorbitant Jewish predominance does not prove their superiority or our incompetence.

This conclusion is all the more justified since, in the Western world, it is not only in France that Jews occupy a dominant position, without regard to their number and what they should normally have been entitled to. They have “succeeded” everywhere with the same unfair processes, only to end up provoking the same rejection reactions. This hostility is quickly described as “racism” or “anti-Semitism”, simply considering that it is a mysterious “criminal disease” punishable by repression and that we must try to prevent by intensifying anti-racist propaganda. More repression, more surveillance and denunciation, more indoctrination, more widespread mortification, more cultural disintegration, more cross-fertilization to remove rootedness and landmarks. More power to the Jews.

Such a situation, which has become unbearable for us, forces us to question ourselves and the institutions of this country, which is becoming more and more foreign to us. This time, it is France as a European country, and the French as a white people, who are in danger of disappearing, putting an end to a history of several tens of thousands of years. No one has the right to force us to suffer such a fate, to renounce perpetuating our ancestral identity. To be proud of it. And therefore also to actively defend it by all means.

Moreover, the Jews themselves jealously guard their particularism, one of the conditions of their community solidarity, guaranteeing their success. Don’t they pride themselves on descending from Abraham, an Arab Bedouin who lived nearly 4000 years ago and whose genetic heritage they are trying to preserve by recommending strict endogamy! No matter how much the Jews make us believe that they are like us, in reality, they are mostly against us. Those who claim to be “French” are nothing more than hypocrites and vile impostors, hoping to take advantage of the naivety or resignation of their victims. Hence their desire to denature us, to uproot us, on the soil of our own country. For them, we must stop claiming our European roots in order to be mere residents of France, like themselves, like any immigrant. Their litany: France, a land of immigration! Brewing ground! Land of Human Rights. What is understandable to them: the Jewish man, with his gaze focused on Israel and the defense of his imperial interests….

But what is legitimate for other peoples can only be legitimate for ourselves. Everywhere, we rightly claim to be from the terroir. Everywhere, efforts are being made to preserve traditions, enhance collective heritage and rehabilitate the legacies of the past threatened by the global alienation of globalization. It is therefore perfectly justifiable for us to seek to defend our identity as a European people, of white race, on our lands. If this is “racism”, we must have the courage to take it on without complexes. Moreover, what people in the world would not then be “racist”? In any case, certainly not the Jews!

Resisting Jewish domination, which promises to be fatal in the short term, is more than a right, a sacred duty for us. The Talmudic Jews are truly our mortal enemies, just as they are ultimately the enemies of all the nations of the world whom they devote to the corruption of their identity, the degradation of their culture, or even for the most vulnerable, to poverty and perpetual servitude, until they disappear. Already in the first century, as the Roman writer Tacitus reports, they were readily accused of “hating the human race”!

Since then, it has only gotten worse.

They are indeed the first to be responsible for and the main beneficiaries of the most evil ideologies that have plagued them over the past two centuries: capitalism, social-communism, anti-racism, anti-social individualism, neo-liberal globalism… Several tens of millions of innocent people have perished through the wars and revolutions they have promoted and billions of people who have never done them the least harm now live in humiliation and despair. Even the survival of humanity is seriously threatened by the degradation of the planet to which they have contributed more than any other group, given their exceptional “success”…

With the globalization that no one, apart from multinationals and their profiteers, really wanted, the neighbourhood of Jews is also becoming global. The same causes causing the same effects, as fatally, feelings of rejection towards them are constantly developing to the nooks and crannies of the planet. It seems that what is called “anti-Semitism” is really an allergic reaction that manifests itself only when in contact with the triumphant Jews. It would then only be the morons who are mortified by anti-racist discourse to imagine that the responsibility lies with the “racist prejudice” that should be combated with more indoctrination and repression. If we want to stop the disease, it is not the victims of the infection who should be pointed out, but the agents that spread the disease. Jews are carriers of anti-Semitism, just as the desert wind is a carrier of sand. Any still healthy mind can only express a reaction of rejection to the intolerable manifestations of semitism they continually demonstrate. It is therefore the latter that must be fought if we really want to eliminate anti-Semitism.

Since the origins of Hebrew monotheism, through the doctrine of “divine election” for the exclusive benefit of their tribe, Jews have excluded themselves from the community of nations, rejected with contempt as “goyim”. Today, the members of these nations who feel truly excluded from the affairs that concern them are beginning to question themselves about the place of Jews in the world. There can be no doubt that they will be slow to hold them to account. It will never be anything but justice. A last hope for the oppressed and the helpless defeated who have been overwhelmed by the worst crimes they have ever committed.

“Its immediate aim can only be to destroy the existing state of affairs (I mean the national traditions of the country that gave it hospitality) in order to establish a new order according to which it will no longer be kept apart but completely and definitively aggregated, for this is the only hope, the only victorious evolution of a people who is the only one in the world without a homeland, to systematically destroy all the homelands of others where he lives abroad so that there is only one humanity where he will no longer be distinguished from the rest of men.” – Marcel Jouhandeau, Le Peril juif (1972)