Smart Crib and the Satanic Torture and Irradiation of Infants

This is a satanic torture device and its purpose is not to calm the baby or help the baby sleep, but to cause the baby to dissociate. The baby’s “shutdown” response is sometimes referred to as “parasympathetic shock,” a condition that all swaddled babies experience as a result of the extreme biological insult caused by being straight-jacketed, unable to move, unable to fight, and bullied into silence. This is similar to the “freeze” or “play dead” response that we see animals use in the wild when they are in extreme danger and are unable to flee or fight.

During dissociation, the body goes into a vegetative state or a temporary state of paralysis made possible through the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system. Cortisol levels are very high. These babies are not “sleeping.”

Dissociation is a temporary condition of numbness and disembodiment otherwise blithely referred to by psychologists as a “defense mechanism.”

In the case of this “smart” crib, the baby is also being irradiated continuously and will receive NO LOVE, NO GENTLE TOUCH, NO REASSURING KINDNESS from it’s caregivers. In fact, it is receiving just the opposite.

In the case of a severely traumatized child (such as one who is repeatedly exposed to torture such as this), dissociation involves the soul disconnecting from and/or separating from the body. Once this occurs, there may be a loss of memory about the traumatic events and/or the child may split from his/her core identity and a new and/or multiple personalities may develop. This is the precise condition that those who inflict trauma based mind control are trying to create. It is during dissociation that children can be programmed with alter personalities. These personalities will be trained to work for the dark side.

Let us congratulate satanic jew, Harvery Karp, for the creation of this sadistic device. Only satanic jews could conjure up such atrocities. The torture of innocents is something that comes naturally to them and that they seem to enjoy.