Polish Priest “Sentenced” on Charges of Spreading Antisemitic Hate Speech

Oh the jews are having a field day with this one.  This honest priest (a very rare find indeed) said the jews are leeches in league with the devil.  Of course, he is 100% correct and he is telling the truth.  But the jewdicial system will have none of that and so he was “sentenced” with “community service”.  Hahaha!!  Just look at the ridiculous headline in the Times of Israel, making it seem like this honest and good man had committed a crime for which he was punished.



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Father Michał Woźnicki ordered to perform community service; clergyman was put on trial over 2021 sermon in which he likened Jews to leeches, said they are in league with the devil

Screen capture from video of Polish priest Father Michał Woźnicki, 2021. (YouTube. Used in accordance with Clause 27a of the Copyright Law)

Screen capture from video of Polish priest Father Michał Woźnicki, 2021. (YouTube. Used in accordance with Clause 27a of the Copyright Law)
JTA — A Polish priest with a long track record of antisemitic comments has been sentenced to community service after being convicted of insulting Jews and inciting hatred against them, in what his critics say is a landmark case.
Father Michał Woźnicki, a Catholic priest from the city of Poznan, must perform 30 hours of community service a month for the next six months, according to the order handed down by a judge earlier this month.
Woźnicki was on trial for comments made during a sermon in October 2021. “Jews in the world have assumed the role of a leech, a tick, a body that lives on the host’s body, swells, leading the host’s body to death, moving on to the next one,” he said, according to Polish media. He also said that Jews were in league with the devil and responsible for the spread of sexual impropriety in Poland.
Woźnicki is already facing sanctions from the church because of his record of controversy, and he delivered the sermon online because he has been suspended from his pulpit. But because he remains an ordained priest, his conviction is groundbreaking, according to the civil society group that pressed for him to face charges.
The group, Otwarta Rzeczpospolita or Open Republic, is devoted to fighting antisemitism and xenophobia in Poland.
“This is a precedent case,” it said in a statement. “It was not Woźnicki’s first hateful sermon, but the first one that the prosecutor’s office dealt with.”
Jewish leaders in Poland cheered the verdict.
“Woźnicki is well known for his antisemitic diatribes and anti-church tirades (he has called Pope Francis a heretic),” Poland’s chief rabbi, Michael Schudrich, told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency by email. “The Polish court has handed down a clear verdict that antisemitic hate speech is illegal in Poland. We are hopeful that the Polish courts will continue to find others guilty of this crime.”


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