Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time there was a volcano going off in Hawaii and the good people of the world decided to step into their power. Instead of allowing the evil ones to cause any more destruction on Earth, the good people set an intention to put an end to evil once and for all and eliminate it from our realm.
So they used the power of images and they visualized a volcanic fissure opening up in the earth directly underneath the geothermal plant in Puna that is responsible for triggering this volcano.


The fissure opened wide and swallowed the entire plant in one gulp, taking it deep, deep into the Earth and then out through a wormhole into the cosmos.


The vortex that opened at this time was so huge, it pulled every ounce of evil into it and then out through the wormhole into the cosmos, where it was quarantined for eternity.


Then evil existed no more on Earth and the good people of the world celebrated and were able to live life as The Creator had intended.


The Earth was returned to her pristine condition and the good people of the world rejoiced for they had done their work to protect this realm and life was happy again.


The Beginning.